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  1. I’ve not been there, but I understood Singapore was very strict on all sorts of things (chewing gum is banned country-wide?). A shame Malaysia’s also strict 😞
  2. oliver2


    Sounds like you would benefit from having your dick sucked 🍆💦
  3. Love of piss transcends mere orientation 🥰💦
  4. Loving this exhibitionist energy 🥰
  5. Well that’s no good. I’m sorry, @BB1964, we’re going to have to ask you to spray more piss and cum into them - thanks!
  6. Do it, @MidoriLemonade85 - in the pool is the right place. Good girl!
  7. Client: “There’s a good tip in it if we get there fast” Abby: [floors it] Client: “Oof” [sinks into back seat]
  8. “My, uh, wife, drinks a lot of water and is clumsy…”
  9. oliver2

    Men's butt

    Does it count as abuse if you like it? 😈
  10. As Maggie once wrote, “nobody’s perfect and I had an orgasm” 🥰
  11. Might be able to tell if she’s thinking of something really naughty…
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