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  1. He’s not going to be able to just quietly walk off with nobody knowing what happened after that
  2. And, back on topic: https://www.erome.com/a/uJC8DqOK
  3. I think there’s no point in peeing by the filter intake - the filter won’t do anything to pee, the pee will just get recirculated. Much of urine is water anyway. Other chemicals in it will be broken down eventually by the chlorine. I’d expect mixed opinions about the desirability of peeing in the water (easy, discreet), vs peeing somewhere else outdoors (may expose you, but keeps the water cleaner)
  4. I hate it when adults use the term "sexually active." What does it even mean? Am I gonna like deactivate some day or is it a permanent state of being? - Juno MacDuff, “Juno”
  5. For me personally, the line is at “seeing me with an erection”, but if you want to put the line at seeing your dick that is of course absolutely fine and should be respected.
  6. No, no, I was just a bit tipsy and not thinking ahead. I certainly wasn’t imagining the relief of releasing a full bladder into the chill night air, leaving a telltale stream on the ground to show where I’d relieved myself. Honest.
  7. Sort of. I’ve had times where I’ve been desperate and rather than the torrent you’d expect, it’s taken me several tries, and a few minutes, to feel like my bladder’s fully empty. The other disappointment is I’m uncut, and in cold water, my dick shrinks... to the point where I have to pull the foreskin back for pee to escape. If I’m in a big unheated outdoor pool, slipping a hand down my trunks to adjust myself feels a bit conspicuous. I only have to do that once, I don’t have to keep my hand there, but even so. And if I try to just piss hands free in my trunks, that’s uncomfortable and also disappointing.
  8. You can brazenly whip out your dick and piss in front of me if you like.
  9. I guess peeing in front of opposite sex friends is most likely to work well if you don't have any pee kink. If you're into pee & peeing together, that's likely to turn both of you on, and then we're talking more like a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or a friend with benefits. If you and they are just relaxed about nudity - or peeing in some environment where you don't need to be nude - but not into pee, that's more straightforward, but then you wouldn't be in this discussion if you're not into pee 🙃
  10. That's what I said to the pub landlord but he barred me anyway
  11. Your avatar icon is Sophy Rickett pissing all over a London landmark. Have you considered squatting to pee? (#joking) I got barred when they caught me pissing in the beer garden. And obvious a nice Scotch on the rocks is a travesty 🙃
  12. Welcome! Awesome first post. There are a wide range of opinions and interests here, though it does feel like there has been a lot of pee vandalism lately 😶
  13. And that reminds me of being on holiday with my family in my late teens. We had a house with a courtyard and an outdoor shower and I remember thinking how good it would feel to shower naked outdoors in the open air, if I hadn’t been too bashful about who in my family might see. (And yeah I’d have peed while I was showing and let the water wash it away)
  14. ... and they hadn’t left the bathroom door ajar and said, if you need to go, come into the bathroom and aim into the shower drain? (But would that be naughty?)
  15. Where have you caught her peeing? (Sorry if you already said in another post & I missed it)

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