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  1. Here are just some places I’ve enjoyed peeing before: 1) Through my bathing suit into the sand at the beach, through my bathing suit everywhere at literally every water park and pool I’ve been to, and in the pool while pressing up against a water jet (best feeling ever) I’ve always worn a one piece suit so it’s been easier and way more fun to just keep it on to pee 2) In the pine straw under the back deck, wetting my pants behind the bushes in the yard, in the woods against a tree, into a creek... a lot of outside peeing with friends 3) With my knees on either side of the sink
  2. I sat on the couch, watching tv and enjoying the fact that I had a one-bedroom apartment all for myself. I had drunk 6 bottles of water without using the restroom, but I was prepared for what was about to happen, and I had three towels folded up underneath me to prove it. It had only been a few days since my awakening, but I already knew what feeling I loved the best. My bladder ached and I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer. I licked my lips and, in my mind, thanked Lexi for showing me this incredible fetish. Before I go any further, this is how it all began with Lexi on Saturday. We w
  3. This is the third chapter in the Mike and Lexi series. We had decided to make our lists in private and keep them a secret. It was mostly Lexi’s idea, she said that we should create a list of the top places or ways we would like to watch the other go pee. Once we we’re bursting to go, she said, we tell the other that we can’t hold and they would then tell us where-and how-they would like us to let go. It was quite simple and harmless enough, and I was more than intrigued by her rules. “Let’s keep our lists a secret from one another,” Lexi had told me as she winked “I love surprises.”
  4. ((SORRY it's short and not so detailed, I've been very busy- part 3 will be better)) Those first couple of weeks with Lexi were a thrilling balance between my moral compass saying, “I want to piss everywhere because I’m horny,” and, “What would my aunt think if she came home and saw me with my dick out pissing freely while her daughter watched?” …yes, it was the most exhilarating form of torture. Lexi knew how to get me going. It was as if she was inside of my mind, sitting behind the wheel that controlled my urges, steering my horny brain in the direction she wanted me to piss. God,
  5. Just wondering if it's normal and what you did. I have some experiences with my sister that I don't find sexual and I can't help but wonder if I was born with this fetish .
  6. 1. Laying down on a pile of towels 2. Through my bathing suit everywhere at the beach... even standing in front of strangers. 3. In my kitchen sink with my ass hanging over the side, also spraying in front of me onto the kitchen floor 4. On the carpet in my closet 5. Just walking around my apartment soaking my jeans or leggings as I walk And much more
  7. There will be. I’m just very busy so it might be a few days.
  8. Not a mate..lol just a lady here writing from a different perspective!
  9. The summer after I graduated college change my life forever… I went to University for 4 years and graduated in early May with a degree in Professional Golf Management. I should’ve known having that degree wouldn’t land me many job offers after graduating, especially as a young male without much work experience. Lucky for me, my aunt Hollie offered me a 3-month house sitting job over the summer to help me out while I interviewed for jobs. The house was in Palm Beach, Florida and my aunt Hollie was letting me live there by myself rent-free as long as I looked after it while she was away bac
  10. I live alone so I do this all the time just for fun or when I'm being lazy.
  11. So as I mentioned before, I was almost 21 when I realized the true extent of my family’s naughty peeing habits. It was the summer before my junior year of college when I got an internship near the university that my twin brothers attended. So for those 2 months I went to live with them in the house that they were renting together. It’s a summer I’ll never forget. I don’t know why, but I arrived with a full bladder the day I moved into my brothers’ home. I guess subconsciously I knew my brothers both enjoyed naughty peeing, and that’s the reason I held it the entire 6-hour car ride there.
  12. This is from the perspective of the character Molly from the Sleepover stories I wrote. Enjoy! I guess you could say it all started in the backyard when I was a young girl. I grew up with two older twin brothers, Joshua and Cody. Momma would try to take us to the neighborhood pool every day during the summers, but some days she would need to stay at home and take care things around the house. On those days, she’d set up a few sprinklers or a slip’n’slide in the backyard and keep an eye on us through the window. I remember one day the three of us were out there drinking lemonade and chasin
  13. There will definitely be more with Kristen and Molly. Currently working on their backstories!
  14. The Sleepover: Part 4 Molly tells her fantasy….. “Alright,” Molly began. “My fantasy…” I adjusted my legs to sit differently, the way Molly had when she was trying to hold her pee, and listened intently to what she was about to reveal. “My biggest fantasy ever would be to go on a ‘pee getaway’ for couples with Jeremy.” She looked around the room, as if gathering her thoughts. “We would check into a ‘pee resort’ and piss everywhere together! The room, the bed, the pool, the spa! Maybe even meet other couples who enjoy peeing just as much as we do!” I felt a wet dribble
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