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    Groningen the Netherlands
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    Hi sweet pee people, I am Robbie from the Netherlands and I love Female Champagne. By the lack of that I drink my own pee laying on the bath room floor. 😋🍌💦💦💦💦👄👅 Further do I love bedwetting. 🍌💦💦💦💦🛌 I pee in bed for a whole week before I change my sheets again. I'm looking for chat friends (M or F) here. Lately I have a much younger GF, whom I love very much, which I could persuade to pee for me and even let me drink her sweet hot pee straight from her gorgeous pussy. I couldn't be happier! 🥰

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    Bedwetting, pee drinking.
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    Tasting my GF's pee. 🍓💦💦💦👄👅😋❤

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  1. Peetea


    Yes, I sometimes use a catheter to suck my fresh hot pee staright from my bladder.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments, dear Peefans. 😊
  3. Sigh, today my GF and me had another wet session in the bath room. 🥰 She had promised to drink enough water, tea and coffee during the day, which she did! 😜 Ten minutes or so after coffee she said: "I must pee, Robtsjik", (a sweet Ukranian name for "Robert", which is my name. Delighted I went to the bath room, laid down on some old garden chair cushions. She straddled me after she stripped naked, while I pressed my thirsty mouth onto her wet pussy, stuck my eager tongue in there, when she began to start sighing : " Ohhhh, I can't keep it..." and sure enough, there it came! YUMMIE! And would y
  4. Very pity your GF isn't into pee play. 😔
  5. I do hope you will succeed one day, SJ166. I feel myself extremely lucky with my GF. I was married to a woman that was almost frigid for 38 years. Pee games, even watching her pee was ABSOLUTELY impossible. And see what happened to me? Again, I wish you success! 👍
  6. Such a wonderful opportunity! Pity you never found out! 🤔
  7. For the third day in a row we had our wet excitement in the bath room! She's less shy about peeing on my face. She came by herself with:" Darling, I have to pee!" Well, no words where spilled by me. I took her straight to the bath room and I laid down on some old garden cushions and a bath towel, and she kneeled on my face and let me have it all! 🥰🍓💦💛💦 As usual, I licked her clean, and straight into a deep orgasm. I love the way she moans then! 🤗 I sleep now with my head on the towel we used! It was still a little damp when I went to bed. (Half way the night I always go to a seperate bed, whil
  8. I'm curious about that particular pee experience too, Abby. My GF gives me her whole bladder content to quench my thirst regularly, and I simply LOVE it! I slept last night with my head on the towel she peed on yesterday, while she was peeing in my mouth! I had a great night, dreaming about her beautiful peeing pussy. 🥰
  9. Yesterday afternoon we had another long and very wet session. She came violently! And me too! 🥰💦💛💦🍌💦💦💦💥
  10. If you ever are without your BF, I'm here for you. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. 🙏😘
  11. After a few months of gentle persuasion and a few hesitant tries my sweet young and beautiful GF finally is a bit more relaxed with giving me her golden showers and even peeing in my thirsty mouth. Of course after she drank a lot first so it's diluted. Then it's DELICIOUS and tastes like herbal tea to me. I lay down on a towel on the bath room floor and she kneels on my face and relieves herself. I drink it all! To me it's HEAVEN, and I can't be more happy! I've been away from home for a few days and hope she has a full bladder for me to enjoy when I come home. Needless to say that I give her
  12. You found out that pee can be DELICIOUS after a few try outs! Great! My GF's pee tastes like Divine Nectar to me. 🍓💦💛💦👄👅
  13. MMM...😋 I would LOVE to lay under that chair and enjoy the flow! 🥰🍓💦💛💦
  14. MMM...I simply LOVE your story. My GF does the same to me. Thank you for sharing, and may "the Flow" be with you! 😋💦💛💦💛💦💥
  15. I would LOVE to accommodate you, Bacardi. But you definitly return the favor! MMM...😋🍓💦💛💦👄👅
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