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  1. So, I have a fun story to tell, this happened 15 mins prior to me writing this. Let's start from the beginning. I had to run errands today while on a fairly tight schedule. I decided to start at the gym. Going to the gym meant I ended up drinking an absurd amount of water. After the gym, I went to my next stop. It ended up taking an hour longer than it was supposed to. I had gone pee once already and yet, I was ready to burst by the end of it. I had one more stop and I was already running late, which meant that I had NO time to slow down or stop to pee. With a 20 minute drive back ho
  2. youre gonna make me blush haha it seems much less lame now surrounded by everyone
  3. i really love watch men wet, but also i enjoy wetting myself. i have several fantasies id love to try, but for now talking about them will have to do.
  4. Honestly, i stumbled upon a video while having some "me time";) and explored it more. i decided i wanted to try it myself, so i put on some light colored jeans and let loose. it was amazing so i kept doing it. after a while i wanted to really dive in and found myself here! how about you?
  5. Im dying to talk to people who are into wetting. i want to be able to share stories/videos/fantasies. eventually i want to do things in person with people, but thats down the road. is there anyone interested in doing something like this?
  6. Im new and a little embarrassed about my new found kink. im into wetting, sexual or not, not so much anything else though. excited to meet like minded people
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