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  1. Another good one caught in the charging station
  2. Wow thats a fortutious sighting there, what did the wife say to that? Also was her dress lifted or she was going straifght standing.
  3. Great sighting as usual and the report on it. The ass view with perfect stream would be a killer view for me.
  4. India has 1.6bn population and very few facilities around and yet they would rather shame the lady and condition females into thinking peeing in public with whatever discretion around is a social taboo. Due to this attitude UTI is a common issue there with women and guess what, media loves to lament that there are no toilets around and never ever discuss how to procure toilets with running water and staff to clean. In the old days all ladies did it outdoors with whatever privacy they discretion possible and there was never any issue. Traveling on highways meant squatting beside bus and car or
  5. Prefer them natural for sure. 70s and earlier for me.
  6. I for one would gladly join you if you don't mind.
  7. The issue is overpopulation and lack of resources due to corruption. As you can see here in west any crowded event encounters pee for all scenarios so just imagine there. Would be nice to travel there and witness college girls squatting outdoors and releasing.
  8. As they say, when it rains it pours and for you it was pouring pee, great anecdote there.
  9. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/news/shocking-476-girls-in-this-hyderabad-college-pee-in-the-open-because-of-lack-of-loos/ https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/patna/no-toilets-inside-govt-institutions-patna-hc-terms-situation-pathetic-and-agonising-for-girl-students/articleshow/72188251.cms among many more.
  10. Did you notice any of the other girls pee in the stables btw?
  11. Please don't post anecdotes of school girls unless they are in high school and of legal age. Most public schools in India as well as public colleges run by government are devoid of toilets and girls have to do their thing outside so I am sure tons of sightings come to those who are in India.
  12. I almost broke my bones and now at sixty have no desire to end up a cripple no matter what the motivation is. Due to the cold everyone is taking some kind of hot beverage to keep them warm Specially during the weight for the lift to come. I keep my eyes out for that, I saw that with many girls who would have a huge cup of coffee in hand only to see them squatting at some point on the slope. The same was the case with the Indian lady, As she was ahead of me posing for photos for her husband, I noticed she had a huge cup of coffee in her hand and I knew well she would need to release it sometime
  13. This lady was most probably a skier and therefore totally used to open squats like the one you describe. The woman skiers are among the most confident outdoor pissers as when the need arises in the snow there is basically nowhere to hide, so they take that in stride. I have had countless sightings at the slopes and the only motivation for me to be there even at the risk of breaking bones as I suck in skiing. I even managed to see a rare sight of a young Indian woman squatted and peeing openly on the snow with her wonderful hairy bits on display.
  14. Go over my old posts, in case you need more details, will gladly provide the specifics.
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