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  1. I rather fancy the posh version where Jeeves the butler enters the drawing room. "Matilda has warmed your bed for you Ma'am. Thirty six degrees and wet down to the foot as you like it. I am afraid she has been eating asparagus today though." "Thank you Jeeves, I will be retiring straight away. Don't worry - I had the asparagus too!"
  2. No one will notice you peeing if you just pee where you are sitting. If the seat overflows you might have a puddle flowing up and down the train as it speeds up and slows down. It is nice to be sitting on the train and feel that tingle in my bladder and just let go, and then enjoy sitting in the lovely warmth as it soaks through my skirt. Just try a little pee first, then when no one notices you can do more!
  3. The twins and Collette do wear denim skirts and wet them when they are at home.
  4. There is a scene in the X-Streams video "Pissing about in London pt. 2" where Jenni Loveit does a wee at the Notting Hill carnival. As you can see from the screenshot, there are plenty of police about and they don't seem too worried.
  5. There was a last showing of "A Hard Days Night" at a cinema that was closing down in Liverpool which I think was featured in the film. I did not realise it was happening until it was too late unfortunately. While I always wet myself peeing on the seat when I go to the cinema I always do it discreetly, but this being a Beatles film I would have dressed in a nice 1960s outfit with a white skirt and proudly wet myself like the girls in the '60s who went to see the Beatles.
  6. Not so much a puddle, but it is nice to sit on a seat with lovely warm and wet upholstery, and periodically warm it up by peeing through my skirt. It is probably the best thing about going to the cinema!
  7. I did install one in my garden for the purpose of collecting the by-products for use in composting - and very effective it was too for making the plants grow. Most people when presented with the urine separator find it baffling. It is just a funnel arangement at the front of the 'hole' in the toilet seat, the idea being that when seated No2 goes straight down and No1 goes forward in to the funnel. Pee has to be kept out of the No2 because it must be kept dry, and that is the main reason for seperating the urine. To aid drying of the No2 after each use a sprinkling of sawdust gets layered
  8. It gets a lot easier the more that you do it until it becomes second nature. Have fun!
  9. Not sure this would work in real life, but in fiction perhaps. "Hi, I saw you the other day, I would recognise that smile anywhere. Would you like to sit on my lap - I'm going to East Croydon."
  10. It depends how I stand, whether it runs down my legs, but generally it tends to hit my skirt and soak down to the hem and trickle off. I have to pee hard to make it burst through my Spandex dress.
  11. I love spandex, because I can pee through it when I am out, and as soon as I stop peeing nothing shows. I like fishnet stockings too so that I can pee down my legs without anything being visible.
  12. I rather like the idea of having a catheter so that my pee just dribbles out all the time. Sometimes it can be a bit of a chore remembering to wet myself regularly so that I don't do too much in one place, having my pee just dribble out continuously will free me from that worry. I think it will remain a fantasy. If I do it then it will be all or nothing. I would never be able to compromise with a nappy or anything, and of course I would miss the warmth...
  13. I am not sure that I would be indifferent, but if the waiter was discreet I would never know!
  14. Peeing while chatting in the pub, and while eating in a restaurant is rather fun.
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