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  1. Sorry, I don't know the artist, but if there are any more by the same artist I am sure they will be fun.
  2. Just get a smart black skirt suit so that if there is a leak no one will notice! I often have a very wet skirt at work and no one notices. Just be confident and no one will suspect a thing.
  3. It is hard to get that shine, I really have to pee hard. Normal wetting is just not that photogenic. I dress to wet - open heels, fishnet stockings and black skirt so that I can wet, and as soon as I stop I am just another smart girl about town. It is just handy that it is quite a sexy look too. especially with the two slits in the front of that skirt. Strange as it may seem, none of the dog walkers on the beach behind the camera noticed the shine - too busy not blowing away in the wind I think.
  4. I posted this one in my thread, so you might have seen it before, but it is me getting my work suit skirt very wet on a cold day...
  5. While I would much rather see a picture of you with pee running down your legs from under your skirt, I am not going to ignore what you post just because you are pampered, because what you have to say on the matter comes with genuine feeling and insight and is therefore very educational. Should there be a separate section for nappy wearers? I guess that the answer is yes. Two reasons really, first is that it is a valid form of peeing that sits squarely within our community, and secondly it will create a hook that shows to anyone casually passing that they will be welcome. This is similar to the DL sites that have a wetting section!
  6. I never use the toilet when I go out. When it is time to leave the club though I always prefer to pee somewhere in the club on the way out rather than wait until I get outside. I usually find a mirror somewhere and sort out my hair (which gets rather dishevelled when I dance) and take the opportunity to pee down my legs at the same time. It is not that I deliberately wait to pee, I take every opportunity to pee somewhere in the club, it is just that I drink a lot and need to go again while I do my hair! What ideas go through my mind? Sadness that I will not be able to pee quite as freely as I have been doing all evening. Will I be so tired when I get home that I will go to bed fully dressed and worry about a shower in the morning. Will I be able to restrain myself from peeing in bed...
  7. I would go with peeing between the cushions on the sofa. I did that on my friend's sofa once and she did not notice. It is rather nice to just pee while sitting on the sofa.
  8. I pee on my carpet very infrequently, and I don't think anyone has noticed. I rarely have visitors.
  9. No, but at the time I was just a short train ride from that cinema.
  10. I love peeing in the cinema, but always do it discreetly. The big opportunity I missed was when the cinema in Liverpool that featured in 'A Hard Day's Night' closed down. The last showing was 'A Hard Day's Night' but I missed it. Had I know in time I would have dressed in a '60s outfit with a white skirt and taken great delight in wetting myself brazenly and leaving the cinema with an obviously wet skirt and pee running down my legs just like the hysterical Beatles fans in their heyday.
  11. I guess the most blatantly public pee I have done is while watching my friend 'Sweetie' singing karaoke in the pub. I was standing and just let rip in to the front of my skirt. My pee was running on to my feet and the carpet, but I knew that no one would notice because my oriental friend was up on stage wearing pretty much just a short nightie and looked rather cute!
  12. Yes, but let me know that my peed in leather skirt is for sale, and how much I can expect to get for it! I am sure the market is there.

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