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  1. I'll post one without erection and maybe without pulling back foreskin
  2. Thanks, I didn't know if I should post a pic with an erection or soft
  3. Not quite the size of the others but here's mine for the collection
  4. Good that you can do it as and when you please then 🙂
  5. So do you like the hissing sound?
  6. Yes exactly that, same as women! Not every vagina is the same. Everyone is unique
  7. My foreskin almost covers all but not quite, I guess everyone is different
  8. Just new to this site and not really sure how it works haha
  9. No I was just wondering
  10. Haha yes I can imagine! Do you ever record yourself peeing?
  11. Same for me, everytime I hear it I get an erection
  12. So if you do hear another woman hiss you get aroused?
  13. Hi, new to this site! This is a question for the women about the hissing noise made when peeing, strangely it really turns me on when I hear my girlfriend pee and it hisses! Does this happen to all women?
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