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    I don't like using the toilet when I go out, so I 'dress to wet', and wet myself instead!

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  1. As long as you are doing something else while peeing no one will ever notice. Stand and chat with someone, they will never notice the trickle down your legs. Squat down and check your shoe, no one will notice that you are peeing at the same time. Stand with your legs a little apart and pee, no one will notice the trickle pattering on the carpet while you are checking your phone.
  2. Hi I don't think you need to worry about losing control completely, that takes quite a lot of conditioning to do. To make that happen you would find yourself in a situation where you probably would not mind if it happened as you would be very wet a lot of the time. I wet myself a lot, and have only done it involuntarily a couple of times after being out and about for whole weekends wetting myself almost continuously, one was where I was in the car driving. I was with my friend and we had been sightseeing, and my skirt was pretty much continuously wet where I had been wetting myself as soo
  3. If I don't have to touch a toilet, then there is no need to wash my hands. One of the benefits of wetting myself!
  4. I can recommend peeing in the seat in the cinema, it is one of my favourite places, but I have never done it with friends yet, I always go alone. I must go to the theatre one day...
  5. I really like the smell of dried dilute pee on my clothes. If I have wet myself I will often just hang my clothes up to dry then put them back in the wardrobe. When I get them out again it is lovely to press the fabric to my nose and smell the very subtle aroma that is hard to believe is pee.
  6. No panties, always bare under my skirt. It would have been nice taking my stockings off in the shower though.
  7. I think my limit is around 36 hours. One weekend I started wetting myself Saturday morning, and kept going until Sunday evening. I changed outfits a couple of times. Wearing the same outfit though it will only be around 22 hours. I put my work suit on in the morning, and peed on the train before work, and just kept wetting myself all day, went to the cinema and wet myself there, and then went clubbing! I would not normally go that long without changing but it was a busy day and I did not have time to put on a clubbing outfit. I might have even slept in my work suit after that, but I can't
  8. The office is a great place to pee down your legs while you move about the office, just leave a little bit here and there ideally on carpet. As long as you drink plenty you should be able to pee just a little on the upholstery, especially if it is black. It will dry overnight. While I try not to pee too much on my own office chair, it is nice to sit in other people's chairs and do a little bit when in the office out of hours. It is possible to sit on the edge of the office chair and pee on the floor of course. The carpet can soak up way more pee than most office chairs! I guess
  9. Well, I think that favourite would have to be peeing outside your room while you are trying to open the door for the first time. Not much he can do about that one. Having a wee on a sofa in one of the hotel's public areas would be nice too. You can do it discreetly so he does not worry, and then make sure that he sees the wet patch when you get up. It can be hard to find places to pee outside in a big city, so best to concentrate on finding places to pee indoors. Make a vow to never pee in a toilet and you can't go wrong! He will soon realise that it is no big deal, and really quite
  10. I rather enjoy it. When I go out and wet myself I just let it dry and wet again later. I don't give it a second thought. My leather skirt of course is never ever washed, I just pee in it and let it dry then wet it next time I wear it. A fantastic garment in so many ways. My shoes of course are the same. No way to wash them, so I just leave them to dry. Stockings I usually wear for a day, wetting them several times of course, and then I usually put them in the wash, but not always, I sometimes wear them again. My black skirts and dresses I wet several times a day, then I wil
  11. For me, usually naked, but sometimes fully clothed if I get in late...
  12. I can recommend it. I enjoyed having a woman sit on my lap in the pub and pee, wetting her jeans and my skirt.
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Joy-Bedwetting-different-view-bedwetting-ebook/dp/B07695TF5W
  14. I guess it is all about how much and how often you pee as to whether you can pee on a virgin mattress and not have to worry. You are not a bedwetter until you have peed on an unprotected bed at least once! It is well worth trying the unprotected bed with a small amount of nice dilute pee first, and see how you get on. It really does save a lot of cleanup if you can do it in an unprotected bed.
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