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  1. I think that you might have fun pre-wetting the bed. I like to wet my bed when I go to bed the most before I go to sleep.
  2. No, only the letters page and agony column. All of the rest should be proper journalism!
  3. Ok. I will drop this section unless anyone else wants to have a go.
  4. Not sure that branded images will create the right impression.
  5. Hi Alfresco I will go with the Rugby Girls. Part one leaves you wanting more, so I think it will work. I am just a bit worried about all the players called Toni I think it would work better if one of them had a name change - let me know which one you would like to change and to what.
  6. Hi Alfresco. Since this is not my thing, I really need some proper finished content if this is going to work. I need a complete text, and some captioned images. If you would like to have a go I can include it.
  7. It is not Peefans branded, and I originally created the Wet Carpet concept in another place, Steve kindly ported it to here, so that will be OK. I will take a look at Wedding Belle...
  8. So, I need some help here. I have some content, so work on the magazine is well underway, but I don't want it to all be what Paulypeeps likes exclusively, so please help with some suggestions for your favourite short stories that you have written, or you have read on Peefans (I can ask for permission if you don't know the author), and your favourite serialised story too. Some suggestions for the 'Cock Corner' mens content will be nice too. Pictures make a magazine, so if you have some high res pictures we can use (you have the copyright for) to illustrate any section it will be great
  9. I recall in the '70s there was a fashion for the zips on women's shorts to start right around the back. Was there some practical design in this rather than just fashion? Only ever saw them in magazines though.
  10. I intend to make it print on demand. This requires that it be copyright compliant, which the existing threads are a bit cavalier with. If sufficient content is available I will put an edition together and we can see how it goes. Feel free to message me with content or links to existing content.
  11. What you have done already will be fine.
  12. The cover photo because you are 'out' and happy to be seen. Nappy News can be anything, but mostly a point of focus for the nappy wearers in the community. The alliterative title words are catchy, but if you can think of a better title! 'Diaper Deviations'? 'Perfectly Pampered'? You have a lot of experience of nappy wearing and incontinence so could offer some insight from what you have written already, or something new.
  13. The bit at the front where the editor or other senior authors offer their opinions on usually topical matters, but often campaigning or supporting a campaign. Suitable subjects might be the effect of lockdown on the opportunities for public peeing (both positive and negative), or perhaps the state of the carpet industry related to the quality of carpet in terms of being suitable for peeing on, or perhaps a suggestion that hotels should have a rating scheme so you know in advance how much you can pee in the bed each night with a personal reflection on why it would help. Getting autho
  14. I was thinking that we might have sufficient material now to make an initial print version of 'Wet Carpet' magazine. We would have to abide by the rules and only use material which we have the appropriate copyright permissions of course, but if we collaborate I think we could make something quite readable. We would need:- Cover photo @puddyls @MiaDarling Anyone else like to offer? A leader column @steve25805 @Sophie Real life wetting experience @puddyls Nappy News @MiaDarling Dear Wet Carpet agony column (questions from @Kupar) Cock Corner men's inter
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