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  1. I wrote this last weekend and never got around to posting. Really, I doubted posting it. I don't always act like this, but sometimes I do. ------------------------------ It's been a crazy week. I've said goodbye to some good friends. I've seen others s go from standing on the top the world to despair in days. Fortunes still hang in the balance. But its awards season, I'm in La La land and there are parties to attend. Despite my best persuasion, my wife had enough of the week and decided to stay in. A good friend, A, who has one of my favorite houses in the hills was throwing hi
  2. @beachmom Thank you for this explanation. I did not realize the aspect of using it to control men. That's interesting. I suppose over time, if men are peeing outside that frequently it becomes part of the culture and it probably even lowers the inhibition for women eventually. I expected the "no one cares" attitude due to publicly owned housing and infrastructure. I think you see this same dynamic playing out in China as a result of communism. Fascinating.
  3. @beachmom do you think this peeing was in the culture prior to communism or do you think it was in some way perpetuated by communism?
  4. I agree with this. I use to fantasize about being able to squat and pee like a girl.
  5. Littering - I find it really hot when an attractive women litters because its convenient for her. Girls dropping tissues after peeing outside is a great example but other littering is also attractive. I have memories as a kid of seeing nannies and other moms littering and being excited by it. I can remember my nannies sometimes tossing tissues, wipes and even my used diapers into nature in Spain. Once when traveling with family friends and we stopped at a scenic spot in the country for a picnic. There was another mom who was a very friendly and attractive blonde. At one point when we were pack
  6. I assume you would take off your board? Or do you just pee forward clear of your board? Has anyone ever seen you?
  7. I wonder why the opening in the benches went so far forward and down. It looks like a forward stream would end up on your pants/floor if you were not careful.
  8. When you mentioned this, my first thought was being a kid. I remember often being told to do a just in case pee. Often before getting in the car or leaving some place. If we were not at home, I was often asked right before getting in the car and I could then pee in the parking lot, street etc. by the car. I also remember this happening with my cousins growing up in the EU. It would be group pee time wetting down the parking lot. The nannies would often have us do a just in case pee upon getting to or leaving the park. I remember once getting to the park and wanting to go play, but the na
  9. I don't often look at the general chat section of the site but I'm very interested in history. I love understanding the history of where I live and where I travel. I tend to look at the built environment and cultural norms of a location as clues to that history. Sometimes this is more subtle in the US where everything is relatively new, compared to Europe where you can often walk around and see centuries of historical architecture, relics and city planning. I also love looking at old books, periodicals and media. History obviously has a big impact in regional attitudes towards peeing; pur
  10. I did have maids sometimes. My extended family in the EU had a large staff with maids/nannies. One of my first pee memories was with one of them asking if I would be able to pee in my diaper. In potty training and when young they helped us pee all over; pretty much anywhere we needed outside regardless of how public or what we were peeing on. It was so nice that they were always attentive to my needs and put them above any concern of propriety or leaving a puddle. This was a stark contrast to the nannies in the US that would make me hold it or hide if I had to pee outside and then be up
  11. @sd91 thanks for the detailed account including situation, outfit, stream, puddle and tissue. I love that you found an interesting place for your pee and dropped the tissue at your convenience.
  12. The other thing that I think promotes peeing while skiing in the Alps in the amount of drinking. From my observation there is way more drinking in EU skiing than in North America.When I was young, people would often have shot glasses for schnapps that hung on a leather strap around their necks. There were bars you could ski up to on the hill and get a drink without taking off your skiis. They would fill your glass and you could keep skiing. I guess if you're not taking off your skis to drink, why do it to pee? These days there are full-on day parties with DJs, bottle service and dancing
  13. @marking my territory I'm not from Switzerland. I grew up between the US and EU. Mainly I would go to school in the US but I had extended family in the EU so I would often be in EU for summers and sometimes over holiday break for skiing in the Alps. We were often in the French Alps in addition to Switzerland and Austria. I think many of my memories are from the French Alps which really seemed as tolerant of public urination as anywhere else in France. You can read a bit more about my upbringing in this thread (multiple posts): and here: and here:
  14. @marking my territory What part of the world was this? Would the boys stop to pee on the hill or just wait for a lodge? I don't think it was about confidence for most I was with in the EU. I think there was just no sense of embarrassment because most grew up peeing outside in other contexts (park, beach etc.). It was normal.
  15. A friend shared this video on Instagram recently and it reminded me of skiing and peeing in the Alps growing up. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpS8J9upzJs/ When I was growing up we often went skiing in the Alps with my extended family. I’ve recounted before that we were very free to pee anywhere outside we needed growing up in the EU. This extended to the winter. I can remember going to ski school and when we someone had to pee it was just common practice to go to the side of the run. Often when one of us had to go others would follow male and female. We would all make yellow
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