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  1. You won’t find me, personally, standing on a platform with a notebook. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). I have pissed in a few corners of quiet platforms (not so much recently, with more and more cameras), and long train journeys was something I’ve been missing because of the damned pandemic…
  2. Not everyone’s as well hung as you, girl 😉
  3. (Nodding sagely) Scotland is so tall that they have to use giant rotating wheels to get ships into the Port of Leith. The world keeps getting steeper up towards the poles so all the water doesn’t fall off the edge. Most ingeniously, train companies refer to away from Scotland as “up”, which makes the trains work like the counterweights on a lift (elevator, to Americans) and reduces fuel consumption, a nifty bit of geometry originally dreamed up by Daniel Gooch and M. C. Escher.
  4. What, or… who, is under your balconies, being subjected to unexpected bursts of warm liquid falling from the sky? 🙂
  5. The rural communities are places to stop, surely…?
  6. Suspicion that @Ms. Tito is a time traveller intensifies
  7. Oh god the way it moves 🥰 and that puddle on the ground just visible
  8. The app I use for this is imgplay: https://imgplay.net though I usually edit from a movie rather than a live photo
  9. Things that don’t exist in my sexual fantasies: old, run-down cars, unwanted pregnancy, STDs...
  10. …. I think there might be! I’ve occasionally wondered, when seeing the view count on erome, who all the people are who were watching me pee, and, well, I mean … Public health people, after having too many conversations along lines of “What’s your sexual orientation?” “Oh, I’m straight” “… so do you know who you got this STI off?” “Oh, this guy I had sex with”, ended up talking about “men who have sex with men”, because this was a thing that happened enough that they had to deal with it. Then there’s the guys happily standing proudly on nudist beaches, dick visible to all and sundry,
  11. NARRATOR Unfortunately, despite @Ms. Tito’s futa energy, a lesbian orgy - in which sand gets everywhere, and a variety of dildo-shaped things are employed - did not ensue.
  12. Find a lucky guy swimming in shallow water, walk out towards him, face him, and piss into the water so he can see you doing it, and know that he’s swimming in your pee 😉
  13. What good is a closet if you are unable to have … doors? (“The Matrix, but it’s heteronormative”, Wachowski archive)
  14. I can’t see that lasting if you hang out with us 🙃
  15. “And would you like extra salt in the soup?”
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