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  1. Thankfully, I go on holiday this week - of course staying at a hotel deliberately chosen due to it having a pool so I can enjoy pissing in there to my hearts content. I'm going away for 10 days altogether - how many times do you think I can piss in there overall whilst I'm there? Perhaps think of this as setting a challenge for me, if you will.. 😉💧
  2. Sunny evenings are just made for giving the path a nice rinsing down as you go.. 😉 https://www.redgifs.com/watch/softtrustingmollies
  3. Can I just take a moment to say this all sounds my absolute dream? With particular reference to the being into you pissing in inappropriate places, and especially the cuck/wanting others to see aspect.. 🤤 The controlling of peeing also sounds delightful - are there any particular kind of places the 'where' would usually include?
  4. I got Hackey Half marathon also in the tank this morning - was too warm and legs weren't recovered enough after last weekend to challenge for a PB, but I had a great time out there in the sunshine regardless! And a beauty of a medal for it, too. On a peeing side note, I was surprised at the lack of people I saw wild pissing given how busy it was and how few portaloos there appeared to be! A handful of guys albeit somewhat brazenly pissing in the bushes, but that was about it. I now have my third Half in as many weeks this upcoming Saturday.. what was I thinking when booking all the
  5. Suitably pent up and horny after both running half marathon this morning, and then some sunshine beers this afternoon - now enjoying giving my big old cock a nice stroke 🫶🏼
  6. Good LORD - now that is what you call an inappropriate locations wank list.. I am thoroughly impressed! That manages to even outstrip mine 😉 although there’s definitely a good number on there that I’ve already ticked off, too! And they all resulted in climax, as well? Simply incredible, I love it. How did the in a queue at a theme park one come to be..?
  7. Pissing on strangers cars is wrong, I’d never do it.. 😉
  8. Another half marathon race in the bag this morning - the heat made it pretty hard going, but was glad to soldier on and get it done! Very much enjoying an afternoon with the feet up now 😅 Just the one sighting of a lady opting to bypass the portaloo queue and instead squat down beside a tree for a nice piss before the race began - still a lovely treat, no less!
  9. Oh, wow.. even as a straight guy, I am turned on by this! What a lovely big cock 🥵
  10. I had my back to everyone and just pissed on the last bit of platform in front of me, so I can’t say for sure who was watching with intent or not - but anyone looking would’ve been left in no doubt as to what I was doing, especially with the huge puddle left behind on the floor. There were indeed both women and men present. Honestly, it felt great to de desperate and have no other option than to piss right there in front of them all!
  11. This has very much happened to me before - the most notable occasion being having to pull my dick out and relieve myself all over the end of a train station platform (with lots of people also on it) as the station had no toilets.. 😳
  12. I do like your way of thinking.. especially that of me being both desperate, and in particular vulnerable - I certainly had to give up and piss, although this was also very much a pre-planned and calculated situation I found myself in.. 😈
  13. Si - peeing on the grass is exactly what I did.. after drinking lots of water to make sure it felt extra relieving 😏
  14. I did indeed! That was the main reason for allowing my cock to casually ease out of my shorts - to then enjoy a nice lazy piss right there on the grass of the field. Hidden in plain sight! Grazie! I’m glad you like it.. it was a lot of fun to do 😉
  15. Cheers! It was certainly a rather enjoyable act to partake in. With the nicer weather creeping in I’ll be sure to be doing more of it whilst out & about!
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