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  1. Paulypeeps


    Debbie Ashton videos from the '80s are Australian and still some of my favourites. The wetting in a street café in Panty Pissers 5 has to be a real classic. https://www.wetset.net/index.php?target=products&product_id=2336
  2. Paulypeeps

    Cinema rules

    Hi Riley It is by far the best place for a first public pee or wetting. Just dress to wet, drink plenty, and resolve to never leave your seat until the film has finished. Brush up on the rules above first and make your own set. PP
  3. Paulypeeps


    Glad to hear it!
  4. Paulypeeps

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    Definitely nice absorbent upholstery. So nice to feel it pool then soak away to caress with warmth.
  5. Paulypeeps

    If you could go back in time.....

    From another thread:-
  6. Paulypeeps

    Interest to UK fans

    Unfortunately I am not in the North West now, but hope your meet up goes well!
  7. Paulypeeps

    Favorite clothes to wet in?

    I like sitting and peeing through my black skirt, then just carrying on like nothing happened because nothing shows.
  8. Paulypeeps

    Nonchalant Peeing in Naughty Places

    This is quite a nice one I found on another thread. It looks like she is just purposefully wetting herself while doing something by the crossed ankles so that her pee goes neatly down her legs unobserved by all but the most eagle eyed. Open shoes and short skirt as well suggests that she might have had wetting in mind when she got dressed.
  9. Paulypeeps

    Oldest pee sources you can remember?

    I can't go back much further than this:- https://web.archive.org/web/19990128204755/http://www.wetpanties.com:80/ But I think I first came across Alori's site in about 1996. I have always loved her little animated graphic:- It had a forum which was nice, knowing that there were others...
  10. Paulypeeps

    Where should I pee?

    Sounds like this needs to be done twice!
  11. Paulypeeps

    Where should I pee?

    What could be more summery than a white pleated tennis skirt...
  12. Paulypeeps

    The story behind the video...

    Here is a little story from, we will call her Zoë, that goes with the video below. It is funny how I can go about my business and almost always I can find somewhere to wet myself without anyone noticing. I always find it so much more convenient to just pee wherever I happen to be rather than visit the ladies. When I go out with my friends, even though they never see me visit the ladies, it is especially easy because they never suspect I would be so brazen as to just pee myself while we are sat in the restaurant. They often joke that I must have a fantastic bladder capacity, but I just tell them in a jokey way that I must have wet myself. My usual method is to sit forward on the seat and let my pee flow forward and off the front of the seat to discreetly trickle on to the floor unobserved, and as long as the seat is cushioned this usually works well, especially when it can soak away nicely into carpet. There is always the odd occasion when things don't quite go to plan. Everyone wanted to visit this new Spanish restaurant that had just opened. It had some good reviews so we were all looking forward to it. It was a bit pricey, but we had some vouchers to discount our meals, but the drinks were still full price. The drinks were not a problem because it was happy hour in the cocktail bar next door! We went next door first! I probably should have paid a bit more attention to the décor, and perhaps done a wee before going in the restaurant, but I have been in similar places before and not had a problem emptying my bladder. We had just got to the end of the main course and were thinking about dessert when I felt a little tingle in my bladder. It was probably prompted by Livvy getting up to visit the ladies. I just did my normal routine, sat forward on the seat, opened my knees, and relaxed. I was just paying attention to the conversation, discussing the relative merits of Tarta de Santiago or Tarta de Queso, and listening to the gentle hiss under my skirt while feeling the warmth build under my thighs. I suppose that I must have been peeing for around twenty five seconds when I felt a bit of warmth building behind my buttocks. I never wear a skirt any longer than is absolutely necessary anyway but just in case I discreetly reached round behind, found the puddle in the back of the seat, and hitched my skirt up a bit while I continued to pee gently. Soon after I finished wetting myself Livvy returned from the ladies and we ordered our dessert. Livvy had a video on her phone and passed it around. The video seemed to induce giggles and shock in the viewers in equal measure. When it got to me I knew why. I still wet myself when I go out with my friends, but now they know I am not joking when I tell them that I have peed without ever leaving the table, and they always look out for me. I tend to end up in the corner now - it was rather a big puddle on the tiled floor after all! http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhsN4sa2rGQBmRQ7SU
  13. Not sure that this is naughty, but sitting in the club and peeing through my skirt. Seat unfortunately was PVC so my pee all ran off down the front to soak in to the carpet. PP
  14. When I get asked in the club, I always say "On my lap if you like" before I direct to the toilet if they looked shocked (they always look shocked except for once when I was in the pub and she had already wet her jeans and she did take up my offer!)
  15. Paulypeeps

    Hey There!

    Hi Bacardi You will soon appreciate that we don't judge and that you are just one of us and quite normal. There are plenty of places to pee that we find O.K. that are generally accepted to be off limits. Have fun! PP