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    Not much to say! I’ve always been interested in various aspects of peeing and watching others pee. I’m only now getting into exploring it fully and look forward to sharing it with you guys!

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    I love naughty peeing (both doing and watching), holding until desperate, and diapers 😊
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    I was on a road trip and was desperate to pee. I wanted to do something a little daring/naughty, so I pulled over at a viewpoint so I could pee somewhere there. No bathrooms around and no other cars in the viewpoint area, just cars passing by on the road. I pulled my panties and shorts down and squatted on the far side of my car and released. It felt so amazing and risky, seeing as it was my first public experience like that.

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  1. Love that - that’s the kind of thing I wish I had the guts to do! I live in a very pedestrian populated city, lots of people nearby have dogs and I see them walk them everywhere even at 2am. Perfect cover for you to have a smoke sitting there, people would think you’re just sitting down while smoking if they don’t look too closely.
  2. Thanks everyone for the support 😁 I have arrived back home sadly, nothing interesting to report from this morning or the roadtrip home. I ended up needing to use the toilet when I woke up and before we left. On the trip home, I had my friend of many years with me in the car, and she would’ve given me an incredulous look and called me out if I said I needed to stop and pee anywhere 😂 and also, the route home we were driving through has a small town or rest stop every 15-30 minutes, there’s no way she would’ve believed me that I had to go right now and couldn’t wait for the next bath
  3. 😂😂😂 I had said this last year, and it remains true, my friends that were there with me are boring vanilla people who actually get out of the water, dry off, and go to the bathroom to go pee. I don’t know anyone else who does that when you’re at a lake or in the ocean really! 😂
  4. Update on the naughty pissing I was able to do today, during my last day at the cabin: 1. I woke up around 7:30am absolutely desperate to pee - I had to rub myself a little to help distract myself so I could get up without wetting myself in the process. I knew that volume-wise it wouldn’t be much due to my overactive bladder at night. I ran into my friend on my way to the bathroom and just took yesterday’s recycling (2 clear 16 oz drink cups and a few pieces of cardboard) and said I was going to the bathroom and also taking this up to the recycling. My friend just said “ok” and wen
  5. Probably my last naughty pee of the night as my friends will be up in a few hours. I remembered the little step and rock I used last year to practice some distance. This year I had to go bad enough I wouldn’t be able to hold it and do some more target practice or long distance practice. I pulled my shorts down and squatted, letting out a forceful piss onto the rock below. I honestly wasn’t expecting this much force and it ended up splashing back all over my shoes and ankles. I left a great big puddle on the rock. I managed to record it here: https://www.erome.com/a/j1EXeVfi
  6. The way the lake front is set up makes it almost impossible to walk along the shore 😂 but if they did manage to do so in the middle of the night, I would welcome them to the show 😂
  7. The lake is only a few feet away and I figure that if anyone hears through a window or something, they’ll think it’s an animal in the lake or something. So far I don’t think anyone would suspect I’m up to anything! If anyone asks why I’m out and about, I’m stargazing 😉
  8. I had a lot of fluids and my bladder refilled very quickly. I revisited the concrete platform only to find my puddle had completely dried up! That wouldn’t do, I had to replace it again. https://www.erome.com/a/OsdOh0W0
  9. I returned to the concrete platform tonight for a desperate pee around midnight. I had a large water bottle full of water over the previous hour and had been holding it in for a little bit. I was so desperate that once my body/bladder realized I was about to release my pee, I actually let out a small spurt of pee by accident, dampening my pajama bottoms. Luckily, I was able to just pull the leg of my loose pajama shorts aside to pee. I squatted down and released my bladder on the platform, and a torrent of pee came gushing out. I really had to go and my stream certainly shows it. I e
  10. I thought you guys might enjoy this cup I found in a local store… I of course bought it 😆
  11. I’ve definitely had a few of those days recently, and it’s kind of fun to have a few urgent pees where you have to find somewhere to pee quickly because you need to go so bad, but it’s also like where is this coming from?! Sounds like you made the most of it though.
  12. So I was down by the lake and a bunch of other people arrived to visit, so I was kind of thwarted in my further attempts to do various naughty pees. I had drank a lot of water and ciders so I had to go really bad, so I headed up “to the bathroom” to go pee, instead walking around the side of the cabin to the front porch. There’s a step down from the porch that leads to a small grassy area beside the cabin. No one ever goes to that area unless they’re going to the washroom for our cabin, so I knew I would be safe for 5 minutes or so. I sat down on the step with my pussy hanging over
  13. Sitting in the chair on the beach and leaving a nice puddle underneath… back into the water so no one gets suspicious!
  14. So I did as I said above and it was so relieving. I wanted to relax in the water afterward and just enjoy myself, so I relaxed my bladder muscles and just let it trickle whenever I felt the tiniest urge. Of course being as well hydrated as I am, my bladder refilled quite quickly so I’ve been trickling a lot. I went up to the cabin to grab another drink and also let out a spurt through my swimsuit as I walked across the beach. I’m back down on the beach sitting in a chair, and I’ve been relaxing my bladder still and have been forming quite the puddle underneath my chair. I’m going to
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