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  1. Brilliant @Louise87, although sorry the football result didn't go the way you wanted it to go. I'm sure you will still remember the trip for the other reasons. You are brave for putting on that show and it sounds like it was really appreciated. I always think it unfair when ladies go in the gents, enjoy the view as they go past the urinals and then close the door on the stall to hide away. Your brazen leaving it open is hot and then when you realised you had an audience, peeing on the floor was even hotter. I assume that it was very obvious that the six people were there to enjoy the dis
  2. I just had another thought about one of my earlier interactions with my parents about peeing. I had bunk beds which were situated about 30 cm away from the wall so that I could have a shelf the length of the bed a little above the bed. I slept on the top bunk and the bottom bunk was left spare - either for visitors or more usually where I left clothes etc. Anyway, once, I went into the gap and peed onto some trousers because I enjoyed it. Then I left them there and repeated it another day, and left them to dry a bit and I ended up doing it several more times. One evening my Mum and Da
  3. Fantastic news @peecurious94. I think all the signs were there that it was going to turn out well, but it is still a big step to bring up the subject like that. When I read the post about your mum peeing on the kitchen floor when she got in, I was wondering whether she was testing your reaction as surely it wouldn't take more than a couple of additional seconds to get to the sink. I am so pleased for you as you can now enjoy lots of fun together in the future. I do sometimes wonder if there is something hereditary about peeing interests. I never talked to him about it (and it
  4. All I've seen in the way of pee bottles are "trucker bombs" by the side of the road on the verge or under bushes. Personally I don't understand why they wouldn't just empty them when they stop and put the bottles in a bin rather than abandoning plastic bottles everywhere. They are probably the same people that are responsible for the approach to every roundabout being littered with empty bottles and cans.
  5. I go outside especially to pee. I just enjoy peeing outdoors.
  6. I'm in the same position. My wife doesn't share my fetish, but I have disclosed my interests and she understands and indulges me to a large extent although she has limits which are fair enough. I am definitely pleased that I told her though. I am very open about it and she accepts that it is part of what makes me tick.
  7. I peed partly in the drain, partly on the floor, partly in the sink and partly in the bin bag. Basically anywhere except the two toilet devices.
  8. I agree with what others have said. I have never stayed overnight in hospital as a patient (guess I'm lucky to have got past 50 years old without having to do that), but I have known people who have. Firstly, the mattresses are not like normal mattresses at all. The shell on them is thick plastic/rubber type material which is totally waterproof and wipe clean. These are designed to cope with all matter of bodily excretions including blood and urine. The sheets simply get scooped up for laundering, the bed gets wiped and sanitised and a new sheet put in place. The nurses and cleaner
  9. This one is in a park in a town in the South of England: There is nothing saying that it is designated as a men's toilet either. I guess a few ladies walk in and take a double take and check the label on the door before continuing to use the room. You have multiple peeing options - toilet, urinal, wall mounted hand wash, bin bag, drain on floor, floor generally, walls. Literally anywhere and it appears to be designed for that because the big floor drain in the middle implies the room just gets hosed down.
  10. For me, today is washing day and I've just had a very satisfying pee over a pile of clothes on the kitchen floor. What I didn't realise when I started was that the shirt on top of the pile was somewhat water repellent so rather than the usual case of soaking into the pile, this time if pooled on the shirt and ran off the corner all over the tiled floor. Ah well, I just carried on anyway and then put the top garment in the machine and used some more absorbent items to mop up the puddle. It is the second pee on washing today - the first washing load had a white towel on top of the pile
  11. No problem and I'll agree that my wife is sometimes more amenable when she has had an alcoholic beverage, but in this case it wasn't necessary!
  12. I am sure that the gardener enjoyed this @bbwpissvirgin, well you know it anyway or he wouldn't have stopped to watch and he wouldn't have had that bulge. He saw what you were doing and knew that you were putting on a show, so he knew that there was no need to hide his watching or his enjoyment. When you say you were peeing in front of the window, was that peeing in a toilet with the window open or was that peeing on the floor or something else that couldn't be taken as accidental exposure?
  13. I'm another to vote that this is super hot. I've always loved my wife's boobs and enjoyed sucking on them. Then, when we had our daughter and I sucked on them as I always did, of course I was rewarded with milk and I found that it was a great bonding experience as well as loving the feel and taste. Sadly it stopped when she stopped breast feeding our daughter, but I do still enjoy a good suck on her nipples. My wife didn't ever combine peeing with nursing, but that does sound super hot - especially as you just let it go on the floor. I also love the way you have decided to ditch wear
  14. I'm sure he enjoyed the view. I know I would have done. However, I would have most likely said something like "Looks like you needed that" or "Does that feel better?"
  15. I am going on holiday on a cruise ship in a few weeks time. According to information on the internet, the ship has 4 pools, 10 hot tubs and and ankle deep splash area. I am sure I will be contributing to the water in a good few of those over the holiday...... I'll also be on the look out for any girls who are on spending time on sun loungers, not leaving the pool deck and just popping into the pools or hot tubs for a minute or too between drinks. I am sure my wife will also pee in the pools and hot tubs, she normally does so out of convenience.
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