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  1. The way you worded that cracked me up. It almost looked like you were saying you were a female sometimes. While other times you were male lorry driver.
  2. And just like that, I revisit my most ill advised decision in the history of having this fetish. I would inform younger, no self confidence having, but actually more attractive than I was aware of, me, that she's not the freak she's pretending to be. Furthermore, she will kink shame and threaten you with this information and hold it over your head for years to come. The other thing I regret is not being bolder in certain situations. Like before I started drinking I was horribly timid. And as a consequence, I missed many potential opportunities to witness and or participate in various uri
  3. I think it's possible to be into peeing without having a pee fetish. Some people are just sexual omnivores who are open to whatever. Were you and your ex in the pool when he made the request? A friend once told me that whenever she showered with her husband she just HAD to pee on his leg. It was just like this random naughty urge. And while I don't think she has a pee fetish, I do think it's a turn-on. If that makes sense?
  4. That was my suspicion as well. I'm sure they have sound in their original forms. But I don't know where to find them! No, I watch and fidget with them enough to make certain if there's sound that I'll find it. Diminishing attention spans will be the death of us all. Therefore, I work very hard not to swipe until I know what I'm rejecting (which, as someone with ADHD takes Herculean levels of self-discipline).
  5. I've been aimed before, by intimate partners. I'm sure it would have been enjoyable. Especially since I've only ever been aimed at a toilet. Moreover, the idea of not worrying about what my stream hits was definitely appealing. But honestly, I was much more disappointed for her than for me. I was the first guy she ever asked and I agreed without a second of hesitation. I don't think she was expecting my immediate compliance. I hope someone else gives that opportunity someday.
  6. Why are so many people posting pee videos without sound? This is seriously bumming me out. Sound is a huge component of my arousal. To me, all these silent videos are basically like watching pixilated porn.
  7. I appreciate your positivity!
  8. No, because whatever philosophical disagreements I have with the texts will not be solved by their defilement. Moreover, it would likely be interpreted as a personal attack on a substantial number of truly honest, compassionate, people. I have no interest in upsetting people who harbor no malice towards me.
  9. As someone who abhors censorship, I completely agree. I was thinking more like a book that personally wronged you. Like the book on how to apply corporal punishment that was read aloud when you were abused. Or the book written by your former cult leader after your deprogramming.
  10. The internet has accelerated culture in both positive and negative ways, especially since the birth of social media. One of the major changes, at least in American society, is how much more open people under a certain age are about sharing what used to be extremely private. For example, the #pissonthefloor trend on tiktok had scores of perfectly normal young women videoing one another gleefully pissing on floors. Then posting them for the world to see! Sure, the more explicit videos would blur over any exposed genitalia. Still, what does that matter when all-American girl next door types
  11. The idea of peeing on books makes me really sad, actually. Unless, they're evil, demonstrably bad for society, type books.
  12. Great question! In terms of description, women say pee and men say piss. At least in my experience. In terms of sound? Women piss and men pee.
  13. The last few times I tried to pee outside there were cops in the alley and cops in the parking lot. Wtf is happening to this world? I used to pee everywhere, all the time. So I guess the last time I peed outside was in July at a small outdoor music festival. Fun fact. As I was heading toward the bushes a very drunk woman stepped in front of me and asked where I was going? And though I told her I was going to pee, she decided to strike up a conversation with me anyway. After a few minutes, I told her that I enjoyed chatting with her, but I really had to pee. Suddenly, she lowered her
  14. This is the part where I wish there was an emoji for "I couldn't possibly agree more."
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