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  1. @Mary Moon I would like to hear more if you have more examples. Does she ever have you go outside?
  2. I like both. I have a preference for hairless as you can really see more of what is going on. That said, I really like it to match the personality of the girl. There is always that moment of delight when you get do see what a girl's pussy looks like and somehow if just makes her whole and completes her personality. Its lovely.
  3. @Mary Moon you might want to try role playing potty training. I've found that can be alot of fun, especially if you have a partner who is caring and takes you for some outdoor potty breaks when you are out and about. I wrote about this topic here:
  4. Mid century style indoor / outdoor architecture where the distinction between inside and outside is blurred. Indoor atriums where I could pee in the house and feel like I’m peeing outside.
  5. @vivi54 did you never pee outside as a kid? When did you start peeing other places?
  6. Just saw this now. @vivi54 what was the situation that had you peeing at a playground?
  7. Do you mean inside or outside? In China this is a pretty normal thing, especially for kids to be held over trash cans.
  8. Just squat and pee anywhere on the ground. Then show us your puddle.
  9. I don't think there's a single answer to it. Its kind of like how do you turn any situation into sex? I've turned standing in line for drinks, meeting someone while shopping or sitting next to someone on a plane etc. into sex. I think you have to be attractive to the other person, you need to be confident and then charming. Occasionally you can tell from a first look that its likely to be on before you have said any words. Other times it develops with some flirtation. Saying something witty and charming can defintely help. I have been told I'm good with words. Another friend told me I can fuck
  10. @MrTinkle I had similar experiences in Europe with me and my cousins being shown how to pee outside by nannies, aunts etcs.. You mentioned peeing on walls. Does this mean they would have you pee in non-nature areas, urban areas, parking lots or buildings? I had those experiences which were quite fun. You can read about them in some of my old posts. How did your parents feel about such peeing? Did you ever pee with friends or siblings like this?
  11. Is there anything at Folsom street fair for those that prefer to watch public peeing / voyeurism, and not necessarily golden showers?
  12. That’s unfortunate. This happened in Singapore? I always imagined they would be strict about public peeing given the stories about people being arrested for gum. Was her public peeing atypical for Singapore or is it influenced by other parts of Asia to be open to peeing?
  13. @vanessa9Can you tell us a bit more about how and when you use them?
  14. Are there any other good German forums? Wasn’t there a predecessor to klogeshichten that was less restrictive?
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