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  1. That’s not funny, it’s just true…
  2. My future: sacked for incomprehensible puns, and peeing too obviously off the end of the pier (when the wind is in the right direction)
  3. Turns out @Bacardi has a male counterpart!
  4. Pee Robot presents you with: cookies
  5. We are the pee robots. You will be urinated upon. Resistance is futile (other than entering the safe passphrase to deny consent)
  6. This would be justifiable, given the general ease of getting within aiming distance of a urinal without having to wait in line! (That said, I’d rather pee in the duck pond, personally)
  7. Describing the pandemic of 2020 to our grandkids’ generation be like : …
  8. Well there was the time I was on a hiking holiday & dropped back to go pee, whereupon the girl at the back who had lost us found us again, her first indication of which being me with my dick out 😊 (I did manage to walk in on my mum masturbating at one point, prompting mumbled apologies, after which we were both much more careful about remembering to knock!) But, I mean, I have been naked on nude beaches & mixed saunas and I’m pretty comfortable with that in a situation where everyone else is
  9. In case anyone cares, I pissed in my washing machine before starting a load* * of washing, that is
  10. That’s a long way to go to find a pis-scented garage!
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