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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. Alfresco

    The Siblings (Part Three)

    @wetwulf, I'm loving this series. Another great work from you.
  2. Alfresco

    A Day At The Museum

    I have just re-read this as it has been brought back to light. It is told so well that it sounds like it is a true account and a real recollection. The concept and details are fantastic. Thanks @nopjans
  3. Alfresco

    Living with parents

    I just bung them in the washing machine, but sounds like that is not going to work for you unless of course you can get an opportunity to wash and dry the towels whilst your family are not in. I have never had a towel stain permanently through peeing on it (and I often use white towels) and never noticed any lingering smell. I do tend to wash them very soon after using them. If you are worried about damaging your good towels, keep an old towel handy and use that. As long as you can wash it properly and dry it without being detected then shouldn't be any issues. Surely you would need to use a lot of paper towels? For me, a typical bladder full if reasonably full is about 500ml and that would take a lot of soaking with paper and subsequent disposal so I don't want to go down that road.
  4. Alfresco

    Living with parents

    Some other options for pee fun at home below. I live with wife and daughter and they wouldn't appreciate finding my pee anywhere. Peeing in bed - well, that is a slightly difficult one unless you go with a protective sheet, which kind of defeats the object. Do you do your own washing? If so, You could have a protective sheet, then put towels on top of that, then sheet on top of that. When you wake up, just relax and pee. The towels will do the adsorbing, so it feels like you are peeing into the mattress. If you don't have the towels, then nothing to adsorb it, so you'll end up lying in a puddle (which is fine if that's what you want, but not the same as pissing and letting it soak away. Peeing on the floor - got any hard floors? Ideally tiles? I have peed on the kitchen floor, then just wiped it up with a towel, bunged towel in wash. Of course only safe to do if nobody around at the time. More risky if people are in the house, but OK if you are quick! Peeing on the office chair - I have a leather office chair. Put a couple of towels on that and then I can pee whilst working. Towels adsorb most of it. Slight damp patch after can easily be cleaned up. Wherever you pee on towels, you either need a plastic liner (as per @spywareonya says above) or you need to have a hard cleanable surface as there is a possibility that some pee will creep through the towels regardless. You can either pee standing and pee down onto the towels, or sit on the towels an let the pee run and pool around you. Of course, there are other possibilities which lend themselves to peeing without detection - pee in the garden (multitude of options), pee in a glass/mug/bowl and tip it away. Pee in a rubbish bin (I have a plastic bin under my desk which has come in handy often. I just pee over whatever rubbish is in there, then tip the lot in the outside bin later). Pee in the sink/bath/shower/dishwasher. Or, another fun one is to put washing in the machine and pee into the machine before you start it running. Or, pee on a pile of washing on the kitchen floor before putting it in the washer. Have fun!
  5. Alfresco

    Men Pee In Stall

    Mostly I use the urinals. However, if the urinals are really close together and to use one would necessitate standing close to another peeing bloke, then I would use the stall as a preference. Whilst I don't have a problem with peeing in public or in urinals with other people about, I do not want to be touching shoulders with another man whilst peeing. The designers of such facilities should really put a bit more thought into minimum separation. Once they get to a certain limit of spacing, people don't use alternate urinals, so effectively it means that there are less facilities available. It would be more productive to have less urinals with just a bit more spacing.
  6. Alfresco

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    Yes, I have peed in the sea many times. I've also peed on the beach, in rivers, in lakes and behind rocks. I've peed into the sea from a breakwater (watch the wind direction!) and from a boat. I've also peed in a kayak whilst in the sea. As you mentioned France, I had a good sighting on a French beach - Cannes to be more accurate. I was swimming in the sea with my daughter. A woman got up from her towel, came down to the beach just in line with where I was. She sat on the sand just above the water line, put her legs out in front of her, spreading them apart and then she peed a torrent through her bikini onto the sand. I stayed in the water but moved towards her. My head was still down at water level, so I was dead in line with her peeing pussy with just a flimsy bit of bikini hiding it. Her pee was pushing out through the fabric and creating a small arc between her legs. Once finished, she stood up and returned to her towel.
  7. Alfresco

    Save The Store And Keep Your Jobs

    That was great. Loved every bit of it.
  8. Alfresco


    @greedyneedygirl, I love this. I wonder if any hairdressers out there are actually secretly wishing they could pee on their clients whilst their clients are secretly wishing the hairdressers would pee on them. However, neither party gets to fulfil their desire because they presume the other party wouldn't be interested. Maybe some hairdressers could consider offering a golden shampoo for an additional cost. I would definitely change my barber if I heard that this was being offered by a female barber/hairdresser somewhere near me.
  9. Alfresco

    Sink pee

    Totally agree, but sometimes I don't want puddles on my own floor and I don't want to go outside either.
  10. Alfresco

    Sink pee

    Best get a box to stand on then.....
  11. Alfresco

    Sink pee

    Yep, I pee in the sink. Regularly. If I am cleaning my teeth before bed then I often pee in the sink at the same time - saves time and saves water. If I'm making a cup of tea in the kitchen, I often pee in the sink whilst getting the mug out of the adjacent cupboard, putting a tea bag in it and filling the mug with hot water. It is more convenient than making a separate trip to the toilet. At hotels I often pee in the sink in the room. Generally, the sink is actually the perfect urinal - it is at the right height (well for me anyway) so there is no mess and it can be flushed with just a small amount of water without needing to waste 2 gallons flushing the toilet. It is a practice I started when at university. I had a sink in my room, but the toilet was down the corridor and round a corner. So initially at night I started to pee in the sink in my room rather than walking down the corridor. Then first thing in the morning there was often a queue for the toilets, so I started to pee in the sink then as well. Soon it became easier to always use the sink - unless other people were in the room. However, I soon discovered that other people also thought the same way as me and most of the guys on my corridor also used their sinks - particularly at night. I later found that the girls also peed in their sinks at night. The sinks were set into a horizontal surface in like a vanity cupboard, so it was easy enough for girls to hop up onto the counter and sit on the sink to pee. Unfortuately I never got to witness that, but I certainly heard girls admit to it.
  12. Alfresco

    Men Pee Sitting Down

    I do whatever is more convenient at the time. If I'm out and about - particularly if wearing shorts with loose legs that allow easy access then I'll often sit on a bench or wall and pee. Best thing is that unless someone is close enough to see the pee then they don't suspect that you are peeing. However, I'm just as likely to pee standing up on the nearest tree/wall/bin or just onto the ground. At home, I generally pee standing during the day, but in the night I usually sit down as it means I can correctly target the toilet in the dark.
  13. Alfresco

    A midsummer nights wet dream

    A great story as ever @owlman76 You have a knack for coming up with stories that are original and different and adventurous. I love that metaphor! Enjoy! But make sure you come back and tell us all about it.......
  14. Alfresco

    The new job

    @owlman76 Another superbly hot story. I don't believe I have read this one before but it was great in so many ways.