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  1. I absolutely love this account. The fact that the brunette had absolutely no hesitation in peeing once she was invited to do so by her friend and the fact that she kept mentioning it in the lead up makes me think that she was indirectly trying to get consent from her friend that it was OK to pee. The fact that she peed so easily and openly makes me think that she had probably peed outside on a night out many times - maybe starting off when she was of young drinking age and continuing with the habit as she got a little older. The fact that they were both giggling a lot and tipsy sounds li
  2. I never saw the second part of the story when it was written. So pleased that @Breepee24brought it back to the front page. @gldenwetgoose I loved the first part when I read it a couple of years ago. I loved it when I re-read it today and the second part was brilliant. So well written and such a great subject. I would love to see those pictures! And as for @Kupar's observations - Totally agree.
  3. Great sighting of the girl with the short skirt and loud mouth, she obviously didn’t c are who knew what she was doing or cared if anyone saw her. You definitely did the right thing with the girl behind the van. It is a shame that her friend called her back from the bins as she was obviously happy to pee there, but it was nice that she happily told you that she had been for a wee when she came back.
  4. I'm very impressed by the range of languages that some of you have! Apart from my native English, I learned French to O level in school and a little German. I helped my daughter with her German GCSE, so that refreshed it a bit, but I've never really used either in a useful sense. However just recently I spent two weeks in France and I was pleased to be able to order things sort out bills etc in French as well as I had a short conversation with someone who wanted me to take their photo. It kind of rekindled my thoughts on languages and so I would like to develop my French. I woul
  5. Your position is a difficult one @BlindListener. My wife has always told me I can look at others but not touch. As you say, touching is your way of seeing so that puts you in a position of difficulty knowing where the line is. Given your wife’s response to your interest in pee, I can’t see that she would see it as appropriate for you to touch another lady’s pee stream - but on the other hand it would be the only way for you to experience it and you wouldn’t be doing it to cheat on your wife, rather just to broaden your understanding. The other difficulty of course is finding someone
  6. I regularly pee outdoors and I try not to worry too much about who might see me although I am also not usually brazen about it. I have regularly just stopped walking or cycling and peed where I am, sometimes other people see, but I'm not trying to do it obviously. When I've been out in the evenings in cities, I often need to pee and just pee anywhere convenient. I have also sometimes peed next to or near other people (male and female) and even chatted to them whilst peeing.
  7. What reactions do you get from other people? Especially if you are in places like a store or an elevator/lift.
  8. You actually need to look for cooler clouds. If you have a hot tub and have the temperature set above body temperature, then the pee entering the water is actually cooler than the water. I know from experience of feeling my own pee and that of my wife. We do have a hot tub and I always say not to pee in the water - mainly because it is too discrete and I don't get to know when it is happening or see anything. I prefer my wife to pee standing on the deck next to the tub and I have said that if she wants to pee in the water then she should at least sit on the side and open her legs so
  9. This morning. I went for a short walk from the house to stretch my legs on a break from work. Rather than using the toilet before I set out, I peed in a parking area behind some houses about 200m from my house. I walked into the parking area, unzipped and left a puddle on the concrete then put everything away and continued my walk. I do pee outside pretty often.
  10. More delightful sightings from you @Big Bear, extremely well described as usual - thank you. Sounds like a great night out and I bet you are glad that you had the opportunity to work in that city for the night. I suspect you'll put your hand up for another shift there in the future if the opportunity arises and now you know about some good places you'll be able to get the best out of the evening.
  11. I didn't know whether to put this one on YouTube Finds or include it here as it meets both criteria. It is a news story on the TV which has been posted to YouTube about people peeing in public and the local business owners now being too happy. There is quite a bit of coverage of the actual peeing although it is blurred. I've put the link and screenshots on the Youtube Finds page:
  12. If someone is planning to use the bidet to wash after peeing anyway, then it makes total sense to pee in the bidet and then wash all in the one place.
  13. That reminds me of a time when I peed in a display tent. I had stopped at a large camping shop on my way to somewhere. I needed to buy something camping related. It was about an hour into my journey and I needed to pee. There were no obvious toilets, so I thought I would go to the outside display area and pee between the tents. When I walked down there, I realised that nobody was about, but that the display area was very visible from the shop and car park, so if I peed between tents, I would likely be spotted. However, I thought that if I went inside a tent, nobody would see what
  14. Excellent sighting there- and I can confirm that buses arriving into the city often provide good opportunities. I have seen some great sightings of girls running from buses desperate to pee and heading for the nearest alley or bush. I have seen this in several cities and multiple times. Often I think people drink at home before they head into town and then by the time they have ridden the bus for half an hour or more, they are desperate on arrival. Of course, once they have done this once or twice then it becomes a behaviour that they may follow regularly on arrival into town as they k
  15. Sounds perfect. I bet you really enjoyed that quick peek as you went by. If I see something like that then it makes my day and I am just a little happier for the rest of the day, with a lovely image in my mind.
  16. I always swore I would never be one of those people who let their kids overtake them with computer and tech knowledge, but guess what? My daughter now sorts out issues on our phones and iPads in no time that have had my wife and I flummoxed. Glad you are back on line.
  17. I regularly pee whenever and wherever I am whilst out in nature, but I don’t walk around naked. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I have two problems with the idea; firstly I get bitten by very bug around and secondly I am usually too close to populated areas and paths I have been known to take all my clothes off for a short while when I am in the woods and need to pee, but I don’t tend to leave them off for any long periods of time.
  18. No, but I have tasted pee from random ladies who have peed outside, but only if it is very fresh and I saw it being produced. E.g. a women peeing on a bunch of leaves and some of the leaves hold a small amount (few ml) of pee or if they pee on a dry place and leave a large enough puddle that I can soak my handkerchief in it and then suck a little pee out of it. I am sure it is not a good practice and there are probably all sorts of things I could catch from it, but it is a very rare indulgence and a tiny amount in any one go. Sometimes I just can’t resist.
  19. Excellent experience, @Kupar! I can attest to how good this is, as my wife has done this for me a few times, although without the clothing. She has only done it in hotels and we also had the experience that quite a bit pooled on the floor.
  20. Very nice. Does show that some ladies are willing to pee in more public situations when desperation calls. I love the way people “hide” between car doors but hang their bums below the level of the door. I am never sure if they don’t realise how much is on show or whether maybe they would rather hide their heads from view. Of course there is very little chance that you would be seen by someone you know, so that might also make people think that they are better off peeing in public than being desperate, uncomfortable and waiting to find a toilet.
  21. Good that you saw a couple of sightings, but definitely less sightings than you would expect for such a big event. Sorry you missed out on more.
  22. This is impressive that they actually pulled in to a lay-by that already had a car in it and still proceeded to pee. Did they pee by the car or head into the woods? We’re they visible or did they make an effort to hide? We’re they solo travellers or with others who were also peeing?
  23. I think that there have always been some people who are willing to pee in lay-bys if needed, but I do think people got more relaxed since Covid. At that time, many public toilets were closed and people had no choice but to improvise. Some people who probably used to make an effort to hold on and go out of their way to find a toilet probably realised that actually, peeing next to the car or even in the bushes at a lay-by ther were already passing was easier, quicker and not really a problem, so they have continued to do it. Of course there are many (including my wife) who would rather wait
  24. Firstly bear in mind that English beaches are not often host to warm seas and 5he times I go there are usually evening or early morning. Therefore not that many people seem to go into the water just to pee. Those that do pee in the water usually go in and swim, so there is no way o telling when they are eyeing. There are not many people who do the walk in to waist deep, pee and come out routine. The beaches where I go most have toilets, so people prefer to use those rather than get cold and wet. I am sure there is some peeing on the beach later on in the evening, but they are either d
  25. I think it is far less taboo these days than it used to be. Certainly in the UK I have seen ladies peeing by their cars in lay-bys a good few times. Yes, men do it more, but I don’t think it is because anyone would think less of a lady peeing in a lay-by, it is more that the ladies themselves are often reserved and don’t wish to be seen - even by strangers passing at 60mph. The other factor is that ladies are more discreet, so it probably happens more than people realise. Men tend to stand facing the verge and it is pretty obvious. Ladies tend to either walk into the bushes a little o
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