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  1. It seems to offer lots of privacy compared to the other designs I'd volunteer to be your chaperone
  2. Very hot I love when girls pee in urinals Slightly jealous you have one in your house Has been a dream of mine for a long time
  3. Not really a preference...more like one that sticks out in your mind as special For instance there was a place I used to go for breakfast where I used to live that had a beautiful stone wall urinal Was slate grey Big enough for two people Could also be seen from the door 😉
  4. I like you using the urinals too 😍😍 Do you have a favorite urinal you've used?
  5. Anytime I've missed you Sure others have too Glad you're back
  6. I'm surprised theres a beerfest going on with all the covid happenings
  7. You're new photos are like always, amazing Such a turn on
  8. Why? Figure youd love a chance to piss on him
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