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  1. Zuzu, I might be a little late, but welcome to the site. Thank you for sharing your stories. Including the details helps form a mental picture.
  2. Sophie, thankyou for sharing your adventure with details.
  3. The below thoughts are coming from someone who is not in to wetting clothes but maybe give you some ideas. Do you wash your own clothes? Do you have clothes washing facilities in your home? If you have clothes washing facilities in your home, don't already wash your own clothes, start taking over that task so you might wet your clothes then put them right in to the wash.
  4. felicia1234 asked “Does anyone else like or enjoy listening to other people peeing? I think it’s fascinating. Anyone else?” I used to be concerned about my peeing sounds, since joining this group I don’t worry about it anymore. Now when I pee, I figure people listen if they want. Listening to men is not of interest to me. Oh, yes! yes!! yes!!! for me it is listening to women is what I enjoy. It is amazing to me the different sounds women make when they pee. Hearing them clearly without background noise interfering with their wonderful sounds. Longer pees are preferred, but all are welc
  5. Foxfire, Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you will be willing to share more pee stories.
  6. Malika, I am glad that you found a place to relieve yourself. Thanks for sharing your story. I would have loved to heard you peeing.
  7. the above scenario sounds excellent to me, but not sure if it really meets the close wetting that Oneshygirl19 mentioned unless you intended for her to still be dressed while peeing. in to the toilet.
  8. Being a male my father encourage me to pee out side. It was intended to be out of sight of others, behind a building, tree, fence, car or something.
  9. Kevvvv, would you be willing to write about your birthday experience?
  10. PpGirl, Thanks for telling about your "little pee experiment" I will say, I would have loved to hear your over two minute pee, but even a over one minute pee sure would be nice to hear also, wow!.
  11. Pop-A-Squot, Good thing you stood or you could have named this post dangerous pee.
  12. pop-a-squat, From my personal opinion I would not use any of your choices. I did vote for your first choice because you might just make it as easy as possible for yourself, since it is your room don't leave your bed.
  13. Ppgirl, Thank you for sharing these two stories with detailed descriptions, this allows me to form pictures in my mind. I am looking forward to all your future stories when you are ready to share them with us. I hope I find them when you write about them.
  14. Louise87 Thanks for sharing details about your two stories with us. Were you squatting both times and if so how low did you squat when you peed in front of your neighbor? Please share with us any future pee adventures. Wow, I wish you were my neighbor, I would love to be able to feel some women’s pee streams so I could learn about them because I am totally blind.
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