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    Straight male
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    Retired train manager
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    Groningen the Netherlands
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    Hi sweet pee people, I am Robbie from the Netherlands and I love Female Champagne. By the lack of that I drink my own pee laying on the bath room floor. 😋🍌💦💦💦💦👄👅 Further do I love bedwetting. 🍌💦💦💦💦🛌 I pee in bed for a whole week before I change my sheets again. I'm looking for chat friends (M or F) here.

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    Bedwetting, pee drinking.
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    Tasting my ex GF her pee. 🍓💦💦💦👄👅😋❤

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  1. I still can't register even after 20 attempts.😭 I'm from the Netherlands. 😋
  2. I tried to become a member just now of Spotprijs 8x, it didn't work. I didn't receive a password email from them. 😢
  3. Great eufemism, Weteric! Also from me a warm wet welcome JamesJustice. I'm sure you will find what you might be looking for in this wonderful community. Take cool drink and feel yourself at home. 💦💛💦
  4. Alfresco, how I ENVY you! Indeed, peeing pussy is the most beautiful sight in the world! 🥰🍓💦💛💦❤
  5. Hello Thomas, welcome home! 😊🍌💦💛💦💥 You'll gonna love it here! Sweet people and good advice if you need some. I'm Robbie (Peetea) from, Groningen, the Netherlands and I would love to chat with you about our exciting hobby, Pee! Das kann auch im Deutsch. PM mich, wenn du wolltst. Hugs, Robbie (66) . 😊🤗 PEE=POWER! 😋🍌💦💛💦💛💥
  6. Welcome home on my behalf, Peeemj. You seem to be made out of the right liquid to join this fabulous forum. 😋💦💛💦
  7. Her pee tasted like champagne to me! I have other experiences too, but PM me about that if you want to know. 👍😊
  8. Thank you for your wise words, Gldnwetgoose. We guys get carried away by our deep desires. 😋🤔
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Paulypeeps! Even a few near me in the Netherlands. I hope they will find me, ifI can't find them. 🤗😘😘😘
  10. Hi HotAndGolden, Peetea from the Netherlands here. Welcome home! I 'm more or less a newby here too, but I advice you to listen to the wonderful Mods here and learn (if necesarry!😋😜) from their huge experiences. I am an "amateur" by these standards but I am willing to share my experiences and vids with you, ifyou are interested. Just PM me, I'll be more than delighted to meet you there! "Pee" you later! 😜💦💛💦💛💦
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