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  1. The host probably regretted having organized a party at all when he saw what happened during the night πŸ˜„ Everything pissed on and smelly. However, it must have been very fun and comfortable for you and the other guests not bother yourself finding a toilet and wait a long time. I can imagine that after the first few bold ones, everyone joined. Just find a corner and let it go, how easy it is πŸ˜„ I would like to attend such a party sometime
  2. 400 years old house means 400 years of people peeing on it πŸ˜„ So it proves pee does no harm to the walls. She cant change habits of people so easily.
  3. I used to do some peeing in my house, but the cleaning afterwards was very annoying. So today I pee only in the sink and the more naughty pees I do outside my house where I don't have to clean it πŸ˜„ It also adds to the feeling of naughtiness.
  4. I peed from a balcony many times at night. ItΒ΄s quite fun πŸ˜„ But there is only grass under it, no pavement, cars etc.. so no harm was done.
  5. Covid lockdown was a paradise for fans of public peeing. Streets and public transport were empty and bathrooms were all closed. This made lots of opportunities πŸ˜„ I think peeing was also considered more acceptable since toilets were closed or considered "unsafe". Too bad I didn't take an advantage of it more. For example trains. I use it only seldom, but IΒ΄m sure the train cars became one big urinal while the actual toilet remained unused πŸ˜„ One story from that time I was waiting for a bus at a big bus station. Normal it is crowded, but then i was completely alone. Then I saw a man wa
  6. So try at night or another station. You can also pee on train. I think there is almost no station without piss stains on it and inside. And as others here say, also the seats smell like piss, so its common to pee everywhere you can.
  7. It is my fantasy to go to some old run down club, where are carpeted floors. In the dark environment girls use the floor like toilet without hesitation. And then I read here something like that actually exists. I would be grateful to visit some place like that.
  8. I know most of you are fans of peeing in pool, but I prefer a pool bathroom, which is ideal for naughty peeing. There is less people, because some use the pool and always water on floor. You have no reason to use the toilet then πŸ˜€ pissing all over the room is very easy and less noticeable. Plus the feeling of a warm pee flowing around your bare foot is great πŸ˜…
  9. Does the station have a waiting room, a shelter or an underpass? Every station has a peespot
  10. I wish there would be more girls like you. But the other thing is that then the club floors would be so wet that we would wade πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  11. Empty small railway station and a long time to the arrival of the train. This the best situation for naughty peeing all over the place. Shelter on the platform, underpass, the station building itself or everywhere around. Infinite possibilities. It's no coincidence that it smells like pee everywhere around πŸ˜„ Why struggle to find a toilet or wait for the train to use a toilet when you are already on a pee playground which everyone use... I always add my pee if I can.
  12. Toilets in clubs are often crowded. There are long lines and girls can not wait so long. Do girls pee simply on floor in darker areas or pee on floor at the bathroom? I heard about it, but not seen anyone actually doing it. Do you know anyone who does it?
  13. IΒ΄d like to piss on a Christmas tree like it is a normal tree in a park or a forest πŸ˜„
  14. The best are soups. You can easily add some flavour and noone will notice πŸ˜„
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