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    Film Director
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    Detroit, Michigan
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    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Race: African American
    Height: 5 feet 10inches
    Weight: 200 Pounds
    Build: Muscular
    Cock Size: 8 and a half inches
    Sign: Pieces

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    I love making the World my urinal and shooting my, hot, yellow, piss at anything and everything I can aim my thick black cock at.
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    I have pissed on/in:
    In Ovens
    In Refrigerators
    In busses
    On Christmas trees at the mall
    In fire places
    On candles
    In cars
    On my high school teacher’s desk
    In trash cans
    On various walls
    On various floors
    In store aisles
    In movie the while watching movies
    In dressing rooms
    In air vents
    Sooooooo much more

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  1. Hey Max, welcome to the group. I look forward to reading your stories
  2. You never know what’s going to come out of my thick, throbbing, black penis. Sometimes it’s shooting stink piss, other times it’s gushing hot cum💦
  3. When I’m camping with friends we usually extinguish the campfire together with our piss
  4. I usually game with my cock sticking out my fly (ie: I mostly wear a white T-shirt and tight low rise briefs. When I’m gaming for long periods of time and my bladder starts to get full my cock gets erect and my tips starts to drip piss. So I put my controller down, turn to my “piss wall” in my bedroom and shoot piss at it. The rugs at the base soak up my piss so no immediate cleaning. After I’m done with my piss I go back to playing my game with my cock out and drinking a shit ton of water, wine, and soda to get ready for my next gaming piss The below pic was taken after a recent
  5. I would definitely aim my iconic stink, yellow, thick stream of piss at it. When I’m done it would look EXTREMELY overly buttered popcorn but smell strongly of boy piss
  6. Doesn’t matter where I am pissing, whether it be at the urinal, in a elevator, against a tree, against a wall, in the middle of a crowd at a concert, in the trash can at work, in a random room at a house party or any infinite number places that I usually piss, I always try to piss with my ass out like I’m doing in this picture. Sometimes I just pull my pants right below my ass, other times I’ll piss while wearing a crotchless jockstrap or crotchless thong, either way I try to keep my ass on display while I piss. However, I’m curious, does anyone else do this?
  7. Decided to test how far I could shoot my hot, stink piss stream in my backyard. Let me know if you wanna see the full video 💦
  8. Has anyone ever been to a piss party? I would love to buy a large house or perhaps an old church and have it designated for frequent piss parties where guess can piss anywhere they want. Open fucking and bdsm play would be allowed and obviously consent would be strictly enforced but the main premise of the event would be piss related. We could play games to see who could shoot their piss the furthest, who could produced the yellowest stains of on walls and furniture, who could put out candles with stream accuracy, and who could fill random containers with the most piss. There could als
  9. Last night I went for a second viewing of “Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” at a local theater in Detroit, Michigan. I did this not because I loved the movie and I wanted a rewatch after seeing it only a week prior, (it was an ok MCU movie in my opinion) but I did so I could test my piss distance and aiming skills. Prior to coming here I spent a couple of hours working out at the gym which resulted in me consuming about 12 bottles of water during said workout, needles to say I had to take a wicked piss. I came to the last showing of the movie as to not have many people in the auditorium
  10. You are literally the female version of me lol. I’ve done similar things on dates with girls. Together you and I would probably flood everything in sight💦
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