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  1. Have a good run mate! Steady pace and good playlist.. hopefully some good comfy running shoes too? And you’ll be grand 🤙🏼
  2. Haha, great use of ‘stopped for a slash’! And good work on your half, too. I did a half marathon last weekend, and almost ended up having to do the same. Upon heading to the start line, I had the initial inklings of needing a piss, but it was too late to trek back to the toilet - fortunately I was able to hold out for the 21km without it growing any more noticeable. Time-wise I didn’t have any particular target set, although did have at the back of my mind that it would be lovely to finish in sub 2 hour; so it was a pleasant surprise when I crossed the finish line on 01:58! I
  3. Have you really stayed in a hotel room if you actually use the toilet to piss in? 👀 I much prefer just going all up the wall and let it soak into the carpet..
  4. So today I ended up having a fairly incredible piss.. I was getting the supporters coach to football, and had been in the pub for a few drinks beforehand - consuming just shy of two litres of fluids whilst there. I did utilise the facilities before leaving the pub, but ultimately had not relieved myself of all said fluids - far from it. The coach usually has an onboard toilet, however todays one did not. I had a feeling the rest of my drinks would catch up with me at some point on the journey, but fear not - it would just be a relatively short one hour trip to get there. And then, the M25
  5. Oh wow.. they are just begging to be suckled 🤤
  6. I can’t say I’ve any experience with a nude colony, as such - but I HAVE been to a nude beach (in Greece), and oh boy was I in my element 🤤 Getting to be naked in front of others, in the sunshine, and it be totally okay? Having others be totally naked in front of me? All so so good! I can’t wait to go to another..
  7. Enter Shikari - The void stares back ..my current absolute bop! 🤟🏼
  8. There’s just something about pissing into a body of water, isn’t there? This evening on my walk home, I opted for the canal as my toilet - the sound my piss hitting the water never fails to please!
  9. As much as I love piss related porn, it seems agonisingly difficult for them to actually document a good account of it most of the time.. My main gripe is when the woman starts pissing, they zoom right in on her fanny - no! I want to appreciate the full scene, and in particular, where that stream is going/building up! Others include when they take a good while to start pissing - if you are doing a piss themed video, get yourself nice and desperate beforehand, ready to piss everywhere! Carrying on from that, just a generally weak or stop/start stream.. why is this even being filmed? I
  10. That’s a very respectable 10k time, especially if you’ve not been able to get all that much training in of late! Good work. I recently managed to get my parkrun (5k) PB time down to 23:40, so am hoping to continue getting that down throughout the year. I was also recently successful in my ballot application for the London Landmarks half marathon in April, so I’m looking forward to that! Ps. My gratitude for drawing my attention to @Eliminature’s latest post - I think it’s safe to say that very much brightened a working from home Wednesday morning! 😉
  11. Oh yeah, I’ve just checked your result - yikes 😬 I guess it reminds me it could always be worse, eh? 🤣 then again, at least your result came against Spurs as opposed to bloody York ahaha
  12. Woking for me - no, don’t ask how we got on today 🤣 (currently on my way home from York as we speak.. lovely city, that!)
  13. I doubt I’m the only one to find this pretty relatable.. 😅😉
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