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  1. And all done!! Almost a pint glass full hehe!! I enjoyed that was such a relief Lol
  2. The tip of my cock was nice and wet after I dipped it back in Lol
  3. After I finished peeing I just had to dip my cock into my own pee
  4. Here are some more pics I'm filling that glass up nicely now
  5. Here is me peeing in a pint glass Sorry the pics are a little blurred but they are screen grabs from video I shot Hope you enjoy
  6. Nice story of your gushing wee Sophie. Really turned me on. Wish I was there rubbing my cock while your pee gushed out. xx
  7. cheekyfe11a

    New here

    Hello and welcome to the site They are a very friendly bunch of people on here
  8. cheekyfe11a


    I found this on Twitter today
  9. Hi there Greedy nice question Having seen many video clips from around the world over the years I would say that it is definatly towards Europe that has shown me the best pee related porn and also hardcore porn in general too. I love how uninhibited and natural it all seems. I really do like some of the German stuff and retro movies myself.
  10. What a lovely little pee hole. No need to be shy Hehe! I would love to lick it
  11. Very sexy pics @Blackinksoul30 Got me nice and hard looking at these Hope to see more pics from you soon xxx
  12. gorgeous girls gorgeous bums gotta love em
  13. And a very nice position it is too. X
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