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  1. At the beach, I pee in the ocean basically every time I get in. If I don't want to get wet, the next most common method I use is to sit on a rock or log, discretely slide my dick out one leg of my board shorts, and pee as discretely as I can. Only once, I've tried sitting on a rock, and just letting my pee flow out through my dry suit. It was an exhilerating experience, made more so by my gf sitting next to me, also letting her own pee flow out through her bikini onto the rock. What i've never tried, but really want to, is to kneel in the sand and pretend to look through my bag, while peeing d
  2. I think most, but not all of the ladies discussing stray streams here have already voted in the poll below, but I'm wondering if accounting for stray streams impacted what your most-used methods of peeing in public were? The poll is almost a dead tie, so hard to know from the data till we get more responses.
  3. If you were the only woman comfortable peeing wherever, where did the other women pee?
  4. I have an 18ft catamaran with no toilet, or even a deck, its just a trampoline between two sealed hulls. The boat is very low to the water and basically the whole boat (and its occupants) get washed down every major wave you crash over. Of the girls I've sailed with regularly enough to know how they pee, one always just peed through her wetsuit, meaning I never actually got the knowledge of when exactly she was peeing since she didn't announce it, but she did admit that was how she peed. The other (my gf, who knows I like pee), was wearing a shorty wetsuit, so pulled the crotch to one side and
  5. Wow, you did it in pants?! I would've guessed you go wearing a skirt for sure! Quite the feat to pull of, nicely done.
  6. @Vassal and @ppppppp, in case you didn't already see it, this poll is almost certainly right up your alley based on what you're saying about beach peeing intrigue:
  7. @weequeen if you do this regularly, what technique do you use to avoid getting caught?
  8. In my experience (to be fair, I haven't peed in the sand yet - planning to as soon as i get a chance - but i have peed on rocks at the beach), it doesn't smell because the beach is basically always windy and extremely well ventilated since its outdoors and right by the ocean. If you're talking about peeing into your towel, I'm not quite as sure, but my guess would be that there would still be enough wind to make the smell imperceptible. The pee soaks quickly through the rocks into the sand, so there isn't a lot sitting on the surface to create a lot of smell.
  9. Any ideas for the next poll I should make?
  10. Hahah no, it definitely isn't hard to imagine people peeing in the locker room image i sent, but it is a bit surprising - at least since I haven't seen anyone do it and have spent awhile in similar locker rooms for various sports. Are you able to find an image on google/etc of approximately what the changing rooms you normally pee in look like?
  11. Ah pauly, you're right! I guess the closest ones on there would be "Wearing a skirt, stand to pee against a wall/tree/etc without a device" and "Wearing a skirt, slide to the front edge of your chair and pee onto the floor under the table/booth" but obviously not quite the same as what you're describing. If a lot of people vote in this poll, I'll try and make another one to refine the results and add in the stuff I missed, like your suggestions above.
  12. @Paulypeeps I love the iteration! That would be a ton of fun if I could convince her!
  13. See questions below. I'm sure I missed some methods, so please share other strategies in the comments. This is the female version of this poll. For the male version, please go here:
  14. This is the male version of this poll. For the female version, see here:
  15. Okay, so when you're talking about peeing in the changing room, you're really talking about peeing in the shower/rinse portion of the facility?
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