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  1. I caught my maid pissing secretly. She was cleaing toilet, started pissing without locking door, i entered on purpose without realizing she was there. She got embarrassed 😂
  2. Hi, anyone caught peeing outdoor? By lady, and had to stop immediately?
  3. I welcome everyone to share such incidents. But plz real sightings, especially in India, Bangladesh.
  4. Hi, i just caught two beggar women pissing, near my home. It was sunset time, i was buying some fruit from market. While going back beggar lady came for money, I gave her 10 rupees, and she left. I noticed that she was struggling which gave me hint that may be she need some releif. I was just curious that where do this ladies pee. So i thought to wait. After 1 hour wait, i saw same lady went towards her fellow beggar. They both started going towards one empty plot, so i decided to follow them, first the lady whom i have been following went near wall of opposite home. She undraw her strings and

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