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  1. You're gonna make me cry too. I don't get nearly enough wholesomeness out of this fetish. I don't even know you two in real life, and this post fills me with warmth.
  2. There is something more naturally "feminine" about that position (from an anatomical perspective). Like when you see a picture of a woman on all fours in a sexy animal costume, with her bum exposed, it's easier to imagine her peeing away from her body. Or maybe into the face of an unwanted suitor sniffing around her bottom? One of hottest things about it, for me, is that men can't really pull it off without wetting our knees and legs in the process. Unless that's the desired effect, we need to use our hands to aim our streams away from our bodies. But then that throws off our balance.
  3. Are you looking for pee based erotic fiction or erotic fiction featuring some pee scenes? I ask because (for some reason) pee scenes in non-pee based erotic fiction hit different. Don't get me wrong, I love pee centered erotica! However, there's just something about unexpected peeing in erotic literature that pushes all the right buttons for me.
  4. When I was a kid I used to wonder if girls could pee in that position? And if any had ever tried it? I was so excited when I learned that they actually could and would!
  5. This was really upsetting to read. I hope you're alright. And that you don't let the negative experience steal your enjoyment of peeing there in the future.
  6. It's so funny to read this and remember the first time that fantasy entered my imagination. I felt like such a pervert! I was convinced I was the first person to ever think about something so raunchy. Back when I was a teenager only rich people had access to the internet. I had no idea there were others out there. My version involves lots of eye contact and no words spoken.
  7. You make a compelling case. However, the problem with peeing out of a penis while wearing a skirt is that we have to lift it out of the way. On the other hand, I've witnessed some of my female friends pee completely hands free while wearing skirts.
  8. Welcome to the site. I love your username!
  9. My friend's young son had this issue with flushing. And for the same reason. Her son's psychologist explained that it was quite common. That was the first time I'd ever heard of it.
  10. I wish. A recent combination of injuries and health issues has left me with symptoms similar to a woman who has had multiple children. At least according to my urologist. I miss the powerful carefree pissing of my youth.
  11. Well, that's not as bad I suppose. But not something you should do in the future. Also, please don't take my response as a lecture, that was not my intention. How uncomfortable was it when you finally peed? When I'm in that situation it sometimes feels like I have a plug up my urethra (and not in a consensual way). Peeing should be relieving or fun. Not uncomfortable and stressful.
  12. Welcome aboard, Fanny!
  13. When you were a kid, did you ever know any degenerate kids (maybe within your own family even) who would just make up dirty stories and claim they were true? In my case it was the two older boys who lived down the street. When they were around 8 and 9, and I was about 6, they told me they had a family friend with "a weiner that goes down to his feet." And when he peed, it took so long to empty his bladder that he would sit outside the bathroom and read a book while his member dangled into the toilet. If he was in public, he had no choice but to drop into the bottom of the bowl like an anc
  14. Plus your peehole isn't so high up and out in front. Men wore skirts for centuries, but I doubt we could pee hands free without soaking the front of them. Our discrete peeing advantage comes when we wear pants.
  15. Do they just start peeing in front of you or ask if you'd like to watch? Or is it more of a practical thing where they ask you to guard them?
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