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  1. I think it may come down to the cultural priority on design. From my understanding good design and designing things better is prioritized in Japan. Thus at some point an observant designer probably created the hood. In China with the cultural revolution and communism there is more a culture of accepting how things are, not questioning and working around it. Thus people seem to put up with the non-hooded designs and not questioned it. I would not be surprised if much of the squat toilet manufacturing was centralized in 20th century China and government controlled. Obviously this is changing wit
  2. I just commented on asian squat toilet designs in the pee angle topic. I was talking with my wife about forward pee streams and how common they are in Asia. She informed me that you can see this in the squat toilet designs. "In Japan most squat toilets have hoods in the front to catch the forward stream. Chinese toilets are not as well designed and thus often end up with a mess with women having to more accurately position themselves over the hole/ trough. This can be a problem if you have to do more than pee because you may need your butt over the hole but that would put your str
  3. Funny, I don't have a foot fetish, but my wife somehow thought I must when we first started dating. She would try to rub her feet in my face etc. and I was like what's going on? She was like, you're not into that?
  4. You should convince your friends it's normal to just pee in the yard-- you're family always does that and they should feel free to do the same.
  5. Just had a conversation with my wife about this topic. She's of asian descent and naturally pees forward in front of her feet. She says that she peed even more forward when she was young. She also told me that there is a funny cultural difference in thinking about forward streams. She said in the US, all these mom's of girls are annoyed/concerned when their daughters have forward streams because they pee over the front of potties/ western toilets and make in mess. Sometimes they even ask in mom groups if they should be taking their daughters to the doctor to see about the forward pee "problem.
  6. What part of the car did you hit? The door? The wheel? Did you have in mind you were going to pee next to the car the whole time, or was it a spur of the moment decision?
  7. @takashi96 I can't find it anymore. If you find it share a link.
  8. @AbbyLuna Tell us more. What exactly happened? Where were you? What was the situation and what did you do?
  9. I've wondered if certain cultures tend to have different angles. For example, I have observed many asian women tend to have more forward stream angles. I'm not sure if this is genetic or due to the tendency to squat frequently in asian culture which has altered the angle. I once discussed this topic with a girlfriend who thought it also had to do with fitness. She observed that all her super fit yoga girlfriends tended to have more forward streams.
  10. I prefer public as long as I'm not going to get in trouble (i.e. mostly in non-US countries where is more culturally acceptable or only a small fine). There's something hot about peeing in the presence of others and knowing they know or can see what you are doing and not caring. I remember realizing this dynamic around the same time I was starting to think about sex and have wet dreams. I was in Europe for the summer. I had experienced that it was ok to pee outside when I was in Europe and one of my first wet dreams was about peeing in public. I don't remember the exact dream but I think
  11. Does anyone else find it attractive when a girl goes from realizing she needs to pee, to satisfying that need and peeing very quickly? I find this incredibly attractive because it usually means she will put her need to pee above manners, propriety or concerns of soiling public places. No holding it or looking for a good place. I was reminded of this the other day when I was leaving a beach club with friends. We were walking back to the car when a friend's girlfriend abruptly said, "I have to pee" and within 10 seconds she was between two cars squatting and hissing loudly onto the pavement
  12. @Karuhowashere this is a very interesting topic. I actually commented on cultural differences in peeing (US vs. EU) I have experience here: Can you start from the beginning and explain your experiences in Japan? When I have time I will write some experiences an old girlfriend told me who was born in China but mostly grew up in Japan.
  13. I'm curious why you think this? When did you start thinking this? My wife rolls her eyes if I do that and does not appreciate it.
  14. Another topic made me think of this. In addition to some parents encouraging vs. not encouraging peeing outside, I’ve noticed the different parents have very different approaches to letting kids have fun with peeing. I explained my upbringing with maids and nannies in Spain that would often give us kids the choice of where we peed and did not care if we played with our streams, made puddles or if the girls had pee races on slopes etc.. In my kids peer groups some mom’s are very strict and functional about any outdoor peeing. They pick a spot for their kid, they make sure it's fast a
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