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    I like to pee on things and I like to pee outside

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    I recently learned to pee standing up with a prosthetic pee device and now I pee everywhere :)

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  1. There were fireworks for Canada Day, I really needed to pee. We went to the park to watch the fireworks and me and my friends sat on the grass and drank some drinks while we waited. After a bit I had to pee super bad, but there were no washrooms. I got up and walked around to see if I could go behind something but there were no hiding spots because there were too many people. So I just went back to sit on the grass with my friends. When the fireworks started, I couldn’t hold it anymore so I decided to pee through my swim shorts into the grass. The grass absorbed it so quickly, and Nobody notic
  2. I’ve been piss marking around the house secretly lately I started this new thing, I’ve been peeing a little into my girlfriends face wash every other day when the level in the bottle drops, I wonder how much of it is piss by now? It used to be a translucent peach/pink but now is a bit more yellow she even said today that her skin is really good lately haha
  3. I dunno why but I love peeing when I’m drunk so much, I like It when I’m sober but when I’m drunk it feels so good Peeing to see if I can pee it back in the bottle to make the bottle full again
  4. I regularly do this while sitting beside my gf watching tv… especially when she’s wearing cute short pjs. Mostly I don’t even tell her after, especially if I came because I was scrolling on here she doesn’t know
  5. I like to pee on different things too, I gotta try the coffee maker idea I like that
  6. Dude everything you post here is just magnificent
  7. Idk if furries is allowed but hey. Into piss and pup play Peeing outdoors is great I’m a trans dude nice to meet y’all Here is some art I made
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