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  1. jane, 24. im really interested in finding like minded women to have some fun with! also interested in couples. reply to this or add me on snapchat/kik at janegraaay
  2. im too shy for skype, thats why i prefer snap or kik, at least while we get to know each other. add me there if youd like ❤️ janegraaay
  3. welcome!! love seeing another woman join the site ❤️
  4. i cant message you!! i think im too new. can you message me first please? i have a few q’s
  5. hey everyone! just signed up. obviously im interested in all things pee play, some more than others. i'm mainly interested in women, but im bi and interested in men too. both my snapchat and my kik is janegraaay— but i use snapchat way more. feel free to add me, but I really really really want to play with another woman <3

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