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  1. Their consolation being that its in front of strangers so it doesn't really matter and this is worldwide in most societies from east to west. However in so called male dominated society its the male who imposes that sense of shame on the poor women.
  2. Interesting point here that reflects my own experience, as long as the ladies are in comfort zone and not threatened when they are caught peeing I have never ever come across any sort of reaction apart from the early surprise. In fact in my experience none ever made any effort to hide their intimate bits and many would even establish a conversation once the threat perception was neutralized.
  3. During school picnics growing up peeping on teachers peeing was one of the highlights for me but had to be super careful or else face severe reprimand.
  4. Nice sighting one thats quite common if you do a lot of driving on roads and highways. Another common sighting specially after covid is ladies relieving themselves by the side of their vehicles in parking lots. Absolutely arousing especially when you get to see them bent over from the back with all their intimate bits showing in full light.
  5. As a limo driver during my college breaks in 80s NYC I would have tons of well dressed ladies partying and then asking me to find a spot where they would relieve themselves. My rule was if you need to pee all you had to do was ask but don't expect any public toilets so I would drive them to the nearest alley or usually a spot somewhere on FDR for them to pee. Sometimes it would be so desperate situation that I had to drive my limo to the nearest spot that I could manage to give them some cover from the traffic. The ladies never had any qualms about privacy, all they would want is to pee and be
  6. I just asked them for their individual experiences that can then be collated and posted here. As it is there has not been much activity relating to pee in India so I thought this would get this topic going but if that means I have broken rules, I apologize and feel free to delete my post.
  7. Having lived in the US for the last forty years, its a mixed bag and either one stumbles on mass peeing depending on the place and time or else its pretty much non existent but one trend that has been going on for long is at these events parking lot pee have been common and for long.
  8. Yes but it was so nice to see ladies of all age groups peeing openly along the fence or any other spots they could find. Sometimes among other men peeing and best of all some of them would hold a casual chat as they peed. None per pee or pussy shy.
  9. Actually I attended Roskilde as well as quite a few other similar European events but in the nineties and let me tell you, it was far more open and casual for ladies to pee. Most didn't even bother with any privacy nor made any issue, if they had to pee, they would simply move to the fence and squat down in full view. I was chatting with a group of what appeared to be a mixed crowd of university students. We were seated on the ground and I observed that from time to time girls and boys from our group would get up and just walk a few feet to the fence and relieve themselves. Girls would drop th
  10. Its part of the physiology of female pee and always appreciated here. The fact is that female anus is as varied as their vagina and all leads to extreme viewing pleasure for us.
  11. So do I specially when it distends and does a trumpet act.
  12. Very nice sighting report and description. Everyone hypes the front view but there is a certain charm in rear view with the butthole proving all the entertainment with its winking action. One question was the mother's butthole a long slit type or the usual wrinkled round type?
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