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  1. I know what you mean about the jets, @Sarah_Hiker31. We have a hot tub at home and there is one particular place where you can sit and have a jet on you from directly underneath. I pointed this out to my wife when she was in there with me (naked) and she loved it. She asked "Why did I not find this before?" As for peeing in the pool, you don't need to worry about being discrete. Just make sure that you are well hydrated so that your pee is not too dark and pee when you need to pee. My wife and I spent a day at a spa a couple of weeks ago and neither of us used the toilet all day. We
  2. I did bring it up with my wife. I have loved seeing girls peeing, particularly outside, for all my adult life. I didn't raise the subject as soon as we were going out together, but then again I didn't raise the subject of sex either. I was quite an innocent back then and so was she, so we had a very slow start in our relationship. However, I couldn't help but desire to see my (at that time) girlfriend peeing outside and one day it happened because she was really desperate and she said she wasn't going to make it home so asked if I would find somewhere we could stop to pee. I said tha
  3. Welcome to the world of enjoying peeing @dirtykris666. Loads of different options to explore and I hope you enjoy them all as well as sharing your experiences.
  4. Car parks make good toilets. Plenty of hiding places and once you squat down you are invisible unless someone walks along that particular row. Pick a spot a god way along the row then you can check nobody is approaching before you squat, Multi storey car park stairwells are another good one - especially in car parks with lifts/elevators where the stairs are used less. Usually you find there are multiple staircases and most people use the one nearest to the shops, so if you go to one in a far corner you are unlikely to be disturbed and if you choose a higher floor you have even less foo
  5. I'm somewhat older than you @GenericUsername as I'm in my mid 50's but I do think that watching a lot of porn can desensitise people. From my own experience I remember that it used to be nearly every pee pic or video would get me hard, but now I can watch quite a few without any great reaction. It is a case of over exposure to the same kind of stuff I guess. I have also found that in general my erections are not as frequent or as full as they used to be - including sex with my wife. Therefore I did go and see the doctor and he did tests on hormone levels etc. All was apparently
  6. Definitely a popular spot with multiple people peeing there.
  7. That sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Beautifully described events there. Would definitely like to hear more.
  8. @swekiss, looking at the size of that puddle, I would say there was no option but to go quickly to the nearest bit of semi seclusion when you got off the bus. Thank you for sharing the picture. Lovely puddle.
  9. Pyjama shorts and short sleeve top. I prefer PJ shorts to boxers as they are looser. I find if I don't wear a top them my shoulders get cold. In the summer I sometimes go naked but it hasn't warmed up that much yet. I sometimes sleep with a top but no shorts as it is the shoulders than need to be kept warm. My wife wears either long legged PJs or a nightie without underwear, which I obviously appreciate.
  10. The tissue in the carpark was guaranteed all fresh, all female. Yep. And it was away from other obvious contaminants.....
  11. Yes, I have peed in the bin in my office at home and also the much larger kitchen bin. I've also peed in bins in public places outdoors (e.g. parks) and into bins in toilets.
  12. You say it will never be heard again but now you know that she is willing to do that on live, it might be worth keeping an eye out for future lives from this lady.
  13. The thought did cross my mind, and if it had been only her own pee that she had fallen in then I probably would have done that but it was a generally wet corner that probably had a mix of male and female pee and some of it was probably quite old, so I thought better of it.
  14. Third and final sighting of the evening. This was about 1:30am. There were a group of five people - two girls, three guys about 50m from me up the street. I heard one of the girls saying loudly that she needed to pee. I couldn't tell at this stage which girl had said it though. They all set off walking away from me, so I followed at a distance but kept them mostly in my sights. They turned down a side road that leads to a car park and the bus station. I walked through the bus station but keeping an eye on them where I could. Two guys stopped in a recessed entrance to a construction
  15. Second sighting of the night was a lovely one. I saw two girls walking up the street away from McDonalds and the main area. I don't know why, but I thought they might be going to pee in a side street on the way up the hill. Turns out they didn't BUT, if I hadn't been following at a distance then I wouldn't have had my second sighting. As I was walking up the street on one side, there were two ladies walking down the street towards me on the opposite pavement. One of them pointed to the side of the street and then indicated a corner where the buildings stepped back from the next row of
  16. Finally after a long drought, I managed to find an excuse to be out late at night on my own. I went out to see the Aurora on Friday night and after spending a little time doing that, I went into a nearby mid sized town to see what was occurring. I had three very nice sightings. I will give a bit of detail, so might split up the post accordingly. At first, my normal rules of engagement were not working for me. I was keeping an eye on a queue for a nightclub which was getting longer. I thought that surely some of the people joining the back of the queue must have little chance of ge
  17. I have written up a good few more since this post. Check my sightings thread linked below where you will find sightings from Sept 2020 to Aug 2023. Unfortunately I have not been able to go out to the right places at the right times since then, so I have been quiet on that thread recently. I do have one more to add but it is more of a detection than a true sighting.
  18. You can’t post videos directly on Peefans, people post them on other sites such as erome or thisvid and link to them.
  19. You say you have been lucky to witness ladies using the toilet right in front of you; is that people who you know, who don’t mind peeing in front of you because they know you can’t see them? I am sure you get just as much excitement from them peeing right there through the other senses, particularly sound and smell, so it is interesting if they are more comfortable just because you can’t see them.
  20. This was then referenced by the Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13350407/tori-spelling-tmi-podcast-confessions.html where the pee incident is quoted.
  21. When I was a student I lived on the 8th floor of some halls of residence. I peed out of my window several times. I have also peed out of upstairs windows in my house, off multi storey car parks (both over the side and down stairwells) and from hotel room windows and balconies.
  22. You have a gorgeous body @Barbieoxo, thank you for sharing these stunning pictures.
  23. Amazing how many people have answered in the comments and everyone is just giving an answer without saying anything negative about people being into pee.
  24. Let’s hope the next event I somewhat sooner! The more you doit, the more comfortable, confident and relaxed you will become.
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