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  1. Alfresco, Thank you for writing about your spottings. I really appreciate when you provide details because I can form a mental picture and learn about some of the ways women pee. Since I cannot ever view women peeing, your detailed descriptions are very helpful.
  2. Sophie, not sure when you will read this. Back on June 22, 2021 in the topic post-about-your-pee/ you posted an experience. First of all, once again, thank you for all the wonderful descriptive details. Second, I truly believe your description, but I just can not imagine the force and size that your pee stream would have to splash back like that. Since I never have seen or in my case been able to feel any woman’s pee stream it is hard to imagine.
  3. LetMeWatch, thank you for sharing your experiences. Hopefully someday I will get opportunities to watch women pee, but for me that will mean being aloud to touch them because I am blind.
  4. WendyMarty, Thank you for sharing your story about the post men. Did you ever reveal to him that you saw him? Would you be willing to share more viewings of others using the tree or bush?
  5. ukpeegirl86 thanks for sharing your late night piss details. It sounds like you really had to go bad and I am glad you felt relieved. If I could ask for a few more details please. You wrote “I pulled my jeans down by the least amount needed, pulled the crotch of my thong aside, and sitting on the very edge of my driver's seat holding my jeans out the way, I pissed almost uncontrollably onto the road.” When you said “sitting on the very edge of my driver's seat” Were you positioned with your feet out of your car and leaning back or were you still in your car facing forward with your feet on t
  6. Hello pop-a-squat, Like another member suggested, if there is a urinal, have you tried peeing in it? If so, would you share your adventure? If the rest rooms have toilets with the tank on the back for flushing, secure the float up, flush the toilet, and the both of you pee in to the tank all shift. At the end of the shift, allow the tank to finish filling. Next shift when the first person uses the toilet and they flush the toilet, the bowl should look like someone peed it the toilet. If this were to be done in a women’s rest room, it might look like the previous woman peed and didn’t wipe.
  7. Simpfan, Look in to a procedure called a UroLift. Not all Urologists can perform the procedure. Many cut or use lasers to cut things open. "The UroLift System uses a revolutionary approach to treating BPH that lifts and holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra." How I understand from my doctor, he inserted spring like bands in side the urethra that push the prostate out of the way. He also explaned to me that the UroLift procedure can be use for the blockages that are at the nine and three o'clock positions. this procedure can
  8. Zuzu, I might be a little late, but welcome to the site. Thank you for sharing your stories. Including the details helps form a mental picture.
  9. Sophie, thankyou for sharing your adventure with details.
  10. The below thoughts are coming from someone who is not in to wetting clothes but maybe give you some ideas. Do you wash your own clothes? Do you have clothes washing facilities in your home? If you have clothes washing facilities in your home, don't already wash your own clothes, start taking over that task so you might wet your clothes then put them right in to the wash.
  11. felicia1234 asked “Does anyone else like or enjoy listening to other people peeing? I think it’s fascinating. Anyone else?” I used to be concerned about my peeing sounds, since joining this group I don’t worry about it anymore. Now when I pee, I figure people listen if they want. Listening to men is not of interest to me. Oh, yes! yes!! yes!!! for me it is listening to women is what I enjoy. It is amazing to me the different sounds women make when they pee. Hearing them clearly without background noise interfering with their wonderful sounds. Longer pees are preferred, but all are welc
  12. Foxfire, Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you will be willing to share more pee stories.
  13. Malika, I am glad that you found a place to relieve yourself. Thanks for sharing your story. I would have loved to heard you peeing.
  14. the above scenario sounds excellent to me, but not sure if it really meets the close wetting that Oneshygirl19 mentioned unless you intended for her to still be dressed while peeing. in to the toilet.
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