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  1. So today I wanted to have a little fun at work but I couldn't risk any evidence. So twice I went to the restroom, pulled down my jeans but NOT my panties, and just peed in the toilet. My pants are a bit baggy so I was able to just pull them up and have almost no wet spot at all. Felt great being wet all day!
  2. I accidentally made the same post twice and can't figure out how to delete it?
  3. I went to go visit a friend recently and stayed at a hotel...the hotel had a pool and a public hot tub, but there was a limit on how many people could be in both. I was there for a few days and went to the pool area every day. I made a point to not pee in the pool OR in the toilets. I drank nearly 2 gallons of water in total each time and here's a list of the places I went:(all full bladder pees btw not just dribbles) In the lounge chairs on the side of the pool In the bathroom but thru my suit onto the floor In a hot tub full of people multiple times On the elevator on the
  4. I think i'm putting this in the right place haha. I've been lurking on this site for a long time but i'm new to actually posting! Anyways hi, i'm a bi girl in my 20's that loves naughty peeing and wetting. It's the fact that no one can tell that i like the most. I have a LOT of true stories so ye, that's why I made an account 😁
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