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  1. Hello, On the way back from work needed a massive piss. If I had waited even 2 or 3 minutes longer i would have pissed myself. Saw an alleyway and thought this would have to do. Didn't even have time to record or take pics during the pee as I was just bursting. I have attached an aftermath pic and the pictures speak the truth. The main pee itself was at least 35 seconds. Another 10 seconds at least of me shooting out the last 2 or 3 spurts. There was piss on the wall the pee river running down already some went in the drain and there in front is the after spurt event also.
  2. Been on a health kick last 3-4 weeks and have upped water intake from virtually nothing to 1.5 litres per day. This has massively increased my need for peeing. Used to go maybe 3x a day has now become more like 6-7 times, meaning I have been caught short on a number of occasions. Also the velocity and speed of my pee has so much more force. Anyone else ever noticed this with a health boost and more water intake?
  3. Just a very long and desperate pee I had on the way back from work. Found a new alleyway which I have never seen before which I knew was perfect as I was bursting. Pulled him out and almost started peeing before I even manged to fish him over my waistband. It sucks as I wanted to get a picture of the pee inaction but i was too desperate and concentrating too much on not trying to splash my clothes. I have taken an aftermath pic with pee visible but its not the best as it has been raining non stop here for the last 12 hours or so. It was a good 30-35 second pee followed by a very nice 5 or so s
  4. Just a quick question to see whether women enjoy seeing men shaking it off after they finish a pee.
  5. Coming back from work and needed a piss. Came across these boxes which are obviously just discarded. Was a nice target to piss on!
  6. Upload 2 of 2 last pic is aftermath with a lotttt of dribble!
  7. Hi all. Back from xmas party night out with work. Walk home in my favourite alleyway. Let the drinks out! Upload 1 of 2
  8. Had a pee on way back from work again. Urge to pee hit me much harder this time and had to find somewhere before my usual favourite cut through. Couldn't get a pic while peeing but have got the aftermath!
  9. I migrated over here from there in the last year as it was getting quiet. Hope louise ends up here
  10. And one more pic from the above event from a sideways camera angle
  11. Same alleyway as normal. Aimed higher up than normal. Next target is them black circles/nails on the door!
  12. Hi I've half gone for you advice and tried to aim higher up this time. Next target is to hit on or above them black marks/nails that are on the door!
  13. Just another picture of my aftermath of a pee in my favourite alleyway on my way back home. Was really desperate didnt have time to record the stream and penis! Stood at an angle away from the door so as not to have splashback on myself
  14. Just another picture of my aftermath of a pee in my favourite alleyway on my way back home. Was really desperate didnt have time to record the stream and penis!
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