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  1. When women piss outside of a toilet nonchalantly and without shame. Especially when it's done in protest.
  2. I've been extremely drunk at a great many parties but I don't think I've ever seen guys pissing around the house. I've seen one male friend gleefully pissing in the hallway outside of another friends apartment (not in his apartment, but in the building). Another friend peed in a fake plant at a party in an abandoned building, but she wasn't disrespecting someone's living space.
  3. My partner and I were really drunk and had reached that point where you're peeing every 15 minutes. She was going down on me when I suddenly had to pee. When I told her I needed to go she stopped sucking, looked up and told me to go in her mouth. I was hesitant but she assured me it was what she wanted, and that she would swallow every drop. I remember it took me a while before I could finally start releasing into her mouth. Yes, the combination of being sucked off while relieving yourself is uniquely pleasurable. Easily one of the hottest sexual experiences I've ever had. Not just the f
  4. Not a decrease in production. However, I have noticed a drop in the quality of amateur pee porn. The high end stuff is still high end though. Mostly what I've noticed is a distressing increase in both fart and scat based material. As well as an increase in the annoying habit of women feeling obligated to pull their tits out to pee. Don't get me wrong, I love breasts as much as the next fella, but that just makes it feel unnecessarily porn-ish.
  5. Damn, that sucks! I hate to admit this, but as someone who doesn't like to draw attention to himself, I think if I were a woman who could pee standing up, I would probably still squat in certain situations. Just to be on the safe side. I imagine it wouldn't be as bad to be caught by a woman. I could probably spin that into a monologue about empowerment or something like that. But if I were caught by a man I might never be able to pee around him (or the group of people accompanying us) again. I'd be too afraid that he would be thinking about it. Then I would be wondering who else he told?
  6. I used to go to parties at this amazing loft space in a converted warehouse with just one tiny bathroom for hundreds of guests. The building had a huge patio with a cantilevered roof that hung over an alley which the male guests would use as a substitute urinal. During the bigger parties it would become the primary men's room. And just like any party restroom it was constantly in use. Over the many years of reveling there, I peed off that roof more times than I can remember. Since I was standing over 100 feet above the alley, I always peed from the end of the roof. That way I could hold
  7. I used to piss off the balcony of my old apartment. Except I could only do it on rainy nights. I didn't want to risk eviction by pissing off (or pissing on) the downstairs neighbor.
  8. That sounds frustrating. Does that mean you squat in public even though you're capable of peeing standing up?
  9. I've had not one, but two different teenage incidents where I had to pee in mall drinking fountains because the restrooms were locked. The first time was in the middle of the afternoon, making it especially terrifying. I remember I was 16 and it was summer time, so I'd been drinking a lot of water. Unlike the rich kids at my school, I was still dependent on public transportation to get around. This meant a lot of time between restrooms, starting at the bus stop. I would already have a full bladder before the bus even arrived. Then I would endure the shakey ride with all the stops. W
  10. Yes, technically you're not as far along. So there will be 2 to 1 1/2 months where you'll be the only pregnant woman in the house. But for now, you're both different degrees of pregnant at the same time. Damn, that's gotta be a trip.
  11. Congratulations!!!! Wow, you and your mom are both pregnant at the same time? That's low-key bananas tho.
  12. That's not just you! I love the way the light glistens through those golden droplets clinging to the hairs that caught their stream.
  13. The second woman I peed on was in the summer after high school graduation. Somehow I'd ended up in the apartment of a grad student 5 years my elder. We spent the night having sex despite not being very sexually compatible. Primarily because she was fond of the rough stuff that I wasn't comfortable with it. The next morning while showering she explained how I was just too gentle to make her cum. As she detailed my inadequacy with her face to the shower head, I felt a sudden urge to pee on her. And pee I did, blending my stream into the waterfall running down her back. I considered tel
  14. I've done it a few times, though not always with the same goals in mind. The first time was on one of my high school girlfriends. We were in the shower after sex and I wanted to clear out whatever cum was left in my urethra, so naturally I peed it out. As she watched I encouraged her to join in. Assuring her it was ok to leave her mark in my shower. I stopped mid-stream then aimed my cock at her like a pistol. "Hands up or I'll shoot!" "Please, don't shoot!" She pleaded, in a high-pitched cartoon voice throwing her hands up. "Too late" I answered, sending my stream back and
  15. Welcome aboard, lad! The water's fine in these parts.
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