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  1. Its a mixed lot, some of the young ones are fully shaved where many in their upper twenties keep it unshaved or trimmed. When I was there in 2002, most of the ladies were unshaved, even the teens.
  2. I would like to know the name of the book if possible.
  3. The nation dotes urolagnia and scat honestly. Also, ladies otherwise conservative have quite open attitude to seeking relief while traveling on the road or attending outdoor events. Due to the huge population, if a lady needs to seek relief of her bladder, she does not have much choice but to do it on the road under minimal discretion. One may not come across this in major cities or highways but when it comes to the less common roads usually in lesser developed areas, outside is the norm and the gratuitous show of their privates that comes as a fringe benefit for us males is generally ignored
  4. Peeing on the toilet floor btw is not just an Indian thing but also very common all over south east Asia as well where women prefer to squat as an instinct over sit.
  5. Seems they know their sphincter well enough not to commit that, this is usually a casual pee for them as far as I know.
  6. Depending on the situation, its no longer a taboo for a lady to relieve herself and its more common than ever today. Just hit heavy traffic jams and you will see that in action.
  7. Typical fare in Indian households and this is voyeur and not porn.
  8. Most ladies tend to go on the bathroom floors but then wash it vigorously afterwards as well as their pussies.
  9. Another good one caught in the charging station
  10. Wow thats a fortutious sighting there, what did the wife say to that? Also was her dress lifted or she was going straifght standing.
  11. Great sighting as usual and the report on it. The ass view with perfect stream would be a killer view for me.
  12. India has 1.6bn population and very few facilities around and yet they would rather shame the lady and condition females into thinking peeing in public with whatever discretion around is a social taboo. Due to this attitude UTI is a common issue there with women and guess what, media loves to lament that there are no toilets around and never ever discuss how to procure toilets with running water and staff to clean. In the old days all ladies did it outdoors with whatever privacy they discretion possible and there was never any issue. Traveling on highways meant squatting beside bus and car or
  13. I for one would gladly join you if you don't mind.
  14. The issue is overpopulation and lack of resources due to corruption. As you can see here in west any crowded event encounters pee for all scenarios so just imagine there. Would be nice to travel there and witness college girls squatting outdoors and releasing.
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