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  1. Very common, especially if it's within a familiar circle, with ladies its more a sense of camaraderie.
  2. Both, have a apartment in Brooklyn heights where I go during the week and a house at Shokan, Upstate.
  3. I am from NY and here ladies pee freely and openly behind cars, bushes, alleys and even peeing in the subway is overlooked after late hours. Across US I regularly see ladies squatting on highways and parking lots next to their cars fully exposed, however depending on which state you are in the law can be very tough and unfair on peeing men who can be charged with public indecency and put on sexual offenders list but this is ignored at large gatherings etc.
  4. What I can't figure out is in this case involving drive ins from my experience ladies drink bug gulps of soda and when they need to empty their bladders its usually besides the car or behind so why would they vandalize the car I wonder. Growing up would see this behavior quite commonly till the drive ins died out in my neck of the woods.
  5. Since it was 70s and the German mom peed right in front of you it must have made for quite a sight with her squatting low, her full natural blond pubic hair exposed along with her slit, you were truly a lucky young man to have witnessed this slice of heaven there.
  6. Actually age as in my case makes it harmless for them as long as you don't stare at them when they are peeing or try and go near them. They would in fact relax and shed their inhibitions and pee when they need to.
  7. This is my assertion, and I may be wrong, but I have been observing ladies peeing outdoors since the late 60s. Most would try and be discreet depending on the situation and urgency but generally any lady who pees outdoors knows well there is no such privacy to be had. Over the times most ladies depending on the pressure on their bladders would forego their inhibitions in general. However, a new social change has gradually taken place and for good. I travel a lot with young ladies who are mostly friends' daughters and their friends and what I observe is that they are far more mature to the
  8. Traveling in groups in buses its my experience that young girls today don't make any effort to hide their privates when they line up by the bus to squat and best of all they are quite comfortable doing so. The issue of hiding their privates just doesn't arise here and they make it so casual that its no longer a taboo of any sorts.
  9. Even if they are intoxicated or not most girls don't really bother to hide their privates once they need to pee and are caught doing so, this is my experience over the years.
  10. I see many desperate ladies squat in parking lots or other public places giving a damn about any privacy. Parking lot pees are so common nowadays that one manages to get regular sightings of ladies having unabashed pees next to their cars. Also, subway stations weekend nights are commonplace to observe ladies having a non-discrete pee.
  11. I would always make it a point to go to the bushes and many a times I have been rewarded with ladies squatting there as well and usually none get flustered and in fact they relax and this has always given me chance to engage them in small talk or just steal a discreet look It also gets better when ladies in your own group accompany you to the bushes to relieve their bladders. In that case its absolutely more fun.
  12. The long dark pubic hair made my day for sure.
  13. If she grew up in India, this is a very common technique for ladies to pee outdoor and they develop good control to release their pee in a controlled fashion. As long as they are not exposed they are comfortable doing this in public.
  14. Don't ignore small town festivals. Usually, their resources are low so less toilets so when the crowd builds up its usually behind the porta potties or nearest perimeter wall or a fence. The best part being since its not a mass event most ladies are comfortable relieving themselves in the open. Usually any shrubs or wooded areas and even parking lots see the maximum pee action. Many ladies take a quick squat by their vehicles before hitting the road.
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