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    I love everything about piss! Married with a kinky wife


    Love holding and golden showers. As my name suggests I love drinking pee (my own or my wife’s)

    While I have a great sex life I love masturbation as well (who doesn’t!)

    My wife loves watching me wank too - usually when she’s using her Hitachi.

    I have a huge collection of porn - most of its pee related. Apart from pee, I love watching group sex.

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    Golden showers and drinking pee!
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    My first GS was very memorable. My (now) wife pissed on my cock as I masturbated then I pissed all over her ass and tits

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  1. Great pics as always and super hot. I have a thing for white pop socks and stockings so loved this one in particular 😍
  2. Nice one. I was doing a lot of this last summer when I had more time. It’s very liberating to show pics of your cock I think!
  3. +1 on this. I tend not to come to this site for porn bit it is an occupational hazard. Sad news 😔
  4. In my opinion not too extreme at all @wetmanjf - have you checked out the 666 stuff? https://www.pornhub.com/video/search?search=666+piss
  5. I have a smile THIS BIG when looking at the pics in this thread. Thanks you @steve25805 you are a legend 👍
  6. Welcome and embrace your fetish! I really identified myself with the ‘waste of pee’ part as well 🤣 Definitely I can’t pass the toilets at work without thinking there’s a factory of piss going on in there
  7. I doubt you would have any problem writing fiction 🙃 The whole story was fantastic and now I have an erection and my wife is asking me what I have on my phone!
  8. What is wrong with people! 😡 Glad you escaped physically unscathed. Obviously a very scary experience - hope you are mentally coming to terms but might take some time. (((HUGS)))
  9. My first time with my now wife involved a two hour drive to a hotel and lots of hydration. She was bursting once we got into our hotel room and this overcame any shyness. Sounds like your gf is keen so patience is key too. Hope you both have lots of fun 😀
  10. Christmas Day - I gave my wife a sex toy With the kids in bed, she put batteries in and started using it straight away. She tried all the settings before asking me if I’m just going to watch or use the toy she got me last Christmas (a fleshlight) Love watching my wife play with her toys 😀
  11. How did I miss this thread!! I love discussing this topic 😀 Interesting to see where people are coming from - and as usual there are a few different points of view. I avoid morning pee as it’s too strong. Stay hydrated and drink mid-stream. Not for everyone but then it’s all about discovering what you are into. I personally don’t get off on humiliation but can see the attraction.
  12. Great thread - love reading everyone’s stories. For me, being into pee isn’t something I advertise but not ashamed of it either. Apart from pee I like food play. My wife likes BDSM and got me into it. But as she explains it’s not a kink (I don’t argue!) Anyway, it took me a while to get into spanking her hard but practice makes perfect. I’ve an interest in latex but nothing obsessive. My wife prefers leather. We both like using toys but I wouldn’t think that kinky - generally one of us will have something up our bum though 😀 I love tying my wife up in her leather straight jacket and then going to work on her with the Hitachi. Overall my favourite thing is for us to piss all over each other. I love drinking my wife’s piss and sometimes she’s in the mood for mine too. Sometimes this might involve toys, latex or bondage too.
  13. @Riley Firstly thanks for another instalment. I loved the description of you sittling.cross-legged in the floor writing - you obviously enjoy it! This was probably my favourite do far. It was wonderfully romantic AND hot - and the panty switching summed it up perfectly. You are brilliant at describing things and I love the little details and scene-setting. Already looking forward to the next part but now I’m going to reread this 😀
  14. Yes, many times. I love masturbating while getting pissed on or while fucking. I love drinking piss (obviously). My wife like a good golden shower too 😀

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