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  1. If she drinks plenty and her pee is dilute then it will have little smell to it. In that case, she can pee small amounts on the carpet without being detected as long as you do it in the evening so that it is dry by the following morning. Or, as @88mphArtist has said, moving furniture, peeing and putting it back is a good option. If you can move the bed then that gives a big area which you can wet without detection. Any moveable item of furniture is an option. Of course there are other options such as peeing on the bathroom floor where you can clean it easily but it is still fun, or if she wears a suitable skirt then she could pee in a stairwell or corridor where can move on quickly after the event. She can even get away with peeing under a table in a bar or something if she wears the right clothes.
  2. I have peed in cooking that I've eaten. I haven't forced it on others in the family though! I have peed in soup, pasta/noodles, the water that I boil veg in and so on. It adds a bit of a tang to the taste definitely. Depends largely on how concentrated your pee is and the context - so in a soup you actually end up consuming all the pee whereas if you pee in water used to cook pasta, some is adsorbed into the pasta, but most is tipped away.
  3. I get what you are saying - there is a danger that it gets repetitive, but by involving other characters in different situations and developing the connection between the characters that Dana has affected, you could get some interesting twists. Anyway, entirely up to you as it is your story, but I'm sure you'll get a good following with it, whichever way you go.
  4. An even bigger thank you @Gotah for taking the considerable time to write all five parts. It is not a mess of a story (well it was a mess on the floor for a while) it is well constructed with each bit naturally leading on to the next part. I for one would be very happy if the story continued - now that both Laureen and Sofie are both aware that they both know Dana and they have shared that intimate moment, there would be opportunities to share a pee together whilst out and about, you could extend the coverage to having Dana introduce Sofie to someone else who enjoyed pee, you could illustrate some of the ways in which Dana played with other people - some who may have been receptive, some who may not. I am sure that many people would appreciate further installments if you feel like writing them.
  5. Don't feel that it has to be! This is a great story and it could continue in many different ways.
  6. Would be interested to find a link to that episode. Is it available on any catch up TV or similar? Not being from USA, I don't know much about HBO.
  7. I'm no psychologist, but sounds to me like she found pleasure in doing something in front of people where they didn't notice. A sort of "how much can I get away with" type of thing. She obviously did enjoy wetting or she wouldn't do that, but the key here was the fact that she was doing it discretely in front of people - almost a challenge to her to pee in the most outrageous situations and a challenge for them to detect it. If being in front of people wasn't a big part of the turn on then she wouldn't have gone up to strangers to create the situation - she would have just gone to a quiet corner somewhere to wet herself. It's a similar sort of thing to girls who have remote control vibrators, put them in place and then secretly use them whilst in public or with company. Or raise the bar and give their boyfriend/partner/husband/whoever the remote control and try and enjoy the feeling without giving away what they are doing. Another similar thing would be people who masturbate discretely on public transport with other people all around, but without letting people see them. It is about the risk of going too far and getting caught, which creates a thrill in itself. I have peed in the middle of a public park with people all around me by kneeling on the grass, with a bag between my legs, looking for something in the bag whilst peeing out of the leg of my shorts into the grass. It gets the adrenaline going a little because you know that you are doing something that is not approved of, there is a risk of being caught, but at the same time you get away with it any nobody notices.
  8. So, would you be willing to share? Sounds interesting.
  9. I have seen prostitutes pee a couple of times, but in both cases they went somewhere out of the way to pee rather than making it obvious, so in their case they weren't doing it to attract men. One was in Leeds. She was working the area around the back of the Railway viaduct and she went off under one of the arches to pee. She didn't make any great effort to hide, but she did go into a darkened corner so she wasn't obvious. The other one was in Glasgow and she went into a car park and squatted between cars.
  10. Another great sighting @Big Bear, shame she didn't have just a bit more confidence to pee in the gateway in full view. She must have been really desperate in the taxi and I wouldn't mind betting that the taxi driver ended up with them asking him to stop and him getting a good view. I've often thought it would be a good job to be a taxi driver collecting drunk people at the end of a night out as many of them would need to pee. I think I would make it quite clear to anyone I picked up that I don't care if they need to pee or be sick, but they don't do it in the car - just let me know and I'll be happy to pull over for them to take care of it.
  11. If you can be there as late as 3am, that will probably be a good time when drunk people leave the lounge and are looking for taxis etc.
  12. Glad you new lot has started to be productive. Hope you get to see much more as you start to recognise the patterns of timings and locations that the girls use.
  13. Good to see you had a solution. So did that bowl get a lot of use over those five weeks or did you have any other solutions?
  14. If you click on show video URL on the video above, you can go to the actual page and look at the comments. There are currently 11K comments, so I'm not about to read all of them, but the section that I've looked at actually shows a fair mix of positive and negative comments. Yes, there are people who are calling her all sorts of names, but equally there are people who are saying things like "She had to pee could not hold it no more i see no problem us hummus love to judge and shame like you never had to do some shit like this" "When you gotta go, you gotta go" "this would be me, lol" "If she had to, she had to Period..stop the B.S" So it is good to see that some people are supporting her.
  15. It is fairly obvious that she must have been very desperate to pee in that location. However, the strange thing is that it looks like a toll booth rather than a situation of queuing traffic like you would get with an accident or other hold up. I am surprised that they didn't pull off somewhere - even if just onto the shoulder, rather than peeing outside of the car at the tollbooth. I personally don't have any issue with people peeing in public and I would suggest that she wouldn't have done it unless she was seriously desperate. I also don't know the circumstances leading up to that - was she bursting for a long time and the driver just wouldn't stop, so she took advantage when the car halted at the toll booth? Was there a long queue leading up to the toll booth - maybe following an accident or something? The thing is, nobody except the people in that car know the whole story, so it is not right for them to be making judgements. However, I can say that generally people would be more tolerant of peeing next to a car in a situation where cars have been stopped for a long time without moving rather than where it looks on the face of it that she has chosen to pee in a live lane at a tollbooth rather than find somewhere slightly more discrete. I have been stuck in traffic that hasn't moved for a long time and I've seen men and women pee beside their cars or head up/down the adjacent bank to find suitable cover. In those circumstances, it is often the case that one person gets out to pee and that starts a trend as more and more people do the same. Fact is that if any set of traffic comes to a halt, there will be hundreds of people stuck. They will be at various stages of need - some will have recently peed, others will have been planning to stop to pee soon or will be nearing their destination. Others will be in between. So, once traffic is stopped for half an hour or so, it is unavoidable that some people will need to pee desperately. All you can do at that time is either get out and pee, find a suitable receptacle or wet yourself. I know that if it were me, I'd be peeing outside rather than wetting myself. That is not just because I'm male. If I were female, I would do the same. I would also not mind in the slightest if my wife or (adult) daughter decided to do the same - in fact I would encourage them to do so rather than being uncomfortable. I also had an experience where someone who worked for me said that she was stuck in a queue on the motorway after a shopping trip, where her and a female friend had also been for a couple of coffees before coming home. It was only meant to be a 30 minute drive home, so she didn't go to the toilet before heading home, but it turned out to be a 3 hour delay. I said that she must have been desperate by the time they got home and she said, "Oh, no, we went on the bank and held a coat in front of each other". Apparently once it became obvious that they were stuck, plenty of people were peeing and whilst they tried to be discrete, it was obvious what they were doing even if the coat hid the details.
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