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  1. Paulypeeps

    Have you ever met any celebrities?

    Probably best I don't mention the evening I spent chatting with the Crystal Rev after being invited to join him and some friends at his hotel bar...
  2. Paulypeeps

    Have you ever met any celebrities?

    I was in the pub one evening, just quietly standing by a table, minding my business while watching the karaoke and discreetly peeing down my legs as and when I felt like it, when a scouser came over and started chatting. A really nice down to earth chap who turned out to be one of the Zutons. Needless to say I had plenty to drink and continued to pee down my legs while we chatted. PP
  3. I drink a lot so it probably would be!
  4. I did not write these very short stories, but I thought one was so good I had better post it here:- https://www.wattpad.com/459818775-list-of-random-omorashi-wetting-stories-i-found I especially liked the fourth story. A lovely depiction of a deliberate public wetting. PP
  5. Paulypeeps

    Question for people who pee on carpets

    Hi Timthek There are a few things that you need to do:- 1. Drink plenty and make sure your pee is really dilute. If it looks and tastes like pure water you are on the right track. 2. Spread it about. If you pee where you have peed before you can sometimes reactivate the old pee and make it smell. 3. Make sure that the carpet dries out and is in a dry environment. Dried pee does not smell but in a humid environment carpet may not dry out completely. 4. Patterned carpet will hide a wet patch quite nicely until it has dried. 5. Practice peeing while doing other things. You must be confident in yourself that peeing on the carpet is perfectly normal and not be fazed by anything while you are peeing. PP .
  6. Paulypeeps


    Debbie Ashton videos from the '80s are Australian and still some of my favourites. The wetting in a street café in Panty Pissers 5 has to be a real classic. https://www.wetset.net/index.php?target=products&product_id=2336
  7. Paulypeeps

    Cinema rules

    Hi Riley It is by far the best place for a first public pee or wetting. Just dress to wet, drink plenty, and resolve to never leave your seat until the film has finished. Brush up on the rules above first and make your own set. PP
  8. Paulypeeps


    Glad to hear it!
  9. Paulypeeps

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    Definitely nice absorbent upholstery. So nice to feel it pool then soak away to caress with warmth.
  10. Paulypeeps

    If you could go back in time.....

    From another thread:-
  11. Paulypeeps

    Interest to UK fans

    Unfortunately I am not in the North West now, but hope your meet up goes well!
  12. Paulypeeps

    Favorite clothes to wet in?

    I like sitting and peeing through my black skirt, then just carrying on like nothing happened because nothing shows.
  13. Paulypeeps

    Nonchalant Peeing in Naughty Places

    This is quite a nice one I found on another thread. It looks like she is just purposefully wetting herself while doing something by the crossed ankles so that her pee goes neatly down her legs unobserved by all but the most eagle eyed. Open shoes and short skirt as well suggests that she might have had wetting in mind when she got dressed.
  14. Paulypeeps

    Oldest pee sources you can remember?

    I can't go back much further than this:- https://web.archive.org/web/19990128204755/http://www.wetpanties.com:80/ But I think I first came across Alori's site in about 1996. I have always loved her little animated graphic:- It had a forum which was nice, knowing that there were others...
  15. Paulypeeps

    Where should I pee?

    Sounds like this needs to be done twice!