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  1. Back at the Mykolaiv Secure stream of the fountain tonight. Again I didn't see the peeing, but I saw it happening.... Lady sat on far bench. Got up. Moved to a bench on the right side, was a bit unsteady on her feet. Stood by the bench. Looked around and looked like she was thinking of hitching up her skirt. Put her bag down on the bench, then headed over to the trees on the left. Disappeared into the trees, but I could still occasionally see movement. A bloke walked in from the left. He was obviously looking in her direction so presumably observing the fact that she was peeing. She emerged from the bushes and was having a go at him - probably for watching. She picked up her bag from the bench and went back to her first bench.
  2. I had a brief look at that site. The trouble is, you have no idea of what you are watching. So, for example, you could see something that looks like a nice tucked away place behind a garage that could be a great candidate for peeing, but you don't know if it is located on a busy nightlife area or miles from anywhere. So you could sit there for hours with no action. This one looks like a queue for a beach toilet. Could possibly get some desperation and maybe if the toilet closes at certain times then that may have potential? https://www.insecam.org/en/view/524613/
  3. Hi @Tom25, Welcome to the club! Now you've done it and found it incredible, I'm sure you will be looking for more opportunities to indulge. Plenty of inspiration around this site. Enjoy your time here and also in your experiences in real life.
  4. Yes, I agree some very nice girls there. If I was forced to pick then it would be number 7 for me. Pretty, curvy in all the right places, nice long hair, long legs and she even wears tempting clothing when she is dressed - I do love a short dress and bonus points for no bra. Could have improved a further step with no knickers, but hey that would have made the stripping less entertaining. Number 9 is probably my second choice. Some of the other girls are just a tad skinny for my liking, but I am sure that they are absolutely perfect for other tastes. As ever, it is good that everyone is unique and has their own beauty.
  5. I love these types of pictures and it is interesting how sometimes what is under the clothes is not what you imagine. In some cases I like the ones where there are just a few bits of clothing to keep the tease going rather than full on nude. Having said that, I'm not going to object if they take it all off!
  6. It got me to thinking that as well as the cameras mentioned above, there must be cameras around the world that are good for this. If anyone finds any, then please post links here. Sort of thing that I'm thinking would be good cameras are maybe around bus stations, taxi ranks, nightclubs, parks and so on. Also, if you do happen to catch someone, then why not screen shot it and share it here. That would be good. I've attached the two screen grabs of the men peeing. Sorry there are no ladies (yet....).
  7. Another one I saw had a man and a woman sat on a bench. They both got up and went through a gap and off camera. They came back about 3 mins later and sat on the same bench. I can only assume that they went to pee. Then there was one where two women went under the cover of a tree and came back a couple of minutes later. So, I am sure I'll catch one some time, but I don't often get time to sit and just watch the cameras.
  8. I have also watched some of these webcams. I've not seen any girls peeing yet, but I have seen several instances where girls have gone off camera for a few minutes and come back, potentially indicating peeing out of sight. I saw one evening a group of two men and a woman sat on a bench drinking. One man was clearly with the girl as they kept cuddling and the other man was probably a friend. After a while the man who was with the girl got up and walked over to the hedge, stood facing it for a minute and then came back to the bench. He was in full view of the camera and also of the other two sat on the bench. A bit later, the second man got up and walked through a gap in the hedge so that he was away from the sight line of the girl, but still in view of the camera. He peed in the hedge there. I was getting hopeful that the girl would also pee. She stood up and walked around. She went through the gap in the hedge and I thought this would be the moment, but she bent down and picked up a cat, then brought it back to the bench! Talk about disappointment!
  9. Good to hear of that multiple sighting. It does show though that most of those ladies didn't want to be the first to pee outside. They were probably all sitting there wishing for someone to pee first so that they could go and join them. But any of the women could have gone first and been fairly confident that they would still not be alone as others would join them. At the end of the day, it is less embarrassing and more publicly acceptable to pee on the road than to wet yourself or pee on the floor of the bus, so at some point it is necessary to give in and go.
  10. Was that some kind of apartment building with communal stairwells?
  11. That is the hottest situation. To pee out in the middle rather than going to find somewhere hidden is amazing. I'm just surprised that if she was willing to be that brazen that she didn't pee earlier. Maybe she was hoping to go somewhere more private but just ran out of time.
  12. Or maybe they were looking for a place to pee for themselves? I wouldn't worry about it - if the church had no toilets then people have peed there many times over the lifetime of the building. When such churches were built, nobody worried about toilets and it would have been accepted practice to pee outside. You were just resurrecting the tradition. Very hot though as you were at risk of being caught.
  13. I have several days a week when I'm at home on my own. In those circumstances I can pee on the hard floors like kitchen, bathroom, conservatory. I also pee in the sinks regularly (even when others are in) and I pee in the washing when I'm doing the washing. I also often put a towel on my chair and pee in it whilst I'm working, or pee in the bin under my desk. I pee outside in the garden and sometimes open the back door and just pee out onto the patio - especially if it is raining.
  14. I love the guidance given here - especially that from @Paulypeeps. The biggest problem with taking on her advice will be overcoming the mental block about peeing where you "shouldn't" be peeing. Therefore, I would say that it would help you a lot to build up to that by peeing places that you would conceive as acceptable in the circumstances, whilst remaining discrete. This will build your acceptance of peeing away from the toilet and you can then extend your repertoire. Whilst it is very true that you are unlikely to get caught peeing in a pub, your brain may struggle to let you do it. The first rule - as @Paulypeeps says is that if you don't make it look like you are peeing then nobody is going to suspect that you are peeing. If you squat between cars in a car park with your trousers down and a puddle forming under you then it is obvious to any passer by what you are up to. However, if you sit on the wall of a raised flower bed looking at your mobile phone whilst casually peeing into the earth with your skirt surrounding you then absolutely nobody is going to take any notice of you or even think for a minute that is what you might be doing. So, first of all, I would suggest wearing a skirt that you can pull out from behind you and sitting somewhere that wouldn't draw attention. Maybe sit on the grass in a park and read a book. You can drink as much as you like and do not leave the place until you have peed. Just relax and let it flow. Nobody is going to suspect a thing... Start in a quiet location, but once you have mastered relaxing your bladder then you can graduate to peeing like this in busier places. You can do this even with people a few metres away and you won't be rumbled. This technique can be used anywhere where the skirt provides full coverage and can be done whilst sitting, or you could for example squat down and look for something in your bag which you hold in front of you. Next one up from that is to sit on a slatted bench which is located on grass. You can pee through the grass and the evidence will disappear. So, you just need to avoid peeing whilst someone is directly looking at you. If you have the control to be able to stop peeing is someone approaches, then you are fine. Just pee whilst nobody is looking. Again, remember that nobody is going to imagine that you are peeing. If you were peeing, they would expect you to go off and hide in a bush, not pee in the middle of a public place. Of course, that does lead to another option. Pee in a hidden place where you are not going to be discovered. Bushes in the park, behind dumpsters in an alley, far corner of a car park. Those kind of places are great, but they do come with the health warning that anyone seeing you head for those places or emerge from them would probably guess what you were doing. Depends whether that bothers you. Hope that helps.
  15. Fantastic dream - such bad timing from the police car!

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