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    Of equal standing: My wife being bursting and making me stop the car so she could flood the tarmac and another time going for a walk in quite a public area, she was bursting but didn't want to squat in case she was caught so she sat on my knee on a bench and peed between my legs. My trousers got wet but I wasn't complaining!

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  1. If only all taxi drivers had that relaxed attitude.....
  2. Sounds like the guy who honked enjoyed the view at least. I reckon you made someone's day. It certainly would have made my day if it had been me driving past.
  3. Nice one. At least she didn't have a negative reaction. Who knows, next time she's waiting for the bathroom and needs to pee, you may be able to persuade her to go outside too.
  4. Very hot - especially the idea of just sticking your ass out of the bed to pee without bothering to get up. Was there any issues with wet patches and smell when you left the room? Any comeback from the hotel staff? And did you partner enjoy seeing you pee in the room? I must admit to having peed in hotels many times in "inappropriate" locations including carpets in the room and in corridors and meeting rooms.
  5. It is very interesting to see the different way of writing from that time. Some of the descriptions are quite crude considering that most people at the time would not discuss their sexual activity, but it is good to see that people had the same desires and ours is nothing new.
  6. A very lucky sighting indeed. All the better for being able to discretely observe the detail without them knowing you were there and it was offered to you on a plate without you even going to look for it. Appreciate the detail of the report. Thanks @UnabashedUser
  7. Another point to add. Still in the framework of not drawing attention to yourself, but it is better to look for somewhere to pee BEFORE you get too desperate. This also goes with what @Paulypeeps has said above. If you are running around holding yourself, bobbing up and down and frantically looking for somewhere secluded to pee then you will attract attention. People will know what your intentions are and then that makes it less likely that you can sit discretely and pee. Also if you are absolutely bursting then your pee is likely to blast out of you in a less controlled manner, make more noise, make more splashing and not go where you want it to go. As is obvious from some of my other posts, I do enjoy watching women pee outside and therefore I've got quite accustomed to looking for signs that someone is looking for a place to pee. Those people that get off a bus and sprint across to the park are effectively yelling out "I'm desperate, I'm going to pee, if you want to see me then follow me". If they got off the bus casually chatting with friends and walked over to the park then it would be far less obvious. Similarly, if you are grabbing your crotch or walking slowly and bobbing down every now and again then you are screaming out "I'm bursting to pee". The other obvious one, but which I see from time to time is don't go to toilets that are locked and then immediately look for somewhere else. If someone goes to visit a toilet, then they obviously need to pee. If they find it locked then immediately head for the trees/bushes or behind a building then it doesn't take much imagination to guess what their plan is. Also going to a place where there is no other good reason to go is another indicator. Walking along a fairly busy street and ducking into an alley is probably a good indication that you are planning on making that alley into your toilet. Same with going into a secluded shop doorway. Probably far less obvious if you casually walk into a car park and disappear between some cars or as we've said above, sit on a wall or step and look like you are doing something else. Peeing on grass or other absorbent surface is definitely a winner. Nothing says "I'm peeing" like a river extending from under you out across a concrete pavement. @Girllikespee your particular situation is a busy city, so I would say that your best chance for opportunities would be to go out late in the evening - particularly Friday or Saturday. Most people will be concentrating on enjoying themselves and wouldn't be paying you much attention. You could go into a park or a car park and use some of the techniques mentioned here. You can get plenty of cover and enjoy peeing in the knowledge that there are people around but you won't get caught. The darkness also adds to your cover. Also, at that time the people who are out will mostly be used to drunken behaviour, so if they did happen to spot you peeing then they would most likely not be offended and would be very unlikely to cause any fuss. I have even seen girls peeing in full view of police with no issues (although I wouldn't recommend you start with that!!!), The other option is to get up early in the morning and go and visit a park. The night owls will have given up and gone to bed, the day people will still be in bed. There will be few people around and you can relax and pee in the bushes or by sitting on a low wall or step without fear of discovery. Your original post was back in July so several months ago. I would be very interested to know whether these pieces of advice have been useful to you and whether you have managed to put any into practice.
  8. Here is a good example of a girl being discrete whilst peeing. She sits on a step with her skirt covering most of her from view and apart from the fact that she lifts the side nearest the camera (which she does only so the camera can see), everything is pretty much hidden. Anybody walking nearby would just see a girl sat on the step. If she was studying her mobile phone, then it would look like she was sat there texting and anyone who happened to glance across would have their eyes drawn to the phone as that is where it would appear the action is happening. The chances of anyone seeing the gentle stream falling directly below her and close to the step are pretty slim - the skirt is just a few inches above the ground. There is a group of people just along from her but they have no idea what she is doing. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Weein-in-the-Park This is a very good example for ladies to follow when trying to be a master of peeing in very public areas without being detected. Remember the golden rule that you can get away with a lot if you don't draw attention to yourself. Squat in the middle of a path and bare your backside and everyone knows you are peeing. Hide like this and nobody even thinks that you might be peeing, so they don't look for the peeing because that is the last thing that most people would suspect you are doing.
  9. No other photos for you for now, but I went to a nearby town a couple of days ago for an appointment. When I came out of the appointment I needed a pee so I went to the nearby park. I was pleased to note that the toilets were closed as they were being renovated (If they had been open I would have had to walk further to be far enough away to have an excuse to pee outside) so I found this area where there was a gap in some bushes and ducked in behind them to pee. I unzipped and peed against the bushes whilst I could hear people walking by just a few metres away, but out of sight. I also noticed that there were quite a few tissues there and also a sanitary pad, so it was obviously an area frequented as a toilet whilst the renovation is taking place or maybe just in the evenings generally when they were locked. Then yesterday I went for a bike ride and found a couple of areas in woodland parts of a park where there were some tissues behind bushes. I also stopped and had a pee there whilst I was out.
  10. No that is not Brighton. It is a small town in Surrey.
  11. I was busy in the kitchen and decided to pee in the kitchen bin all over the rubbish that was in there. I did this one hands free. and a gif file.
  12. Then, another day I peed in the woods against a tree just off the path. I fired it up the trunk a bit and got it up to a bit above chest height. The second pic shows the dark patch on the tree which anyone walking along the path would see until it dried up.
  13. A few days later I went for a walk near a stream and added my contribution from the bank.
  14. I haven't posted for a while, so I'll post a few that I've collected up over the last couple of weeks. Firstly, one of my rare visits to a public toilet. I went there specifically to photograph it because some of the ladies, including @Eliminature have expressed interest in peeing in urinals. This particular toilet has a urinal, but there is nothing saying that it is reserved for gentlemen, so any lady who wished to use it would be perfectly within their rights. The toilet has no discriminating labels on the outer entrance, then once inside, there is a door to the left into a cubicle and a wall straight ahead with a sign that simply says "Urinal". Behind the wall is a stainless steel urinal. The photos demonstrate this and I felt obligated to show the urinal in use, but part way through I found myself missing the urinal altogether and peeing on the wall and then the floor. I was expecting that there would be a floor drain under the urinal, but there wasn't. It was a tiled floor and the only drain was a gutter drain across the main entrance door, so I can only assume that the council staff either hose down or mop the whole floor into the drainage gutter. Main Entrance - you can see at the back the cream wall behind which is the urinal. You can also just see the urinal sign on the back wall and the gutter drain across the door. Inside to the left is the door to the cubicle which says unisex. The sign on the back wall: Around the corner behind the wall - Urinal in use: Although I wouldn't be that bothered if there wasn't a urinal:
  15. Two places - one was in a park. There were a group of male and female Indian ladies. Two ladies left the group and walked to the car park. They stood behind a car, legs slightly apart. They remained there for about a minute then walked off leaving two puddles in the dirt. The other one was by the side of a path. There was a man and a woman. The man was peeing into a bush. The lady went a bit further of the path and squatted but kept her sari around herself. I couldn't see anything but it was obvious that she was peeing by her position and the fact that the man was also peeing gave the indication. When she stood up the sari just fell back into place. I checked out the place afterwards and found a wet patch in the dirt.

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