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  1. wetmanjf

    Webcam sites with peeing?

    Many Years ago their use to be a site called SeeMePeeDOTcom. As far as I know it was one of the first sites that featured LIVE pee webcams. The girls usually peed in a toilet about 1 pee every 30 minutes between the different girls. They were connected with a site called SeeMeShower and sometimes the girls would pee in the shower if you asked them. The video quality was poor..but it was an early cam site. But the one thing was the action was Live. Another site called Voyeur Dorm featured Bathroom cams but the videos were fake and PreRecorded. Later Skymouse WHP featured Live Pee Webcam shows with his models...I watched Many of them...Great shows but usually featured Wetting more than open peeing. HDWetting also did some live webcam shows but they didn't last very long. Also Miss Piss Did shows...but the host site of her cam did not allow Peeing. These were the main site I remember. Below are some screenshots from the various sites Wetman
  2. Really had to go so just sprayed it across the bathroom
  3. wetmanjf

    Pee Orgies should come with Warnings

    I watch a lot of the GGG German Pee videos and it seems like the guys get pissed on almost as much of the girls
  4. I once had a video from a girl named Randi who had a website that sadly vanished long ago. Randi use to invite site members to "Pee orgies" that she would hold in hotels. I got invited to one once but sadly could not go because it was so far away. During these events she would pee on the guys and allow them to pee on her. She would film them and sell the videos. True amateur Piss fun. During this one scene Randi was standing in a large tub and guys were pissing on her. At one time two guys were peeing on her at the same time ..one on one side and one on the other. Then Randi moved. One guy was peeing really hard and when she moved out of the way his stream shot across the tub and hit the other guy. The guy jumped at the guy and was about to start punching him and security had to get between them to stop a fight. Seems you would understand you might get splashed with a stray piss stream LOL
  5. Thanks
  6. Pissing out the door during a rain storm http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Peeing-out-the-Door-During-a-rain-storm
  7. If I can help always feel free to PM me...yea the post said "All Mods" But only 1 Mod was contacted...made me think maybe I was part of the Problem Wetman
  8. Didn't make it to the potty so just soaked the floor http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Didn-t-make-it
  9. Probably one of the longest pees I've ever taken http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Longest-Pee-Ever
  10. Love the long arching stream as my friend relieves himself
  11. Probably the only time I remember my friend peeing in the potty while visiting me at home
  12. Another great shot of my friend taking a leak with the potty in the background
  13. wetmanjf

    A call to arms

    My countdown game...having a girl who's bladder is about to explode..but they have to count from 10 to 0 Before they can let go....Had one girl actually count from 100 to 0 Once. I think she had a few drops running down her legs before she got to 0
  14. Got a great friend who knows all about my Piss fetish and he has one too. One day during a visit at my house he told me that he had to pee. I suggested it would be cool to watch him pee on my bathroom floor (Why Not? I do it all the time) He said he didn't care. I snapped this picture just before he let go. I love the toilet in the background and it's quite obvious he's not going to use the Potty. Made a few more pictures but then I had to stop and grab some towels LOL