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    I don't like using the toilet when I go out, so I 'dress to wet', and wet myself instead!

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  1. Some seats really soak it up well. I peed through my skirt on the seat once, and I went away for a bit and then came back to find someone sitting in my seat! It must have soaked it all up very well. I had to sit somewhere else, and I needed to pee again so I did.
  2. Clubs are dark so you are not likely to notice anyone peeing. I have never seen anyone peeing in a club, but I always pee somewhere in the club but I never go anywhere near the toilet. I usually, but not always, wear a black skirt so that I can pee where I am sitting without it being noticed. I usually sit somewhere when I drink and just pee through my skirt in to the seat at the same time. If it is an upholstered seat nothing usually shows after I have been sitting for a while and it has had a chance to soak away, if it is a plastic seat it just runs off on to the floor and no one ever n
  3. Is Netflix mainstream? Captain Fall had an interesting scene where the captain was dreaming about sex and being asked to pee while on the job, and he wakes to find that he has wet the bed in his sleep. It is at the start of episode 6.
  4. I could never sleep in a puddle so I never protect my bed. I just rely on will power which is hard.
  5. I pee while I am sitting on the seat. It is more discreet that way. No one knows that I am peeing as my pee soaks through my skirt in to the cushion.
  6. I don't know how much pee in trains is naughty, but all the seats in a train in my experience have a dried pee smell. I wet myself on purpose and let it soak in to the seat, and I am sure many wet themselves by accident. I have seen plenty of videos where people just pee on the seats which I guess is pretty naughty.
  7. I don't know if it is the frequency, or that you must pee the instant you feel the tingle. I try to wet myself immediately I feel the tingle when I go out and that really increases the frequency and it only takes a tiny amount in my bladder to feel desperate and start leaking a bit towards the end of the day.
  8. It is very addictive, and it can take a lot of self control to refrain from wetting especially when you are impaired due to tiredness.
  9. Omorashi rules (at least how they interpret them) are much tighter than here. Virtually everything I post falls foul of the moderators there, so I am sure that there are things that have been deleted there that would be O.K. here. They have a particular dislike of any form of wetting in a public place that makes the seat wet!
  10. ...And with the sun warming your pussy.
  11. It is the older "Scared Stiff" one I am familiar with. That one looks excellent too though.
  12. One day I will have an Elvira pinball machine. I want to go and stay at Potter's resort just so I can play on theirs.
  13. Excellent news. Don't forget to keep reminding your mum that she now has free-reign to just pee anywhere she likes now - it is expected that pregnant women have very limited bladder capacity.
  14. The speaker's chair in the house of commons - especially if I was the speaker!
  15. I just love the way she brings it up so naturally, like it is just so normal. It is very rare to see our way of life depicted in a non-sensational way. This film is getting popular, I think it is about the fifth time it has been mentioned on the forum, the second time on this thread!
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