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  1. I know haha:) i got the best idea what about a peefans rave in the middle of the woods?
  2. The woods at night is beatiful
  3. Yeah that's kinda the reasson im not doing that i wont have people shiting their pants in my house or in the garden
  4. So when im out in the woods and hear branches snaping i know whos there
  5. Should a guy shave around his dick or not?
  6. Nah they would know i did something and also that is TOO mean
  7. HAHAHAHA but then they will shit their pants in my house no thanks
  8. I think i have a bad influence on you giving you a bunch of prank ideas
  9. Peefreak99


    See all this riley? If you were worthless do you think that so many would try to help you and actually open up their hearts and tell secret things like steve did? All this is proof that you are valued very high. And that we all care that means that you are a great person that we all love and you know what thìs might sound weird since i don't know you at all. But if we knew eachotter irl i would ask you out you have a great personality and i really want you to be happy❤.
  10. Where my pranksters at? I have a few fun ideas #1 exploding toothpaste when you try and squeze the toothpaste out the damn thing explodes and you and the entire bathroom will be covered in toothpaste. #2 Controling the tv from your phone haha. Give me some more prank ideas so i can terrozise people
  11. Can you pleasse explain that in another way? I didin't really understand
  12. This is the best thing i've read in a loooooong time you are 100% right. And what you said about a white only thread it's funny that a " ladies room" is expected to just be accepted but a " white room" would make hell break loose this is the result of political correctness destroying society. and no i don't want a white room it was just a example.
  13. Yes and then we guys can also have a room to vent in it's only equal then
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