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  1. My wife suffered severe depression leading to self harm and a prolonged stay in a specialist establishment, so I am well aware of how serious depression is and how it can affect people. I am so sorry that your relationship was toxic and that you got very close to suicide, but pleased that you have sought help and found it. It is times like this that you really know who is willing to stick with you and support you. Keep positive and cherish every good moment, appreciate those who support you and don’t take notice of those who bring you down. You have got this.
  2. There is a whole thread dedicated to this subject that was very active for a while. You could resurrect it by posting a challenge there:
  3. Fully understand this idea to shy away from things that may get eaten or drunk, but if you choose to pee in pans/kettles/food mixers/glasses/mugs etc, then there is no issue as long as they are properly washed. Anything that goes through the dishwasher is fully cleansed and sterilised. Anything else, as long as you can wash it out will be fine as it would be so diluted that it is not detectable. I often pee in a pint glass, give it a quick rinse out and then fill with water to drink. I know that is just me drinking from it, and other people's stuff is slightly different, but it is st
  4. Great experience. As you have said that you have had multiple sightings there, and as it is only derelict shops up there, I have to wonder whether the lady who caught you was actually going there to pee too? When you finished, did she go back downstairs or did she stay hanging around up there by the derelict shops? If she stayed there then she was probably waiting for you to finish so that she could go too, but she didn’t want to admit that to you, so made up some excuse about looking for the dentist. I am only hypothesising of course, but it is a possibility.
  5. From what you've shared so far in the forums, it sounds like you have plenty of experiences to share, so your autobiography should be great to read. Looking forward to reading all the details! The above event sounds wonderful. What were the reactions when your friends saw you do this? Where they shocked or maybe they all laughed? Did that encourage anyone else to pee outside?
  6. Yes, it was (is) undercover and so evaporates rather than being washed away. I have noticed that the area is starting to have a certain aroma as more people have peed there and there hasn't been any rainfall so even the pee which is in the outer area isn't being washed away at the moment. As for the door - well, part of that was because I went there one time and notice that in the five minutes I was there, two other guys turned up, found the toilets locked and then drove away, then two council workers arrived, unlocked the toilets, used them, then locked them up again. So peeing right o
  7. @Woodlander, Hi and welcome to the site. Unfortunately the only person who can set up gold memberships is @Admin and I believe he is very busy and not spending much time here at the moment, so you may experience a delay. I do know that some people have been waiting a while. I don't know whether any of the moderators are able to shed any further light on when things might progress? @gldenwetgoose @Sophie @Scot_Lover?
  8. Well my view is that there are plenty of people who don't even have an interest in peeing that pee in pools anyway out of convenience. So if they are doing it and they don't even do it for enjoyment, then we may as well join in and we will actually enjoy it.
  9. I went out this morning to the park where the toilets have been locked as above and I was going to pee in the toilet entrance again, but there were two council workers around clearing up litter. I was tempted to pee there anyway and if they challenged me then I would have asked what I was supposed to do seeing as they had closed the toilets. As it was, I thought that might be a little risky so instead I did something else that was also a bit risky. I walked off away from the toilets and round the edge of the park. It is a small park with tennis courts on one edge, some seats with t
  10. There is a small park near me which the council have recently decided no longer warrants having toilets. This is despite the toilets being fairly well utilised from what I've noticed. Over the last couple of weeks I have been there several times and have been there several times and I've noted various puddles and pee stains in the entrance to both the ladies and men's toilets and I have added my own pee several times. Here is a video showing one of those times: https://www.erome.com/a/9DBZgctK.
  11. @walanuk’s post reminded me of the days I was at university. I shared a flat with a couple of other guys about 2 miles out of the city. After a night drinking we walked to the edge of the city and then through a park and across a remote path to get back home. We regularly stopped in the park for a pee as it was the first place away from the roads and crowds. I will also say that I am a volunteer on a preserved railway and it is common for many of the guys to pee by the side of the loco shed rather than walk to the toilets. It has become the accepted thing to do, so I do regularly pee
  12. I would imagine it is more common than most people would expect. Usually a warm location so lifeguards drink to keep hydrated and they are probably bored most of the time so keep drinking for something to do. They can’t leave the pool area so they have to improvise. Was the lifeguard you saw male or female? How were you sure that they were peeing? I assume it was from the fact that they just sat there for a short time but would be interested if there are other give aways.
  13. Well maybe over the summer I will have to find a furniture store without too many cameras. Last time I was going to try it, an overhelpful sales assistant followed me round and kept asking if I needed any help. I didn’t feel it appropriate to ask which was the most absorbent sofa.
  14. Love that. Like it is just part of the deal when sitting around waiting for the car to charge. So there are probably hundreds of Tesla sentry mode videos of girls peeing at charging stations but unfortunately most people don’t even review their footage unless there is an issue and of those that do, only a small percentage are considerate enough to share the videos. That being the case, the people who need to pee don’t worry about it and just treat it as something they need to do.
  15. I pee in all sorts of places, but I do have a few regular spots. Firstly the obvious is my own garden, where I often pee in the drain on the patio or on the grass by the shed. Beyond my own property there is an electrical substation about 5 minutes walk away and I often pee on the wall next to that Another one is the entranceway to the now closed toilets in a local park.
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