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  1. Hi fellow peefans Here is another drawing I finished recently of a gorgeous lady that I chat with on Reddit. She loves my art and suggested that I could draw her and use her as inspiration for an artpiece Thought I would post it on here for you to have a look at It is drawn in graphite pencils is A3 in size and on Bristol Board. Enjoy
  2. I have had a drink of my own pee on very rare occasions. One time was when I had drank a lot of cider and my pee tasted like warm apple flavoured water. I filled up a pint glass and drank the whole thing. I might try to mix my pee some time, if I get the urge to drink it again, with lemonade or cola and see what that pee cocktail tastes like 🍸🥂
  3. I experience the two cross stream effect when I pee. If I take my index finger and thumb and grip the tip of my helmet and squeeze my pee hole opens up into a small slit that I can look into then when I release my fingers the slit goes back together touching in the middle and leaving the urethra as a little hole and another slight opening at the other end of the slit which produces the cross stream. You are right @greedyneedygirl this can make it quite tricky for men to aim neatly and when I pee whilst my cock is really swollen and hard I always produce two distinct streams (see picture
  4. Hehe! It sounds Finger Kicking Good!
  5. Great find @Ozabot I like the expression on this girls face
  6. Thank you Greedyneedy for all your contributions and input on here and a Very Merry Christmas to you also x
  7. Very sexy account Sophie. I loved reading this x
  8. Nice account here Kupar And your good lady has a great looking bum in those wet knickers
  9. Hiya Baby welcome to the site its a nice place to hang out 🙂
  10. Wow @Sophie that was a close call. You must have been in agony driving home and ready to burst. I can imagine the power of your stream when you got to release your pee and the look of sweet relief on your face. I would have loved to have been there to see you empty your bladder, would have been so hot to watch 😋
  11. Looking very hot in that bodystocking 😋😘
  12. Hiya Kinsley For just pee video uploading there are a few female profiles on Pornhub that have some great homemade pee content which is allowed and does not get taken down. Also another site for uploading homemade pee/porn videos is www.erome.com you can upload content on there and post the link on a site like this for people to enjoy. 😊
  13. Very sexy account of you peeing all over your hand Sophie. I bet it felt so naughty doing this. I bet your knickers were soaking after don't blame you for whipping them off and chucking them in the laundry. Don't worry I won't tell anyone you are now not wearing anything under your skirt Hehe!
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