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  1. Hello Erinkiyo, Welcome to Pee Fans. I agree with you on how does one bring up the subject of pee play in person. It seems like it is really popular on the internet. I’m concerned like you, if I were to talk about it in real life, I think I would like to try it but I feel like someone will think I’m a freak too. As a guy obsessed with ladies peeing sounds, it’s somewhat arousing to think that Ladies like watching guys pee.
  2. I stand to pee unless I am sitting for a #2 or if I am hard, then sit on seat, spread my knees, slide back on the seat and lean way over almost on my head. When using public rest rooms in the past I would try to pee quietly, but since reading stuff on this site I make noise when peeing. I prefer peeing in public rest room urinals I feel it is quicker and aim for noise. When using toilet, always lift seat, pee then put seat down except public rest rooms where I flip up seat with my shoe. Now I read others posts about peeing in the dark, haven’t given that much thought since I am blind, looks like I have an advantage. When I pee, I use my hand to aim down, listen for the puddle of water, ready to stop if I don’t hear it. Years ago, when starting to stand I would let a spurt of pee out to confirm location of the puddle before letting it all go.
  3. TheAMan, Thanks for sharing your stories with such details.
  4. Brutus, Thanks for sharing. Well did you brave going in the Women’s room to assess the area? Do you think she probably hovered when pissing?
  5. BLUEPEELOVER, Thanks for sharing your first experience. Hopefully you will decide to write about your other experiences.
  6. tatstatsort, thank you for writing about your fiance peeing. You wrote “I can write about some more experiences with her at some point.” If you decide to write about more I would like to read them.
  7. Anemone, Thanks for sharing your story. It looks like you are new to the web site, welcome.
  8. Sophie, Thank you for sharing your adventure with such detailed description. I was surprised that you picked a place that you frequent, but I guess that is why it was so naughty for you. I Find it amazing that you were getting a massive thrill from what you were about to do .and allowing “floodgates opened and I started a really distinctive feminine hiss”. Then when you willingly answered to his “Um excuse me...”, with “Uh-huh”. I will admit that I got turned-on reading about your experience. Twice you mentioned that you saw a shadow underneath the cubicle door as the male visitor passed the cubicle that you were in, by any chance did you notice pants or shoes? Might either of the two men that you held the door for been the earlier visitor? I have been wondering about accidentally on purpose going in to the ladies room hoping to get the opportunity to hear women pee. Now what I think is my responsible side is saying don’t do it. On the other hand I think I have a kind of excuse “I didn’t know”, reality a bit lame since I am blind. I think back to my experience “Oops!Wrong room” that I wrote about on April 16, 2018 in Real Pee Encounters & Experiences.
  9. Does it count if I peed on my self? I tried peeing on myself by laying on my back in the shower to see what it felt like. Based on that, I would like a woman to pee on my body, but at this time I don't imagine it will happen all that soon.
  10. miniskirtpisser, Thank you for sharing your Shewee Flexi Experiences with details. Hopefully using it will get easier for you.
  11. F.W Thanks for asking this question and for providing descriptions of some of the ways girls/women wipe. Since I cannot see the videos that I listen to I wondered about wiping. I figured that some chose to stand for wiping based on the sounds that I heard.
  12. Jayne78, I can guaranty that I would not have watched you because I am blind, but I Guaranty that I would have enjoyed listening to you pee if I got the chance to listen and I probably would get aroused.
  13. Hello members, I don’t approve of a young teen peeing on potatoes but I do wonder how she accomplished it. I believe I heard somewhere she was drunk. If someone doesn’t mind since I cannot view pictures or videos, could they describe to me in a privet message or through this topic how she carried out peeing on the potatoes? Examples: did she undress or lift up a skirt to pee? Did she stand in front of a bin or clime on top of the bin? Did she sit or squat on the bin and any other details you wish to write about? Thanks
  14. Jayne, Instead of thinking of your post as a rant, hopefully sharing it hear was like talking to a friend about your situation. Sorry to hear about how your husband is handling this. Good luck with your urologist appointment. I understand why you felt livid regarding your husband’s comment to your son, it did seem unfair.
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