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  1. I thought that was just me? While not my number one pee fantasy, it's definitely in the top 10.
  2. Did you hear about the fly who landed on the toilet seat? He was pissed off. My favorite edgy joke in elementary school.
  3. I could go on at length about my observations and theories, but I think we should start another thread first. We've kind of gone off the rails as far as the original topic goes.
  4. From what I've noticed, every decade women get less self conscious about peeing openly. I don't remember a lot of open peeing during the 90s. But then in the early 00's I started noticing younger women making less effort to conceal themselves when peeing outside of clubs, bars, parking lots, parties, etc. And I swear about every two years I saw it more often. I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved in every situation, but they weren't sloppy drunk. The attitude I picked up was that it was a non-issue. For example, maybe ten years ago? I was at a party and went to pee behind a detached garage. It
  5. I couldn't agree more with your hypothesis. In fact, many of your early experiences mirrored my own. Like in your situation, I had been intimidated into not peeing outside by warnings of the potential negative consequences of doing so. It was only after two rough older boys moved into my neighborhood that I realized I'd been manipulated into peeing indoors by fear. And even after seeing the new neighbors pee anywhere and everywhere I still wasn't confident enough to join them. Watching them however, did plant some of the seeds that would grow into this fetish later on. Their confidence ha
  6. It's hard to say. I agree, peeing openly can be a form of flirtation or teasing. But that's not always an invitation to something physical or romantic. Some people just like to flirt. I suppose it's an ego boost for them. In the case of @Dr.P and "Ellie," I agree with his platonic female friends. It does sound like she was testing his interest in those moments. But then they were also in a long term friends with benefits relationship. And those tend to be filled with acts of ambiguous unspoken erotic and sensual communication, where it's hard to know what the hell the other person really wants
  7. I suppose if men peed sitting down and wore skirts we we would probably do the same thing? It's kind of a female equivalent of male casual peeing. Where we know nothing is exposed to those behind us.
  8. I would love to, but my damn inbox is too full. I gotta get myself an upgrade.
  9. I haven't peed in bed since I was 3. And I actually remember it. I also had a wet dream while dreaming about peeing. It was from the era before I was comfortable masturbating. So I would have wet dreams every few months, but I could never remember what they were about. One night I dreamed I was down in a rundown subway station, when I walked into a decrepit restroom to pee. There were two women inside dressed like slightly goth Victoria's Secret models. They were standing facing a long row of antique floor length urinals. As if they were going to piss standing up into them. Something I w
  10. Same here. Except they didn't show a second of the "girls room." The girls just went around a corner and off screen. Gave little kid me the impression that however girls do it outside of a bathroom must be too unsettling for the public?
  11. Welcome so_is_lola! L-O-L-A, ah Lo Lo Lo lah Lola! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  12. @Dr.P Keep in mind my paraphrasing of explanations from accredited sources should not be confused with me having any actual professional credentials. I just go through phases where I get really into the clinical explanations of why we're like this. As if understanding the mechanics of our fetish will allow me to extract it from my brain like a bad sparkplug. Anyway, the part that talked about urination fetishes sometimes developing due to unsatiated curiosity about the genitals of the opposite sex resonated with me also. Similar to your examples, I had a neighbor girl who would pee
  13. I'm afraid I can't take credit for the reasoning. Most of my information on this subject is from case studies on fetishes, psychology journals and that sort of thing. And then a wee bit, or should I say a sprinkling (I'm on a role with the puns over here) of personal experience and anecdotes from conversations like this one. As for my reference to exposed genitals, according to one article, they don't have to be visible. The knowledge that they're exposed is enough. I'm paraphrasing here, but basically this one passage talked about how the sound of urination takes root in the fetishists
  14. I've always been turned on by the hiss. In outdoor situations, sometimes it's hard to tell if the sound is the stream exiting the woman's body or the stream blasting the surface of the pavement or ground or whatever? I posted an anecdote in the thread about nonchalant peeing, where a girl peed behind a tree about 20 feet in front of me. It was one of the most, if not the absolute most memorable hiss I've ever heard. Something about the force of her stream, and that she released it the second her pants came down (which is another turn on).
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