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  1. Absolutely fantastic Sophie. This description is such a turn on to read incredibly hot and incredibly wet. Thanks so much. You will have to do this again one evening
  2. I loved following this Sophie. Bet it was amazing and powerful when you let it all go. Was very arousing thinking about your bladder filling up with all that liquid! and you dying to let it all go!
  3. There may be a announcement on the news soon for an emergency flood relief fund round at Sophie's place Hahaha!
  4. Empty that bladder Sophie and enjoy the sweet relief, raincoats at the ready hehe! You have done very well in this challenge
  5. Just checked back on your progress and you sound like you are doing very well to hold all that in. Will be amazing when the flood gates open hehe!
  6. Sounds like you are loading up that bladder nicely Sophie A right gusher is coming me thinks hehe!
  7. I can pee quite well with a hard on so would love to help you out with your fantasy. The thought of filling up your pussy with my hot piss is such a turn on hehe! x
  8. Welcome to the site Pissforyou 😊
  9. She is indeed I used to watch her quite a bit when I was on Chatturbate even sent her some tokens now and then which always made me chuckle when it caused her pink Lush to vibrate hehe!
  10. Some nice pictures of this girl Sophie I recognise her as "x Lily x" on Chatterbate A stunning lass from the Midlands UK and a very sweet girl too
  11. Amazing little account of your early pee experience. I bet it was a bit of a shock when that cock poked through the gap in the van roof and pissed all over you and your friend. Very cheeky and a shock I bet that was 😁
  12. cheekyfe11a


    Beautiful addition to this thread Audrey I love it x
  13. Very sexy Sophie hehe! Is this how you greeted Santa this year Hehe!
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