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    bi woman
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    retail + side gigs
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    ☁️ up in the troposphere…
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    just a raunchy girl with a creative mind who enjoys misbehaving. an overactive imagination + a love for all things risqué? that’s a mean combination that begs for mischief.

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    peeing in inappropriate places! in the bushes, on dishes, on rugs…the list is extensive.
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    that time i sprayed piss all over my street’s sidewalk after midnight, close enough to my neighbor’s house to feel the rush of the risk.

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  1. not new to peefans but today’s the day i finally decided to make an account. i’m a pretty boldly sexual person, and i love holding and then peeing in risky places, particularly late at night. you could say i’m a bit of an exhibitionist. nice to meet you all!
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