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  1. Another VERY near miss today. 5:15 pm and I was out on my bike. Two twenty something girls came out of a corner shop and looked around then shouted a girl’s name. Two also twenty something girls came out of the bushes laughing. One of the girls from the shop called “Where have you been?” One of the girls from the bushes called back “I needed a pee”. They laughed and then joined each other and walked off along the road. The girl that was peeing was a tall girl with a tight fitting t shirt covering medium curvy boobs and had light blue jeans which were tightly fitted to her shapely
  2. @Uroguy, sorry for the delay in replying, I hadn't checked back here. So that would be the first comment, if you are asking for feedback or input from a specific person, it is usually best to tag them in by typing '@' followed by their username. If you had done that then I would have received a notification and would have replied more quickly. It is a handy feature when you want to give feedback to a specific person or to seek input from someone. The story was well written and quite detailed, which I always like. I loved the scenes of desperation and realisation when she had locked
  3. Yes, first time just out of interest really. I have done it several times since, but not regularly. The first time, if I remember correctly, I peed in a pint glass and then tasted it. I find generally that if I have drunk plenty and I am hydrated then it is OK, but doesn't really do anything for me. However, drinking female pee is a different matter - I don't know whether it is something to do with the female flavour being different, or hormones in it or just the knowledge of the source, but I really enjoy drinking female pee. I have drunk my wife's several times - always directly fro
  4. Here is a screenshot for anyone who doesn't have access (click on it to see a larger size):
  5. I've just watched that clip as well. It's great - especially as she is out in the open. Well it definitely looks like she has her bum out and they could well be peeing for real. I think the biggest problem would have been getting both of them to pee at the same time and catching it in one take. If they don't get the shot first time then they'd have to wait for bladder refills, so it may be that they both have bottles hidden to deliver the flow, but it is certainly pretty realistic and all credit to them for including it. I agree that it is an area that is mostly ignored. Films and
  6. Yes, I did. There was nothing sexual about it at all, but my sister and I used to create a House/Den in either one of our bedrooms, which would have rooms such as a Bedroom area which was naturally on the bed, a Living area which consisted of a couple of beanbags, a kitchen which consisted of a couple of units set out as preparation sides and a bathroom which was the space between the end of the bed and the wall. We would get snacks and drinks from downstairs and stock the "Kitchen" then would prepare and eat them in the "kitchen" before relaxing in the "Living area". When we needed to pee
  7. I love these scenarios. If that were me in your position I'd be really enjoying what I believed to have just happened, but also continually frustrating myself over whether what I believed was true and also as to what the reasoning was for a lady using the gents - especially as it was unlikely that both the ladies and the disabled were occupied. As you say, the sounds are completely different, so chances are that it was the lady. You've spotted the same trainers, so that even further supports the theory. It is almost conclusive that it was indeed Maria. Then I would be wondering wh
  8. This is the bridge that @Kupar mentioned above: It seems that it has an following as an iconic piece of graffiti which is decades old and has created quite a soft spot for many people. According to this page, the slogan was painted over with a HELCH slogan in 2018 and people were complaining and campaigning to get it restored back to give peas a chance again. Strange when it was defacing the bridge in the first place and now people have complained that the defacing was defaced. There is even a Change.Org page, here to "give peas a second chance". This is to raise a camp
  9. Worked for me, but the video ends before they get to the conclusion. If I remember rightly they concluded that the stream broke up in the air into droplets and didn't give sufficient connectivity to cause an issue.
  10. Wow, First time I've read this thread and as I was reading through it when you were at the what to do stage, I was thinking you really need to follow this up as she obviously wasn't offended by it and it seemed that she had been deliberately watching out for you. Then I read the next part where she had been waiting for you and - what a result! You couldn't have wished for anything better and this is the sort of thing that is normally reserved for the fiction section. So, it sounds like you have struck it very lucky and I hope you get lots of fun going forwards. Now I'm tempted t
  11. I have no great desire to see men's equipment, but I have done in a few circumstances. Getting changed in communal changing rooms is one where it is pretty much unavoidable. Peeing at urinals, I don't have any fulfilment from seeing other men pee, so I don't tend to look, but I have sometimes noticed, particularly if the person is doing something slightly unusual like peeing hands free or standing well back from the urinal. I don't care if someone watches me pee - but I'd prefer it to be a woman. I've certainly had a couple of times where I have been peeing at urinals and ladies ha
  12. A couple of weeks ago I was walking in a park and needed to pee. It was about 8:00pm, there were a few people around. I decided to be very bold but also discrete. I sat on the top of a skateboard ramp with my legs hanging down the ramp. My back was towards the people who were sat in a kind of shelter thing behind. I unzipped and pulled out my penis and peed directly down the concrete ramp. It flowed down the curved slope of the ramp and then created a pool at the bottom. I finished and put myself away, then jumped down off the ramp and walked to the other side. Once the people in th
  13. The other day, I had a nice little pee in the edge of a local lake. I was screened by some trees, but I heard some people walk past whilst I was peeing and I would guess they could probably hear my pee tinkling into the water.
  14. Yesterday I went to collect my wife from work and help her finish tidying up and locking up. When I got there, the other staff members were packing things away and cleaning. I helped her sort some papers and a couple of odd jobs. The other staff left and that meant just us two still in the building. We were nearly done and had just mopped the main room and emptied the bucket down the floor drain in the utility area. I asked if we were going straight home or whether she needed to go anywhere else. She said she wanted to go to a certain shop to look for some things. The following con
  15. I'd agree with you that I've never paid a girl to pee, but I have thought about it - not really ever likely to happen though. Having said that, I guess in a way, I have paid for it with my wife because she is usually more up for pee play when we are away in a hotel or something, so I am paying for the hotel. The difference is that I'd be paying for that anyway and it isn't the primary reason to go away (although I have to admit always having the idea in the back of my mind when we go away). There is always some amount of payment involved - even it if is just paying for the drinks to fill
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