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    Young guy who's into peeing. Love to talk about desperation stories and more;)

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    Desperation and relief. Would love talk and share some stories with y'all.
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    Seeing a Girl couldn't hold it anymore and leaked a bit in her pantys then she pulled them down and peed in a strong long stream.

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  1. helloo togheter:) im totally into pee desperation. Im curious what was your most desperate time you had to go and how it ended up;) also up to have a desperate pee chat. would be nice to hear some hot storys and might have a even hotter chat:)
  2. Did you ever had to pee so bad that you were not able to unzip and let your pants down right before where you wanted to pee? Not doing it on purpose - just by accident;) Would love to here some storys:-)
  3. i pee a lot in a bottle when im in my room and cant hold it anymore. somehow i like to press my dick to the bottle and let it all go:-)
  4. Thank you for sharing it with us:-) Keep us updated
  5. Hey everyone - what do you think of doing a drink and hold togheter. Let's all start drinking at the same time and see how it goes;) Keep each other updated and exchange some experiences. Let me know, Cheers:)
  6. I can remember a scene when I was younger and had to wait for my dentist. The restrooms were right next to the waiting area and it was very quite. A girl came into the dental office and went straight to the toilet. She started to pee super fast and woow very strong. I really never heard a pee like this since then. She peed minimum for two minutes straight that means she had to go! This was around 10 years ago - when I think about it, this still turns me on as in the same way i wonder how big that bladder had to be filled up.
  7. That what just wonderful. Super hot! Thank you
  8. Since im into peeing - I really like girls who have to pee very desperate. Its interesting; sometimes you can be super desperate but just pee for a couple of seconds;) But nothing over a long bursting pee🤩 Im wondering what was your longest pee ever?
  9. Im a european guy who is somehow into peeing for a few years;) I never did registered on here or any website else - but now finally did and this looks super cool and interesting! Looking forward to have some interesting conversations😁 Cheers
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