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    Not much to say! I’ve always been interested in various aspects of peeing and watching others pee. I’m only now getting into exploring it fully and look forward to sharing it with you guys!

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    I love naughty peeing (both doing and watching), holding until desperate, and diapers 😊
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    I was on a road trip and was desperate to pee. I wanted to do something a little daring/naughty, so I pulled over at a viewpoint so I could pee somewhere there. No bathrooms around and no other cars in the viewpoint area, just cars passing by on the road. I pulled my panties and shorts down and squatted on the far side of my car and released. It felt so amazing and risky, seeing as it was my first public experience like that.

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  1. I have used the “shewee” before and found the funnel to be too small for how fast my stream comes out! I would try to get a tight seal and it would usually end up working for a few seconds, then it would start leaking out the back because it couldn’t exit the funnel fast enough. I saw another one online that looks like it would work for me because the funnel looked to be larger capacity. It’s called the sunany. I bought it online and it arrived today, so far I’ve used it 3x and had no leaks, I love it! It’s definitely a bit bigger, would likely need to pull pants down a couple inches
  2. Early morning and I have a few updates 😜 Last night I went to bed after this post and was up within an hour to relieve myself again. I had my hand between my legs to help with the desperation as I was worried that I would have an accident, that’s how bad I had to go! When I got outside, I was surprised to find that my puddle from only just over an hour before was almost completely dried up. I couldn’t let that stand, I had to renew the puddle with my stream again. This time I was wearing a nightgown again so I just removed my panties underneath and sat on the step, spreadi
  3. I definitely was, I couldn’t stop dripping… Boring old vanilla people were all peeing in the toilet in the bathroom, even getting out of the water while swimming to go to the toilet! So I was all alone with my full bladder…
  4. I’ve had the chance now to upload a couple videos of my experiences I shared above. here is the video of me pulling my swimsuit aside and releasing my bladder: https://www.erome.com/a/yI4JU2pI here is the video of me peeing in the shower. I was so desperate I didn’t get the camera rolling until I had already been peeing for a few seconds! You can hear I’ve already started before the camera even began rolling or focused on the stream: https://www.erome.com/a/umHkSnGw
  5. Thanks 😊 at this point in my life, I’ve accepted this part of myself and decided to embrace it. I love sharing these experiences with other like-minded people. I know I really enjoy reading about other peoples experiences and seeing videos/photos of everyone’s escapades, so I figured I would add to the pot!
  6. I’m back with some more escapades from this evening! Tonight is my last night here as we leave tomorrow at noon. I posted in another thread about my beach day and how I ended up getting tipsy and basically peeing myself 😅 well this begins after that! Still tipsy, my friends and I made dinner, ate, cleaned up, and then sat down to play some games. The movement had distracted me from the growing pressure in my bladder, but when we sat down to play I felt it. By this point, it had been about an hour since I emptied my bladder into a cup in the previous beach thread, and I hadn
  7. The cup holds 16oz so I would say there’s about 12 oz in there? So maybe around 400 mL
  8. 45 min after my shower pee and I had to run to the bathroom to pee again. This time I peed in a cup to see the volume and it’s nearly a full bladder for me!
  9. As some of you may know from following my other thread, I’m currently on vacation at a family owned cabin. Our property is shared between 4 families (us included) and we all share the private beach. Further context, the owners are all 70+ years old but lend out the cabin to younger family members, but right now it’s just all the original owners here. today was a beautiful day so my friends and I spent the day down by the beach, going in and out and tanning on the beach. Around 2pm we decided to have a few drinks. I haven’t had a drink in a few months and rarely drank before that, so
  10. Thanks! I definitely wouldn’t have made it all night, I would’ve ended up wetting the bed if my bladder didn’t wake me. I’m surprised by how much my bladder filled up between 4 and 6, but I suppose that’s just my overactive night bladder 😂 I also did stay quite hydrated yesterday so that might’ve contributed Thank you!
  11. Also, my pee puddle from last night’s dribbling before bed still hasn’t dried because it’s so cool here overnight. People will likely assume it’s a sprinkler or a bit of overnight rain that they missed and hasn’t dried yet, but I know the truth 😈 and hopefully I can add to it later…
  12. I’m officially up for the day with 2 more stories and some videos to share! So I woke up at 4am absolutely desperate. Once I was out the bedroom door, I had to hold between my legs to try to stop the flow. I didn’t have time to think or plan anything, I just ran over to the grass, pulled down my panties and squatted down to relieve myself. My stream was fast and hard, and it felt great to empty my bladder when I was that desperate. I shook off and pulled my panties back up before heading inside. I took a video here: https://www.erome.com/a/rwqQHbKX I woke up again at 6am
  13. Luckily I think everyone was sleeping pretty soundly, and I had my back to the cabin door so that in case anyone opened it they wouldn’t see much! Thanks 🙂 It’s definitely a new favourite! I usually love to pee while swimming in the lake as it’s very easy to do without anyone noticing, but this works very well too!
  14. Also, I was able to get in a somewhat naughty pee earlier today! my friends and I spent the day down at the beach (which is shared by a few cabins, but most are empty right now so it was just us and one older couple) and I had been keeping hydrated as it was very hot and sunny out. I had a 16oz ice coffee, 24oz of water, and a big glass of orange juice from breakfast. We went swimming, and I jumped in off the dock and got soaked, including my long hair. I then sat on the edge of the dock with my feet in the water, and I was dripping a ton from the water from my hair and my bathing su
  15. I’m back with another share! I headed to bed at around 11, but first I needed to empty my bladder so I could hopefully get a good few hours of sleep before it woke me up. I wasn’t quite full or desperate, so I decided to just have a nice relaxing pee perched on the back step. My friend sleeping in that room hadn’t gone to bed yet so the sound wouldn’t be a problem. I was wearing a nightgown with no panties, so I just pulled my skirt up a bit out of the way and perched at the edge of the step. I relaxed my bladder and a small stream trickled down my pussy and pooled under me
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