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    I am really interested in pee fetish, mostly on a voyeuristic/receiving end of the spectrum. Haven't had much experience. Would absolutely love to find some lady to talk about her peeing interests and kinks and, if lucky, to actually meet someone :)

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  1. Thank you everyone for voting, quite interesting results here! I wish more ladies showed their preferences here though 😊
  2. Mine would be to spend a whole day with a woman who uses my mouth as her personal sex toy, but without any kind of humiliation or degradation (after all, some toys are very much cherished) - plays with it by sitting on it or standing above it, or tells me to lick her whenever and however she wants. But on top of it, she would also involve her peeing throughout the day, however she prefers. If she likes holding, she drinks and gets desperate, if she likes wetting herself, we have a number of underwear stored for this occasion. And she would want my mouth to get involved with that too - me clean
  3. Hmmm, sorry Mitch11, but I'm inclined to disagree with you on several points here. I can not judge myself, so we need to ask other females on this forum, but I'm relatively sure that: - Full bladder is the most common pee-related fetish in females. If I'm not mistaken (ladies, please tell me if I'm completely off target here), there is a bundle of nerves that provide great pleasure when stimulated. This bundle can vary in its exact location and size. Most commonly it's located on a woman's clitoris, hence it's so sensitive and pleasant. The bundle is also close to the inner upper wall of
  4. Oh no, so sorry to read that you had such an awful experience with your ex-wife! Maybe with the current one it won't be that bad? Overall, I realised that pee fetish is not as uncommon or frowned upon as I initially expected. I once told my good male friend about it and he took it as such a normal thing that he forgot about it later. For me, it was really hard to gather my strength and confess to someone about such a thing, for him it was just one of the pieces of info that don't need to be memorised. Then I also told a female colleague once, and her reaction was "as a passive or as an active?
  5. wow, have you actually experiences all of these? I'm quite jealous of the few last ones 😍 As for the list, I decided to add only "being peed on" as your examples are quite specific (although I'm super happy you wrote them, would be happy to see others give more info too, so thank you!!!!)
  6. Oh my god, I can't believe I've missed one of the most common ones - being peed on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added now, although unfortunately at the very end 😊
  7. Hi everyone, Wouldn't you agree that there are so many different peeing activities that it's almost impossible to know whether someone shares your interests even both of you agree that you're into peeing? So I got curious and created a poll 😊 I apologise if I missed something in this survey, and to any non-binary people out here - I simply ran out of energy while creating this long list 😊 Please let me know if I need to add anything there! I personally don't really like to involve my own pee in anything sexual, for me it's all about a woman's pee. I like watching women
  8. Wow, you've had quite an experience! I'm not keen on some of the things you described (I don't really like involving my own pee), but happy for you to find the things you're curious about in real life!
  9. Kirby23, I truly hope this will develop further for you guys and maybe your wife'll start enjoying as well. But I totally get it - if it's not someone's cup of tea, it's not like we can just "change their mind". But I did hear stories of women who weren't into peeing at all till way after their initial sexual development (like "my partner asked me to wet myself, I did and loved it"). Actually, it's silly of me to even clarify this - surely there are hundreds of stories like this here on this forum 🙂
  10. To start with, I can see so many women on this forum peeing in naughty places, on furniture, wetting themselves and I must say, you're all so great! 😍 I can only dream of sometime meeting a girl who would enjoy doing these things in front of me and genuinely find them hot. But I'll write about my experience of tasting female pee. I'm sure that many of you, if not all, went through a stage when you wanted to try something naughty with pee, but little part of you wondered "what if I don't like it at all?" 🙂 Well, even ten years ago I would probably have questioned an idea of drinkin
  11. A while ago i've started talking to a girl. The more we chatted, the more it felt like sexually we were made for each other - the same set of dirty fantasies, the same lack of real experience. Unfortunately, we never met in the end and all that's left from those conversations are fantasies that i wrote to her 😊 Before finally deleting all the reminders of this girl, i decided to save the stuff i wrote to her and share them here. Of course, as is typical for fantasies, there are a lot of things over the top, and some of them may be not as pleasant in real life as they are in my imagination. The
  12. Hi everyone, Wow, it's been many years since I last came to this forum. At least five! So, before writing my introduction, I would like to make a couple of notes. - Firstly, I already made an introduction post back in 2014 (oh my god, things like e-scooters didn't even exist then! 😲). I have gained a bit more experience since, my interests have also somewhat shifted. That is why I decided to introduce myself once again, but dear mods, if you think it's unnecessary, please let me know. - Secondly, as the last time, I must confess that I'm often not so good at maint
  13. Yes, thank you 🙂 But there are so many things i can add... nothing about facesitting here, nothing about me pissing all over a hotel room 🙂
  14. even though the description is old as hell, why not bump it up 🙂
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