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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. I've reported this in the past, but I've been in men's toilets at several events where the ladies had queues out of the door and ladies started queuing for cubicles in the men's. In one case the ladies had a perfect side on view of the line of guys peeing at the urinals, but in this case it was very calm and the ladies discretely enjoyed the view and men didn't seem to mind. I certainly didn't. I took the urinal nearest the ladies queue and stood back a little so they could look if they wanted to. I just found it frustrating that they were in the guys toilets, happily enjoying the view
  2. From Graham Norton, Kate Winslet tells how she did the pee scene in Holy Smoke and they go on to talk about shewees.
  3. I do love a good waterfall, but if there is a choice between viewing the river waterfall and a homemade waterfall, I'll take the homemade one every time! A waterfall in the middle of the path is even better.
  4. Yes, definitely. Sometimes I can go hours without needing to pee, but other times I can't last half an hour! It definitely depends on how much I drink, but sometimes even if I spread my drinks out a bit, I can still need to pee very quickly. I drink a lot of tea and yes, that is probably my issue too. I typically drink large mugs of tea (a pint or thereabouts each time) and I drink water as well. So a typical work day will involve tea or water pretty frequently and peeing just as often. My issue is the speed at which my bladder seems to go from 0 to 10. I often end up being
  5. Fantastic developments so far. She seems to definitely be interested. As a minimum she doesn't have any qualms peeing outside and in close proximity with you. But, the fact that she chose to squat right next to you, looking at you peeing means that she has chosen to take the next step. To then admit to enjoying the view and offering to "wipe" you, means she is admitting that she doesn't mind if there is a taste of your pee there - even if she was just going for the blow job. The fact that she stayed in her squat position, presumably without pulling her trousers back up, probably
  6. Definitely the middle one is she is willing. Why do I never find urinals like that in public toilets?
  7. Nicely done! Good fun and nobody any the wiser.
  8. Superb @Bacardi! Was the bath mat is in the same room as the shower? Or was it a case of he was showering in say an en-suite whilst you used the bath mat in a separate bathroom. If it was the same room, I am guessing your husband knew you did this. How did he react?
  9. That is a very lucky encounter! You say you went to the men’s room, but she was in there. Was she deliberately peeing in the men’s room without locking the door or was it a unisex single toilet?
  10. He might not have noticed you actually peeing, but you had previously said you really needed to pee, then twice he asked you to hold it, then you didn’t use the toilet, so even if he didn’t notice the point at which you peed, I am sure he would have deduced that you peed in the shower. He would know that a full bladder plus running water in a shower would lead to release - especially when you didn’t use the toilet before or after the shower.
  11. Definitely tell him something about this then. He will hopefully at least oblige you again in the future even if he doesn't appreciate it himself. That's how I started to get progress with Mrs A. She doesn't appreciate the peeing for herself but I've told her how much it does for me, starting with little things and when I realised that she was OK with it, even if she didn't appreciate it, then I told her more. Now she still thinks I'm mad, but from time to time she will pee outside and let me watch or pee on me or let me drink her pee.
  12. @Bacardi That is great news and an exciting development for you. I hope you can use it in some way to let your husband know how you enjoyed it. Maybe you can have a discussion about the fact that sex was great that night and that thinking back it was either because you had a full bladder or because he was controlling your bladder. Depending on his reaction, you could drop hints about other things related to pee over the next few weeks and see how he reacts.
  13. I used to have an old wooden bodied living van (the type that would travel behind steam traction engines to provide accommodation for the crew). One night for a reason that I can't remember, my Dad stayed in there and I wasn't there. In the morning I asked how he got on and he said it was fine, but he found the window was an awkward height to pee out of. I laughed and said "Why didn't you just pee out of the door then?". He said that thought just never occurred to him. I have visions of him stood on the bench by the window hunched over so his head wasn't hitting the roof, trying to ai
  14. Another great account @PeteK123 and thanks for sharing it. Sounds like you have had a great few days that you will remember for a very long time.
  15. @gldenwetgoose sounds like your wife is starting to accept you peeing outside when the need arises. I know you have said before that she would protest. That's good progress in itself and I'm glad you had an enjoyable pee. Location looks ideal for pulling off with a caravan. Hope you had a good weekend away as well. Since I'm here, I'll mention my most recent outdoor pee too, which is a similar, sort of circumstance. We had been somewhere for the day, finished up at a little cafe/diner place and had something to eat and drink. We left without using the toilet and it is 1.5 hours ho
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