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  1. It appears to be a headache. (Wanders off in search of ibuprofen)
  2. Where could I sit where I could see your face and your labia simultaneously? And whether I’ve forgotten all the French words I used to know, or whether I’m still a cunning linguist...
  3. I don’t think @pop-a-squat will approve of the bit about ladies using the bathroom 😉
  4. oliver2


    That doesn’t seem like something that worries you greatly 😉
  5. I’m sorry to hear you feel ashamed of this, particularly when pissing where your lover sees what you’re doing is hardly unusual amongst people who don’t have this kink. Trees are ... among my favourite places to pee. I’ve uploaded some videos 😊
  6. If it was a pool party at least you might not have got too many clothes wet. I have a memory where I was with my family at the beach and in the water. Realising I needed to pee, I knew that peeing in the sea was allowed so I did, then said to my godmother (who was next to me) “I just did a wee”, to which she replied crossly “You could have warned me first!” 😗
  7. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/beauty/fragrance/a30510012/gwyneth-paltrow-vagina-candle/ Intended to have the scent of pussy in general, not Paltrow’s in particular. (Or: how to be mistaken for a spam bot)
  8. Mixed bag, here. My family wouldn’t have felt the need to close the bathroom door to pee but messages about peeing other than in a toilet were... mixed. I remember being shamed for peeing in a drain (I think neighbours had seen & complained - I’d have been about 6), and my parents sounding disgusted about people “using the underpass as a toilet” (the underpass between home and the station generally smelled of stale pee) but if we were somewhere with no toilet available I’d have been told to pee in the trees, etc.
  9. Hm. Maybe there was a line for the bathroom. I’ve met women who will pee outdoors for convenience, but I wonder if your mom enjoys it? If she had been truly desperate I guess she could have stopped the car somewhere and peed using an open door as cover?
  10. Oh, it’s the worst. I don’t usually get pee shy but occasionally if I’m somewhere very public or unusual I just can’t go
  11. I mean unless the other stories are literally “I was out with my mom and she peed on the drive by the car as soon as we got back home”, I expect people hear would like to read them!
  12. We have wondered before whether this is something that can be inherited
  13. I managed to find my way to a quiet piece of beach during the hot weather last week, and unsurprisingly had to pee a few times. When I arrived at the beach I needed to go so I waded into the warm, shallow, weedy water. Walking out until my waist was under would have been far, so I pissed in my shorts then ducked into the water to wash them. Later while I was swimming I stopped and stood and peed in the water. On the beach afterwards, having discreetly removed my shorts under a towel, I realised I had better pee while I had the chance and pissed under the towel while sitting (which ended up on my leg 😗). (Later I saw some young women floating lazily in the shallow water, most likely peeing as they were doing so)
  14. I expect there’s an appetite for variations on this general theme

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