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  1. snafft said: “As the question is - do you pee in the sink using it as a urinal?” Yes. I like using my basement utility sink hands free. I have a few times used an unisex bathroom sink at the end of the day at work on my way out after the cleaning crew just cleaned it. “How about in the shower?” Yes. Every time, is convenient, saves time and water. Also I believe that I mentioned in another post sometimes I lay on my back and pee on myself. “Wouldn't mind knowing what gender you are when answering 😉 “ I am a guy.
  2. Hello Crissy89, You wrote "I’ve realised that after checking myself out, I have three types: 1. The one where I sit normally, leaning slightly forward and it goes straight down. 2. The one where if I sit back it’ll go slow and almost behind me. 3. And finally the one where if I lean forward I end up with a fast spray which goes forward." First, thank you for sharing. Being one who is into the sounds of women peeing, I am totally amazed/baffled regarding your pee direction related to your position. being totally blind, I sure wish that I could be able to conduct hands un
  3. Hello Great Horned Owl, Thanks for sharing (or is it bosting HaHa) about how your . girlfriend pees. I am jellis!
  4. Riley, Thank you for taking the time to write your detailed story and sharing it. Please feel free to write and share other stories.
  5. I love any peeing sounds that women or girls make! Not in to oouu’s and aahh’s just the wonderful variety of peeing sounds. It is amazing how the same individual can make different sounds during a pee and how each pee can very from other pees from that same person. When I have had the good fortune of hearing multiple pee events from an individual, there often are similarities in the sounds produced.
  6. No, but I believe that I would like to experience a golden shower from a woman and would be willing to give one. Janny, have you given or received a golden shower? if so, would you be willing to describe your experiences?
  7. Well, I assume it is ok that as a male I chose to vote, because I shake it off before putting myself away.
  8. PeeWatcher1, thank you for sharing your bucket story back on May 18, would you write about your other times of making the bucket available?
  9. Baby_ennie, Thank you for sharing your story. You said “I was sitting with my legs spread apart too much so my pee angled up and sprayed off the edge of the toilet!” Wow, I did not realize that the spreading of a woman’s legs when sitting on a toilet would effect the pee stream direction. This adds to my wishing to be able to feel a female or multiple females when sitting on a toilet seat. This sure adds to my curiosity of better yet wanting to feel women’ pee because I am totally blind.
  10. Hello M.Vixen, Thank you for sharing your video. I hope you don’t mind answering my questions because I am blind and cannot see the video. Were you squatting or standing over the box? Did you stay in one place while you were peeing or were you moving around? It sounds like your pee stream is moving around, might that be from the changing pressure of your pee? Thank you, in advance.
  11. Hello Baby_ennie, Thank you for sharing videos with us. I really appreciate the clear peeing sounds. If you don’t mind answering a few questions from me since I am blind and only can enjoy the sounds of your videos. Were you holding your phone while filming your carpet pee or was it propped up some how? Did you pee through your panties or remove them? I assume that you squatted down, could you describe your position and how close you were to the carpet? Thank you.
  12. Hello Malika, Thank you for sharing your story and taking the time to reply with details of your “middle squat”. I hope my asking questions did not bother or offend you. I am sorry if my asking questions caused you to be interrogated.
  13. Hello Malika, If you don’t mind my asking a few questions? You wrote “I bent in a middle squat”, could you please define middle squat in words for me since I cannot view pictures or videos? Were your upper legs parallel to the ground with your upper body leaning forward? How far down did you pull your “trousers and panties,”? How far apart were your feet? Thank you in advance.
  14. Peewee123 and Bacardi I except, only if there was an easy way to arrange touching. Also a few days ago Bacardi wrote: “I dont mean to hijack this thread, but you can definitely help me in figuring out how much my bladder bulges when I am full 😍 its something that others and myself have been wondering about but I haven't been able to see a difference. I'm sorry this just sounds so intimate I had to throw my two cents in” Sure I could include bladder bulge evaluation for the two of you and any others who want. As I was writing the above reply, another benefit for me to be able to feel
  15. Peewee123 wrote “I guess touch is the only one that really applies for me. I enjoy the feeling of going, the warmth, the wetness etc. I have also enjoyed the feeling of being felt up while I pee. The other things don’t do much for me.” If you were near me I would very gladly offer to feel you when peeing. Since I am totally blind this is something I would like to do to learn about stream size and pressure.
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