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  1. You coming into men's bathroom next to me would be a dream come true.
  2. Welcome what are your favorite activities related to peeing?
  3. I like dividerless urinals just put my penis through the zipper and go that way.
  4. I'm straight but one of my dreams has been to stand at a trough urinal in the middle of a room where guys on both ends are peeing and look at each other's penises.
  5. oh goodness we could be soul mates lol.
  6. Have you used urinals or peed next to men ever? Do a lot of women like that?
  7. Yes I'd love a woman looking at me. Are they from the United States? Or is it only common in other countries outside of the U.S?
  8. When you walked in on men were their dividers or can you very often see their penises? Do you look for a long time? Or did they care?
  9. Yes I would love that especially if you watch me and then after ward I'm done peeing you could jerk me off.
  10. Welcome glad you are here. Plenty of people to chat with and talk about that specific stuff too.
  11. I would love that. I especially would like it if I was in the men's restroom and she held my dick at the urinal.
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