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  1. Paulypeeps


    I always like tasteful pictures of everyday activities where a glimpse up a skirt is perfectly natural. Well, I suppose not everyone plays the cello every day, but...
  2. Paulypeeps

    I wish more people used chat.

    I sometimes pop in to the pool to chat, but not very often. On the whole I don't have much to talk about, and from what I see posted neither does anyone else. Now, if I had noticed that there is a chatroom here too I might have thought about chatting here! It really needs a bit of promotion to members. Not sure how, but perhaps someone could put together a brief monthly digest of interesting topics that have been chatted about and send it to members? Especially the not very observant ones like me. For chat to work it needs both interesting people with something to say and enquiring people wanting to know everything. I think that we have both here, just need to get together at the right time!
  3. Paulypeeps

    Ladies in uniform

    Air hostess might be of interest:- http://www.shittytube.com/air-hostess-peeing-in-her-panties-in-public-video
  4. Paulypeeps

    What would you do?

    I would say. "There is no one near, just do it here." "But someone might see if I squat here." And I would reply. "Not if you just stand and let it run down your legs." I would say. "You look to be a little uncomfortable. Just pee on the seat - no one will notice." "Are you sure?" I would reply. "I just did it on the seat - did you notice?" I would say "Are you sure?" and squeeze her tummy. I would keep driving. I would say. "Too late now, just relax and enjoy the warmth. You are not going to get any wetter now." I would go in the bathroom first. Might not pee in the toilet though! PP
  5. Paulypeeps

    Paulypeeps peeing

    I don't want to be too boring, but here is another one on a bench! I don't always wear black skirts when I sit and do a wee.
  6. Paulypeeps

    Paulypeeps peeing

    Here is one with some people in it. I don't think anyone in the casino noticed I was doing a wee.
  7. Paulypeeps

    What part of peeing are you most into?

    For me there are several aspects to peeing, but the overriding one is the freedom of just peeing wherever I happen to be. Ideally not making any compromise and just wetting myself as soon as I get the tingle that my bladder is not empty. Compromise would be getting undressed or going to a toilet. Now it has got to the point where even moving my skirt out of the way, or even standing up are a compromise I try to avoid. While I prefer not to be discreet and just wet myself openly in front of my friends, this is rarely possible but I do enjoy that I am wetting myself discreetly while all those around me are completely oblivious to what I am enjoying. There is something really nice about being in conversation while I am wetting myself. And of course there are the sensations. The feeling of relaxation, the warmth running down my legs, the comfort of a deliciously soaked seat caressing my bottom, and the feel of the hem of my wet skirt brushing the back of my legs as I walk. It would be really nice to know that others were enjoying what I am enjoying - but for the most part it is a solitary activity even when I am wetting myself in a crowded place!
  8. Well, I have posted some stuff on SF now, and a few people from the old days and a few new people have shown interest so there might be hope.
  9. Paulypeeps

    Writer's block

    Burn out can happen especially with someone as prolific as you. I am sure that a sabbatical will help clear your head and provide some more inspiration. I look forward to the return of your mojo!
  10. Paulypeeps

    Peeing as part of an art performance

    Looks like linked Tumblr images that have been removed from tumblr
  11. Some of these groups look very familiar... https://similarworlds.com/search-groups?q=wetting ... I think this site might have a future if they allow new groups to be added at some point - but if they have copied over all the EP ones we should be OK for a while.
  12. Just found a post on there from 2013 when I got mentioned - has the site been around that long? LoL.
  13. Looks like some posts have been ported across - how long has the site been running? https://similarworlds.com/6042686-I-Wet-Myself-On-Purpose PP
  14. Looks like a complete blag of EP - they have even copied across some of the experience categories like "I keep my EP account secret" complete with the EP logo! I guess it is down to us to populate it - just need to work out how to add categories...
  15. Paulypeeps

    Sprinkles Golden Showers!

    I used to post my stories there, but can't see them there anymore...