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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Today I was out and needed to pee - ok actually I had needed to pee before I went out, but I decided I'd wait until I was out somewhere before peeing. I was in the vicintity of some flats. These flats have an access door at the end of the block, then to the other side they have a bin store and some little outdoor storage rooms - brick built with doors and mostly padlocked. I presume each flat has one and it is probably for keeping things like bikes, tools etc., or anything they don't want in the flat. Picture below shows the sort of arrangement: I noted that (as you can just about make out in the pic) the door nearest to the flats (furtherst from the camera) was slightly ajar and not locked. I checked around, nobody about. I opened the door and found that it had a piece of board up against the right hand wall, on the floor was a box full of all sorts of bits, including a variety of plastic bottles and a box for a scooter and there was a little shelving unit at the back. There was a carpet/mat on the floor. I went inside and pulled the door closed. It was then very dark so I couldn't really see what I was doing. I started peeing generally in the direction of the box. My pee made a lot of noise splahing on the cardboard of the scooter box that was on top of the box of bits, so I moved slightly left, it was still making quite a noise and I heard voices outside, so I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. Instead I turned to the right until my pee was impacting the wooden board. That was much quieter, so I carried on peeing like that until I was almost done, then as the voices had stopped, I swung back left over the box again and finally peed some onto the carpet/mat on the floor. When finished, I stood there in the dark, checked I couldn't hear anything and then I risked turning on the flash on my phone camera to take the pic below. I then promptly left. As I was walking out of the little alley way, two lads on bikes rode into it. Talk about close shave! If you zoom into the pic, as well as the very obvious pee on the board, you will see drops of pee on the scooter box and a wet patch at the back end of the brown cardboard box (back left of picture). I may just have to go back at some point over the next few days to see whether it has left a stain or see how it has dried. And I might add another amount of pee whilst I am there.
  2. Alfresco

    Washing Machines

    Maybe you need the old fashioned type of machine that is a top loader - then you could sit on top to pee directly into the drum...... I wonder how many ladies used to do that and lost out when they moved to the more modern front loaders.
  3. Alfresco

    Washing Machines

    You could always try - it is possible for girls to pee standing up -spread you lips, tilt pelvis forward, high pressure, off you go. You may need a bit of practice, but try first in the shower.
  4. Some times on laundry day I like to give the washing machine a helping hand.
  5. Alfresco

    Lucy - Chapter Six - A Grand Day Out

    I loved that epsiode lots of good detail and the estate agent discovering them in the beach hut was a nice touch. I'd love to have the opportunity to spend a day with Lucy.
  6. Alfresco

    Mouth pissing question

    My wife has peed in my mouth a couple of times. She is not greatly into pee play, but she obliged me on a couple of occasions. Yes I swallowed most of it, although some did go over my face and onto the towel that we had put in place as insurance. She has no desire at all to drink my pee, so I have not peed in her mouth.
  7. Alfresco

    Last outdoor pee

    Love the idea of you getting away with peeing by the bins. However, if work is not conducive to peeing, it doesn't have to be on a work day - I don't know your personal situation, but if you can get out and about on your own on a day off then go somewhere with the intent of making it an outdoor pee day. Take plenty of drinks, wear appropriate clothing and find quiet corners through the day. The more you do it, the more you will realise that you can get away with.
  8. Alfresco

    Last outdoor pee

    What's stopping you?....... If you want to pee outside a lot then you just need to get in your mind that you are going to pee outside. Pick a day when you are doing travelling or are out and about on your own and the world is your urinal. Admittedly for yesterday's experience, It was quite handy that the practice of peeing behind the building on that site is quite common amongst the men - I've definitely seen other people doing it. Some say they are going round the back for a piss, some say something more subtle, but it is obvious what they mean - like "Just going to inspect the side of the shed" or similar. Mostly it is done for convenience as going to the toilet would take at least 15 minutes whereas using the side of the building takes a minute. I'm sure most people enjoy the freedom though. I've yet to see any women peeing in that location though. There are only a couple of ladies that ever spend time around that building but they seem quite happy to walk to the toilets unfortunately. But, I have had many days where I deliberately pee outside rather than using toilets. If I travel anywhere for work, I am usually on my own, so I pee somewhere before and after visiting places rather than peeing when I'm in the offices that I visit. I've had many days in London where I have avoided toilets all day. There are loads of little alleys and parks that can be used. For you as a lady, you might need to be a little careful about the places you pick, but there are always quiet corners hidden from view - behind dumpsters, in alleyways, behind cars in car parks, bushes in parks, behind buildings. Then of course you can always upgrade to not being outside, but still not using the toilet - car park stairwells, phone boxes (if you can find any these days), pedestrian underpasses. If you wear a suitable skirt, half the time you can get away with it without anyone even knowing what you are doing - especially if you go on grass or gravel where it doesn't leave a lake. You can even pee in the middle of a grassy park with other people around - Squat down and pretend to do your shoe laces or look in your bag - nobody will give you a second glance because they won't think that you are brazenly peeing out in the open. Your skirt would be around you and close to the ground so it would hide what is going on. Most of all - Have fun!
  9. Alfresco

    Last outdoor pee

    ..And I thought that was from my reports of seeing girls peeing - not accounts of my own peeing.
  10. Alfresco

    Last outdoor pee

    Yesterday I peed outside several times. I had drunk two mugs of tea and a glass of fruit juice before I left home for a 2 hours drive towing a large trailer and had another tea in my travel mug. The section nearest home is motorway, then it goes down to single carriageway road that runs through various small towns. About 1 hour in, which was about 2.5 hours after my first mug of tea, I was bursting. With the trailer, it was a bit more difficult than usual to find a safe and easy place to stop. It was a busy road, but no laybys etc. Evenually I pulled off the road, turned into a residential side street and parked alongside a fence. I checked both ways down the road for any potential pedestrians and seeing it was clear, I stood between the car and trailer and peed an absolute flood onto the tarmac. A car went by whilst I was there, but I don't know whether they knew what I was doing. Just before I got ot my destination, only an hour since my last pee, I was feeling fairly full again, so I pulled into a picnic area, walked a little way up a grassy path and found a secluded place amongst the bushes where I enjoyed releasing the next bladder full. At my destination I regularly drank tea and water and through the day I peed a couple of times behind building that I was working in rather than going to the toilets which were the other end of the site. Then, when I was preparing to go home, I peed behind the car in the car park. Of course, I had another two hour journey home. I was almost home, on the motoway and was getting quite desperate again. So, when I got off the motorway, even though I was only 10 mins from home, I pulled up next to a little alleyway and nipped in there to wash down a fence panel with my final outdoor relief of the day.
  11. Alfresco

    A Fetish in Hypotheticals?

    Yes, I know what you mean. I do enjoy watching other girls pee outside - and have seen many outside nightclubs etc. However, when some girls asked me if I would walk them back to their hotel, which could definitely have been an opportunity for seeing them peeing (they were a little drunk and it would have been at least a 45 min walk) and possibly more, I declined. That is probably mainly because I am married and wouldn't dream of cheating on my wife. However, If I had the opportunities from the original post then I would definitely have sneaked a look on the platform. Not sure what I would do about the girl looking for a toilet. I might have joked that there were not other toilets nearby but depending on how desperate she was for relief I might be able to find her another option. However, in reality I probably would have just told her where her nearest option was (if there was one) because I wouldn't want her to be uncomfortable.
  12. Alfresco

    Question for everyone

    Where is your favourite place to pee? I love peeing in lots of places. Not the toilet - that's just for boring routine. I love the freedom of peeing outdoors in the country without worry about where it is. I really enjoy peeing off high places like bridges, piers, cliffs etc. In towns, I find alleys, car parks, stairwells and phone boxes to be great places to pee. I love peeing in swimming pools, hot tubs, sauna, steam room, changing rooms and shower at public gyms/leisure centres/hotels. I guess my all time favourite was peeing out of the door of a moving train. Why is it your favourite place? Mainly freedom and making the statement that I don't need a toilet and I can pee where I want and don't much care if someone sees me. where is the naughtiest place you have pissed? Probably on a train seat, pub where I wet myself on a cushioned bench seat or hotel carpet would be the most likely candidates. Maybe the naughtiest was when I was staying in a hotel and found a store room that was open. I sneaked in and peed on a stack of chairs which had cushioned seats and also into a box of Christmas decorations that was stored in there. Other options include carpeted stairwells and a hotel corridor by the drinks fountain. I've also peed in several places on walls and carpets of a house that was being demolished, but as it was going to be demolished, I don't think of that as being quite so naughty. Where is the naughtiest place you would like to piss? Difficult one. Probably in someone else's wardrobe all over their clothes. Although I like @spywareonya's idea of peeing in someone's bag. What is your ultimate piss fantasy?  To see multiple girls peeing in naughty locations such as hotel carpets, trains, fitting rooms etc.
  13. Alfresco

    A piss too far

    Thanks @owlman76 A great story with a great ending - although I get the impression that whilst it might be the end of the story, it wouldn't be the end of the antics. Also thanks for the info re boots/suits. I can attest from personal experiences, some of which I have recounted on this board, wetsuits are fairly waterproof, but they don't seal to the arms/legs. So definitely if you are sitting in one, it will pool around your backside, then when you stand up, it will all run out of the legs. I know this from Kayaking. My wife knows it from an experience where she wore one at Discovery Cove and tried to use the toilet. Full account here: https://peefans.com/topic/2279-your-thoughts-on-pool-peeing/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-32329 Also be aware that whilst wet suits are not very porous, they do leak through the stitches of the seams and over a long period, could leak through the material. So, if you pee in a wetsuit whilst driving your car, with the intention that you will swing your legs out and stand up when you arrive, be aware that you may have some minor leakage onto your seat as well. Also, as you said, with the PVC, as the level rises, it will be sufficient to reach your knees and run down your legs to the floor or in the case of your wife, her boots. Anyway, sounds like your wife and you will be having lots of fun.
  14. Alfresco

    A piss too far

    Thanks @owlman76, Certainly an interesting and somewhat different story. I do have a technical query though (hoping not to spoil the story), which I think you can answer from personal experience with your wife. Whenever I read stories/accounts of girls peeing in their boots, I always think that it can't take that much peeing to fill a boot - if the boot is already pretty much filled with foot and leg. Obviously there is some space around the foot and leg, but unless the boot is quite loose, I wouldn't have thought the space was very much. If the boot was empty (i.e. no foot/leg) and you peed a pint into it, then it would probably fill most of the foot space. Introduce the foot and leg and the pee would be displaced, going up the outside around the leg and I would have thought a single pee in a boot would be pretty much sufficient to make it very full. So.... How much pee does it actually take to fill a boot that is already occupied with a foot and leg? Similarly, with the rubber suit - that would be an interesting experiment because it would depend a lot on how flexible the rubber is. Normally the rubber would be tight, but the pee would push it away from the body as the weight of the water fought with the elasticity of the rubber. It would certainly be an interesting thing to try - but I don't have a rubber suit.