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  1. Hello iLoveGirlsPissingOutside Could I ask for you to clarify please? You wrote "girlfriend" but also referenced them. So did you watch more than one female, if so did they pee one at a time and how did each do their standing pee? there was multiple, could you describe what position they were in and how you peed on them, standing next to them or standing over them? Thank you.
  2. Welcome naughty_emma and lilpgrl to PeeFans, If you choose to write about naughty peeing please include details in your descriptions. If you feal brave to create videos and include links to them, I would like to request that your videos have clear audio pee sounds because that is the part that I can appreciate since I am totally blind. Thank you.
  3. Sophie, thank you for sharing and describing things.
  4. Some of you mention the whistling sound, I don't believe that I have ever heard the whistling sound. might someone be able to reference a free to access link to a good example of a recording/video with clear whistling sound?
  5. I don’t wish to sidetrack this topic, but I would like to ask Hornyrrd how she does her "bushes in the park" peeing. As she said “the risk of being seen, the fact it's regarded as not an acceptable thing for a woman to do” Would you please explain? Do you wear dress or skirt without panties? Do you pull down pants, stand or squat and how low?
  6. I am very curious about women’s pe streams since I can only appreciate the amazing sounds of them. I have fantasized of getting opportunities to feel women peeing but question myself if I would really take advantage of the opportunity. I have shared with my wife my fascination and enjoyment of listening to women peeing and she has told me many times that it is weird. Also, she considers peeing a dirty task. To add to my potential mental struggle in many cases looking often is not a relationship crime, but in order for me to look means touching because I am totally blind. So, touching the perso
  7. M.Vixen, sorry this reply is over a year late. I just happened to come across this topic. I wouldn't mind messaging with you, but I don't know how to erase old messages by using a keyboard and I don't have anyone that I can ask to help me who can see.
  8. iLoveGirlsPissingOutside, Thanks for sharing your outside piss story. How low did you squat for your piss? I assume that you did not lean against anything while you were pissing?
  9. Hello iLoveGirlsPissingOutside, By any chance do you have any inside pissing updates? It doesn't look like you updated this thread for a while. I just caim across it.
  10. JDG, Thank you for writing many detailed descriptions of watching your girlfriend pee. Personally pictures of the locations don’t do anything for me. If any future pictures might reveal to much information, please still provide a written description and feel free to leave out that picture. I look forward to reading your future posts.
  11. Sophie, Thank you for describing in detail your everyday toilet pee. Appreciate you taking the time to share, I will willingly read future posts like this if you decide to write about them.
  12. Hello Brutus, A few years have gone by, and I assume that you did not get the nerve up to request the woman technician since you haven't posted any updates.
  13. Rosita, thank you for sharing your sink story. If you don't mind a few questions for you. Was it hard to jump up on the sink to sit on it in your desperate state? You only mentioned pulled knickers aside, was that your only clothing?
  14. snafft said: “As the question is - do you pee in the sink using it as a urinal?” Yes. I like using my basement utility sink hands free. I have a few times used an unisex bathroom sink at the end of the day at work on my way out after the cleaning crew just cleaned it. “How about in the shower?” Yes. Every time, is convenient, saves time and water. Also I believe that I mentioned in another post sometimes I lay on my back and pee on myself. “Wouldn't mind knowing what gender you are when answering 😉 “ I am a guy.
  15. Hello Crissy89, You wrote "I’ve realised that after checking myself out, I have three types: 1. The one where I sit normally, leaning slightly forward and it goes straight down. 2. The one where if I sit back it’ll go slow and almost behind me. 3. And finally the one where if I lean forward I end up with a fast spray which goes forward." First, thank you for sharing. Being one who is into the sounds of women peeing, I am totally amazed/baffled regarding your pee direction related to your position. being totally blind, I sure wish that I could be able to conduct hands un
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