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  1. A few hairy mountains
  2. I have seen exactly this several times. Filled in the survey and sent you a PM!
  3. Hello and welcome TayTay! You will see that you can find here numerous contributions (texts, pics, vids..) concerning men peeing! There are even special categories in the threads for this content! Enjoy and feel well in our community!
  4. Being a guy, I have seen numerous other guys in line for urinals (at festivals e.g.) desperately touching their cocks through their pants … before they can finally pull out and let go a super strong gusher - moaning/gasping while they do so..
  5. Thank you 🙏- again a very hot imagination! Must have been one of the worst time you needed to pee in your whole life! (if not actually the worst time 😉)
  6. This is in fact hot like hell to hear. What do you think / guess: It the ultrasound test would have lasted longer - after which period of time would you have gushed full force on the table..?
  7. This is super hot tbh ..! In which state did you reach the toilet after your your ultrasound was done..? 😉
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