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  1. @speedy3471 the problem is your cock’s too big. Maybe try rolling around in the snow to shrink it?
  2. Ok, I'll bite your neck gently, while feeling the warm solidity of your girlpenis before moving up to your ear and whispering filthy things and offering to ahem, I'm not sure what came over me I'll bite - what's so great about having a penis, for you? (Other than "ability to aim pee accurately without l33t @Eliminature skilz", and "It's already there without having to do a bunch of fairly involved and difficult surgery", and "spray girlcum", and...). Obv tell me to get lost if this is too personal a question. 🙃
  3. No true Scotsfemboy fallacy
  4. The first rule of discreet club is do not attract attention to discreet club by wearing clothes that prompt passers by to wonder why I’m wearing what I am. Also I suspect, absent rummaging/aiming, I’d piss on my skirt, not on the ground. I’m quite happy with my ability to improvise pee locations with a penis, tbh 🙃
  5. Laziest places are those where you’re already wet & don’t have to as much as aim: in the sea, pool, shower or bathtub
  6. I’m no theologian but that seems to be the general idea, yes
  7. and end up leaving another, stickier, wet patch
  8. I saw someone piss against a wooden wall/hoarding/thing near the woods. He wasn’t hiding what he was doing, and left an obvious wet mark on the wall, but you couldn’t see his dick. (Posts a new woods pee vid/gif)
  9. Welcome. The picture/video categories haven’t been reworked to accommodate nonbinary genders, but the people are generally open minded and the moderators do not tolerate negativity or abuse.
  10. Is this to make it easier to piss into the sea?
  11. If exposure to urinals turns girls lesbian there’s gonna be some disappointed guys around here
  12. Always. I love the feeling of peeing underwater...
  13. Not many will judge you for peeing in the sea or on the beach, and certainly not here. The beach may be tamer than peeing on someone’s carpet but it’s one of my favourite pee places. I try to avoid peeing in a toilet when I’m at the beach, and always like hearing of others’ adventures. Last time I was at the beach in winter I pissed into the sea from the shore a few times.
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