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  1. Not actually these kinds of experiences - but different scenarios / situations where I was always excited if could „at least“ hear females pee (preferably desperate ones!) - and yes, concerning my age back then - same for me as for you!
  2. 80s child here too - but at the same age I was always most excited when I could hear females pee! Be it guests at our home or „anywhere else“, where I got lucky to hear it!! 😊
  3. Thank you! As I already wrote (also by PM) I have also experienced such situations and very much look forward to both your stories as well as to an exchange of experiences!!
  4. Not onboard of a plane - but a similar experience as @The99Club. On my way to my departure gate, I saw a flight attendant (Lufthansa) who was walking very fast - almost „running“. Her face was definitely strained. At first I didn’t understand the reason - but soon understood that she was heading towards the ladie‘s toilets which were only 20-25 meters away. She was lucky that there was no line at all (at least not reaching out of the toilet room). Her steps got REALLY FAST when she got close to the toilet room door - as I was less than 10 meters far from her and therefore saw that at the very
  5. Hello and feel very welcome! You will see that people here are very friendly and particularly supportive! Glad to have you here as a new member - looking forward to interesting conversations and exchanges! 🙂
  6. A few hairy mountains
  7. I have seen exactly this several times. Filled in the survey and sent you a PM!
  8. Hello and welcome TayTay! You will see that you can find here numerous contributions (texts, pics, vids..) concerning men peeing! There are even special categories in the threads for this content! Enjoy and feel well in our community!
  9. Being a guy, I have seen numerous other guys in line for urinals (at festivals e.g.) desperately touching their cocks through their pants … before they can finally pull out and let go a super strong gusher - moaning/gasping while they do so..
  10. Thank you 🙏- again a very hot imagination! Must have been one of the worst time you needed to pee in your whole life! (if not actually the worst time 😉)
  11. This is in fact hot like hell to hear. What do you think / guess: It the ultrasound test would have lasted longer - after which period of time would you have gushed full force on the table..?
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