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  1. I regulary pee against cars at is is super convenient and easy. You just stop your car, get out, flip your dick out and soak the car next to yours. I try to focus on the handles and then shoot as high as possible to the roof. I love it dribbling down... One day I found an unlocked one. First I just wanted to hit it but then I opened the door and pretty much soaked the seat, the console and the door pckets. That was real fun but never happened again.
  2. Not sure if it counts, but I went to a local furniture store and took one of the soap dispensers out of the display. Took it to the restrooms and filled it up. I spilled a lot on the floor as I needed to go so hard that I still had to go when it was full... Placed the dispenser cap back on it and it went directly back to the display. I am wondering who figured out what was inside.
  3. I think pissing on cars is one of the more easy and convenient ways to mark. Whenever I need to pee I stop at a parking lot in an area away from the entrance, checking the cars parked for people in there. If there are people in a car a bit away, I do not care and park next to a car. Open door, get my dick out and soak it. Taking good care especially of the handles. Ususally it is just a question of a minute or two, no big risk. And people know that a lot of drivers get out to have a piss between cars. The expect you to be pissing on the floor and not hitting the car next to you. This way I hav
  4. I would love to piss in inappropriate places together with a women!
  5. A lot of places, don't know which to call the naughtiest: - Against parked cars - Into an unlocked car (once); the plan was to piss against the car but I found it unlocked... - elevators - staircases - into a ticket machine
  6. I am from Germany, Ruhr Area. Lots of nice places to pee but unfortunately I never met a girl that would join me. I think, these even do not exist here ;-(
  7. OK, maybe not all of them as as naughty as yours, but... - into an elevator - onto a car's doors and handles - into a ticket machine - down a staircase (standard - I know)
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