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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Alfresco


    I have found that there quite a lot of Tumblr sites that are focussed on peeing. There is loads of content, video and images on these. Sometimes the videos displayed in line don't play sound, but if you double click the video it will open full screen and then there is a speaker icon in the lower right corner that you can click to unmute. Here are some that I've found. https://autumnlikespee.tumblr.com/ https://bblackheart2014.tumblr.com/ https://desperatetopee.tumblr.com/ - Quite a lot of this is male or golden showers https://dluted.tumblr.com/ https://ds1000.tumblr.com/ https://female-omorashi7.tumblr.com/ https://girlswhogottago.tumblr.com/ https://gotta-go-potty.tumblr.com/ https://hotteengirlspeeing.tumblr.com/ https://iseepissingirls.tumblr.com/ https://justholdthatthought.tumblr.com/ https://naughtyplacestopee.tumblr.com/ https://okeokeokeoke10.tumblr.com/ https://pantiepee.tumblr.com/ https://peeing-girlfriend-wife.tumblr.com/ https://piss4meplease.tumblr.com/ https://pissblr.tumblr.com/ https://pissgirls.tumblr.com/ https://pissingjenny.tumblr.com/ https://pissprof.tumblr.com/ https://publicisthebesttoilett.tumblr.com/ https://publicpeerelief.tumblr.com/ https://public-urination-fun.tumblr.com/ https://releaseit-inpublic.tumblr.com https://slutty-and-peeing-things.tumblr.com/ https://sneakypeeblog.tumblr.com https://theaussiemensroom.tumblr.com/ https://toilet-peeing.tumblr.com/ http://womenpeeinginnature.tumblr.com https://womenurinalpix.tumblr.com/ https://yolo--pee.tumblr.com/
  2. Most recent naughty pee - on the carpet in the entrance lobby to a block of flats. I walked in, checked it was all quiet, sat on the bottom step with my legs out in front of me and pulled my dick out and peed onto the carpet. I sometimes like to sit to pee like that because the pee doesn't fall very far and therefore doesn't make much noise. Second most recent naughty pee was in the stairwell of a multi storey car park. I went in the door that leaves the stairwell on the ground floor, went up to the first landing and peed on the concrete. Left a lovely size puddle. Most recent outdoor pee - yesterday next to a wall. I parked in a car park and went behind a wall to shield myself from the car park, only to realise that the wall was separating the car park from a park area; mostly open grass area with a few trees and therefore the wall didn't give me any cover from that side at all. I peed on the wall anyway. A middle aged lady appeared on a path opposite whilst I was peeing. I guess she worked out what I was doing even if she didn't see the detail.
  3. Do you think she was trying to get you to stay in the bath so that she could wee whilst you were in the room? Either possibly so she could get a look at you or because she was a bit of an exhibitionist? The fact that she did it multiple times when you had previously advised that you were going in the bath makes it look like she was definitely trying something.
  4. Alfresco

    Drug testing examination

    I think that it sounds like the company are trying to send out the message that even though Cannabis has been legalised, they don't want their staff to be affected in their work. A lot of companies in the UK take a strict rule about consumption of alcohol either before or during working hours - if you get drunk one night and it still affects you the next day then they would take disciplinary action. I know at least one company that won't let you drink at lunch time - even one drink and you are not allowed to come back in the afternoon. Thankfully my company is more lenient that that and a couple of drinks at lunch is fine as long as it doesn't affect the work. I don't know a lot about Cannabis, but I'm guessing that it stays in your system longer, so could maybe have an effect on work for longer. They may just be looking for excessive levels though. I would hope that the company would have published a policy on what is acceptable before they test against it though, otherwise there is no benchmark against which they could discipline you.
  5. Alfresco

    Would someone write a story for me?

    Sounds like he has more faith in your bladder than you do and is making that presumption based on experience over the last 11 years. Being as it hasn't been a problem for several years, you probably don't need to worry too much. It is unlikely that you would get a sudden recurrence and I would personally think that you shouldn't be too concerned - certainly not worth getting stressed over it as that will make you feel bad about yourself and may make you suffer unnecessarily. If it does unfortunately happen, then it is no different than could happen to anybody. In that case, hopefully your husband will see it as it is - an unexpected event and will deal with it in a supportive manner. Any husband (or wife or partner for that matter) should be close enough to their partner to be supportive and understanding when anything affects them. Doesn't matter if it is being ill, wetting the bed, money problems, issues at work, addiction. Whatever is affecting one partner, the other partner should support them through it.
  6. Alfresco

    Would someone write a story for me?

    @Blackinksoul30 I'm glad you liked the story. There are so many different circumstances that could lead to a bed wetting that I didn't really know from which angle to approach it. Being on this board, it seemed natural that the guy would actually enjoy the peeing incident, but it could equally well have been written from the point of view of him not being into pee but just appreciating the girls predicament. It could have been people in a long term relationship or a one time fling, it could have been through drinking too much alcohol or through being ill, or from a medical condition. As you hadn't given much background to go on, I had to use my own thoughts. From your own point of view, I can see why you are still worried that you might have a recurrence. Have you ever discussed it with your husband? That might help to stop you worrying about it. Maybe if you are worried, a mattress protector might be a good idea - then if it does happen, at least the mattress will be preserved.
  7. Possibly the toilets are down the hall and they don't have sinks in their rooms, so they pee in bags in the night rather than venturing off down the corridor. Particularly likely if they sleep in the nude as they wouldn't want to have to get dressed to walk down the hall and obviously wouldn't want to go out naked. Of course it is less clear why, in that situation, they wouldn't just pee in some kind of solid container/bottle and then empty it in the morning. Personally at my university we had sinks in the room so even though the toilets were down the corridor, people (male and female) used the sinks at night (and sometimes in the day as well).
  8. Alfresco

    Would someone write a story for me?

    Friday night and Alice was partying in a club with her mates. Jim had been watching her as she gyrated in her short skirt, her brunette hair bouncing around as she moved and the movement of her ass and skirt giving the occasional flash of flesh hidden only in part by her black G-string. Alice left her group and went to the bar for another drink. Jim excused himself from his own group and headed to the bar, right next to Alice. He bought her drink and they started chatting. Soon they were on the dance floor together. By the end of the evening, Alice and Jim were dancing very closely, Alice's hands roving over Jim's backside and Jim's hands returning the compliment, finding themselves sliding under her skirt. It was almost an unspoken decision wen Alice left the club with Jim and they both headed back to his place. Alice really needed to pee, but she didn't want to spoil the atmosphere, so they went straight up to the bedroom. Jim shut the door and without delay, they were all over each other as items of clothing were shed and Alice pulled Jim gently towards the bed. They enjoyed half an hour of drunken sex, after which, of course, Jim fell straight to sleep. Alice still needed to pee. Badly. But now, Jim was asleep, leaning on her and she realised that she hadn't asked where the bathroom was. She figured she could hold it and she drifted off to sleep. 4 am. Alice was enjoying a dream about a warm beach in the Caribbean. The water lapped at edge of the beach. She went and sat at the waters edge. She felt the warmth of the water around her bottom and lapping at her pussy. It felt almost like the gentle waves were caressing her. Alice felt that she needed to relive her bladder and what better place to do so than lying on the beach in the water. She relaxed in the sun and dreamt of her pee leaving her body and mixing with the warm Caribbean waters. She felt the warmth spreading over her legs and up her back. Suddenly Alice was awake. She realised that she was peeing for real and the warmth on her back was not the waves lapping at her, but her pee pooling underneath her in the bed. She was mortified and sat bolt upright, trying to clamp her flow, but the desperation with which she went to sleep had intensified and now there was now stopping the outpouring between her legs. She jammed her hands between her legs, but that only caused her to have wet hands as well. Jim sensed the commotion and stirred awake. Alice was mortified as the full extent of the situation dawned on her. She wasn't in her own bed! Oh yes, last night! Jim! Going to bed without peeing! She started to sob quietly she finally managed to clamp off the flow. Jim sat up and asked "Whatever is the matter?" "Don't be mad", blurted out Alice, talking very quickly and mumbled, "but I've had an accident. I really needed the toilet before bed, but I didn't want to ask you and then you fell straight asleep and then I didn't know where the toilet was and then I had a dream and then, well, I've wet myself in your bed and I'm so ashamed and I can't believe what I've done. I'm so sorry, I'll help you clean it, I'll get you a new mattress, I'm so so sorry" Alice was sobbing by now. Jim put his arm around Alice and tried to console her. "Don't worry, It's only an accident. The sheets will wash and the mattress will dry." "But it's your bed, it's ruined" "It will be fine, it is only pee." To be honest, Jim was somewhat turned on by Alice's accident, but he couldn't admit that when she was in such a state - he couldn't be seen to be getting off on her misfortune. Instead, he pulled Alice towards him in a full embrace and rolled her over onto his side of the bed. "Come and sleep on this side in the dry. We'll worry about the wet patch in the morning," As Jim rolled Alice over on top of him, he felt the warm wetness around her crotch on his legs. He allowed his hand to slide down and encompass her firm bottom, feeling more wetness there as well. He felt her wet pussy brush against his penis and his penis liked it. He was getting an erection, which didn't go unnoticed by Alice. They continued to cuddle but Alice was still a bit reluctant because she still felt embarrassed and upset, yet Jim was making her feel much better about the situation. Alice said, "Tell me where the toilet is, I still need to go and finish off. Jim held her tight and said "Darling, don't worry, the bed is already wet, just let it go." Alice was more than a little surprised at this reaction and asked if he was serious. Jim shuffled sideways so that he was lying in the wet patch and said - "sure, there you go, we're over the wet patch now, just let it go" Alice was still unsure, so Jim decided to take matters into his own hands. He hadn't been to the toilet either, so he just relaxed and started peeing, the warm wet liquid squirting out between their bodies and running down his side onto the bed. "There you go", he said, "I told you I didn't mind". Alice felt the warmth and discovered that she actually enjoyed it. "Well you asked for it!" she said, and she relaxed her muscles again, causing a renewed warmth from within to be shared between their bodies, running down over Jim's balls and pooling once more on the bed - this time between Jim's legs rather than her own. Jim's erection made itself known as he enjoyed the feeling of ecstasy washing over him. Soon they were engaged in another round of passionate sex, but Jim didn't manage to last very long this time. Alice rolled off JIm onto the dry(ish) side of the bed. Jim continued to lay in the warm wet pool and they both slept soundly until morning.
  9. Alfresco

    Last outdoor pee

    Two outdoor pees today. One was driving on a 4 hour trip. Stopped for some food but didn’t use the toilet. A bit later I pulled into a lay-by. It was about 9pm so very dark and an unlit road. At one end of the lay-by there was a driveway to a farm. I peed against the wall there. Went out this evening and I had a pee on a stone staircase that goes from a high level road down to a low level road. Four girls walked past the top of the stairs so they got a good look. Yesterday I peed outside 4 times in the evening. I had driven two hours to Cambridge and when I got there I parked on a side road and peed by the car before going into the hotel and checking in. I then went out looking for sightings - see separate report In the True Sightings section and whilst I was out, I peed three times. My second pee of the night was on a city side road, quiet and unlit but with the possibility of being caught. Third was behind a market stall. Fourth was in a pedestrian underpass/subway on the way back to the hotel.
  10. Alfresco

    The Rugby Girls

    Why not try asking them? And of course casually get round to what they do when they have had too much to drink and it needs to escape. And then of course, let us know.....
  11. Alfresco

    Strange and Useful Apps

    I experimented with What3Words a little while ago. It does look quite sensible, but seems to me that it is a solution to a problem that was already solved many years ago when the grid referencing system and latitude and longtitude was introduced. I guess that remembering 3 words is easier than remembering a string of numbers, but that latitude and longtitude already addresses very accurately.
  12. Alfresco


    I can't stand littering of general rubbish. That is just being totally lazy. If everyone dropped their litter and nobody cleared it up then we would be living waist deep in rubbish. The sides of the roads are particularly bad and most noticeable near junctions where you slow down and (a) see in more detail and (b) people probably cast things out of cars whilst stopped. I just don't get this - it is no hardship to keep your rubbish in the car and dispose of it in a proper receptical when you get to your destination. Most of the rubbish that is littered is stuff that doesn't decompose quickly - glass, cans, plastic etc. so it just sits there looking awful. I was at Brighton beach over the summer and people all come to the beach wanting a pristine place to enjoy the seaside, but by they time they go home in the evening, it is a disgusting mess of beer bottles, cans, fast food rubbish and the like. They want to come and enjoy the beach, but don't leave it in a sensible state for the next visitor. I find it is a sad fact of life that people don't care enough to respect their fellow people who will come along behind them and indeed the environment itself. Having said all that, if a woman pees outside then I do like to watch her wipe and they usually discard their tissues - presumably because they don't like to carry wet tissues away with them. This is one area where I don't object to the littering - mainly because the tissue is biodegradable fairly quickly. However, I would say that in my experience of sightings in the UK, the vast majority of drunken girls peeing in the evening don't wipe anyway. If the sighting is during the day then there seems to be a higher chance that they would wipe (and drop the tissue). e.g. I sometimes see a puddle with tissues in a car park or layby.
  13. Alfresco

    Any musicians?

    I play piano for my own entertainment and because my wife likes to listen. I wouldn't say I'm great, but I enjoy playing and I'm trying to keep developing my skills. The nearest I've got to a public performance is that a couple of times I've played a piano in the bar on a holiday or something, when there were a handful of people around.
  14. Alfresco


    @owlman76 Sounds great. I bet you made sure to cut plenty of wood after that.