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    I don't like using the toilet when I go out, so I 'dress to wet', and wet myself instead!

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  1. Peeing a little here and there on carpet is fine, and no clean up is required. I have done the pee between the cushions of the sofa and that worked out fine too.
  2. My favourite for this is peeing down my legs while chatting with someone who does not know that I am doing it. Chatting with tourists in the pub can be so much fun. Fishnet stockings are key to me getting away with it because nothing shows even when pee is flowing very freely as they act like a wick, and my open heels let it all flow invisibly into the carpet.
  3. Go outside when it is icy cold, and then pee down your legs. Your pee will feel burning hot, and will soon dry. You can always just go back inside in the warm of course. When it is sub-zero I quite like peeing down my legs just before I go in the pub to feel that really hot pee sensation.
  4. Whizz 98 I think (might be cheating a bit as there is only one 'Z' in my scrabble set, would have to use a blank!) W = 4 H = 4 I = 1 Z = 10 Double letter for using two 'Z' (20 each) Double word for being 5 letters long.
  5. Once you have done it once and realise that you can get away with it there is no going back, it is total luxury. Realising that it does not matter if you get your clothes wet is nice too. Don't forget to go somewhere after the cinema - it is just the start of an evening out!
  6. The girls have another exam, and they scheme to get Colin in to the girls' school. Part 18 After lunch we decided to walk to school to give our skirts a chance to dry. They had got such a good soaking that they had not dried out all morning, especially where we had been wetting ourselves on the sofa. As we walked I was aware of the cum oozing out between my thighs. I lifted the back of Erica's skirt which was drying nicely and saw that she had a good deal of cum on her stocking tops between her legs. I was not surprised as her cum was a lot fresher than mine. As
  7. The answer is 1. Just go go bed like normal and enjoy the wetting, then do it again in the morning before you get up!
  8. Heaven. I love wetting and just letting it dry.
  9. Colin gets to assert his patriarchal supremacy. Part 17 I was soon awoken by Colin inserting in to me from behind. I was expecting him to be as tired as me, but he had new found energy and started to pound away while holding my breast. I did not really participate, but Colin came quite quickly and I felt him thrust deep and throb inside me before he rolled away. I was soon back asleep. While I was a bit groggy I was not surprised to be awoken again. As before Colin just pounded away from behind at his usual rate. This time I enjoyed it a bit more, and adjusted my p
  10. It does not get to be photographed very often, so here is a rare glimpse of my natural public hair:-
  11. I just started posting things that could be a picture of anyone, nothing in the picture can identify me. I am not brave enough to show my face yet, mainly because I like to do discreet wetting indoors and a lot of people can be rather judgemental about that. Confidence is much harder, but once you start posting you will realise how much people appreciate it.
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    And Serena Williams:-
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    Ah, these celebrities seem to be popular, how about Abi Titmus:-
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