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  1. Oh, man. I’d do that more if I wasn’t too timid. I’ve got off outdoors a few times but not often, always put off by what-if-someone-sees-me-doing-it (That, and I have better orgasms when I’m lying on something soft and can roll around with muscles stretching without falling over)
  2. Some of mine: pissing against a wall or somewhere that will leave a mark. Peeing into natural bodies of water, or peeing underwater when I’m swimming. Being encouraged to pee somewhere unusual, or overhearing other people having that conversation. Having a gf watching me pee, or seeing her pee. Uploading pee vids and knowing people are getting off on them 🍆💦. The whole voyeur/exhibitionist thing where knowing they’re enjoying being watched is turning you on, which is turning them on, and so on… 🥰
  3. It does say Peeing outside on plants prevents any water pollution downstream of the sewage system, but doesn’t get the nutrients from your piss to farms to grow food. Pissing (in the right concentration, etc) on your vegetable garden is a small-scale way of doing the sort of thing they’re talking about
  4. I was genuinely thinking, “Who’s weather tech car Matt? Must be some subby boy” Damn autocorrect…
  5. Well I hope I like the guy before me if I’m kissing your mouth after he’s shot his load there 😗
  6. We’re just gonna have to imagine his dick twitch and the spray of piss in an arc down to the sand of the beach where it pools leaving a wet spot
  7. Related: https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/08/should-we-be-trying-to-create-a-circular-urine-economy/
  8. I’ve been meaning to scratch this particular itch 😉 for ages, and having @puddyls admiring the cum an admirer sprayed on a pic of her muffin*, or @Peenicks posting a picture of a washing machine all foamed up, isn’t helping. To say nothing of my long-ago ex who viewed spraying cum over her and the bedclothes as just a perfectly normal thing guys did, to the extent that guys were more likely to get bedbugs in their beds because they (the bugs, not the guys) were attracted by the semen… * salted caramel flavour?
  9. Now that's a friend. She must know something of what floats your boat, to respond to you seeming down like that... 🥰
  10. My preferred third option: “piss against the wall behind the building the bathroom is in”
  11. Hm. Yes. Wouldn’t want to get cum on the sheets, that would be bad wouldn’t it (tries to discreetly bundle bedding into washing machine, fails)
  12. Put Desiree … no, autocorrect, I don’t know who she is … Put desired mix of water and piss in kettle, pour onto noodles, drain if needed, eat. (I’m just guessing if you do end up with a pissy kettle it’ll be easier to clean than a microwave, and certainly with ordinary salt it works better to salt the water than the cooked pasta. Maybe I should try this 🥵)
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