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  1. These were literally so so hot 🥵 especially that fresh roll of carpet ready to be laid that got it! 😈 I was gutted when you moved out of that complex, haha
  2. I was almost home and needed to piss.. was I going to get inside and utilise the toilet? Hell no - unleashing a nice torrent of piss where I ‘shouldn’t’ was far more preferable.. 😉
  3. On the train home from london this evening and really needed to piss.. whilst I occupied the toilet cubicle itself, I opted to fully relieve myself into the sink within 🤫
  4. This instance of me pissing wherever I want happened to be.. on myself 😈💦
  5. I may have ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ pissed anywhere but in the toilet in the public toilets today.. I’ve done similarly in these ones before, so it felt extra pleasing to go back and add to it 🌚
  6. Stairwells are always definitely appealing! Especially with the piss cascading down the steps? I’ve already a video in this thread from when I did so in an apartment block stairwell, but I definitely want to make good use of garage and hotel ones, too! Ideally a carpeted hotel one, right? 😏
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions of where they’d like to see me piss, to add in here? I’d get extra turned on from fulfilling specific requests! 😉
  8. A flat I used to live in had a very conveniently waist level window in my bedroom - so yes, you can be sure I’d often whip my cock out and piss out of it.. and take great pleasure in doing so 🤫
  9. A nice evening piss marking off this wall, recently. Such a rush of doing it outside! https://www.redgifs.com/watch/pastunlinedtaruca
  10. Another instance of opting to piss mark the wall as opposed to waiting to get home.. and all the more fun for it 😈💦
  11. Oh boy, this could take a while.. 😉 I’ll start off by listing some that spring to mind, and in no particular order.. - breeding - taboo role play - public indecency - pubic hair - voyeurism - exhibitionism - wearing women’s underwear - happy ending massage - tickling - feet play - butt stuff - naughty cumming - cum on (face, body parts, clothing) - breastfeeding - face sitting - sex toys - spit in mouth - sleep play
  12. Oh, thank you! The somewhat blatant hard on through my work trousers garners the seal of approval, does it? 😇 It felt so inappropriate to be ‘on show’ in the office like that, but the exhibitionist in me absolutely loved it - such a thrill!
  13. Okay, let’s go with ‘reasonably’, then 😉 but ultimately this was without any touching, and not at what might be called it’s full potential..? 😏
  14. Another naughty hotel room pissing. Laid in bed and needing to piss, but couldn’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom. The armchair was right beside and served it’s purpose pretty well, wouldn’t you say? 💦 https://www.redgifs.com/watch/truearidbrocketdeer#rel=user%3Ajameserased;order=new
  15. I must also confess to being party to enjoying having my bulge on show. Grey joggers with no boxers with my dick quite obviously protruding in public is a real turn on, especially when you catch the eyes of females darting down at it - which of course then just makes me harder, and it all the more noticeable - win/win 🍆 Below is a time I went to work with no boxers and was enjoying getting slightly hard through my trousers..
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