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  1. Sort of. When I'm really attracted to a woman I will eventually wonder if she ever pees outside of toilets. And how she does it?
  2. I like to piss on a target. Like a wall or a tree. But I always try to back up and angle myself so I don't get hit with the splashback.
  3. Takashi96


    You are effortlessly seductive.
  4. Hola, Reina de pipi! Welcome!
  5. I doubt I'm the only person interested in that list.
  6. Yes, but I don't feel comfortable sharing his business over a public forum. I'll happily tell you the story over pm as long as you don't post it publicly.
  7. If I were still hot, and attracted to your man, I'd do it just to watch you piss! I mean....oh jeez, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I'm just gonna quietly slink away now.
  8. This post caused me some internal conflict because I was torn between hotness and thankfulness. Ultimately, I chose hot. But please accept my gratitude as well.
  9. You bring up an interesting point regarding slang terms. I agree with you on the word pussy. It does sound very porn-ish. But among my friends and I, it seems to be the best worst option other than vag. In the States, Dick is the most frequent term in casual conversation. But if you use dick and vulva in the same sentence it just sounds wrong. One is clinical while the other is slang. The way Fanny is used in the UK, feels like the female counterpart of dick. We don't really have a fanny equivalent in American English. And inconveniently enough, fanny is a cute word for bum over here. My frien
  10. HUGE difference! Cunt makes American women crazy. When someone uses cunt over here, it's usually a sign of profound contempt.
  11. I've noticed forward streams being most common in Asian women. I don't understand why only Japanese squat toilets have the hood in the front? Shouldn't that be kind of a no brainier to the other countries that use squat toilets? They were probably designed by men.
  12. Yes. It was at a club where some of my friends worked. It was after-hours, the place was closed, and I was still hanging out. I got up from my stool and headed across the bar toward the men's room when one of my friends (we'll just call her "Sadie") stopped me. "Are you going to the bathroom?" Sadie asked. "Yeah" I answered, confused. "Just use the ladies room" she suggested, pointing to the women's restroom which was right beside the bar (the men's lavatory was at the other side of the room) . "Nobody cares after-hours. All the guys use it." "Oh" I answered, hesita
  13. Welcome, sir! I'm so glad you found this place.
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