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    I am really interested in pee fetish, mostly on a voyeuristic/receiving end of the spectrum. Haven't had much experience. Would absolutely love to find some lady to talk about her peeing interests and kinks and, if lucky, to actually meet someone :)

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  1. To start with, I can see so many women on this forum peeing in naughty places, on furniture, wetting themselves and I must say, you're all so great! 😍 I can only dream of sometime meeting a girl who would enjoy doing these things in front of me and genuinely find them hot. But I'll write about my experience of tasting female pee. I'm sure that many of you, if not all, went through a stage when you wanted to try something naughty with pee, but little part of you wondered "what if I don't like it at all?" 🙂 Well, even ten years ago I would probably have questioned an idea of drinkin
  2. Ooh, if we're talking about just peeing in some naughty places, then once I peed in front of a girl in a hotel room on a sofa, on a bed, on a floor, on a table she sat at But I also had an experience of licking a girl while she sprayed pee on my face and in my mouth, I find this even naughtier 🤭
  3. A while ago i've started talking to a girl. The more we chatted, the more it felt like sexually we were made for each other - the same set of dirty fantasies, the same lack of real experience. Unfortunately, we never met in the end and all that's left from those conversations are fantasies that i wrote to her 😊 Before finally deleting all the reminders of this girl, i decided to save the stuff i wrote to her and share them here. Of course, as is typical for fantasies, there are a lot of things over the top, and some of them may be not as pleasant in real life as they are in my imagination. The
  4. Hi everyone, Wow, it's been many years since I last came to this forum. At least five! So, before writing my introduction, I would like to make a couple of notes. - Firstly, I already made an introduction post back in 2014 (oh my god, things like e-scooters didn't even exist then! 😲). I have gained a bit more experience since, my interests have also somewhat shifted. That is why I decided to introduce myself once again, but dear mods, if you think it's unnecessary, please let me know. - Secondly, as the last time, I must confess that I'm often not so good at maint
  5. Yes, thank you 🙂 But there are so many things i can add... nothing about facesitting here, nothing about me pissing all over a hotel room 🙂
  6. even though the description is old as hell, why not bump it up 🙂
  7. Well done, Sexybbw12331! Doing it a naughty place is always hard first time, but then it gets easier and easier but not less exciting whatsoever! ;) Actually, I shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly, since I myself hardly did such naughty stuff in my life (even though the first experience was when I was very-very young, around 6), but I'm sure fellow "pisssers" would agree :)
  8. I meant "if any of you", not "your" :) Sorry
  9. Hey everyone! I'm new to this website and really hope that I will find some friends here :) I do realise that most of people hanging around here are guys and if there are any girls, most of them enjoy watching other ladies, but there is still a glimpse of hope for me that I may find some girl who would share my interests :) I know it's a bit arrogant of me to come here and search for a woman of my dreams rather than trying to communicate with everyone and to contribute to this site more. It's like coming to a party and shouting "hey! gimme a girl" and going away, but hey, I will chat after
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