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    Male that loves other guys to ruin my stuff with piss. Whether it’s second nature for them to piss all over the house or they feel like being destructive, it’s my favorite thing. Always looking to record guys ruining my carpet.

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    Naughty peeing, fully clothed getting pissed on, piss in hair, piss in car, on carpet
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    Sucking a guy off and him peeing on me and all over my car afterwards

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  1. I just like seeing guys non chalantly so what they want with my stuff 🙂 I like watching them piss all over knowing I have to clean it up and that it’s not their problem 😛
  2. Nothing excites me more than watching a guy nonchalantly just whip out his dick and piss where it’ll stain and leave a mark. I’ve paid good friends to soak my carpet, the interior of my car whether on the carpet or all over the upholstered seats (my old car was pissed in over 10 times by 4 different guys) I’ve had friends soak the carpet at their family’s house, piss on stuff at work, and even take some curtains from a neighbor’s truck and soak them. I’ve pissed in my friend’s car before (anyone remember xtube? Used to post there!), in his shoes one time, and used to soak m
  3. I love nothing more than a man that’ll piss a puddle right on carpet. Beautiful pics man. Wish that hotel was my apartment!
  4. What a fuckin great stream and amazing behavior. Fuck yeah.
  5. Dude you're great. I've encouraged friends to piss in their family's place multiple times. Love seeing it especially when its not their own stuff.
  6. Hot thread. Drunkenly pissed (on purpose) in my friends white shoes one time. He thought it was the dog. pissed in his old car without him knowing a few times too. While I prefer it to be my stuff men are ruining casually and for dominance, I like engaging
  7. I’ve had friends come over and do this especially when drinking. They find it fun after a while. I’m also not too proud to say I’ve paid a couple friends to do it. I live in an apartment and could give two fucks about my security deposit. Surprisingly my carpet is presentable and smells ok lol. But I’m always dreaming of guys to come piss all over it. Walls, floor, in vents, in fridge - even when I’m at work. Just record it.
  8. I have thought of this a lot as my favorite pissing is carpet pissing, username checks out 😛 while I love the practicality my favorite thing is just myself or having another guy just wherever he is, nonchalantly make a piss puddle right where we are. No second thoughts, nothing. Just let it loose. I invested in just some really good carpet cleaner 😛
  9. Both amazing!! My car next please - but inside preferred 🙂
  10. Hey all! 28 gay male here. Love being pissed on especially clothed and in my hair/beard/on my face. My all time favorite is guys pissing on my stuff - carpet, in my car, food, fridge, especially. The worse you can think the better!! 🙂
  11. Just joined as well Nate! Hope to chat - lazy piss lover here!!!
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