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  1. As someone new to watersports, i like the aroma of urine when its not too strong, and especially like it clear when i pee in my mouth and slowly swallow it. But it got me thinking, if i was going to find someone to pee on me and in the back of my throat to swallow, would they automatically drink water until they are clear? Who prefers clear pee to give and receive and who prefers dark pee?
  2. On a plate of food. On a door handle. In a closet.
  3. I love to hold my pee as long as possible, often though i will pee in my coffee and let just enough out to soak my underwear. When i want to enjoy peeing in public i will pee on the side of the west side highway. I too live in nyc.
  4. I am in the same boat. I love everything related to pee, my wife gets involved and entertains my fetish when she pees on me and has me swallow some of her pee, but she doesnt know that i want to be wet all the time. I walk around feeling the pressure of my bladder as i leak into my pants. I love the feeling when i can nolonger hold it in and i urinate outside or on my clothing or in my mouth or on a pillow and will always follow up by cumming. Wish there was someone local i could meet up with to pee.
  5. I love to get pee'd on and drink while masturbating
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