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  1. If you are confident that you'll be alone until finished... or feeling dangerous, you don't even need to make your way into a stall at all!
  2. And you her loving husband didn't offer the cleaning power of your tongue?
  3. Too bad the trains where busy. Find a car that isn't and you don't NEED to find a toilet ;P BTW there are a few vids on YouTube of girls pissing the seats on trains. Very hot.
  4. I love the story. I need a girl like that to take with me to the movies. I also love to do this. Now obviously it is a bit harder for guys to get away with. You girls and your short skirt/no undies are lucky. I have never really considered going to less popular shows. Now I wonder why I haven't. I just buy tickets to shows I sort of want to watch LOL. Actually your method is clearly safer without being TOO safe. One other thing you can do some places if you decide you want to leave early, is to go in those dark mini-hallways that lead up to many cinemas. It is a bit dangerous as a
  5. You see she should have just peed in the seat/floor at the movies. No one would be in there to know after 2 minutes of ending. Depending on where you sit and who is by you, she didn't even need to wait that long! I mean I've done it and it is harder for a guy than a girl. Do that next time... on purpose! Still nice story.
  6. I need a girl like that. For now I'm a solo act.
  7. I'm slightly grossed out by it (funny considering my other fetishes:P) and yet intrigued at the same time. I might grow to like it in the end. I have not seen people change tampons in real life (haven't attempted to see this) but have seen it many times in hidden spycam squat-toilet video. I think I am becoming more accepting of it each time. I've never ate a girl out on her period either. Mostly this is because I have never been asked to. I am open to trying it at least once - having some Listerine on hand for afterwards. The smell itself of a girl on her period - when smelling it in
  8. You should really check out women wearing Chinese dresses. The Qi Ppao, or Cheongsam. The Qi Pao is the longer version. They have wonderful side slits for the legs though! Women look REALLY GREAT in those. I'm absolutely amazed those have not caught on in the Western world (as far as I have seen they haven't). I think after one quick GIS you will fall in love with them too! I also prefer fair skin on most women. I'm just usually not into tans. Tanning also badly ages the skin so there is that too. If you want to stay looking younger, longer... then don't tan! I don't really
  9. I also have the Septum done. I stretched it a bit so it really will never close and I can still slide a 14 gauge into it anytime I like (or with more effort a 12). Occasionally I still wear it. I also enjoy periodically freaking people out by pretending to pierce myself on the spot with a paperclip/safety pin. Of course I'm actually just pushing them though an existing hole :tongue: I also had my ears done but never stretched them like I planned. They're closed up now. I really don't mind other people being pierced obviously. It doesn't particularly turn me on nor off if a girl is p
  10. I have peed in a cinema before myself. Although I don't pee my pants there I just go on the floor etc. I wanted to do it with people there but didn't have the nerve. I bought a big drink so at the end I was very, very ready since I held out that long. Once everyone left I just let loose! Hey maybe today is a good day to catch a film? I might just.
  11. I'm with you Kevin. I've considered it but never pulled the trigger. I've also wondered about making a craigslist add for this LOL. I mean if I make clear that I am paying for women to pee and or "that other thing" on me and NOT paying for sex... can I get busted? I honestly don't know.
  12. Well you could be talking about a few things there. 1. Elevators 2. Stairs 3. Waiting room floor 4. Any well obscured corner Hospitals obviously have plenty of supplies to clean up that sort of mess anyhow so no reason to hold back!
  13. I'd like to provide a little updateI can say that until today I have never peed or otherwise in a dressing room. After today I cannot say any of that. I made quite a mess but that is what malls are good for haha. Going potty on carpet really is the best thing in life :D I also did a little but clearly noticeable partial pee in a obscure carpeted corner of a major retailer right before that but chickened out about finishing there. Some customer did start shopping in that area a couple minutes later(I was still walking around finding the best places) and I think she may have noticed but I
  14. I'm a fan of it myself. I haven't read the books, but have heard a few spoilers from those that have(that I will keep to myself). Yeah the problem with watching a few episodes is that 1. You really have to watch this series sequentially. 2. Even then, the first few episodes are really just setting up the rest of the series. Of course once the shit hits the fan, it gets really good as you now know. I do recommend the series to anyone.
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