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    The hissing noise when a woman in on the toilet
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    Getting a blowjob while my girlfriend pees

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  1. Yes exactly that, same as women! Not every vagina is the same. Everyone is unique
  2. My foreskin almost covers all but not quite, I guess everyone is different
  3. Just new to this site and not really sure how it works haha
  4. No I was just wondering
  5. Haha yes I can imagine! Do you ever record yourself peeing?
  6. Same for me, everytime I hear it I get an erection
  7. So if you do hear another woman hiss you get aroused?
  8. Hi, new to this site! This is a question for the women about the hissing noise made when peeing, strangely it really turns me on when I hear my girlfriend pee and it hisses! Does this happen to all women?
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