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  1. You are right, it an old text, but it hopefully explains the situation. I corrected my age. I tried several things in the beginning, some gymastics and also medication, but it was useless or had sideeffects. Meanwhile I do not want any treatment.
  2. I am Doris, 61 years old and an incontinent DL. I am probably an exception, because my impression is that there are always misunderstandings and disputes between DLS and incontinents. That's why I want to write down "my story", maybe she can contribute to a better understanding. I have had a weak bladder for several years. At first I didn't think much when I often had to go to the toilet and said it was a bladder infection. However, it didn't get better, on the contrary. Often I suddenly had to go to the toilet. After all, there were situations where it was difficult for me to keep contro
  3. Doris


    Thanks. Yes, I absolutely adore my condition. I found it very embarassing in the beginning and has the impression, I was not a "real" woman anymore. To protect myself I wear diapers most of the time. This helps a lot. For me the urge becomes rather painful in a few minutes and I love the feeling of relief, when I pee my pants. (And sorry, if my English sounds clumsy, I am not a native speaker.)
  4. Doris


    Hello everybody, I am Doris from Germany and I habe just joined the community. I am 62 years old and I suffer from urge incontinence. When I notice that I have to go to the toilet I can hold my pee for 2 or 3 minutes. After that time I would pee my pants.
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