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  1. I peed off building at work sometimes cause I can. Pee on the roofs a lot.
  2. I am asking for ideas. Suggestions or any help. I will be in Vegas for st Patrick's Day weekend. Downtown on Fremont Street. What r some ideas to get a girl or 2 to come take a piss in my hotel room just simply on the floor.
  3. When at a party or anytime u go to the bathroom as a group. At a house. Bar. Restaurants etc etc
  4. Yes I do for the reason in ur question. As well as myself if I need it. Do a lot of outdoor stuff. Fishing camping hunting biker rallies.
  5. Never can find anyone somewhat close that is willing. Maybe one day. Would be fun if it ever actually happens
  6. Yes she did as well. Believe her mother had her and her sister do the same as she did with her children
  7. I want to first say this is not my first hand experience but was told this from a very good friend a few years ago. She was a single mother of 5 kids. Not too far apart in ages. 4 girls and 1 boy. One time talking with her she told me that when she takes all the kids school clothes shopping (which she hates). It would never fail that as the kids were trying on the clothes one would need to pee. She said to save time and dragging the kids across the store. She always just told them to pee in the corner in the dressing room she said this happens a lot more then you think it would
  8. Ur fantasy being the bed or the original just anywhere and everywhere
  9. If requested by the host that in the morning you squatted and pissed in the bed with ur first of the morning pee. Would you or would you have any concerns?
  10. Is pissing on the carpet your only interest
  11. I have always been one of it is already messy. I will make it more messy.
  12. Who has used a dressing room for their bathroom. And why? Or had a friend \ kids do it with your encouragement
  13. I have always wonder if I was the only one to go in a corn maze
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