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  1. You'll find some of my previous party stories here: Here is one: In my 20s I used to party alot in LA. I dated a really attractive girl who was a minor actress. When we were out partying, she often peed outside clubs, in parking lots, garages or at house parties in yards, sinks, showers etc. We were once at a house party with an amazing mid-century modern house in the Hollywood hills that was very indoor/outdoor. The master bathroom was very large with a sunken tub the size of a hot tub and an indoor terrarium of rocks and plants next to it. Many people were in the bathroom waiting
  2. I was just traveling and walking home from dinner in a fancy shopping district. There was a jovial, mixed gender group of 20-somethings in front of me. The group paused and one of the guys went over to the plate glass window of a fancy storefront. The others in the group (male and female) milled about and looked in another window. The area was so fancy and well kept that it did not even occur to me what he had stopped for a pee. I kept walking towards him and noticed that he had turned to the corner of the column and window and was peeing. It started to run across the wide sidewalk as I walke
  3. One of my first memories of pee was staying with with my cousins on vacation and having nanny put diapers on us before bed. I can remember her, checking the fit of my cousins diaper and asking him if his "pipi was ok" and if I was going to be able to pipi in the diaper. I thought this was strange as I had never been unable to pee in a diaper or even thought about it. What could be wrong? Why would he not be able to pee in the diaper? She put a diaper on my female cousin and carefully adjusted it. She then did the same for me, put on the diaper, adjusted it and looked down the front asking if I
  4. When they peed along the ride, would they pee right next to the horse or find some cover? Would they use tissue or toilet paper?
  5. Interesting they would use the bushes vs. the barn stalls. I wonder why. Did you find puddles/piles in the bushes? Did you have any sightings or ever join them in the bushes?
  6. I love the hiss. My wife does this and its super hot. I love when she blasts the toilet or the pavement when squatting with a strong stream. I associate it with a dominant woman and a forward stream. I have no idea if forward streams are associated with a hiss but somehow I have imagined it does.
  7. @colette888 I am interested. Judging by other threads on "nonchalant" peeing in places other than toilets, many here are interested. The fact that it was totally normal and not intended to be sexual is interesting. Even explaining the context in which you came to understand this is normal is interesting. How did you first figure out this was normal? We would appreciate the share.
  8. @Chris50p This site seems to be focused on wetting. Are there any french sites focused on peeing in public? Thanks.
  9. @colette888 do you have any memories or peeing in barns, stables or horse trailers? When did you learn to do this? What was the culture and attitude towards peeing in the places you rode? How about any stories or friends doing this?
  10. There is a German forum called https://www.klogeschichten.net/ I posted a similar question in this thread. There have to be some forums we don't know about in other languages. I would assume other EU and Asian countries would have something. Japan seems into pee.
  11. @alfresco I've witnessed similar things at outdoor / park birthdays without nearby toilets. Eventually the little ones need to go and I think that just blurs the boundaries for the adults. I was recently at a birthday in a park and we took the girls to the parking for a pee. After the kids had gone behind the car, my wife said "my turn" and squatted to make a damp patch of her own in the dirt behind the car. As we were walking back to the party another mom was heading to the parking. My wife asked if they were leaving and she commented no, they were just going for a "potty break" and my wife h
  12. A few relevant links I found that suggest this is common https://horsesport.com/cuckson-report-1/ever-use-your-stalls-latrine-then-urine-trouble/ https://forums.horseandhound.co.uk/threads/part-livery-etiquette.638345/ https://www.bakersfielddressage.com/home/which-bathroom-to-use https://www.horseforum.com/threads/what-do-you-use-as-a-bathroom-in-your-barn.652809/ http://forums.barrelhorseworld.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=465453&start=1 http://forums.barrelhorseworld.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=455806&start=1
  13. I caught the other girls peeing around the barn a few more times. Once my girlfriend and two of her riding friends and I all drove to the stables together. After everyone was finished riding we were going to leave and my girlfriend said she had to pee first. The other girls said "me too." They went in an empty stall while I paced around the isle trying to look uninterested. I could hear their streams hitting the floor. My girlfriend finished first and walked to the door which gave me the excuse to walk towards her and the stall. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other girls fini
  14. If you follow Chickfly on instagram, occasionally the will post a video or photo with a stream. No flesh, but a stream.
  15. I would love to hear some more stories of where you peed together.
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