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    I don't like using the toilet when I go out, so I 'dress to wet', and wet myself instead!

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  1. Paulypeeps


    Nice to see Abi Titmus. I made this picture in to a puzzle, but it got blocked!
  2. The cinema seat and the pub/club carpet are the only sure fire places I can think of which are always ready for pee.
  3. Temporarily. Peeing every half an hour for a few days makes me start leaking after an hour. Having to hold later increases capacity again.
  4. Just keep wetting your bed as much as possible. Drink plenty of course, pee in your bed before you go to sleep, if you can't sleep pee again, and keep peeing until you do get to sleep. When you wake pee straight away. Additionally keep peeing frequently throughout the day, don't wait until you need to pee. This will reduce your bladder capacity. Try and pee as soon as you feel a tingle in your bladder that it is not empty. It is a lot of work, but I am sure you will reap the benefit!
  5. Sometimes, but my pee is very dilute so usually no.
  6. Sounds like you need a hormone implant.
  7. Yes, I think that in the first instance a cinema is the best place to try first, then move on to trying a nightclub or perhaps a pub, and then a restaurant. Industrial carpet and deep upholstery are your friends here.
  8. I got the Cloudflare page earlier and things got very slow, but at around 00:45 BT drops my internet connection pretty regularly and I have to wait for the router to reconnect, quite irritating as the BT router takes ages.
  9. I have never seen anyone peeing in the cinema. I guess most people are discreet like me.
  10. Quite. I always feel strangely empty in my bladder when I exit the cinema.
  11. I can't remember. It was a long time ago and I can't find it on IMDB. I found one from 2005 "Diary of a Porn Virgin" which featured 'Sahara' who later went on from being a WS cam girl to act in Game of Thrones. Not sure that this one fits the OP's brief though.
  12. Probably best to not sit by the driver, and best not to turn the stairs in to a waterfall, but apart from that just sit where you like and enjoy yourselves. There will be cameras, and as has been said you will not be able to see all of them, so you are likely to be recorded - but no one is likely to notice the wet seat(s) when you leave.
  13. There is one where Louis Theroux visited Wetset. He seemed to take it all in in the usual way as he watched a photoshoot of girls wetting themselves. What I really liked was at the end when all the girls had got dressed to go home one of them just casually wet herself, as it was just a normal thing for her. Louis was really freaked out that this was a real lifestyle thing and that they were not just wetting themselves for the money.
  14. I guess I am here for two main reasons really:- To be with like minded souls who like the same things about pee that I like, as a sort of hub to share content I think people will like, and to find content that I like. To evangelise about my lifestyle. As someone who thought being able to pee pretty much anywhere was just a fantastic dream, and then finding out that it was all quite possible when you have a bit of knowledge, I feel it is my duty to let people know what it is like to be a deliberate bed wetter, and to experience urinary freedom when out and about. It is a nic
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