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  1. They all sound wonderful. With the elevator, was that with other people in there or just on your own? Did you go in there specifically to pee or was it a case of you were using the elevator anyway and thought it would be fun/convenient/naughty? Would love to hear as much background/detail about this as possible. Also, with the Sauna, again, did you pee with other people in there and did you pee through the slats in the seats or did you pee on the floor? Did you make a lot of splatter noise on the floor and did other people notice?
  2. Always nice when you chance to find a lady peeing when you weren't expecting it. I bet you wished you had arrived 30 seconds earlier though! Having said that, it was still a major piece of good luck to arrive when you did, you had the luxury of being able to have a brief chat with her and you got to see her puddle, let her know that you were also going to pee and let her know that her peeing was fine and not something to be worried about. Although you disturbed her, you putting her at ease by saying you were also only there to pee might make her feel more OK about doing something similar
  3. Mine varies. I mostly pee one continuous stream, but I'd say maybe 30% of the time I have a few extra pulses of pee after the main event has finished. It is usually when my bladder is particularly full. The other day I peed for maybe 40-45 seconds, then flushed and as I flushed I started peeing again and the pee was still coming after the flush had finished. I didn't bother to flush the second time.
  4. Yes and given that most people take between 5 and 7 hours to walk up Snowdon, I would say that the vast majority of people that make that trip have to pee outside at some point. Surely any avid walker would know that was part of the deal.
  5. Search on this site as this has been mentioned in lots of threads. Basically anywhere with lots of people, lack of toilets and preferably alcohol. Darkness often helps lower inhibitions as well. Popular spots would be near nightclub queues, tailgating events, taxi ranks at the end of nights out, beaches in summer evenings when toilets have been closed. Other options might be outdoor activities like hiking trails or when people exit large events such as football or rugby matches.
  6. Large car park, lots of people, probably some drunk (hopefully not the drivers) I think that it would be a fair chance that some would be peeing before heading home. However, the difficulty here would be that there are so many places to watch that it would be highly likely that you'd miss most pees and even those that you do catch would probably be pretty well hidden. Stairwells would be a possibility, but I'd also guess a lot of people would just pee by cars before leaving - i.e. they get to their car and think they will just pee before getting on the road. They would probably find gaps
  7. Mrs A and I were sat watching the TV last night when she made a comment that she had just read on her iPad about people complaining that it smelled of urine on Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales for anyone who doesn't know). I quizzed her more and determined that it had been reported in the news after multiple people had left bad reviews about Snowdon on Tripadvisor. I searched it up afterwards and found that the report has made it into several newspapers. Be warned if you click the links that there are some references to more than peeing. The reviews on trip advisor where quite
  8. Alfresco


    Welcome to the site and look forward to hearing the stories.
  9. Super hot experience @Chrissy89 and I love the way that you turned it to your advantage. The very fact that N didn't hesitate to come with you to the toilet and that he accepted you putting his hand between your legs when you wiped means that even if he is not exactly "into" pee, he at least isn't repulsed by it. I am sure some men would have looked for an excuse to get out of coming with you and would have insisted on removing the cuffs or at least when you passed the paper from your free hand to your bound hand they would have resisted that change. He may well not be keen to make anythi
  10. Certainly sounds like a venue to keep an eye on. They must do a variety of suitable events with lots of people and being as it is not far from your home and is also convenient when visiting your parents then it must be worth future visits. Nice sightings to reward your search. Thanks for relaying the details.
  11. Love the way you asked for the bathroom but your Dad had other ideas, but knew that you would like the idea.
  12. I'm really not sure that operating a soldering iron in desperation condition is a safe occupation! Good hold though @gldenwetgoose
  13. Queues for nightclubs. If people have already been drinking and the queue is long, then they often don't get much option but to break out of the line and pee. The level of "having to pee in front of others" depends on the layout of the area as often they can go round a corner or into an alley, but sometimes there is little cover and they have to just pee regardless. Small boats are definitely a candidate. Not a lot of options if you are out on the water in a small boat in close proximity of the other people on the boat and no toilet or cover. You either pee in front of people or yo
  14. For the cinema one, the answer would be very much different in different situations, but neither are covered by the options. If I was with someone then I'd probably do my best to hold until the end and then get to the toilet. If I couldn't do that then I'd probably go out to the toilet. If, as in the question, I was alone, I'd either pee in my (presumably now empty) cup, or if I thought I'd get away with it then I'd probably pee into the seat. I'd be worried about CCTV though as I know that a lot of cinemas have cameras covering the seating areas. I'm sure it does happen though and I do
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