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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Oops. that wasn't such a good experience as the previous one. Hope he has recovered now!
  2. Some more excellent sightings, but the public pee on the pavement has got to win the day for sheer audacity of the girl for peeing out in the open, relying on distraction techniques alone.
  3. Check out some of the posts on this site from @Paulypeeps. She is the master (mistress?) of discretely peeing in pubs and clubs.
  4. Very brave of you @Eliminature when there were other people around - especially using the urinal rather than hiding away in a cubicle like most ladies using the gents do. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other ladies, having seen you two both use the gents, followed suit and used the gents after you - especially if it looked like there were no men in there after your husband left. Anyway, if the ladies are closed, what options do you have?! Seems like the best excuse to use the gents. And yes, I would have loved to have been there to witness it.
  5. She always tells me, because she knows I love it. Sometimes she lets me put my hand there - but only if nobody else is going to see. So, if the bubbles are on in a hot tub then she will, and if we are in a pool with nobody nearby then she will either let me put my hand there or straddle my knee. In our own hot tub, I complained that I couldn't see and asked her for a better view, so she sat on the side, pulled her suit to the side and peed into the water.
  6. This is exactly the same with my wife. Whenever she gets into water in a hot tub, bath or swimming pool, she pees. She can go to the toilet and empty her bladder five minutes before and she still has to pee when she gets in the water - even it it is just a little bit. So, she then just lets go regardless. She long since realised that this was going to happen anyway, so she doesn't bother to go to the toilet before she gets in a pool or hot tub, she saves herself a trip to the toilet and simply empties her full bladder in the pool instead of emptying most in the toilet and just a little i
  7. Alfresco


    Well, it seems like @gldenwetgoose isn't the only person to be lucky in what he sees. On Thursday, I had to go somewhere to pick someone up. I was about an hour early when I arrived, so I stopped in a canal centre car park to have a walk. As I walked towards the canal, I saw various people returning to the car park in clothing that looked like they had been swimming, including a lady who was wearing a very loose summer dress with apparently nothing underneath - I got a good view of the side of her boobs as she bent down to put things in her car. Anyway, this led me to believe there must
  8. I am sure they didn’t have too much trouble working it out. I used to be a volunteer on a miniature railway and I created a urinal in the back corner of the engine shed which was a funnel connected to a 50mm diameter pipe that went through the wall and the end finished just above the ground, then I piled ash from the engines around the end of the pipe and we continued to dispose of ash by adding to the pile with the result being a soak away at the end of the pipe. All drivers used it regularly.
  9. Yes, I have definitely done this. I have posted my experiences on various threads here, as have many others - just use the search facility and look for “hotel” or “peeing in hotels” or similar and I am sure you will find plenty of accounts to inspire you.
  10. I am with you on this. Explanation may be better served on a proper keyboard instead of my phone, but abridged version for now: I have always enjoyed peeing outside and I enjoy seeing ladies pee outside. At some point in the past I found I had difficulty peeing outside unless I knew it was going to be a safe spot where nobody would catch me. This limited me in my peeing, so, for example, if I needed to pee in a car park, I couldn’t because of the risk of being caught. I would waste time and effort finding somewhere secluded to pee, instead of just peeing by the car. So, I decided to
  11. I had one experience which was similarish to what you did. I noticed at one point that one of the regular pee video sites featured some locations close to my home. I contacted the site and said I lived locally and gave him some ideas of locations that would work well. He was thankful and asked if he could do anything to help me. I said that I would love a pair of knickers that had been peed in by one of the models. Shortly after, he contacted me and said that if I went to a certain place, I would find what I wanted. So I went straight down, same day and retrieved a ziplock bag contai
  12. Fair play to you for following your desire. I would say, don’t let the fact that the pee was not putrid put you off the idea of drinking fresh girl pee. I have drunk my wife’s pee multiple times and the taste varies considerably. Morning pee is very strong and not very pleasant to me, however, if she drinks lots of fluids in a short time, preferably sweet drinks like rose wine or sodas or just water, then gets to the point her pee is pale or almost colourless, then it is a taste that drives me wild. It is sweet and mild but with pee aroma and a subtle taste. I have drunk straight from t
  13. So, if @Big Bear drops the hints and then ever sees a woman peeing standing in the church yard, he will be wondering if it was @Eliminature. If @Eliminature goes there to pee and sees someone sat on the bench, she will be wondering whether that is @Big Bear and maybe put on a better show deliberately making sure he gets a good view. It will only be a few days later when both post their stories here that they will know the truth…
  14. Alfresco


    I'm with @Kupar here - you were definitely lucky with that spot. I do love the summer weather which encourages ladies to dress in much lighter clothing and less of it. The other day I saw a girl in tight shorts and basically a bra on the top - it didn't look like a bikini top - it was more supportive and cleavage enhancing. My wife caught me looking, but she didn't object.
  15. Not a lot to say. I pee in the shower just about every time I'm in there. Usually just let it flow whilst I'm soaping up. Sometimes I am playful and aim it up in the air onto my chest or the shower cubicle panels. If I share the shower with my wife, sometimes she pees and I put my hand in it. She doesn't want me peeing on her, but I have peed down the back of her legs a couple of times in the shower.
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