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  1. With COVID ravaging the states and opportunities for catching anyone peeing outside reduced by said pandemic and this wet winter we're experiencing, I've been reflecting on my past sightings and experiences. Beyond the immediately inadvertantly sexual act of peeing naughtily or publicly (women being forced under most circumstances to remove their lower garments and lower themselves close to the ground, men revealing and holding their penis, either brazenly or covertly), what has always sent my heart aflutter has been the moments before someone commits to relieving themselves. While I'm primari
  2. We'd love it if you shared some memories! I know my college days were the most fruitful for indulging in watching women pee publicly.
  3. I was at a protest today, with several thousand people shutting down the entire downtown of a small upstate NY City for several hours. I was on the lookout for public pissing the entire time, looking for desperate women running down alleys or tugging their shorts down between cars. I saw nothing until the end of the protest- walking past and alley I saw a mid-30s brunette woman in a white tank top and ripped jeans shorts run into an alley, and tug her shorts down as she entered a squat between two dumpsters. Alas, we passed to quickly to see any more than that. At the way back up the street, f
  4. What a great story! Do you have any other experiences you could share with us?
  5. Work has me working around the clock with the pandemic, so after working all day Saturday I took today off to spend with my girlfriend enjoying the nice weather. We have been social distancing, so we spent the night yesterday and decided to go drive up to the state park out of the city this morning. On the way out the door, she has me make her a second cup of coffee for the road. In the back of my mind, I knew this would probably have to make her pee by the time we made it up there. Driving up into the hills, we decide to drive through her old summer camp at the top of a ridge aft
  6. To cure my cabin fever, I drove up to an escarpment overlook park about 20 minutes outside the city. After walking around in the cool misty weather and admiring the view, I go back to my car to spark up a joint and really take my mind off things. I noticed a few young women had drove up in an older (but pristine) maroon Jeep Wrangler. I believe they were college freshman, given the schools on their oversize sweatshirt. They were laughing and taking pictures and going up to the edge, as younger people are wont to do. I wasn't paying much attention, until one of the pair, very slend
  7. Hey everyone, Given our newfound social distancing and quarantine orders, I was wondering how you ladies and gentlemen might be taking advantage of the opportunity to be a little more naughty than you might normally be. With all public gatherings banned and bars shut, I imagine the opportunity to stumble upon some desperate folks relieving themselves in public might be few and far in between for s good long while. I've been using the excuse of WFH and quarantine to walk and explore my city a bit more. Each morning I make a cup of coffee and roam around the abandoned s
  8. On my campus, a long parking lot separated a cluster of dorm buildings from the science building. Sober or intoxicated, I would always pee along the periphery whenever the urge struck me and it was quiet enough. I'd usually water the trimmed grass near the stairwell to some lower dorms, or the tall weeds by the hill overlooking the valley. If I was bold, I'd piss down a rocky cliff which was exposed to cars coming down the hill, and several dorm buildings. When coming back from a night o the town, I'd usually piss up against the art building, as it was lowest on the hill and I was
  9. I can remember one more distinct memory from my time with Rose, although the times I saw her pissing in the woods were my last ever with her. One weekend late in the spring semester, some of her friends from high school came to visit and we went out to eat with them at a local cafe in main street, mostly so they could catch up. It was a warm, Sunny Sunday afternoon. We parked in the garage behind the main Street area, which has a bridge that connects to main Street through a building. The four of us were walking towards the bridge when I couldn't believe my eyes- two young women, seniors
  10. Are you willing to share some more details? What you and your friends were wearing, what they look like, how much you peed, anything you said?
  11. Some of my favorite stories of yours are the times you've relieved yourself with a friend! Maybe get drunk and convince a friend to flood an alley with you?
  12. My memories with Rose are becoming hazier as time in my mind goes by, later in our relatit I took a personal decline and my habits and proclivities clearly had an affect on my recollection, as well as my relationship with her. Such is life. One time, again on a break, she hasn't arrived at my parents house when I expect her. I texted her wondering if she was all right and she got back to me a few minutes later and told me yes, she had stopped to pee "at the spot" and hit a bit of traffic but she'd be there in 30 minutes or so. This made me tremendously excited; second only to seeing a wo
  13. I'm not a father, but how is it being around your family when they routinely do something that actively turns you on? I imagine those feelings may be complicated, but hey, maybe they're actually not!
  14. I have a few more with Rose. The dorms we were housed in during our time together were at the far end of campus, nestled up against the woods and up into the hills that looked down upon the city. I spent my four years of college laughing, drinking, and running around with my friends through the trails and fields. We'd routinely have bonfire parties up in the hills, but there was only one instance where any of our female compatriots peed outdoors obviously. We were drinking the night away, and our prudish, awkward friend Sara announced to the group that she had to pee, and told us "Everyb
  15. My first girlfriend in college was a 5', petite girl with long, very curly brown hair and an exceptionally large bosom. We'll call her Rose. We were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly fell for each other; I had recently began losing a lot of weight due to diet and exercise and had been dressing sharper. We made a very handsome couple, I have fond memories of her pulling the neck of her shirt down to reveal her stunning cleavage whenever she wanted to make love. We experimented in every way possible, facilitated greatly by her small size and wonderfully nubile body. I eventually confesse

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