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  1. Recently I traveled by airplane and I had a long scheduled lay-over. I always request assistance when going through airports to make traveling easier. Often the person who walks with me doesn’t speak English as their first language, sometimes this makes communication challenging. So this trip I felt lucky because the person assisting me asked restroom as we were walking to my transfer flight gate. I said yes figuring that I will take this opportunity since I had a very long wait between planes. No problems at this point, just the annoying challenge of finding things in a unfamiliar multiple pe
  2. Bacardi, earlier you wrote "thinking this morning that maybe I'm a voyeur." Maybe this is coming from the wrong blind guy who personally cannot enjoy watching people. Think about it, he was outside in a public space. so for your sake keep watching and hopefully you will have many enjoyable viewings.
  3. Hello Doris, I am a little confused. Are you writing about your self years ago or is your profile birth date different? Isn't there medical guidance/medication that might help reduce your incontinents challenges?
  4. Hello Sarah_Hiker31, Ok, here are some of my questions that I warned you about. Does a female’s upper or lower Boddy position effect the pee stream direction? If standing and hands-free peeing would the pee stream go straight down and if sitting position as if on a western style toilet with upper body strait up does stream still go straight down? If standing but bent forward at the waist or sitting position like on a toilet and leaning forward what direction does pee go and is it the same or does it go in different directions? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.
  5. Hello Sarah_Hiker31, Since you offered, I really have a lot of questions, I hope you don’t mind. Because I am totally blind and cannot view pictures and/or videos. Based on previous responses, regarding shaking after peeing, would you please describe? Might you be bending your knees quickly to bounce your body up and down? What little I know based on the two females that I have touched, I don’t understand how/if you would use your fingers to shake off such as a male would? Also, pictures were used to ask about Squatting to pee. Would you please describe in detail how you squat? Are you v
  6. Hello Kasslyn_xK, I came across this old topic of yours. Like others I am curious about the babysitter. You said "Based on how many times we sneaked up on her and witnessed, the dining chairs was her most common, sometimes at the sofa." Would you please explain how she peed on the dining chairs and the sofa? Did she lift up dress, pull down pants or go through her clothing? Do you know if she release a full bladder or just some when she peed on things?
  7. If your basement has a floor drain, what about connecting a Y-hose connecter to the washing machine hose hookups then connect a hose or handheld shower nozzle head to the washing machine water source. This would allow adjusting of the water temperature.
  8. Sophie! Thank you very much for sharing ! Of course we would like to hear more, if you decide to post them. Wow such clear wonderful audio sound, appreciate no background sounds to interfere with hearing the real topic of your recording. When you wrote "shyness" I was expecting it to be a slow little sound, but to me it did not. If it was shy that way, I still would have listened, admitting I listened to this recording more than once. As another member said, "Really wonderful, great to listen to. Hope there are more in the future".
  9. I recently needed to provide a Urine sample at a doctor’s office and wondering was I treated differently because I am blind? The doctor’s office staff member who got me to the exam room eventually asked if I could provide an urine sample and I said yes. When she brought me to the rest room She ask if I wanted help. So was she asking the same thing that she would ask all patients or was she wanting to be helpful because of my being blind? Now I wonder what kind of help would she have given and might there been any opportunity for fun? Would she help aim me or what else could have happened I p
  10. Kitty21,, Since my joining this site I was glad to learn that others enjoy listening to pee sounds. It is also nice to learn that there are females who like listening to pee sounds, not just guys like me.
  11. MonicaGbing1994, Thanks for sharing. You are either a fast typist or must have peed for a while. You wrote quite a bit of your post, indicated that you wiped then finished your post.
  12. Hello Monica1992, Thanks for sharing the details of your first time. By following you and others on this web site helps me form mental pictures of female peeing since I cannot view videos and pictures.
  13. Sarah_Hiker31, thank you for sharing your story with details. Welcome to the website.
  14. MRJH22 wrote "gotten to feel a lady peeing directly". Would you be willing to explain about that adventure?
  15. I like peeing hands-free. So far, I have done this many times outside, in the shower and in some sinks. Regarding watching a female, I don't believe I will get the chance because that requires my touching. If I ever get that chance, I'll except any physical position she would be in.
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