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  1. fantastic experience and one of the perks of both working from home. My company is trying to get everyone to work from the office and I have a list of reasons why I don’t think that is a good idea. Do you think I can use impromptu pee play with my wife as a good reason to stay working from home?
  2. Thanks for sharing the picture @Malika. The way that the leaves are brown and shrivelled mainly in one area and then with spots and edges of other leaves certainly looks like it is the pee that has had the effect. If it was the sun, then it would have shrivelled everything evenly. Seems like some scientific experiment is required by as many members as possible in controlled circumstances to see what the effects are generally and whether some people have more effect that others.
  3. Mostly they just say something like "Yeah, sure" or "Go ahead". I think only once I've had someone say "Ewww, that's disgusting". Once I had "No problem, we've already used it" The main thing is I like the fact that they now know why I'm going into the alley and as they have given consent, I don't make any great effort to hide, so if they want to glance my way and happen to see me pee, then that's fine by me. Quite often they do look.
  4. Quite possibly. However I can imagine that anyone who is that soaked would consider it rather than treking back to base, stripping off, peeing and putting wet clothes back on. I certainly know people who go kayaking and get soaking wet and then if they need to pee, even on dry land, they just pee because it is easier than getting the wet kit off and back on again. I don't believe they are into pee, but they do it because it is convenient. I have had girls who complained to me that they needed to pee and I have said to them, "So pee then - you are already soaking wet, nobody will notice
  5. OOPS. Ah well. Maybe you could market your pee as weedkiller. I'd certainly buy some for my drive if it is effective....
  6. Maybe it just didn’t have enough soil to keep it alive and the sun has withered it. I am sure it still appreciated the liquid and nutrients you supplied.
  7. She said the relief was amazing. The look on her face confirmed it. She absolutely knew that I stood there to enjoy the experience as much as shielding her but she did appreciate the shielding and was happy for me to enjoy the experience.
  8. This is going to be a bit long because I want to include the background for those who appreciate it as it helps to understand the build up to the main event. If you don't like that, then skip down to the last three paragraphs. Anyone who has read many of my posts will know that my wife is generally very selective over where she will pee and that generally that is very rarely outside, the exception being a few times when she does it to oblige me which has to be in a situation where she is 100% sure that nobody else will see and an incredibly small number of times where she has been so de
  9. Not sure if she saw me or not, but when I was peeing in some trees yesterday a woman walked past on the path. There were a few trees between us so I don't know for sure whether she saw what I was doing. I have had plenty of times in the past where I have peed in an alley whilst girls were squatting nearby. As for being caught whilst naughty peeing other than outside, I'm usually pretty careful to get away with it, but there are the odd times when I get caught. Probably the most recent was when I was peeing in the entrance hallway of some flats - I was peeing down the wall and it
  10. Love these - particularly the statue. Also love that on the linked page where it shows the construction process, there are three pics of the model posing for the body cast where it shows her totally nude and in pose, which confirms that the statue is an accurate model of a real person. Firstly she is posed ready for the cast and then it shows her covered in the moulding material and finally she poses nude again next to the finished cast. Also interesting how her bush has grown between the first and third pics. Nice job for the guy plastering her with moulding material. Shame she didn't de
  11. I had a day yesterday where I was on my own for large parts of the day on and off and didn't use the toilet at all until my bedtime pee at 11pm. Morning pee was in the garden at about 6am - I went outside and stood in the garden and peed on the grass. Later on about 9:30am I was doing some washing, so I took a pair of my wife's leggings, put them on then sat in the garden and wet through them, soaking the front and back. I then stood up and some ran down the legs. I went inside, took them off and put them in the wash with a load of other stuff. I didn't bother putting any clothe
  12. That's funny, but I bet it wasn't long before some of them had to do the same.
  13. Hi Haley, Firstly your English is far better than my attempt at any other language, so I wouldn't worry too much. Interesting experiment. Maybe you need to consume a very large amount of the die and not a lot else to make it concentrated in your pee? I don't know, but just seems that it might be the logical way to improve the results. Also, for future reference, it might be better to put follow up posts like the above on the same thread as the original comment so that it keeps the flow together and people can easily read the whole story. Good luck with trying other avenue
  14. I would say that given you have an open relationship where she does pee outside and she knows you like it, then why don't you talk to her in advance and say on the plane that when you think it would be cool to both pee in the parking so that you'll both be empty for the trip so that you don't have to stop and it would be much more fun than peeing in the airport. If you get her thinking about it in advance and give her time to get her head round it then she will probably go for it.
  15. I have used many lay-bys to pee. Usually I just position myself on the side of the car away from the road and pee. Sure, people driving by probably know what I'm doing, but many people do the same and nobody is likely to say anything when they whiz past at 60mph plus. Sometimes I will open the passenger side door and sit on the edge of the passenger seat with one leg in the car and one leg outstretched and pee onto the tarmac like that. Sometimes I head into the bushes if there are any. Just depends how I feel. However, the open bonnet or boot trick does sound worth a go. For th
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