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  1. Have you ever peed at the pump or do you pee in the aisle every time? How many times do you think you've peed in the aisle?
  2. Can you share a link to the survey on the German site so we can see what the results were for the Germans who answered it?
  3. Like literally in the area with lockers and benches to sit on? Where is this? How often do you actually see other guys doing this?
  4. How far forwards are you able to get your stream to go when you pee standing up?
  5. Do you open your legs so you can really get a good view of each other or keep them pressed together?
  6. Trying to avoid using the toilet today. So far I’m at two pees of just opening the back sliding door and pissing into the mulch in our back patio.
  7. In many videos, it seems like ladies will rub their clit before starting to pee. Like, not enough to really be masturbating and then squirting rather than peeing, but just 5-10 seconds of rubbing before they release their full bladder. As a guy, I'm curious about this because for me, if I were to stroke myself before trying to pee, it would make it harder to pee as the arousal ends up being the opposite sensation of releasing the pee. Even if I'm going to do a piss while I'm hard, I need to stay still for a bit to focus on releasing the pee. Can any of the ladies shed some light on this, or is
  8. Starting a thread to record adventures so I don’t need a new topic every time! My most recent pee fun was an evening where I was going to a hot yoga class. I put on sweat wicking boxer briefs (ie. Compression shorts) and then some short green running shorts. I knew I would be sweating a ton during the class so chugged several bottles of water during the afternoon leading up to it. Plus, if my pee was clear it would be easier to get away with what I had planned. I parked a little further from the door than necessary and started walking towards the class. I had peed at home earlier and
  9. Looking this up on Amazon also showed a series of books called Feminine Anarchy by Amanda James. Has anyone read any of those? Also, not quite a book but there is a published magazine of sorts called Bagni Misteriosi that looks fun!
  10. Wow, so hot!! Glad we could provide some inspiration too! 😉 Was this your first gas station pee?
  11. I just did another gas station piss! The gas station was super busy with people driving all around and all the pumps in use so I positioned myself so that the pump blocked the view of the camera and my car blocked the view of everything else. Then standing in the position as if I was holding the pump, I sneakily pulled my cock out of my fly (which I had already unzipped while in the car) and aimed it at the side of my car. I let my piss out so it flowed down the side of my car not even half a meter from the gas tank opening. It was raining so you couldn’t hear the splatter over the rain or not
  12. How did your pee go? What size was the puddle?
  13. Could be fun to pee in a pint of ice cream and then put it back in the freezer! I’m curious if the pee would be hot enough to melt some of the ice cream so they mix together and then what the texture would be like once it refroze. The simplest would be to just hold the pint under me and pee while standing in the kitchen, but if you really wanted to make a scene out of it, it would be hot to be out in a lounge chair by the pool on a Sunday day. You’d take a few bites of ice cream then set the open pint down on the ground next to your lounge chair. After laying down and tanning for some time you
  14. Wonderfully written! Was this a real or fictional account @sd91?
  15. Earlier today I peed behind my car in a busy parking lot in the middle of the day! A couple people walked and drove past but I don’t think anyone actually noticed, at least they didn’t say anything. A short and very yellow pee…I need to drink more water!
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