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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Alfresco

    Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, I love reading the letters here, but sadly don't get much experience of seeing women peeing in naughty places in real life. However, this changed last weekend and I can't get it out of my mind, so I felt the need to share with someone. My girlfriend, Tanya, and I went to a party that one one of Tanya's friends, Fiona, was hosting. We had to travel a fair way to get there, so I was concerned that it meant I couldn't drink as we would have to drive back. However, Tanya arranged with Fiona that we would be able to stay there overnight. It was a 21st birthday party for Fiona's daughter, Isabelle and most of the guests were Isabelle's direct family and college friends, but Fiona had invited us as we were good family friends. The main focus of the party was a BBQ in the garden and as more alchol was consumed there started to be a queue for the toilet. At one point, my wife and I were stood in the queue for the downstairs toilet off the hallway when two girls in their early 20's were in front of me. One of them was holding her crotch and saying that she couldn't wait. The other girl said "It's OK, you can go before me". There were still two others in front of them when the desperate girl let out a brief squeal followed by a quiet "I leaked a bit! This isn't going to work". She clamped her legs shut and thrust her hand further into her crotch, but very quickly, she squealed again and whilst I tried to feign disinterest, I surreptitiously looked in her direction and noticed droplets of pee running down the inside of her legs from under her short skirt. "Sod it" she said to her friend "This is going to happen anyway, so I may as well save my clothes". She bobbed down to the floor and pulled the back of her skirt away from her. Instantly, we heard the splattering of pee impacting the hallway carpet and as her pressure built, a hissing sound developed. By now, others in the queue had noticed and all eyes were on this girl, who was now covering her fallen face with her left hand whilst keeping her skirt out of the way with her right hand. The hallway fell silent as everyone stared in disbelief. This only served to amplify the hissing and splashing as the puddle spread across the carpet between the girl's feet and started soaking into the thirsty fibres. The girl kept peeing for about 40 seconds, after which her face had turned bright red. As she finished, she stood up and in typical English fashion, nobody in the queue said a word about what they had just witnessed. The embarrassed girl made a dash for the door and made her exit closely followed by her friend. Later in the evening, as darkness started to fall, we noticed that quite a few of the student aged party goers were disappearing behind the shed for short intervals. I could only guess that they were avoiding the toilet queue and taking the speedy option of outdoor relief. At one point, I excused myself from my wife, saying that I was going to water a tree. I walked past the shed and glanced to the right to see behind it as I went past. I was rewarded with the sight of four bare bottoms and streams falling from below onto the ground. I also noticed quite a few tissues lying around on the ground in the vicinity. After finding my own relief behind a tree, I returned to my wife and she was looking very disgruntled. "It's ok for you," she exclaimed, "I've got to go and stand in that dammed queue now". I told her about the girls behind the shed and she almost considered it, but she was worried about being caught by Fiona or being ridiculed by the younger guests. I told her to come with me for a walk and we headed to the very bottom of the garden, where we found that a low fence created a secluded part of the garden where the compost heap was located. "There you go - they say urine is a good activator for compost, go ahead". Tanya didn't need any further encouragement and quickly squatted in a high squat over the edge of the compost, flipped up her skirt and jetted a laser stream into the heap. She went for ages and was much relieved. She asked me for a tissue, which I didn't have, so I offered her my handkerchief, which she used and I then returned it to my pocket, slightly damp. As the party wound down, people drifted off and by 1am there was just Tanya, myself and Fiona's immediate family left. Fiona directed the various members of family that were staying to various rooms, but then directed us to an old caravan parked to the side of the house. Tanya was not impressed, but at least it was a place to get some kip. One end of the caravan was made up as a double bed and Fiona had had the foresight to make it up with sheets, pillows and a duvet, but Tanya still felt like we were getting the raw end of the deal. Anyway, we went into the caravan and started to get ourselves sorted, then once we were organised, Tanya said she needed to pee before going to bed, so she was just going to nip back into the house. I agreed and we went to the back door, but found it locked, so we went round the front and found that whilst the door to the porch was unlocked, the inner door was locked solid. "Bastards!", Tanya said, uncharacteristically, partly through being annoyed and partly from being drunk. "Where do they expect us to pee if we can't get in the house?" I said she could always use the compost heap again, but Tanya said she wasn't trekking all the way down the garden in the dark at 1:30am and she wasn't about to squat on the front drive where she could be seen from the road. Instead, she pulled me into the porch and pushed the door almost closed behind her, then she hitched up her skirt and squatted low over the door mat that was just inside the porch door. She was quickly pouring out her golden liquid onto the mat, somewhat unsteady on her feet, almost falling over into the wall. "That's what they get for locking us out", she said, as she continued to complain about our treatment. I couldn't believe that my mild mannered wife was resorting to this and I have to admit that my dick was stirring, giving me a boner in my jeans as I took in the the sheer naughtiness of my wife squatted there watering the mat. When she finished, she stood up she grabbed the bottom of a coat hanging in the porch and used it to wipe herself. Of course, I still needed to pee, but my boner wasn't helping, so we made our escape and I ended up peeing on the gravel driveway by the caravan door. We went back inside the caravan and stripped off to go to bed and slept reasonably - the bed was actually quite comfortable. However, about 4am, I was awakened by Tanya fidgeting. "What's the matter?" "I really need to pee! I know the door is locked and it is freezing. I really don't want to go outside" I told her that she really didn't have much option as we didn't have a bucket or anything, so outside would have to work. "Well I'm not going outside naked and I really can't be arsed to get dressed just to go for a pee" A further pause and then "Fuck it, I have to go" She climbed to the end of the bed to get out but then she surprised me for the second time that night as she stayed sat on the end of the bed for minute - I thought she was weighing up the odds of getting caught if she went out naked or whether she should put some clothes on and was just going to suggest wrapping herself in a towel when I heard a soft pattering, followed by a hiss and then a thundering blast. She was peeing right there in the caravan and bathing the old carpet with her golden rain. "Tanya!!" I exclaimed. "What?" She asked. "I'm not going outside, the carpet is old and stained anyway and I bet they hardly use this caravan. It will be dry before they realise" I felt my cock rising again and knew that I was seriously turned on by the concept of my demure wife voiding herself all over the carpet. I was looking right at her - the view from behind being of her beautiful silhouetted sumptuously curved derriere tapering into her narrow waist and then curving outwards again up her back. Whilst taking in the view I was continuing to enjoy the sound of her blasting the carpet until it fell back to a gentle patter and a final few spurts before she turned and crawled back up the bed, tits swaying under her. As she crawled into the duvet, my right hand strayed between her legs and found a soft wetness which was more than just pee and I knew that she had really enjoyed her naughty peeing exploits...... Looking forward to what may develop in future, Brian.
  2. Alfresco

    The Piss Empire - Part VI

    Another gripping episode. Long awaited, but well worth the wait. Thank you @nopjans, This is a very unique set of stories with an original storyline.
  3. Excellent story and great that it included lots more than just the peeing.
  4. Alfresco


    I'd take the long route and hope she needed to pee more than once!!
  5. Alfresco


    I can confirm - correct birthday. Thank you all for all the wishes, it was a superb surprise when I logged on. I haven't had time to look at them all properly just yet, but will go through them again tomorrow on the day. Still only 8pm on 11th here.
  6. Alfresco


    I wish it would too, but sadly, I think only in video form......
  7. Alfresco

    PeeFans Scratchcards

    I would like a card please - sounds like a fun thing to do.
  8. Alfresco

    PeeFans Missions: 4 Tasks

    Task One completed. Task Two completed and you get a new story into the bargain: Task 3 is difficult as I already really like the site. However, one option would be in the stories section, we often get people who post multiple chapters of stories (myself included). Some people add the chapters to the thread they first started. Other people use a new thread for each chapter. The problem with the first idea is that people who are following the thread don't know when a new chapter is added as you can't tell whether posts being added are comments or new chapters. The problem with each chapter being in a separate thread is that you get lots of threads and if you read one in isolation then it is harder to find all the parts. SO, could it be possible to be able to have multi chapters in one thread with an ability to subscribe such that you see when a new chapter is added? Task 4 - I will see what I can do.
  9. Alfresco

    Jenny and Denise - Cruise Ship encounters

    It is four years since your have heard from me, but Denise and I still meet up fairly regularly. I haven't written much, because most of our peeing exploits are very similar to those that you have already heard about. However, we have recently had a weekend away which you may enjoy hearing about. A friend of mine, Charlotte, has a caravan which is set up on a seasonal site near Brighton (South coast of England) and she goes down there most weekends with her family, but her husband had taken the boys to some football thing so she asked me if I wanted to with her instead. I wasn't so sure about the camping and caravanning type of thing, but she said it would be fun, so I agreed. She picked me up about 6pm on Friday night and we travelled by car for about two hours to the campsite. As we pulled in, I noted that it was a well presented site with a reception building that appeared to house a shop and a small bar near the entrance. We drove past this and on up towards the back of the field where her caravan was pitched. It was quite a large 'van, with an awning in front of it. She explained that the awning was great in the summer because you could open the panels and it became like a sun shade so you could sit outside but still be under cover. We unpacked our few things into the caravan and I noted that it looked remarkably comfortable and well equipped - much better than what I was expecting. It had a gas cooker, fridge and even a bathroom with shower and toilet! I saw this and said that actually after the travelling, I could really use the toilet. Charlotte said - "ah, actually, we don't use the toilet as it is too much faff to keep emptying the waste tank and nobody likes that job. There is a toilet block that you can use" and she pointed me in the direction of a solitary block about 150 metres away. She hesitated and then said "I don't know what your attitude is to the great outdoors, but personally I'm not that keen on the toilet blocks, so I quite often just pop a squat round the back of the caravan. It is quite secluded, so nobody can see, it is more convenient and far less smelly." This was music to my ears. I didn't realise that Charlotte was an outdoor pee person, but I wasn't going to object. I said "Sure, I'll give it a go - I'm not too enthralled by toilet blocks either" With that, we both walked round the back and sure enough, it was obvious that we couldn't be seen by anyone as it was a fairly narrow gap between the caravan and a hedge. "The boys pee straight into the hedge and I always thought it unfair that I had to trudge down to the block, so I started to squat here as well. Hubby doesn't seem to mind, in fact, I've caught him watching me a few times and I'm pretty sure he likes it!". Charlotte pulled down her leggings and squatted low, facing the hedge. She started peeing straight away, her stream jetting towards the grass at the base of the hedge. I was wearing jeans, so I unbuckled, pulled down the jeans and my knickers and joined Charlotte in a low squat. There was no hesitation as I shot my pee out into the base of the hedge. "You're a natural" commented Charlotte, "looks like you've done this before". I replied with "I've never been caravanning, but I've certainly peed outside plenty of times". When we finished, we both gave a little shake and pulled up our trousers. Charlotte commented that she didn't use toilet paper as she didn't want to end up with lots of paper in the hedge and she didn't want to carry it back round the front as it would make it more obvious to her neighbours what she was up to round the back. She said she was sure that some suspected anyway, but she wasn't that bothered and she was sure other's on the site had similar approaches. We went back inside and charlotte put the kettle on and brewed two large mugs of tea. We were chatting and catching up on things that had been going on in each other's lives and soon we opened a bottle of wine. A little later, we decided to go for a walk down to the seafront and get some fish and chips for dinner. The beach was a short walk away down a lane which came out on the a promenade. A further short walk along the promenade brought us to the chip shop where we purchased our dinner and a bottle of coke each to wash it down. We sat on a bench looking out to sea whilst we ate, enjoying the waves crashing onto the beach. By now, the tea and wine from earlier was going through me and I said to Charlotte that I needed to pee again and asked what were our options - a leading question rather than asking where there might be a toilet. Charlotte wasn't slow to respond and with the alcohol now in our system and our earlier outdoor pee having broken the ice she didn't hesitate to say that there were no toilets nearby so our best bet was to go down onto the beach where we could pee by the promenade wall. We deposited our chip papers in a bin, but Charlotte kept hold of the napkins, saying that they could be useful in a minute and we descended the steps onto the beach. We stood next to each other on the pebbles, backs to the promenade wall and dropped into a squat right up against the wall, lowering our trousers as we dropped. There were a few people on the beach, but they were far enough away not to worry us. They would probably be able to tell what we were doing, but they weren't close enough to bother us. I started first and my pee jetted out in front, splashing onto a wide area of stones and turning them instantly darker and making them shine. The pee bounced off the hard stones, causing splashes up the backs of my legs. Charlotte started hissing next to me, with her pee splattering the stones directly below her. When we were finishing, Charlotte passed me a napkin and we both wiped our intimate parts and wiped the splashes off the insides of our legs. We buried the tissues under a few stones, stood up, adjusted our clothes and returned to the promenade. We stayed, watching the waves for a while until it started to get dark and then headed back to the campsite. We passed the toilet block on the way up to the caravan, so Charlotte said that being as we were walking past, we probably ought to use it. She led the way inside and we found that the toilets were a simple affair with concrete floor, four cubicles and two sinks. I pushed the door open on the first cubicle and saw that it was clogged. The second cubicle was OK, but had splashes on the seat. The third cubicle had the seat missing and the fourth cubicle had a wet floor and tissue strewn about. "Not the best toilets" said Charlotte. "You can see why I don't use them often". I agreed and was hesitating as to which cubicle to use, when Charlotte went into the one with the sprinkled seat. She didn't shut the door, but pulled down her leggings and hovered over the toilet, leaning forward a bit. She peed backwards with some force - the first bit overshot the toilet and wet the back part of the seat and some fell to the floor, she adjusted her position and got most of the rest in the toilet, but still splashed the seat a bit. As her stream subsided, it well more directly down and impacted the front of the seat. "Ah well", she said - "It was already wet" and she giggled as she pulled some toilets paper out of the dispenser, wiped and dropped the tissue into the toilet. She pulled her leggings back up and left the cubicle without flushing. I said to Charlotte that I really didn't want to use the toilets, which she understood, so she said "There is another option" and pointed at a drain in the floor in front of the sinks. I liked her thinking, so I asked her to keep watch at the door and I squatted near the drain. I pissed a torrent onto the concrete about a foot from the drain and watched the puddle darken an increasingly large area of the floor before running across the floor and into the drain. When I had finished, the floor still had a large puddle that was slowly draining away. Back in the caravan, we sat on chairs in the awning and consumed more wine as we talked away for ages. We finally were ready for bed around 2am. We nipped round the back of the caravan for another pee before bed. I couldn't see much now but the light filtering through the caravan window blinds was giving just enough light to avoid peeing on my shoes. I heard Charlotte hissing next to me. We came back round to the front and Charlotte zipped up the awning and closed the curtains before we retired to bed. About 6am, I woke, hearing stumbling about. Charlotte was trying to creep quietly out of bed, but not doing a very good job of it. She opened the caravan door and went outside. Within 30 seconds, I could hear a hissing and splashing and it struck me that I hadn't heard the awning zips open. I raised the blind on the window next to my bed and could just make out the shape of Charlotte squatted in the front corner of the awning, her short nightshirt lifted clear of her white backside which was just visible against the black backdrop of the awning. The hissing continued for about 30 seconds, then she simply stood up and dropped her nightshirt back into place before coming into the caravan. I asked her if she was OK and she answered, "Yeah, just needed a piss, sorry if I woke you" I responded "It's OK, and now I am awake, I need to go too, but I'm not sure about going out in the dark". Charlotte said "Oh, don't worry about that - just go in the awning. It will soak into the grass by morning and with it all zipped up and dark, nobody is going to see you." I got out of bed and stepped outside. The grass was damp and cold on my bare feet and the air was cool around my legs and my bottom that was only just covered by my nightshirt. I went and stood in the opposite corner to where Charlotte had been and just let the pee run down my legs, over my feet and into the grass. It was a nice feeling of the contrast of the warm pee against the cool air on my legs. I wiped my wet feet on the mat as I re-entered the caravan and got back into my sleeping bag. My wet legs were dried quite quickly by the fabric of the sleeping bag as I enjoyed lying in the slight dampness. I will write a bit about the rest of the weekend if you are interested. Love Jenny xx
  10. Alfresco

    One Unisex Rest Rooms

    Most of the smaller places that have unisex toilets are just single toilets and a sink behind each door, so they are private rooms and there is very little point in making them gender specific. It is just more efficient that any person can use any toilet. However, with larger establishments, I would say that going unisex would not make better use of the space or time, or even water as you would have to replace open urinals with individual cubicles throughout. Then maybe 6 urinals would be replaced by 4 cubicles, so you would get a lower throughput, plus it is going to be slower to go into a cubicle, shut the door, pee, flush, open the door and exit than it is to just walk to a urinal, pee and walk away (most urinals here are auto flush or waterless). Add to that the fact that you might get stage fright whilst waiting to pee knowing that there is a girl in the cubicle next to you, or you may take a bit longer because you are listening to the girl next to you and it would all slow down a bit. Personally, I would have no hesitation in using a unisex shared toilet facility and would actually quite enjoy it, but I do think it will have some limitations. I think it will move that way over time though. I occassionally go to a customer's office where on one floor there are unisex toilets. There are three cubicles in one room and the divider panels and doors go floor to ceiling to avoid peeking I presume. The toilet is just down from the kitchen and I have been known to make a drink in the kitchen and then if I need the toilet I time my visit so that it is just after a good looking lady heads in the direction of the toilets. I have enjoyed listening to a few girls this way. I have to say though that it seems a bit weird when you both come out of the cubicles and stand next to each other at the sinks to wash hands.
  11. Alfresco

    Do you watch everyday?

    Varies greatly for me. Sometimes it is several times a day, other times it can be a week or more between getting a chance. Typically I probably view videos maybe 5 times a week.
  12. Alfresco

    Split Stream Questions

    Yes, sometimes. Not regularly, but every now and again. It is quite funny if using a toilet because it isn't easy to get both in the toilet and sometimes I have to make a rapid decision on which one goes in the toilet and which one goes elsewhere! Usually it self corrects after a couple of seconds.
  13. Alfresco

    The story behind the video...

    @fannywatcher, loved your back story. The video is great and the girls do very much look like they are rushing and standing guard as if they shouldn't be there. @Paulypeeps, I always love your casual attitude to peeing wherever is convenient to you, but definitely peeing on hard surfaces is going to attract attention more so than on adsorbent seats and carpets, but if you can get away with it......
  14. Alfresco

    Any ladies in north east UK into pee?

    Totally agree. I have witnessed this from Newcastle to Plymouth and Leeds to Brighton, Canterbury to Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Exeter, Bristol and many other places in between. Pretty much wherever people are drinking, they are peeing. It is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Obviously the bigger places have more drinking population so tend to be easier to find girls peeing, but I've seen girls peeing in small towns as well.