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  1. I love the way she just accepts wetting and gets on with life. I especially like that she is OK with peeing in a fitting room or on the seat in the pub. https://ipeetoomuch.wordpress.com Naughty is not always naughty...
  2. No more photos. These were the only ones she made available. The set the scene nicely though.
  3. The first time I deliberately got pee on the carpet was when I first wet myself while out in public. Having already got my legs and feet wet, and realising that my pee had run off my legs and out of my shoes and made the carpet squishy, I just decided to add to the squishyness of the carpet by peeing on the back of my legs under the table. The first time of properly peeing on carpet was when I got my leather skirt. I thought it would not like being peed on, so instead of just wetting myself like I normally would in the pub I scooted to edge of the seat and peed straight on to the carpet. Since then a few times I have stood with my legs a little apart and peed straight on to the carpet hoping my friends would notice that I was peeing (they didn't), but I don't do that often.
  4. OK, Here goes with Lucy J's holiday (I don't have the first bit unfortunately). I have redacted poo related bits. I used to Love reading Lucy J's posts More about my holiday Posted by Lucy J on February 03, 1998 at 14:22:50: I've finished my work today and I have some time left before I have to go home so I will tell you more about my holiday. By the way it has been really hard remembering each day at a time, but I'm sure that you're not the least bit interested in that, so on with the story. I'm sorry to say that the following day not much actually happened so I'll be brief. There was no panty wetting at all that day because we got up early and went into town all day with the two guys shopping. That night we went to another restaurant and after dinner we went back to the hotel and stated some kissing and obviously all 4 of us ended up naked. Then the two guys said that they had got us both a present and showed us. When my friend and I saw it we burst out laughing and made fun of the present, which by the way was a vibrator. Let's be serious, we both had the real thing, twice I have to say, and they thought that we would get excited over a piece of plastic. My friend really made fun of it, when she turned it she shaked her whole body as well as other silly jokes. Anyway it ended up being thrown out of the window and all four of us had sex together again for the last time. It was the last time because most of the guys where leaving the next day except for the guy my friend was with and two others who where going the following day. I'm taking a big risk in telling you the rest because the rest of the people involved will know who I am. They don't know my address or anything but they do know my real name and if any of them do read this please respect my anonymity and don't disclose my name because someone at home or work might realise who I am. The next day we met up with the remaining three guys, the other two had made friends with some other people. I can't remember how many people where by the pool with us that day but two of the couples were married. I say this because the girls where both table dancers. One girl I have to say was so opinionated and really shocked me (I'll call her Mrs Opinion). Her husband was a barman at the club that she worked. She really shocked me by telling me about a few porno films she did some years ago. She also told me that her and husband where swingers, which at first I thought was some type of dancer, I know it's stupid but English is not my first language. Anyway Mrs Opinion asked us back to the villa they where all staying, so I accepted but my friend didn't because she wanted to be alone with her guy so I went up with the other two guys that evening. That night I was really casual and just wore jeans and a cropped top. The villa was really nice, it was rented but came with a pool and everything. Anyway that night there where about 12 people there and we all had a barbecue. After dinner Mrs Opinion put on one of the porno films she made, she only had a small part in it but I couldn't believe it. She explained later the circumstances in making the film and made it sound so normal, just like a normal job. I won't bore you but you'll be surprised how much is fake. Anyway most of us then went outside and sat by the pool talking. After a while we started talking about sex and fetishes. I was really grateful to the two guys because they didn't mention about me and my friend wetting ourselves. Anyway Mrs Opinion said how she loved to give blow jobs to loads of men at once and someone told her to give some hot dog sausages a blow job to show us which she did. By this time I needed to go to the toilet but I didn't want to go because I didn't want to miss anything. Anyway Mrs Opinion asked me what I liked doing, as she had such a strong and outgoing personality I was really shy and didn't say anything. Anyway she tried to make me say something and then she said "I bet she likes panty wetting". I then looked at the two guys who responded by saying that they said nothing. Anyway this made it obvious what I really liked. Apparently it was just a lucky guess because her best friend back in Miami enjoys wetting herself so that's why she said it. Anyway as I sort of admitted my fetish she asked me to wet myself in front of everyone, of course I said no. Someone else then called all the people from inside to come out because I was about to wet myself. I know I did it in front of the other guys before but that was different, it was like a joke / natural thing, this time I was going to be a sexual show. What didn't help was how much some of the men wanted to see me do it, they were all chanting and trying to talk me into it. By this time I was standing up and had been forced back to the barbecue (it was brick and attached to a wall and had been put out). I have to admit that I really did need to go and when I got to the barbecue I couldn't wet myself, I don't know if it was because of nerves or that I didn't want to. Anyway Mrs Opinion made everyone quiet and started talking to me. I remember that I was so shy and embarrassed that I was even biting my bottom lip and holding onto the sides of the barbecue. I remember everyone was quite except for her who was talking really softly to me, calming my nerves trying to encourage me. I was leaning back holding the sides of the barbecue still biting my lip and looking at everyone. I then heard that sound of pee filling the crotch of jeans and I don't know why I did, but I began to wet myself in front of them. I was doing those little spasm laughs as the patch in my jeans began to grow. I kept looking at them and my jeans. My legs where slightly apart so the pee was dripping from my crotch to the floor as well as some running down my legs, over my shoes and into a puddle on the floor. I got cheers from the crowd and congratulations from Mrs Opinion. Two men who were still inside came out a few minutes later to see what the noise was and saw my pee soaked jeans, we told them what happened and they where really gutted they missed it. A few hours later a few people had gone, I suppose there where only about 6 left when I needed to go to the toilet. I asked Mrs Opinion where the toilet was who told me to do it in my jeans again which by this time looked dry, but where slightly damp to the touch. As I had already done it before, I sat back down on the sunlounger, leant back, opened my legs wide, looked at everybody and began to wet myself again. This time the pee ran slightly down my legs but mostly round to my bottom making a puddle beneath it. Mrs Opinion said I had to meet her friend in Miami. We left about half an hour later as I wanted to say goodbye to the other guy. Mrs Opinion told me to come back the next night as she was throwing an underwear party and told me to bring my friend, and to dress for the occasion. When I got back to the hotel I went to my room to find my friend and the other guy still having sex, so I got undressed and joined them both. After sex we were lying in bed talking and he said he would like us both to have sex with each other, which we refused, so he asked us to pee on his dick. We got up and both but on a dry pair of panties each. He was lying on his back in the bed so my friend and I sat either side of his erect dick, facing each other with the crotches of our panties touching either side of his dick and our arms leaning back. My friend started to pee first and a few seconds later I started. I could feel pee running down the crack of my bottom and a large puddle filling up on the bed. As I was peeing I stood up on the bed continuing to pee (my back was to him) so that he could see the pee coming from my panties. He asked me to pee on my friend and as she didn't say anything I moved forward slightly so my pee was landing on her stomach. He then started to thrust so I knew he was about to come, so I sat down quickly, held his dick and put my mouth over it (not touching it) so he would come in my mouth. She had finished peeing so she moved back a bit and also held his dick (I was just finishing my pee on his chest). Cum then shot out of his dick into my mouth and also started running down his dick. It was instinctive but my friend and I started to lick the cum from his dick. I didn't really want to do this as his dick was wet with pee but as I had already started and my friend was doing it as well we didn't stop. We had a bit more sex after that but had to stop later because he had to catch a plane home. I have to go home now but I promise when I get the time I'll tell you the rest. <poo related bit redacted> Lots of Love Lucy J x x x Pics of me & more holiday news Posted by Lucy J on February 16, 1998 at 13:30:28: I have had a little time to tell you the more of my holiday. Before I go on my friend sent me a photo of the two of us wetting ourselves on the bed. I can't actually remember when it was taken but is there anyone who I can email it to publish it on this page? I have cut off the heads to hide identities, and unfortunately I don't really know how to scan well and we only have a hand scanner in the office so the quality will be very bad. Please respond below if you can publish this photo with your email as lots of people have been asking me for photos. Well onto the next day of my holiday, unfortunately as my friend and I where having sex all-night we slept all day and got up late afternoon (we were not having it with each other, we where both having sex with the other guy). When we got up we prepared for the underwear party. We both went out shopping and bought matching underwear. We both bought white sets that consisted of stockings and suspenders, not quite transparent panties and a sort of wonderbra for cleavage exaggeration. We both put on large T-shirts over the top for the taxi ride to Mrs Opinion's villa, which came off on arrival. When we got there we where quite shocked, we thought that our outfits where going to be the most erotic, but other girls where wearing see through bodies etc. It was within the first hour of being there that I found out what swinger meant. I saw Mrs Opinion giving a blow job to some guy and when she finished I approached her telling her I that I thought her husband saw her. She explained and then I realised that a swinger is not a dancer as I originally thought, we call it something different where I originally came from. I felt a bit nervous at first with people starting to have sex with each other, and some of the clothes people where wearing were really worrying me. One guy looked so ridiculous, he was wearing a black leather studded G-string and a black leather mask with zips on it, he also had this really fat belly and kept asking girls to whip him with this stick he had. Anyway, my friend and I started talking to a few people by the pool, and one man asked me to wet myself as he had heard what I did the night before. I asked my friend to join me so we both stood up, turned a chair around, bent over and put our hands on the back of it. My friend then whispered to me that she changed her mind, she couldn't do it in front of strangers. I said that I would start and she should follow, so I started wetting myself, my friend saw, and then began to wet herself as well. I looked at her and she was going bright red in the face, she looked so embarrassed. <poo bit redacted> I haven't the time to tell you everything so I'll just tell you the highlights. I ended up on my back on a table, I know this doesn't sound good but I don't know how many men I had sex with that night. I had lots of threesomes and I even had a few foursomes, one man in my pussy and two in my mouth. One time my pussy was getting licked by someone, when I looked to see who it was I saw that it was a woman. I don't know who she was but she was really good. I didn't stop her because she had already started. This was the first time a woman had gone down on me, and I was so surprised about the experience. I was always really nervous about this before, my boyfriend even asked me a few times but I didn't like the idea. I didn't lick her or any other girls' pussy that night, one step at a time please. I didn't have sex all night, I suppose for an hour I'd have sex and then have a break and watch everyone else and relax, that was until someone approached me or I went to join someone else. I also remember that one of the times when I had a break, I noticed a man wearing my panties, I couldn't help myself, but I found it really funny and sick. I had messed myself in them and he was wearing them, it seemed and still does seem really perverse and sick to me, I would never wear a man's underwear after he messed in them, actually I would never wear a mans underwear. I know some guys get a thrill out of wearing women's clothes, this I have never understood, as I don't get a thrill out of wearing men's clothes. Anyway, I stayed the night in the villa in a room with some guy whose name I can't even remember. He must of seen me wet myself that evening or the night before because he asked me to do something while we where having sex. I rolled him over onto his back and sat on his dick without putting it inside me. I then began to rub my pussy up and down his hard dick, making it really wet with my pussy. He then sat up and opened his legs so I was sitting on the bed between his legs and as we where kissing each other I began to wet the bed. I also remember in the middle of the night I woke up needing to go to the toilet, he was fast asleep and I couldn't be bothered to get up, so I just wet the bed and went back to sleep. Before anyone judges me as being a slut or anything, I must say that I would have said the same about any other girl who told me this story. The party was such a fantastic atmosphere, there where no inhibitions and I could live my every fantasy. I know lots of girls deny it, but I know that most girls fantasise about having sex with more than one man at a time, letting different men put their dicks inside her, one after another. Everyone was doing the same thing, no one was saying no to anyone and I wasn't being used or violated in any way, we where all using each other for our own pleasure and not judging anyone. Apparently, Mrs Opinion told me that there are lots of swinger clubs all over the world, and I recommend that if you are away from home, to go and visit one. I was told that usually they only let in couples, but some allow singles in as well. I think it should be done away from home just in case you see someone you know there. I had a few more days left of holiday which I will tell you about another time. In the meantime I am subtly trying to tell my boyfriend about sharing partners and panty wetting. He has agreed on two women and him, typical, but not two guys and me yet, but I think he thinks that I'm joking. I also told him that I had a dream about myself wetting my panties for sexual reasons, I'm not sure how he is taking it but I'll mention it again tonight. Lots of Love Lucy J x x x Pics of me wetting Posted by Lucy J on February 23, 1998 at 15:01:42: I haven't got long because I have spent all my spare time this evening scanning in some holiday photos. The scans have come out really small, I'll try to do them again but make them larger. You can hardly see the wet patches in two of them, I tried to darken one but I don't want to mess with the pictures as they are original. I have posted them to my Hotmail address and need to send them on to someone to publish on this page. Anyway I haven't told you what happened in these photos. The next morning I woke up to find the bed wet and the guy I slept with missing. I think he tried to wake me up but I am a zombie in the morning and sex is very rarely first on my list. It was about midday and my friend came into the room and told me to get ready so I showered and put on my T'shirt (I couldn't find the underwear). Nearly everyone had gone and my friend was up some time before me and had arranged with a three other people to go shopping. They took us back to our hotel where we got changed into our bikini's with shorts and a top over them (I wore the white shorts and top). We drove to the town with this couple and another guy all crammed into a small jeep. We walked around, blah, blah, blah and after some time sat down outside a bar. We started talking about the night before and the girl mentioned about me and my friend wetting ourselves. The two guys dared us (including the other girl) to wet ourselves there and then. The other girl refused instantly and me and my friend humoured them by asking them questions like, "why", and "does it turn you on". One said that we were all mouth and didn't have the guts to do it, my friend gave the other girl her camera and told her to take a photo of the two of us sitting at the table. The other guy stood up out the way and the other moved back (as you can see in the picture). She took one picture and we both told her to wait. The bar wasn't really full but there where a few people looking at us. I didn't even look at my friend to see if she was doing it or not but I put my hands on the arms of the chair and tilted myself slightly and started to wet myself (the girl then took the photo). When I think about it now I can't believe what we both did, outside a cafe by a busy street we both began to wet ourselves, in full view of everyone. The seats where cushioned and I remember the cushion getting soaked with pee and a little running down and making a small stream between my folded legs. The three people with us where speechless and one guy pointed out that it was probably an hour's walk back to the car. I just said "so what" and said that there was no need to go back. We showed them both the wet patches, mine was a bit more obvious than I thought, and my friend's was just as obvious because she was wearing denim shorts. When the waiter came over he didn't notice so we ordered and had our snacks. We stayed about ten minutes and when it was time to leave I just stood up as if nothing was wrong. We walked around the town until it was dark and I noticed that loads of people kept looking at us. One of the guys we where with took photos with my friend's camera, most from behind and one front shot (not scanned yet). I have to go now and haven't got time to tell you the rest of the day. If the links below haven't worked, could someone please give me their e-mail so that they can post them on this page. I have removed all faces and I hope you all enjoy them. (respond below or email me at [email protected], but please respond below, problems with Hotmail). The photos are : 1 x Sitting outside the bar at a table wetting ourselves 2 x Walking in the street with wet shorts from wetting ourselves Lots of Love Lucy J x x x I wet myself today accidentally Posted by Lucy J on March 02, 1998 at 14:33:59: I've only got a little time left before I have to go home, but I have to tell you what happened to me today. Six of us from work (including myself) went out to a bar for lunch and as we where talking I began to wet myself but I didn't really mean to, in a strange sort of way. I felt the need to pee and instead of getting up and going to the toilet I just instinctively started to wet myself in the restaurant. The moment I realised what I was doing and where I was I stopped. This is not the first time this has happened. On the plane home from my holiday I was wearing jeans and while I was talking to my friend I began to instinctively wet myself. When she pointed it out I immediately stopped. Luckily I was by the window and manged to change into a skirt she had in her hand baggage without anyone seeing me. Anyway, I looked down subtly to see if there was any visible patch. I was and still am wearing navy slacks, and you could see the wet patch, it had even began to run down my legs. I couldn't get up or even change, it was really public and in front of people I work with who have no idea about my panty wetting. I was drinking mineral water so I filled up my glass and accidentally on purpose spilt it over myself to hide the crime. As I said this is not the first time this has happened, once on the plane home and two other times in my country of origin after my holiday this has happened. Once in a car park and another while walking to the shops. It seems to be instinctive, I used to wet myself on holiday all the time (if someone would post those pictures you will all see what I mean) and it was such a "normal" thing to do, and I suppose that without really thinking, I'm doing what was a "normal" every day thing from my holiday. It doesn't happen all the time but I must pay more attention. My slacks have nearly dried now but are still visibly wet. Anyway I have to go now, I promise that on my next post I will tell you the rest of the holiday. Lots of Love Lucy J x x x Last holiday experience Posted by Lucy J on March 11, 1998 at 13:22:17: It's been quite quiet at work today so I'm going to write about the rest of the holiday. After walking around the town we went back to the jeep then went back to Mrs Opinion's rented villa. By now my shorts had dried but you could see a small stain. The girl told Mrs Opinion what happened and we all started talking. I suggested that Mrs Opinion should try wetting herself and her friend said she would do it with her. They where both quite nervous but I could tell that they where curious to see what it would be like. They asked me to wet myself first but I couldn't, as I didn't need to pee which only made it more difficult to convince them. There was quite a few of us (outside in the garden, by the pool) and everybody was quite anxious to see whether they would both do it. Mrs Opinion was wearing shorts, I can't remember the colour and her friend was wearing denim shorts, an old pair of jeans that had been cut really short, this I remember because they where really cut high and she always wore them. Anyway we tried everything to get them to wet themselves, I was even bargaining with her, but they still wouldn't do it. We had lots of countdowns but nothing worked, they still wouldn't wet themselves. As everyone was trying with Mrs Opinion I started talking quietly to her friend. I told her that if she started, Mrs Opinion would follow and told her just to look at me and pretend that no one else was in the room. I told everyone to be quite and did another countdown. Mrs Opinion's friend was red in the face with her head down and looking at me, I could tell that she was so nervous, and was probably going to wet herself out of nerves anyway. I counted down, everyone was quite and when I finished I saw that familiar wet patch start to grow in the crotch of her shorts. She started to giggle and looking around at everyone. Mrs Opinion saw what she was doing and with a bit more encouragement she started to wet herself as well. I tried to join in, but again I didn't need to go but my friend managed to wet herself. Later on Mrs Opinion started making rules and things as if the rest of the evening was a competition with penalties. I just told her that it is far better if it is natural and every girl for the rest of the evening should just wet herself if she wants to and doesn't have to give warnings etc. etc., everyone agreed with me. We sat around the villa for the rest of the early evening, and I was drinking as much liquid as I could, as I wanted to do lots of panty wetting. During the early evening I think I remember that I did manage wet myself once while I was sitting on a plastic garden chair talking with everyone. Later on we all went out to a disco and when we got there Mrs Opinion's friend was wet again because she wet herself in the jeep on the way there (all cars where hired so it didn't matter). We went into a club and started dancing and drinking, we managed to find some empty tables later on in the evening and hang around that part of the club. I don't know if you know how they dance in the Caribbean but Mrs Opinion started doing this with me as well as touching and kissing me (just joking of course) to tease the guys we were with. I tried to copy some of her moves but she is a professional dancer so it was difficult. She then whispered to me, so we both turned around facing away from the group, bent over and started wetting ourselves. I remember looking at everyone through my legs and seeing the pee run down my legs and from my crotch to the floor. I was a little drunk by now and don't remember much more, except that I did wet myself a few other times that night but I can't really remember what happened. Most of the time I wet myself was when we where all talking or something and when I needed to go I just wet myself, by the end of the night I was doing it without thinking about it. It is such a wonderful felling to be able to just wet yourself there and then in your panties when you need to pee, without worrying about who's watching or the repercussions of doing it, it seemed so natural, that's what gave me a real thrill. Can you imagine while sitting at a table with friends and to just start wetting yourself, soaking the cushions with pee, as well as leaving really big obvious wet patches. All I can say is that it was amazing. We all went back to the villa that night, I didn't do anything that night because I was a little drunk and very tired and went straight to sleep on a sofa. The following morning Mrs Opinion told us that she had planned a surprise for us that evening, as it was our last night. We all then packed our things and went down to the beach. We stayed in a quiet place at the end of the beach because some of the guys thought there might be trouble if we wet ourselves on a public beach. We had an umbrella, drinks etc. so we didn't need to be near a bar. I remember a few girls wet themselves while sunbathing (we where topless but we couldn't take off our panties unfortunately, it was the law), however I remember I was quite sleepy and lying on my front sunbathing and needed to go to the toilet. I thought about it and decided to just do it in my panties as usual. <poo related material redacted> All I did was pretend to ignore them and then turn around and sunbathe on my back. As I did one of the guys climbed on to of me, pulled my bikini panties aside at the crotch and started to have sex with me. The rest where laughing because he was so excited and how quickly he did it. I just looked at them all and started to laugh with them but soon stopped because of how excited I was becoming. <poo related material redacted> Unfortunately he didn't last long, and climbed off me thanking me. I just said that it was all right, and that asking me first followed by foreplay would have been very nice, as well as waiting for me to cum, which by the way I hadn't done. Everyone was laughing including myself, except for him, and no one from the beach could see us because some of the group sat up to hide me from the rest of the beach. <poo related material redacted> I went into the sea to wash, carried on sunbathing then we all went back to villa. The surprise that night was another orgy in our honour, I haven't got time to tell you what happened but it wasn't as good as the first by a long way (there wasn't any strangers there, just our group). There was a lot more panty wetting, some guys did it but most of the girls including myself didn't like them doing it. The orgy wasn't that good because all of us had sex with each other so often before. Lots of times while I was sunbathing at the villa one or some of the guys would come along and start to have sex with me and I used to do it to them by myself or with another girl. We all had sex with each other so often and never refused each other, which made the orgy quite ordinary, for one of our days anyway. Don't get me wrong, it was great fun, but I would have enjoyed wetting myself infront of strangers as well as having sex with people that I had never met before, just like the first one, it adds to the thrill. We didn't go to bed that night as we had an early flight, we just said our tearful goodbyes, swapped addresses, went straight back to our hotel, packed our bags and took the coach to the airport first thing in the morning. I have told you this before, on the plane home I remember I was looking out the window and started to wet myself inadvertently, but stopped when my friend made me aware of what I was doing and where I was. Luckily my friend had a skirt in her hand luggage that I discretely changed into. When we got back we did sort of carry on for a few days afterwards, it takes time for the holiday to get out of your system, but I'll tell you about it another time, as I have to go now. Anyway, thanks to all who posted my pictures, hopefully more to come. Lots of Love Lucy J x x x P.S. Anyone can publish my experiences on the web (only on sites with free access to them) and can correct my numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. P.S.S. Take my advice, just do as Nike say, "just do it". If you want to pee, doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with, wet yourself and don't think twice. Walking around doing your everyday thing and wetting yourself while doing it is such a thrill, take every opportunity, don't be shy and "just do it".
  5. Being a naturist when possible, I cannot see that if I had a child either of us would be wearing clothes much at home. I don't see my niece very often, but when she comes over for a swim she comes in the pool naked because I am naked. Children respond to a role model!
  6. It is all about joining in and not instigating. Empowering the the child. The only way they would feel weird is if someone told them it was weird.
  7. I think I would join in. It would be a good way to put a positive spin on peeing, and keep it fun.
  8. Yes, whenever I go out and I feel the need to pee I like to do it there and then wherever I happen to be if possible. It usually is possible in most places because I dress to wet to make it easy to get away with either running down my legs or sitting in my skirt. Often I do this and after a long day, or especially a weekend, it becomes a reflex and I start to pee as soon as I feel the tingle which is nice. It takes a little while to de-program afterwards and I find myself peeing in the car or in the office without realising it and I have read reports where others have had a similar situation, one woman in particular who peed on the plane seat on the way home from holiday after just wetting herself all the time while she was away. There is something strangely satisfying when you realise that you are wetting yourself before even acknowledging the tingle. I love being in the nightclub because this is one place that I know I can always just pee straight away without giving it a thought wherever I am, whoever I am with, and whatever I am doing.
  9. ... you search for pee related things and google just shows things you posted yourself...
  10. ... your favourite pub is the one with the deep carpet...
  11. Looks like it could be popular. I think that just slipping something in to the back of the waistband of a skirt (or perhaps trousers) could be interesting and discreet too. I am now reminded of a post I saw once on a forum where a guy was quite shocked when at a concert with a friend and his friend's girlfriend. The friend wanted to pee so just started peeing on his girlfriend's leg. I think that the big shock was that the girlfriend just ignored the peeing and was OK with it.
  12. I rather enjoy peeing down my own legs, I really love feeling the warmth running down to my feet. I guess that I would be quite happy to feel the warmth of someone else peeing down my legs too. Now to the question. Guys like to pee on to something when they pee, perhaps a wall or a tree because it reduces exposure. Girls don't have this problem - we can just pee under our skirts. Now if you were out in the open somewhere with nothing to pee up against, would you allow your boy to pee on your leg so he has something to pee on rather than hold it?
  13. I have a friend here in the UK who used to stop off in some woods to pee on the way home from work each day. He was over weight and had a small bladder, and he worked mobile so had limited access to a toilet. Eventually he was convicted of being a flasher just because he went in to the woods to pee, and because he told the police officer that he had always had a pee on the way home from work he was convicted of being a serial flasher. If someone saw him they would have needed a telescope! It is no big surprise that men are going to be very wary. He was destroyed by this and moved away because of it. The fear is real and well founded.

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