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  1. I'm straight but one of my dreams has been to stand at a trough urinal in the middle of a room where guys on both ends are peeing and look at each other's penises.
  2. oh goodness we could be soul mates lol.
  3. Have you used urinals or peed next to men ever? Do a lot of women like that?
  4. Yes I'd love a woman looking at me. Are they from the United States? Or is it only common in other countries outside of the U.S?
  5. When you walked in on men were their dividers or can you very often see their penises? Do you look for a long time? Or did they care?
  6. Yes I would love that especially if you watch me and then after ward I'm done peeing you could jerk me off.
  7. Welcome glad you are here. Plenty of people to chat with and talk about that specific stuff too.
  8. I would love that. I especially would like it if I was in the men's restroom and she held my dick at the urinal.
  9. I've been seen a few times using urinals. Once was at a train station, 2 pregnant women came in because their own bathroom was closed or something but I was using the urinal, one used a stall the other did her make-up and kept looking at my penis very clearly. Other experiences happened to me too. I haven't walked in on a woman though.
  10. I never joined, I read several threads and they were awesome. Would have loved to at least view some threads one last time.
  11. So you've used urinals in the past? How did the guys react?
  12. Yes I prefer to go through the zipper. It actually feels really manly, don't ask me why. I love it especially at urinals.
  13. I have several but I don't know how realistic they are: 1. I'd like to be using a urinal when a cleaning lady is in the bathroom and she cleans the urinals next to me while staring at my dick. 2. I'd like to go camping and have girls squatting around me peeing while I also peed behind a tent and then have her staring at my penis the whole time. 3. I'd love to be watched while I was using a urinal by a group of girls and then come next to me and jerk me off maybe even have another rub my back. 4. Similar to the last one I would like to just use a urinal and also be wa
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