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  1. Outdoors I would usually just apologise and if they pushed it, I'd say I was desperate and I couldn't find a toilet. However, it would depend a bit on where it was. In a park behind bushes or out in the country is a bit different to in a publicly visible area in town. You'd have to a have a pretty good reason to pee in a publicly visible place in town - i.e. I've peed in places where I could definitely have found somewhere a bit more secluded if I had tried. Peeing indoors is a sticky one - there are not a lot of sensible reasons for not using a toilet or going outside to avoid wetti
  2. You can get away with a surprising amount if you look like you know what you are doing and do it with confidence. But that does take it to an extreme.
  3. Ironically, Hi Vis is definitely the best disguise if you don't want to be noticed.
  4. Not so much where I was, but WHEN I was there. I volunteer at a railway and when we are closed, it is quite common to pee by the side of the engine shed rather than walking to the station (not just me - it is common practice). However, one day I was working in the shed on a project and needed to pee. Without really thinking, I walked outside to the side of the shed and started peeing. What I had forgotten was that it was a running day, so I should have walked further down the side behind the shed to be hidden. Anyway, a train went past at just this point. I heard it coming and tu
  5. I remembered one, which was from a good few years ago. I've quite possibly posted it before, but can't remember. I once managed a rollout of technical equipment to a client which involved handling a fair number of PCs, Printers, routers, switches, monitors, etc. etc. We had ordered in kit for the next batch, but the rollout stalled due to customer issues. We decided to store the kit at an off site storage company, but rather than using one of those fancy storage companies with dedicated facilities, we used a cheaper supplier who bought up old buildings and used the rooms in those.
  6. I'm guilty as well. I don't have a Mac, but even on a PC, if I screen shot an image, it produces a PNG which is larger than necessary. The problem is that it is fairly easy to take a screen grab, then copy it and past it directly into the post without even saving it, but that leads to a wasteful PNG. Shame it is not possible for the operating system to have a setting as to what format you copy screen areas in. Maybe it is? Another thought - is it possible to run a macro across the site which would convert PNG to JPG? I haven't a clue as I don't know about these things, but it wo
  7. The toilet was locked, so I peed in the shelter next door. Video here, in which you can see also the park setting, toilet block and shelter etc. https://www.erome.com/a/TgdAWE0K
  8. Another Park Bin pee for me today. Video is available here: https://www.erome.com/a/KuHxDnpp
  9. @Nightshift85, Firstly, sorry to hear you've had some bad patches and it is always difficult being apart - especially when children are involved. Great that you are talking to each other about your feelings though. Your wife has said she is willing to try peeing her panties for you, but she first offered to pee in the shower. I am also with others who have suggested taking it easy. Remember these things are not things that she has done before and she may not find them easy and she may not actually enjoy them (alternatively, she may find that she does enjoy them, that would be great
  10. I got caught again the other night. Public toilets were closed (which I knew before I went there). I parked in the car park, walked up to the toilets and peed in the entrance. A lady who looked about 50 years old walked past and looked in my direction. I spotted her out of the corner of my eye and looked towards her over my shoulder. She looked at me with a bit of disgusted view, but didn't say anything and carried on walking, so I carried on peeing until I was done.
  11. In the UK, Boris has announced this afternoon that the road map has now been issued which will lead to more people being able to socialise (read drink and pee) in public, pubs starting to open up and even nightclubs have been mentioned. The dates are subject to change based on the data, but his ideal roadmap earliest dates are as follows: 8th March - two people from different households will be able to meet outside. This probably won't make much difference from now to be honest. Students will go back and will no doubt succumb to drinking and gathering to some extent - despite the lockd
  12. Difficult to remember which ones were out of pure desperation (as per the topic) and which ones were because I wanted to have some fun. Some that were definitely desperation: A train seat - I have posted this elsewhere on the forum so won’t go into detail but basically, long journey sat in the window seat. Lady next to me fell asleep. I was bursting to pee but didn’t want to wake her up so I peed through my trousers into the seat. At first just enough to relieve the pressure but then I emptied my bladder. The seat was now wet, so air continued to pee as and when I needed for the rest
  13. My wife knows I pee in the garden and the shower, but I don’t think she knows that I also pee in the sinks, the washing machine, the kitchen floor, on towels on my office chair, on washing that is about to be washed etc etc. I don’t pee on the carpets because I don’t want to explain the wet patches to her as I know she wouldn’t like it.
  14. A very complex area. I personally think there are more ladies out there that enjoy it than we might realise, but many would be too reserved to discuss it with others, let alone post about it on the internet - even if it is anonymous. As for content providers - well, there is always going to a mix of those that do it because they enjoy it and those who are looking for views. Sometimes you can tell a bit by their expressions whether they are really enjoying it. As for those who come and go. Maybe they pee in a few different videos and then think that they have done that and can’t th
  15. You sounded pretty desperate @weequeen how did it turn out?

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