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  1. Welcome to the site It's a fun place to hang out
  2. I bet that was such a hot pee experience Foxy. Thanks for telling us about it 😋
  3. Bet she is lovely 😋 and sounds like she can pee like a racehorse when she has held it for a while. A dream girl Mmmmmm lol 😃
  4. Very hot (and wet) little story Sophie thanks for writing and posting it. Your french lady colleague sounds like quite the stunner. Oh La La! 😜
  5. I think this picture is amazingly hot 🙂
  6. Thank you for these clips of the very lovely Rebekah Dee She is one of my all time favorite UK pee models
  7. Nice one Sophie this made me chuckle haha! And he would say after: "Made a puddle I have uummmhh!"
  8. Would be Padme for me and all her female bodyguards 😋
  9. Same here. The simple pleasures are the best 🙂
  10. Thank you very much Glad you like my drawings It's always great to get feedback on my work
  11. Thanks Sophie hope you have been keeping well So glad you like my work And a big 10 out of 10 for finding the picture from Reddit that I used to draw from. Wow that's amazing hehe!
  12. Hello peefans hope you have all been keeping well It has been a small ice age since I have posted on this thread haha! So here is a recent drawing I did in pencils of a very sexy lady who I stumbled across on Reddit Hope you enjoy
  13. That is fantastic. Clean up the drips from the tip of his cock with your wet tongue. He is a lucky fella indeed 😉
  14. This will be so sexy Foxy. Please write and tell us how it felt if you do put your fingers in the pee stream 😋
  15. Hello Felicia Welcome to the site

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