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  1. She is a cutie. I would not mind a few wet hours in her company myself 💦💦😋
  2. Hello Colette A very warm and wet welcome to this site
  3. Beautiful massive tits @Bacardi I love em 🤗😘
  4. Thank you very much @Maclir Glad you like my work
  5. Hiya folks! Been a while since I posted on here These are some drawings I did recently. Commissioned by a friend and very lovely girl on Reddit They are all drawn with graphite pencils on Bristol Board Enjoy Thanks for looking 🙂
  6. I watched the movie Midsommar recently. It's all kinds of messed up that movie. Florence is fantastic in it. She is very sexy indeed
  7. I agree especially if when she peed on me she said "resistance is futile"
  8. I enjoyed reading this Sophie. Especially when you described smiling up at your husband looking up from around his cock and when you said your mouth was filled with spurt after spurt of cum which you swallowed. Very sexy account Sophie 😉
  9. Very cheeky @Lucylovestoholdherpee 😋
  10. Wow! Must have been a really powerful pee. I love it 💦💦😉
  11. I tend to refer to the results of my ejaculations as cum and/or spunk. I did hear it referred to as "baby gravy" once which made me laugh 😄
  12. Very cheeky @Bacardi 😉
  13. Thanks for the link to the video @greedyneedygirl That hospital visitor he has is very cute and extremely naughty. She could come and visit me if I were in hospital anytime. I love how he drinks and tastes her hot pee from her freshly fucked pussy. And later she returns the favour by drinking a fountain of pee from his cock. It's a very horny video clip indeed. This retro stuff is my favourite 💦💦😉
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