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  1. Love your latest review @greedyneedygirl of issue 19. Very sexy indeed. I would have loved to have worked in an office like that 😜
  2. I took this fake nude picture of Holly I found on the net and did a bit of digital cut and paste editing to make it look like she's peeing 😋 I know before you say it, I had way too much time on my hands hahaha 😀 but it was good fun to do
  3. Great choice @Sophie I love Holly and would love to be peed on by her. She is gorgeous and I bet she has a real naughty streak
  4. Freddy Flintoff has been a bit of a lad in his day and does like the odd gallon of beer or two. I googled Rose Matafeo and your right I think she looks like she has a very naughty streak running under the surface and a cheeky glint in her eye 😉
  5. Male here. I do like to pee in the sink occasionally. Makes a change from the boring old toilet hehe!
  6. Thanks for the latest review @greedyneedygirl I find your detailed descriptions of the action a real turn on 😉
  7. Hi @greedyneedygirl here are a couple of pics I found on imagefap and you are right the pee can take on a darker yellow hue when is pools in the open mouth as opposed to the colour of it coming out of the cock
  8. Very nice account of your sexy shorts pee @Sophie I bet they were well soaking when you slipped them off hehe and I love how you fingered yourself to orgasm in the shower afterwards x
  9. Loved reading this @Sophie and how you gave your blue panties a jolly good soaking xx
  10. Welcome to peefans Becky. It is a fun place with very friendly people I'm sure you will enjoy your time on here 🤗😊
  11. Nice account Louise. Wish I had been one of those fellas watching you hun 💦😉
  12. Sometimes, if I am out hiking in the countryside near my home and calling at a couple of pubs on route if I have not gone to the Gents in the pub to relieve myself, when I feel the desperate urge to pee i duck into nearby wooded areas. Whip out my cock and piss up against a tree and/or on the bushes. The feeling of sweet relief and seeing the clear beads of piss spurting from my cock all over the tree and forest make it a very pleasant experience indeed.
  13. Glad you joined the rest of us fellas @LovesToWet
  14. You should go for it all shapes (and sizes) are welcome here I'm sure 👍
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