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  1. I will send you a private message. Don't want to advertise my plans too much in public (although I dare say I'll report on it afterwards)
  2. Here is a photo from a cruise ship that I've always liked: It depicts a girl flooding the rear deck of a cruise ship where the deck wraps round the back of the ship. That badge that she is wearing is a Royal Caribbean badge so she must be a crew member and judging by the outfit she might be retail or entertainment but could be anyone off duty. I would guess that it was in the crew area of the ship and maybe she was having a drink with friends and couldn't be bothered to go in to the toilets. I wonder how common that is?
  3. I have been on quite a few cruises and have peed in various places on the ship and on shore at various ports. I have also seen women who have made it obvious that they have peed in a few places too. Let's start with the obvious. Cruise ships have pools and jacuzzis. These are the easiest places to pee in a public area and many people pee in them. If you have a swim up bar, even more so. Both my wife and I have peed in just about every pool and jacuzzi that we've been in whilst on cruises. I have also seen women get up from their loungers, go and get into a pool of jacuzzi for ab
  4. I don't have any great places that I've caught people peeing near my home but there are certain towns where I know of some good spots to catch peeing. Usually alleys, or tucked away entrances near pubs or a park near where buses drop people off. I have given much more detail in my "Alfresco's Pee Sightings" thread, so feel free to read in there and you'll find quite a few spots. Near me at home, there are some places that I have seen evidence of peeing and even seen a couple of girls coming out of bushes but I have only caught one woman actually in the act locally. The places that I
  5. Definitely amateur and preferably where a girl is peeing somewhere and happens to be filmed (by a friend, CCTV or a voyeur) rather than one where they stage peeing in order to take the video. Of course if a girl is going to pee anyway and decides to film it and share, that is great - but I am less keen if it seems that the girl has selected to pee in that location because she is filming herself. Basically I want as natural as possible.
  6. Here is one I watered recently. and from a bit further away for context: I had been out on my bike and stopped on this woodland path. I chose a very visible tree as my target so anyone who walked past in the near future would see that someone had peed there.
  7. For Vinyl flooring you should be absolutely fine. I wouldn't even think you would need to clean it up particularly quickly, but watch out for pee puddles spreading to the edge where it might go under cupboards or over the edge of the vinyl that may not be sealed.
  8. Thank you. Yes, I've used those types and several others. The ones in the first video do seem to be in an incredibly public place though! In the place for the second video it looks like they have realised that ladies also pee and they have put a proper portaloo there. Personally I'd like to see public urinals for men and women, but that's just because I'm a bit of a voyeur and an exhibitionist and also I don't think it is fair that guys get approval to pee in public and yet similar facilities are not available for ladies.
  9. Thanks @MidoriLemonade85. I am sure she would do it again. Seemed like she was no stranger to peeing outside. She was not so desperate that she couldn't have gone to the toilets if she had preferred that. She just went there for convenience. I wouldn't mind betting she was one of the people staying in a tent at the top of the field and probably peed outside several times over the weekend. She never flinched when the torches illuminated her. Many would have jumped up or at least been startled but she just carried on regardless. Likewise, she wasn't bothered when she did finally reali
  10. Well of course for some people it is not a thing. I still peed on a tree or the grass several times over the weekend.
  11. I was away over the weekend attending a small festival. It is not like the huge festivals with massive crowds, excessive toilet queues and a plethora of sighting opportunities. Instead, it is a low key event with smaller numbers of people and more than enough clean toilets that people don't feel the need to find anywhere else to pee. So I was not expecting to be having sightings, but I am pleased to say I did have one sighting, which was an interesting situation. There is a main stage and then a walkway across the field to another stage area. I was in the area between the two when
  12. I haven’t watched the videos as they are too long and I don’t know at which point(s) in the videos the urinals feature. However, I have seen street urinals in London and other cities and I have used them. I like using them because it gives me an opportunity to pee in public on show without any fear of repercussions. If others, especially the ladies, choose to look, then that is fine by me. My general view is that people who are a bit drunk lose inhibitions and the men who use these would otherwise pee on the street in a corner anyway, so this just reduces the amount of piss on the
  13. That was a hot experience. If she gets a boyfriend she might still indulge you because (a) she obviously doesn’t have a problem with doing things with you whilst you are in a relationship - with her daughter no less and (b) the boyfriend might not have the same interest in pee, so she might enjoy to still make you happy with her peeing. I guess the downside would be if she moved out to go and live with a guy.
  14. @SexyPeePeeHottie We have similar situations in that my wife accepts my enjoyment of pee but is not into it herself. She will indulge me from time to time, although where it is different for me is that she won’t let me pee on or in her but she will pee on me sometimes. My wife needs no encouragement to pee in the pool - in fact she pees every time she gets in a pool and tells me she is doing it and sometimes pees on my hand or leg in the pool.
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