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  1. So you think its right and fair what lia thomas did, you think its ok for a girl of 16 years or less to have someone who is biologically male being able to change infront of them cause they identify as female. https://www.wcia.com/news/ymca-pushes-back-against-claims-teenager-was-kicked-off-swim-team-for-opposing-locker-room-rules/.
  2. Pick a wedgie out as you could pull it from the back then adjust the front to give some exposure
  3. Did you miss the post by @gldenwetgoose and your asking that if you read the reply/comments you would know the answer
  4. Love the postings and i have to say you have very lovely lips
  5. Yeah understand that here in uk potty training starts about 2 1/2 - 3 but in other countys im not sure but i think its about like 3 to 5
  6. How big was the castle and how old were you and the girl. If i find a good beach i still make castles sometimes but my fav thing to is make a rock tower base stone first then and other smaller ones
  7. I wonder if she was standing up or squating
  8. wouldnt it also depend on the size of the vulva to like if the outer lips are bigger and close together and wouldn't it depend on being an innie or outie type
  9. Thats ok, i meant the details if you seen the detail. I'm well aware of the hiding fact and other factors
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