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  1. Can you suggest some good sites to find videos of spying Indian women are pissing.

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    2. sathuta


      I would like to suggest something here. Because of you lived in India. So Shall we try to find some Indian pee fans and invite them to join with us.

    3. vpw


      Thats definitely a good idea.

    4. sathuta


      I will help you in every possible way

  2. vpw

    Peeing Standing up....

    Seen many half squats and that too in range of young and old alike. Far more revealing than stand if you happen to be coming from behind.
  3. Great sighting reports btw.
    1. UnabashedUser


      Thanks this is the season for it :)
    2. vpw


      Indeed it is as summer is short.
  4. Have you visited India?
    1. Pete Guy

      Pete Guy

      I haven't unfortunately, I'd love to go though one day. Even more so after our conversation
  5. vpw

    Pic_71_big (1)

    Check the rest of pics, its dark as its taken from a car and from distance in the alley but you will see her squatting down and then finishing up.
  6. vpw

    Pic_71_big (1)

    She has finished up and washing up, I have few more pics from this series and will post it.
  7. vpw

    Pic_71_big (1)

    Look carefully in the bottom, she just finished up.
  8. Thanks for the appreciation.
  9. vpw


    [USER=799]@sven22[/USER] I think this was taken after she was done or just starting up.
  10. vpw

    What got you interested in pee?

    For me it was growing up in India, as I became sexually aware I also began to become aware of ladies peeing. First off it was ladies who would visit our house and use our toilets. Many ladies would make loud hiss that got my attention. This only got me more curious and even though I had seen other female kids of my age or younger peeing, it never ever raised my curiosity. I had some distant sightings of ladies squatting outdoors as its common in India. Even today due to lack of facilities, outskirts of cities, ladies have no choice but to do it outdoors. As long as no one stares or ogles and that is not usually the case with women going outdoors, you see the same scenario that you see around the world at large events. Women doing it in crowd and making the best of it. My first authentic adult sighting that included full up close viewing of a adult woman peeing came at a picnic spot on the outskirts of the city. This was an archaeological site and right in front there was a huge part people used for a picnic. In between there was a few trees and shrubs but being winter they were dry with no leaves. It's in those bushes where I observed a young woman squatting and peeing with everything on full show. She had gone inside the shrubs but since they were sparse, nothing much could be concealed. For a thirteen year old, watching a pretty young woman with all her natural privates exposed was an awesome sighting. Best of all my apprehension and guilt of the woman scolding me to walk close to her were unfounded as I noticed she was not bothered. Of course even then I had the sense not to stare.
  11. vpw

    thanks for the appreciation of my pics Kevin