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  1. 1.) Residential region (approximate, e.g. federal state or "South, North, West, East Germany) California 2.) Which gender best describes you & how old are you? Male, 20-30 3.) Which 5 words come up spontaneously on the topic Do you pee without thinking twice about it? Not usually 4.) Where have you peed anywhere except on a toilet? (Make a list and explain uncommon places.) In the dunes at a beach, standing On the sand at a beach, standing In the ocean, both waist deep and ankle deep, peeing through suit On a rock, sitting, breakwater next to beach, peeing through suit On a paddle board, sitting down, through suit In a wetsuit while swimming In a wetsuit while not in water (on boat) On a boat, peeing through suit, sitting over the mesh trampoline On a boat, overboard In a pool Outside while camping In a parking lot (gravel) In a bush at a frat party, in view of dozens of guys and gals In a bottle while kayaking In a bottle while in a car Behind a trash dumpster In a towel In dirty laundry In the shower In the sink 6.) When you are in the swimming pool area / water park and have to pee, where do you pee (in the pool, drainage channel, shower, changing room, toilet bowl, urinal, on the floor or other places)? Usually the urinal, but every now and then, the pool If you do NOT do it in the toilet: 6a.) Where do you do it, how and why? Sometimes in the pool, underwater through suit, to be naughty and for convenience 6b.) Don't you think it's gross to do it there? Pool chemicals are designed for it 7.) Have you ever peed or watched someone do it in an individual or group locker or changing room? Not in the changing rooms, only in the group showers 7a.) How often and why? In the showers, basically saw it every time. Never in the changing area 7b.) Were there drains in the ground or did you not care? Showers... 7c.) Do you know others who do it that way? Have never seen changing room piss in real life 7d.) Have you ever intentionally gone to the changing rooms or closets to pee? No 8.) Have you ever accidentally pee in your panties or pants ??? Except as a small child! No 9.) If you are on the beach and there is no toilet nearby or it is so dirty, where do you do your number one (pee)? If it is hot out, I'll go in the ocean. If it's cold, I'll usually pee discretely sitting on a rock 10.) Have you ever been to a major event (concert) and had to but couldn't go to the bathroom because the toilets were dirty, the line in front of them was too big or you didn't want to lose your place in front of the stars? Not yet 11.) What was the most unusual or unusual place you ever peed yours and why? Not sure, see list above 12.) Have you ever been embarrassed about peeing? For example, forgot to pull your panties down? Forgot to open the toilet seat ??? No 13.) Have you ever peed on purpose next to a toilet or on the toilet seat, for example in school, swimming pool, disco ...? No 13a.) If so: where and why? 13b.) Alone or with somebody else? 14.) Have you ever peeed at one of the following places or seen somebody peeing: kitchen (myself, in the kitchen sink, very drunk), sink (myself, alone, just to try it), elevator (no), stairwell (no), parking garage (friend did, but i didn't get to watch), field (yes, myself and gf, after having sex in said field), hallway (no), room (?), wastebasket (yes, myself, to be naughty), flower pot (no), special vessel (just a bottle). Where and what was the surrounding setting? 15.) When you go to the toilet at parties or something like that, it can happen that someone has just used the bathtub / shower or the washbasin to pee while someone else is on the Toilet sat. I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard stories. 16.) Have you ever been to a rest stop, had to go to the toilet when necessary and then found that it was locked? No 17.) Have you ever made a game (e.g. truth or dare) or a bet (who can hold the longest, pee the furthest or something else) with friends that had something to do with peeing ??? Only with significant other (who can pee the furthest). It would be super hot to play a game with more friends though! 18.) If you go by train for long journeys and there are no toilets or they are locked, what do you do when you are alone on the train? Haven't been in this situation, but would try and pee somewhere that didn't make a mess for others (in a bottle, onto the tracks from between cars, maybe out a window)
  2. @PixieRyder Do you have any other examples of challenges y'all did? Trying to come up with some more to play with my partner, besides the classic distance competitions we've already done.
  3. I sure bet its more exhilarating to do! Is wetting your favorite pee activity? Yeah, I definitely will; I'll let you know how my experience is when I do it! Oh interesting, I've got a 3/2 now, but have been meaning to pick up a 4/3 for the colder days. Does some of it squirt through the wetsuit if you wet yourself in a 3/2?
  4. What specifically do you dislike about peeing standing up?
  5. Hahah nice pun. I've been trying to encourage my gf to learn! Hopefully she can get the hang of it with more practice!
  6. Jane, first off, welcome to the forum! I haven't yet tried peeing in a dry wetsuit, but peeing my wetsuit while in the water is definitely a great, warm feeling, especially on a cold day. The slow peeing is a clever way not to get caught, as in my head I had always worried it would be obvious if i peed in a dry wetsuit, like you said. Why do you pee slowly walking down the beach instead of waiting till you're in the water? Do you prefer the feeling, or is the beach walk particularly long, or is there another reason?
  7. What about the fabric of the bikini influences your decision, and how so?
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