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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering wanting to ask the entire forum for any experiences. Have you ever been at a urinal and women could either see you using it? Are there any women who've been in view of urinals and looked at men using them? I'll give an example of an experience I had. One of them were actually two women (They were both pregnant) I was in a bathroom that had the bowl urinals with no dividers there were about 8 or 10 of them and I was in the 2nd one from the sink I had barely started peeing when one of them ran into the bathroom and saw me and she w
  2. Good work, I liked the story good visuals. In the future just try to break it up into paragraphs more 🙂
  3. Hi everyone, I figured I'd share another story of me peeing right next to a trans-girl. I was at a gay bar with a friend because my friend who is LGBT was also meeting with tons of other LGBT friends. I think I was one of only two straight people who were there. There were many issues regarding the LGBT community that came up but I was there primarily for my friend. The other people were nice but after a while we just decided to hang out. There were three trans girls who were there and they were of course drinking a lot, along with the rest of us. During the talks regarding L
  4. Have you used a urinal before peeing standing up? Also on a related notes of other questions you asked? Have you ever had experiences with pee that you regretted or didn't go as planned?
  5. I've done that several times. In high school I compared the sizes I had the third biggest penis out of the 10 guys at the urinal one time. Another time I did sneak peaks was during a baseball game. The urinals were open so you can see lots of dicks and I kind of liked it mine was around the biggest at the time. There was also a time at a trough urinal which had guys on both sides taking a piss and naturally you could see penises all over the place. You couldn't miss it. 2 times trans girls have peed next to me and I could not help but look at what they ha
  6. Mine is 3 inches soft and 6.7 to 7 inches with an erection. Typically 7 inches if I'm really aroused.
  7. no need to be. Mine are pretty loud in a toilet. In a urinal not much opportunity to make noise.
  8. That's really hot. I'd just like to be watched.
  9. I'm fine with women watching me but I don't want to be seen by other guys.
  10. Use urinals most of the time but I've never been able to use trough urinals even though I'd like too.
  11. They were circumcised I got hard because I was nervous more than anything else at the time.
  12. Oh okay you've given guys similar experience? Like you were dressed as a woman standing next to them?
  13. There are a few other experiences I had as well but I'll tell you them if you want. That was when I had grown even more comfortable with the idea of a trans-woman being next to me in the bathroom but yeah any more details you need you can ask haha
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