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    Love holding my pee, loves being forced to hold pee. Loves peeing in cars, buses, or in public places.

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    Holding for hours, the desperation part
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  1. Well, one day, I was in my car with my friend, she was driving us to the cottage, where we were going to stay the weekend. I was wearing a dress since it was pretty hot. I drank a lot of water before leaving, and forgot to use the toilet before leaving. For the first 10 minutes, it was okay, nothing for now. Once we got on the highway, though, I felt the need to pee. It wasn't so bad, so I didn't say anything, I pushed it out of my mind, and went on my phone to distract me. After 20 minutes, I felt the urge again, and it was hard to ignore. I wiggled a bit to get comfortable. In l
  2. That must have been shear desperation! You had an amazing bus driver, and it's nice to know that with a small bladder at a young age, you were able to hold for that long!
  3. If I could direct a pee porn movie, I would get 2 females, who genuinely like pee, and they would be drinking all day, and really have to pee at night. I would film thm trying to go to sleep, but not being able to, due to the full bladder. Maybe they would touch themselves or drink more, to make it harder for themselves, and after a while, release the pee just perfectly. They would enjoy it and enjoy making the film as much as I would have.
  4. Once I was pissing in a alleyway, when a guy came over, who needed to piss, too. I would say he enjoyed watching me piss 😉
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