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  1. Some on the carpet the rest on the floor
  2. It's more fun to go on the floor even though the potty is right there
  3. Always looking for new ways to have fun without making a mess. Don't you just hate waking up busting to pee and having to walk to the bathroom to relieve yourself? You can always piss in the bed but that makes a huge mess. I bought a box of adult male pee diapers at a thrift store once but just never really got into using them for fun. But I found if you cut away the absorbent pad you can lay it on the bed and kneel over it and just use it as a urinal on the bed. I've taken some pretty big pees on them and never once gotten a drop of pee on the bed. Then you just throw it away when your done. Handy and fun. **** These are some top quality name brand adult diapers..the pad just soaks it all up and turns to jell when your finished..which almost feels dry to touch. If your using "Dollar store" diapers they may leak if you pee too much so you may want to test them before actually using them on your Bed. LOL
  4. wetmanjf

    Window Pane Pee

    Looks Like fun. I've peed LOTS of places but never on a Window Pane
  5. Oh well
  6. Found this book at a local Book Store Some very naughty art inside
  7. wetmanjf

    Questions only V2

    Walking into the middle of this..."Do they want to keep it going ??"
  8. Really had to Pee. I think I was still half asleep LOL
  9. So I had to pee on the floor
  10. Filling my girlfriends shoe with Pee
  11. Spraying my shower curtain
  12. Pre Soaking My laundry before it went in the Wash
  13. I love all kind of peeing. I make lots of homemade videos for myself and for others who enjoy watching them. I often create fantasies around the vides..to make them more fun. Just so you know I'm not REALLY peeing on my friends clothes or shoes or whatever without her knowing. The jeans/shoes etc belong to me or have been given to me by her to do with what I want. Some of my fun this weekend.