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    I don't like using the toilet when I go out, so I 'dress to wet', and wet myself instead!

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  1. I think that the mug could be taken a lot more seriously than a damp cushion. I would go with the chair.
  2. My office chair and in the car are the two immediate ones that spring to mind.
  3. Mostly for convenience, but some happened when I was not expecting it.
  4. It will be hard to remember them all, but I will try:- Down my legs in a nightclub while dancing on the podium. Sitting in the VIP area of the nightclub. Sitting on the steps while adjusting my shoe in the nightclub. While standing in front of the mirror and checking my hair on the way out of the nightclub. Standing at the bar in the nightclub. Pretty much everywhere in the nightclub really. Sitting on a barstool in the pub. Sitting on banquette seating in the pub. Sitting on a lounge chair in the pub. Standing at the bar in the pub. Chatt
  5. No, one of the key advantages in not using the toilet is no need to wash my hands!
  6. It is all quite easy nowadays, just use DCC control. With built in inertia and simple braking systems it would be a lot smoother...
  7. Anywhere that I can get away with peeing on the seat. The cinema is probably favourite because it is always possible, the pub is nice too because drinking makes for a lot of peeing, and the club is nice because I can be so carefree and just pee anywhere. Whoops, that was more than one...
  8. I don't have much preference of first over third, but I really hate anything told in the second person - it just gives me the creeps. Again I don't have much preference in female narration over male, what is more important is that it is correct for the scenario.
  9. Hi Ndemarino It is nice to wet in the cinema. I like to just pee and wet my clothes and let my pee soak away in to the seat. It is lovely to be carressed by a warm and wet seat. I usually wear a black skirt so that I can just pee through it. I hate having to move my clothes out of the way when I pee. I usually go to the last house so the seat has time to dry before anyone else sits there, and I usually go at the end of a run so I don't have people sitting next to me seeing my wet seat when I leave. I wait until most people have gone after the credits so that no one will get a suprise
  10. The girls take Collette shopping Part 29 Mum came home after bingo and we all had coffee in the lounge. I heard hissing from mum as she sat and peed through her dress in her chair. Dad came in from the pub just as we were finishing our coffee. Dad stood right in front of Collette and explained. "Now you are a girl you need to fully experience what the rest of the women get." He unzipped and then peed all over Collette, starting by making a puddle in the front of her skirt and then soaking her top and her legs. Dad must have had a lot to drink because he was peeing with
  11. Colin becomes Collette Part 28 Mum took us home in the car and we went straight upstairs to unpack Collette's suitcase, leaving Colin's suitcase in the hall. Before we put any of Collette's clothes away Erica and I sat on the bottom of our bed and asked Colin to pee on us one last time as Colin. Colin franticly unzipped and straight away started to spray us with his pee. He did not just restrict himself to our school skirts but liberaly sprayed our blouses as well as he moved his jet from Erica to me and back again. It felt really nice as Colin's pee ran down between my b
  12. Hi Diane You need to get over the feelings of mortification - and think about the positive feelings you get when you are wetting yourself. Think about the relief and the warmth. Start thinking these thoughts as soon as you take the first sip of your drink. Take a sip and think to yourself. "Soon that sip will be warmth running down my legs". Take another sip and think. "Soon my bladder will feel blissful release". I can understand that you might not want to undress to pee out in the open - undressing can be a bit of a faff at the best of times - but just accept thet yo
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