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  1. Not sure that this is naughty, but sitting in the club and peeing through my skirt. Seat unfortunately was PVC so my pee all ran off down the front to soak in to the carpet. PP
  2. When I get asked in the club, I always say "On my lap if you like" before I direct to the toilet if they looked shocked (they always look shocked except for once when I was in the pub and she had already wet her jeans and she did take up my offer!)
  3. Paulypeeps

    Hey There!

    Hi Bacardi You will soon appreciate that we don't judge and that you are just one of us and quite normal. There are plenty of places to pee that we find O.K. that are generally accepted to be off limits. Have fun! PP
  4. Paulypeeps


    As usual it will just be enforced if you get caught. I think that the current forore came about because someone took a picture and shared it within view of the skirts owner. I have searched high and low but not found a picture taken up my skirt yet... Looks like the days might be numbered so people had better get out there! PP
  5. They never notice I guess because they are too polite to look. They know of course that I do it and just think it is funny - I guess that is the British way. They were all a little shocked at first i think, but fully accepting right from the start as soon as they knew. PP
  6. Peeing on the carpet in the pub, and all your friends are too polite to notice...
  7. Paulypeeps


    I hope that these pictures are acceptable. I believe the model to be Aimee Sweet and the pictures have probably been taken by Suze Randall the well known photographer. I would be more than happy to have her working in my office even if she might be even more distracting than me. They have been my favourite short skirt pictures for a very long time now and took forever to download even at this size in the olden days.
  8. Paulypeeps

    Cinema rules

    I have my own rules too:- 1. Go to the film at the end of the run (even if it is popular). 2. Go to the last house (plenty of time for the seat to dry). 3. Drink plenty before I go. 4. Take plenty of drink in with me. 5. Relax and enjoy the adverts. Might need to move if someone sits close. 6. Make sure my skirt is nice and smooth under my bottom. 7. As the film starts let out a short spurt of pee into my skirt to soak through and into the seat to wet it. 8. Once my pee has soaked through nicely and wet the seat relax properly and let my pee soak nicely into the seat. 9. Keep peeing until I am empty. 10. Keep drinking and peeing until the film is about to end. 11. Enjoy the warmth and wetness as I watch the film, as well as the freedom to just pee. 12. Let my pee soak away so there is no distinct wet patch on my skirt. 13. Flip up the seat because to will not go up on its own due to weight of pee! 14. Wait for everyone to leave first so no one accidentally touches the back of my skirt. PP
  9. Paulypeeps

    Peeing favourites

    I. What is your favourite peeing fantasy? A1. I am just sitting in the train minding my own business and feeling warmth soaking through the front of my skirt. I look up to see a neat jet of warm dilute pee appearing from under the mini skirt of a smartly dressed girl who is just casually peeing while standing and reading her morning paper. Once she has finished of course and her pee has soaked all the way through to my seat I just add to it! 2. What is your hottest real life peeing experience? A2. Just sitting and wetting myself in the pub while I chat with my freinds (who know that I am weting myself). 3. What is your main area of interest with the pee fetish A3. Exploring urinary freedom by just wetting myself whenever I want to pee wherever I happen to be. 4. Briefly describe the first pee porn you can remember seeing. A4. Reading some of the fiction posted on Alori's website. 5. If you could choose any one - but only one - celebrity to either watch peeing or be peed on by, who would you choose? A5. Debbie Harry. 6. Where is the naughtiest place you personally have ever peed? A6. My friend's sofa. 7. Have you ever peed on or in someone else's property? And was it for pleasure or out of necessity? A7. Yes. Because I wanted to pee. 8. What is the hottest pee scene you have ever seen on mainstream TV or in a mainstream film. A8. 'The man who fell to earth' will always be at the top of my list. 9. Describe your favourite porn scene. A9. Don't think I have an answer for this one. 10. Have you ever given or received a golden shower? A10. Just the once, when a girl who had already wet herself sat on my lap in the pub and did a little wee. PP
  10. Paulypeeps

    Nonchalant Pee Lovers Out There?

    Just nonchalantly wetting myself whenever I want to pee, and others being able too as well, is what I like and it is really not sexual at all. I am not saying that I don't respond to a sexy girl wetting herself - but it is not the wetting alone that will do it. As someone who does wet myself whenever I go out, I know that it does not arouse me to do it, although I do enjoy the feeling of tremendous freedom and the comfort of the warmth and wetness. PP
  11. Paulypeeps

    Issues with peeing where you're not supposed to?

    I guess that I am lucky in that I have friends who while not as uninhibited as I am are very accepting of me. I don't get to discuss peeing with them much because they are just completely accepting that I wet myself when we go out, and know that I will just pee down my legs, on the carpet, through my skirt and on the seat. It is nice to be able discuss things in a non-judgemental way.
  12. Paulypeeps


    The best way to pee in public - just do it!
  13. Paulypeeps

    You're now a rich dictator...

    Some times people don't actually know what they want, so they need their all knowing dictator to tell them what to do ;-)
  14. Paulypeeps

    You're now a rich dictator...

    I think I am with Admin here. A complete ban on peeing in the ladies, all public areas to be carpeted, and peeing allowed for women anywhere that the public are admitted. I would probably introduce a fine for removing clothing before peeing, and a lesser fine for squatting, but being naked would be O.K. of course. How would I spend my (peoples') money? Carpeting my presidential office in white shag pile. PP Wannabe President of Peefanland
  15. Paulypeeps

    Music with pee theme

    This is a picture of Garbage. Look at the puddle between Shirley's feet - it has ripples. I have read that Shirley was peeing when they took the photo and the pee stream had to be airbrushed out. Larger picture should be around somewhere perhaps on Pinterest. "Back in the nineties, for whatever inexplicable reason, we in garbage were always getting censored for the most innocuous things. For an example, SPIN magazine censored this shot because they thought it might offend their readers and/ or their advertisers. French director and photographer Stephane Sednaoui had taken the photograph as I was taking a pee but the magazine airbrushed the delicate little stream out altogether. They didn't notice that a little splash at my feet had been left in, so despite our disappointment at our vision for this photograph being tampered with, we felt we had somehow gotten the last laugh after all. I swear, it's the little things that keep you going sometimes when you are up against the censor. Don't believe in the photographs. They tell lies. Sx" PP