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  1. I see what you did there
  2. “We’re trying to assemble them but the instructions are confusing”
  3. Worse than condoms? (Starts controversy, drops mic)
  4. If you don’t mind me asking, did your mom teach you not to pee in the pool? And what other places have you caught your gf peeing?
  5. For me it has the same … energy?… as exhibitionism, or maybe naturism. It’s the opposite of “put that away, nobody wants to see that”, and from what I can remember others seeing me peeing and seeing others peeing were both interesting/arousing, before I knew what arousing was.
  6. So did you all pee in the water together? 😉 (I suspect the COVID rules for swimming - arrive already changed, don’t shower, get straight in the pool - will have encouraged people to pee in the pool more than usual)
  7. Full of chlorinated water, I hope
  8. In changing rooms would you just pee on the floor, or in a drain, or hidden by a cubicle or corner? Were you encouraged to do it sneakily so nobody would notice?
  9. Not at all. You’re a good girl, Maggie (kisses you on forehead) (If I can call you that, when I think you may be older than me…) PS. I just drank a couple of cups of coffee. I’ll be swimming a bit later, and you can probably guess where my pee is going to end up… feel free to PM me for details
  10. If you stand next to another guy at the urinal, it’s possible that he will be unable to whip his dick out, because your dick is in the way. Also, one of your dicks may chip the other guy’s paintwork. (This is a prompt for transformers fan fic - @Ms. Tito?) (Conversely, parking the cars together provides more privacy for anyone peeing in the car park to shelter behind the cars)
  11. If two girls pissed here, this boy can piss here
  12. We’ll put a camera here, so guys don’t sneak a piss in the corner NARRATOR It didn’t work.
  13. Nerdy faery! https://www.pornhub.com/model/nerdy_faery
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