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    Marine engineer from Surrey, England. Into peeing in public places, for example: car parks, alleyways, parks, and industrial estates.
    I love driving around with a full bladder, finding somewhere to empty it and leaving a nice big puddle.

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    Peeing outside
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    I was desperate for a pee whilst on a long drive to Wales. It was out of tourist season and all public toilets were locked. I pulled up in a small town, and found a spot to park outside the local news agents. They didn't have a toilet, so I went to the side of the shop and peed into a bin. As I was peeing, a group of young women walked past, and giggled when they saw me. One make a remark "when you gotta go, you gotta go!" As they walked off.

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  1. Loving these sighting and the photos that accompany them! Keep them coming!
  2. It was hard to tell. They were both dressed fairly casual, definitely not “out out” type of clothing - potential a party at a friends house? Maybe heading home from the airport after a long flight? I’m not sure. I work in a trade, so my work clothes are some cargo shorts and a polo shirt - not sharp at all!
  3. Driving to work, I stopped in a car park for a pee. I have a car park I regularly pee in, and early in the morning it’s always empty. Today it wasn’t! I pulled into the car park to see a small white Fiat 500 parked up in the far corner. This is very unusual! I drive a bit closer, and as I do so the drivers door swings open. I can see there are two girls, maybe 18-20 years old, in the car. The driver was a beautiful tall blonde, wearing leggings and a sports top. The passenger was brunette and in a jacket. The driver climbs out, and looks at me parked ab
  4. Loving this thread! I was on holiday a few years ago and while floating around in the pool I noticed a girl, maybe 18-19 years old, getting changed under a towel. She was about 5ft8, very slim athletic built, with beautiful wavy ginger hair in a high pony tail reaching halfway down her back. Absolute perfection in my eyes! I gently floated her direction, and as i got closer she slipped her bikini bottoms down from under the towel. As she was putting her underwear on, the towel slipped, and I got a great view of her neatly trimmed pussy. Beautiful pink lips visible under the sh
  5. Hell yeah! I used to work outside at a car hire shop, and used to regularly piss between the parked cars, or behind the fuel pump we had out back. I’d also pissed on the garage floor a few times before the cleaner arrived in the evening
  6. Girlspee.net has been displaying the DDOS screen blocking me from access for the past couple of weeks! I miss my favourite site!
  7. Loved these recent sighting! You’re a lucky guy! I’ve actually had a pee not far from the McDonald’s, just by the river. maybe I need to visit that service road more often!
  8. They’re homeless. They NEED cash. it is quite literally exploitation of vulnerable people
  9. I once took a piss inside a train station waiting area. Felt amazing, so I did it again the next day. Then again. Then again. This was first thing in the morning, and it went on for weeks. Then we had the first warm day of the year and my god. The smell when I walked in that morning was horrific. The entire room had a warm pissy musk about it. It was unbearable. The next morning the waiting room was closed and a sign saying it was “closed for maintenance”. It was closed for about a week and the entire place was deep cleaned. I loved pissing there every morning
  10. I’ve pissed in the changing rooms at my gyms pool many times! the floor is always a little bit wet from people coming in after swimming, but there have been a few times when I’m alone and needed a pee, so I’ve just pissed on the floor! It leaves a visible puddle, but being a pool area no one has every noticed it
  11. Been there done that! Got desperate on a long roadtrip. No service stations coming up, so my only option was to pull over in an area with very little in the way of cover! I just stood next to the curb and pissed on the side of the road. The road was busy as it was early evening, and everyone would've seen!
  12. Welcome back! Great to have someone from the best part of the UK 😉
  13. I had a piss outside this morning. Felt lovely and as it was a bit cold my pee was steaming as it formed a puddle on the concrete
  14. The one I can remember was just someone getting out of the pool and saying "just going to the toilet, be back in a minute" and my friend went "actually, to keep the carpet inside dry can you just go in the bushes?" And that was it!
  15. Good day everyone! Today I was driving home from work and found myself dying for a piss. I pulled over at a service station, knowing full well I was NOT going to go inside and use the toilet. I parked my car at the far end of the car park, and opened the back door. I propped my phone up on the rear seat (I felt like filming myself today!) And started pissing into the grass verge behind my car. I gave the wheel of my car a bit of a hose-down, before finishing up and continuing the long drive home. Nothing particularly special today, but I thought I'd share with you lovely
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