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  1. I never did, nor had the desire. But there were about 20 different ladies I would enjoy watching. The door that opened up to the guest room did not shut all the way. So I would peek on them.
  2. That is such a great sound description! That is exactly what it sounds like.
  3. I had posted this before, but there was a two year period when I was about 9-11 yrs old. My mom would host weekly meetings of the local women's club. We also had some aunts that would come over. We had a bathroom that was a Jack and Jill kind.. between my bedroom and the guest bedroom. They would enter through the guest bedroom. The door never completely shut, and I would stand outside the door... and peek through the 1 inch crack. Needless to say, I never missed a Thursday night, and I saw soooo much!!!
  4. I have posted my story before. It started at about 9-11 years old. This was in the late 60s. Mine just had to do with listening to ladies pee. My mom hosted weekly meetings of the local womens club. 10-12 ladies would show up most more mature some even 50-60. All wore those long dresses and skirts. My bedroom was right next to the bathroom which shared the other guest room. So it had a door to each room. The walls were paper thin and the toilet was right next to the door to my bedroom. We had a long hallway with wooden floors do I would hear the clicking of the heels. Sometimes the clicking wo
  5. Many experiences I like to share.
  6. I really enjoyed watching them as a kid growing up, listening as well.
  7. I had much of the same experiences in the 1960s with mature women who would come to out home for weekly meetings.
  8. When I was a kid growing up and guests came over I would knock in the door as they were peeing. Just to hear them talk over the hissing sound.
  9. You’re good. I’m glad you caught that.
  10. I have posted a few other things here but I was just curious to see it other people that had the same experience I had early on as kid and around women using the bathroom. I had mentioned before that every Thursday night my mom hosted meetings and ladies would show up. I would always be waiting for the First Lady to ask where the ladies room was. I could always tell if she seemed like she really needed to go. Normally the lady would walk at a very fast speed as I would follow from behind. When she shut the door I would put my ear to the door and try to imagine what was happening. More times th
  11. Wow. That must have been fun. I’ll bet you waited for ladies to come over. I know I could not wait for Thursday nights.
  12. Did the relatives come over a lot? I did the same thing ear on the door.
  13. My mom would host weekly meetings of the local womens club and each week about 10-14 ladies would show up. The bathroom was between my bedroom and the guest room.
  14. The way you describe it is so correct. I would be in the living room hanging with those prim and proper ladies helping with tea and coffee. I would just be waiting for a prim and proper lady to whisper to another and ask where the ladies room was. There were times where my aunt would ask me to escort one of the ladies to the ladies room. My heart was pounding as you can imagine.
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