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    Spray your salty bladder-water all over my screaming face and shaved head until my mouth overflows for your pretty toes!

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    When it's silver-coloured, not gold, it has a sacred and mystical energy for me.
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    Two very attractive women, 29 and 55, naked except for their blue and green swimcaps so that only their dark bushes were visible, and not their hair, "kidnapped" me in their bathroom. Having used their mouths and faces to make me lose control and pump my thick seed all over their groaning faces and dark swimcaps, I collapsed on the warm floor, exhausted and helpless. Standing above me, they took turns drooling long strings of toothpaste-fresh spit onto my face, shaved head and into my moaning mouth. Then, while one of them rubbed the mixed spit into my face with her big toe, the other goddess did the same thing into my outstretched tongue, both of them giggling uncontrollably. At that point, as if by telepathy, back to back, cheeks to cheeks, and arms interlocked, they squatted inches above my hypnotized features, and suddenly, nearly simultaneously, burst their swollen bladders so hard that their furious black bushes were blasting my screaming face with their salty piss. They watched the insane show in the huge mirror with their heads turned towards each other so that they could just about tongue-kiss each other to savour my dangling sperm. The pissing kept going for what seemed an eternity, punctuated occasionally when their muscles stopped the flow, dripping on my soaked face for a tantalizing few seconds, only to spray it again, and again, and again. When their balloon bladders finally had no more sacred saline to hose, they stood up once more and pushed their pretty toes into my overflowing mouth while kissing each other deeply, licking each other's sperm-shiny face like wild animals. They then knelt to my face for their tongues to meet mine in the salty warm pool for a deliciously long minute. Finally, again back to back, they just about managed to sit on my face at the same time, forcing me to lick clean their soaking black sponges while they took off their swimcaps and started feasting their greedy tongues on my thick seed with wild moans of delight. These moans reached a crescendo of insanely crazed bestial shrieks as they exploded their sticky, spicy, lava-flowing orgasms all over my roaring face and shaved head.

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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome. I couldn't agree more with you regarding respect - without it, everything quickly spirals down to toxic ugliness. As for terms used, I can't think of a single situation where context doesn't dictate what is, or isn't, appropriate, as I think I explained well in my original post. That's why I find the term "pee" hilarious in the context of this site.
  2. What a surprisingly polite site! Nearly everyone says "pee". It's "pee" left, right and centre! Even the site's name is called peefans. My point? Well, "pee" is the polite word, one that will not cause offence in public - it's like the casual version of "urinate", that children are allowed to use. "Piss", however, is the rude word, never for public use in polite company. Seeing that this is the ideal place for it, I urge you to try saying and writing "piss", not just because it's rude but because it's onomatopoeic. Go on: I urge you to try it. You won't regret it - it's so much more fun.
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