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  1. Was in the grocery store last night when I heard a man say Hello to a Female cashier as she hurried down a isle. "What's your hurry?" He asked. "I gotta Pee" she replied as she ran off towards the bathroom. At least she was honest. Wetman
  2. Seemed like a fun place to pour my pee
  3. Had a close female friend tell me that one time she came home a little drunk. After laying in her bed for a bit she really had to pee but didn't feel like walking to the bathroom. So she gathered all her dirty clothes and piled them on the floor and she squatted over them and just let go. The next morning she took them to the washer and washed them. Boy I would have loved to watch that. Wetman
  4. Panties arrived Yesterday Vacuum Sealed since they had been peed in..over a year ago. Sadly the Dark Pair bleached out some of the color from the pee.
  5. Do not Pile whilst Damp So if you piss your panties don't throw them in a Pile LOL
  6. Desperate from Black Friday Shopping http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Barely-Made-it-Home
  7. One of my favorite wetting sites is Skymouse WHP. And one of my favorite Models is the Stunning Natalia. I am in the process of obtaining two Pairs of Panties worn and wet by her during Video shoots on WHP. Can't wait to add these to my collection. Wetman

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