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  1. I think I still have that one on a floppy 💾 disk somewhere. Unfortunately, I have nothing to view it or share it on.
  2. No. But I was. I used to get really close to her so I could grab her, or she could grab me if she started to fall. I think it helped that she would lean forward with her arms bracing the window frame. In my window she was over the side of the house. But in her window (which was across the room) there was a flat roof about two feet below her.
  3. It depends on the window. The attic window I mentioned peeing out of was also peed out of by my roommate, who judging by her feminine appearance and the genitalia she urinated from, was not a man. She accomplished this by hanging her ass outside the window while the rest of her body remained indoors. For the record, she never flooded our room. However, she did power wash the side of the house.
  4. I saw a video on YouTube of 3 girls peeing on the statue. It was in Chinese and didn't have many views. One is pretty explicit with a thick powerful stream.
  5. Your ability to paint pictures with words is a real gift.
  6. Yes! I used to have this apartment with a balcony with wooden? Uh, slats maybe? I don't know what they're called. But the balcony had wood up to about belly button height with an inch of space between each board. One night I came home quite drunk during a warm summer shower. It must have been somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning and so the neighbors were all asleep. I whipped off my wet clothes and stepped out on to the balcony all buck naked and free and pissed triumphantly into the air. After that I often pissed from my balcony if it were raining and quite late at night. Still, nothing cou
  7. Yes, I do enjoy a good window piss every now and again. Back in my younger days I lived in two different houses with ideal piss windows. In both cases the windows were screenless and set at about mid-thigh height or basically urinal height. The first one faced a bunch of trees and a vacant lot, which was nice because I could pee out the window any time of the day. I often peed out that window in the morning as we had 5 people and one bathroom. The second one I really liked because it was in an attic room and it swung open. Unfortunately, it was directly across from my dickhead neighbors' offic
  8. Yes, several times. Revenge pissing is a complicated act for me because it's simultaneously cathartic but also a turn on. And though the urge first manifested when I was quite young, I didn't actually go through with it until I was in my late teens. Here are the first two incidents that come to mind. At the ripe old age of eighteen I was taken home by a very aggressive mid-twenty something, who requested rougher sex than I could provide. I was barely out of high school and kinks like choking really freaked me out back then. Though, we did have vanilla sex numerous times throughout t
  9. Why didn't your mom just use the boy shield when she potty trained you? I don't know how, but I still remember the discomfort of the hard plastic pee shield rubbing against my member.
  10. That's interesting. Obviously I'm biased, but I feel like if I were a woman I would be fascinated by watching how men pee.
  11. Yes, a few times. There was a period in the 90s where it was kind of "shabby chic" to have retired toilets in the front yard repurposed as planters. And if I had to pee, it was night and I was drunk enough I would pee in them. But the best time was in the early 2000s. I was day drunk and desperate when I encountered a discarded toilet beside a dumpster. Recognizing it as exactly what I needed in the moment, I casually whipped it out and pissed in it as if I was still at the bar. I was somehow confident that a cop wouldn't drive by in the time it took me to finish. Though it did take considerab
  12. I would be all over that and you wouldn't even have to kill anybody. I'd even piss inside you if you wanted me to.
  13. Yes! And what a woefully underappreciated act it is. I've had two past partners that let me wipe them. The first one let me with toilet paper and my tongue. The second one just with paper and only on one occasion. The intimacy of wiping is so fucking erotic!! Especially if you're looking into each other's eyes. Licking is just nasty. Like hot nasty. When she would stand up from the toilet still dripping. Still, in every case, I was the one requesting it. The one mildly begging to do the wiping. I've never had a partner ask me to wipe her. It's a long time fantasy though. I guess it'
  14. This is a weird scenario for me because I'm so closeted about this fetish. But if I somehow learned that a female or transmale friend was also into piss play and wanted a partner, I would totally have a FWB thing with her/him. As long as they promised to keep it on the downlow.
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