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  1. I mean, it’s your show.. you of course feel free to flaunt those beautiful big tits of yours! 😉 If you had the choice to only either piss on a fan, or get your boobies out though, which would you choose?
  2. Oh yes, that would be hot as fuck! Something to make your party trick for every concert, right?
  3. I’ve just watched that again - it’s even hotter than I remember! Such a big stream, and so brazenly in front of the audience too.. hot as fuck 🤤😍 such a lucky guy to be on the receiving end of that!
  4. Oh yes - I have watched, and wanked over that video before 😍 I more like the idea of being stood in the crowd and being pissed on, but of course like that up on the stage would be hot as fuck too!
  5. Oh don’t, I would absolutely love to have a female artist piss on me from onstage whilst I’m in the crowd and unable to escape her stream (not that I’d in any way want to) 🤤 but yes - I’ve a feeling Eminem would be into that kinda thing too!
  6. I happened upon this user on Reddit, who seems to absolutely love either getting naked, or at least getting her tits and pussy out in public/the outdoors - and it’s hot as fuck! 🥵🤤
  7. Now this is a notion I could not help fully, and enthusiastically support! Have them pee on the beach in front of us so we could learn the tell-tale signs, facial expressions etc to help us identify when they’re doing it in the water. I’m not sure there could be more of a dream job for me! Are there any women of PeeFans who’d be willing volunteers for the training programme? 😉😅
  8. ..that said, if they’re recruiting for spotters - I would very happily spend my day on the beach looking out for telltale signs of women weeing in the sea. Not quite sure I’d issue any fines, however - just a knowing wink of encouragement 😉
  9. This is technically illegal in Portugal, too. I cannot fathom who would even bother coming up with such an idea - firstly given that it’s literally impossible to tell if someone is pissing in the sea, let alone actually prove they’ve done so. But furthermore, who’d doesn’t love pissing in the sea?! Half the fun of going in there is the excitement of letting loose underwater in there! 💦
  10. On the way home today - a nice risky broad daylight piss was calling its name to me, and it felt so good to whip my cock out and unleash a nice load of piss on the pavement / up against the wall in this mini-alley, leaving a nice visible marking as I did so 😍
  11. I very much encourage women to just piss in the pool - who wants to bother not only getting out, but also have to contend with a swimsuit too? Just piss in the pool 😉 much easier - and think of the benefit to all the other swimmers!
  12. I can’t say it in any way deters me from doing one of the things I love most - enjoying a nice, exhilarating piss in public. I’ll of course look around to see if there is any CCTV present, and usually if so, I’ll just find another spot. Maybe if I’m rather drunk I’ll just piss anyway (without checking first), under the basis the cameras are incredibly unlikely to be checked anyway.
  13. Nice! How was it? Yeah, that sounds like a good plan to gradually increase mileage in prep for the half. Mine is on 10th Sept, so a similar time-frame away from the sounds of it!
  14. And me mid-stream, watering the grass 😉 I’d never tried pissing out of the side of my shorts before, but it certainly adds a degree of subtlety to the matter, and now certainly opens up a lot more doors in my mind for places/situations to be able to get away with peeing outdoors!
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