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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Thank you for the detailed account - it is very interesting to find out a bit about these parties. I am another who has wondered about them, but never been to one. I doubt I would ever go as my wife would not go and I am sure she wouldn’t like me to go on my own.
  2. Welcome to the forums @NohtyCtric. That was a great first post. Sounds like you had the perfect situation there and I hope you have many other stories to share - Maybevsome of the times you helped S pee in public. She sounds like a great party person to know.
  3. The absolute best way to have a sighting. No searching, the sighting came to you, directly there in plain view, a totally desperate lady peeing without a care in the world with you having a grandstand view. The friends thought you were a “poor guy” for having had to witness it and she thought she was the one in the wrong for exposing herself in front of you rather than there being any consideration of you spying on her. A little banter and laughter at the end to top it off. Perfect.
  4. Thank you for sharing, but don’t feel any pressure - we Lao enjoy reading about things, so even if you have a good story to tell but don’t want to include pics then that is fine. Of course, pics are great, but not always essential. We are a generally accepting and supportive community who welcome posts on all pee related subjects. If you do have any comments that you feel are derogatory or offensive in response to your posts, feel free o report to the moderators and you can be sure they will step in quickly. Hopefully you will only have a positive experience and you can enjoy c
  5. Excellent pics and nice to see your wife is happy to use alternative facilities rather than the toilet. Looks like the carpet is designed for peeing - a bold pattern which would be quite good for hiding marks. Great stream in the third photo. would love a bit of extra information like whether your wife just casually pees on the carpet when it suits her or whether it is a planned situation. You say you both indulge in naughty peeing whenever you get the chance, so Does she ever pee in hotels outside of your room - eg communal areas such as stairwells, maybe a sneaky pee in the bar o
  6. As I mentioned in my first post of this night, I had a near miss with a girl who squatted on the pavement near the corner of two roads but I didn’t see the action. I did, however, capture her puddle for posterity and your viewing pleasure: There were a couple of other puddles I found which looked like they had been left by ladies, but I only found the puddles so don’t have the stories. The one below was just slightly down the street from the one above. It is a poor photo as I didn’t realise I hadn’t actually caught the main part of the puddle, which is at the left of the ph
  7. Second sighting from the night above: This was about 1am I walked up a side street and came to a car park. There were a group of five guys and one girl hanging around there. I saw that there was a guy stood peeing against the wall in one corner of the car park There was a car parked to his right, facing the wall and on the other side of the car was a thin girl with long blonde hair sat on the kerb facing out into the car park. She was very close to the front right corner of the car. To the right of her from my position (her left), the other four guys were stood together, about 5m fr
  8. Glad you are enjoying the sight and thanks for the acknowledgement. It is only worth writing the accounts of sightings if people are enjoying reading them, so good to know that you enjoy them. The pee party sounds awesome and is something that I have never done, so yes, I would love to hear about it.
  9. I think mine was about 10 days. I went on a cycle touring holiday in Scotland and was wild camping (not using campsites) so just peed near the tent when we were camped and pee breaks during the day were wherever we stopped, but I am sure I didn’t pee in a toilet for the whole of that holiday.
  10. I have also used my dishwasher many times. I probably use the sink more, but I agree about the convenience of the dishwasher and the fact that if you pee on the open door it just stays pooled in the door until you close the door, at which point it pours into the base of the dishwasher. I would love to see a girl use my dishwasher for this purpose and it is definitely a very feasible option for girls, but I can’t see me ever persuading my wife to do it.
  11. Not a chance. I can just about get it as high as my face but no way I am going to reach the ceiling unless it is unusually low. Having said that, I was in an old pub a couple of weeks ago and the ceiling was that low that I had to bend my head down as it was touching the ceiling if I stood up straight (I am over six feet tall). I would possibly manage it in there, but I didn’t think about it at the time.
  12. My most recent was just before I came to bed this evening. I went for a walk round the block and peed next to a van parked on the street.
  13. So this was my first sighting from the above night. 10:45 I was walking on a road when I spied two drunk girls walking. They kept shouting at each other - well more Girl 1 shouting at Girl 2. Girl 1 was a big girl, heavily built and tall with short dark hair and was wearing black leggings and dark blue jacket . Girl 2 was much slighter and shorter and had short, slightly unkept blond hair. Girl 2 seemed a bit embarrassed by her rowdy mate and was keeping her distance from her as they walked. Girl 1 crossed the road and kept calling for the other to follow but she kept walking on th
  14. I am away from home for a couple of weeks in a small town. I went out on Friday night and hoped to find some sightings. I got a couple of actual sightings, one very near miss and saw evidence of a few more female outdoor pees. The first sighting was excellent, but overall the night was not as good as I had hoped. i started by driving through the town I am based in, but it was really quiet so I drove on to the next town about 20 mins away. Here My hopes got raised as I had an excellent sighting of a girl peeing in a narrow street at 10:45 (details in next post) and I hoped that would se
  15. On the way here yesterday, I stopped at a motorway services and whilst everyone else were parking their cars and walking towards the building, I walked into the narrow strip of woodland that flanks the car park. I decided that I would rather water a tree than go into some boring toilets in an aging service station. I walked up the low grass bank and along a little path, I was only about 50 metres from the parked cars and I could see them through gaps in the trees as I selected my tree and let loose. The area is marked up as a dog exercise area, and anyone who walked their dog along that
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