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  1. Why can't we just send a submarine to check it out i mean if there was tunnels the sub would find them and i think your second answer is most likely mabye a drunk fisherman saw a huuuuge fish and then told his friends he saw a monster fish and then they told the story to their friends etc and for each time the story was told nessie got bigger and more dangerous just like most stories
  2. She had long curly blond hair with a pretty face and she was wearing blue jeans with a thin white jacket she was around 20 and pretty tall and curvy yeah i was suprised that she didin't care but it made the whole thing hoter that she just let me watch and go by without even trying to stop i wonder why tho if she was to desperate to stop or if she just didin't give a fuck
  3. I think weird things exists yes but i don't think that a lake monster could hide i mean 2019 everyone has a camera and the smallest thing ends up on insta snap or facebook etc and if it did exist it's problaby dead a looooong time ago im not saying im right tho btw would you dare to swim in that lake for 10min?
  4. Today i saw something amazing the snow is gone where i live and it was really nice weather so i decided to take my bike and ride in the woods well i had been going for about 15min and i was going slow since there was a lot of roots and the road was bumpy anyway i see ahead of me a girl squating between some trees and she hadn't noticed me so i quietly stoped my bike and started wallking i didin't want to stand still because if she would see me standing still staring it wouldn't be good and she was peeing a really hard stream i could hear it even tho i was about 8m away it was a loud "PSSSSHHHH" a real gusher and when i was about 2m away she noticed me and the thing is she didin't even try to stop the stream she just said " hi like the view? Couldn't hold it haha" and even after that i wallked by she kept going strong that is what i call a wifey Mabye not the best sighing but it's better than nothing i guess
  5. Your aunt problaby triggered the fetish things from when you are a child can be conected sexualy when you get older i know for myself when i was a litle boy i always got this weird feeling when i saw a girl being desperate i didin't understand what it was then tho but i guess that developed into this fetish
  6. This is my first post in a interviewe thread so not sure what to ask really but how did you get into this? And wellcome:)
  7. Anything with a lot of meat in it haha
  8. Your family and friends is worth more then money without friends and family but with a lot of money who you gona spend it with anyway? Money is important tho but without friends it's useless anyway
  9. Fear is just a emotion it can be ignored and in that way defeated but a grudge is much harder and don't you think there's individual meanings? I mean someone thinks being rich and have a lot of expensive stuff is the meaning another one thinks true love is the meaning so the meaning has to be a definition just like many other things:)
  10. Car desperation/peeing is hot af so im going to folow this thread
  11. I was trying to edit but my post got both eddited and quoted haha can a mod delete the first post i don't know how to do it i tried tho
  12. I say like the others for that to happen it would have to be planned so i would just start tallking about something random and try to find out your interesst etc and start tallking about them so i wouldn't bore you and then i would problaby take you out for some food and beer and later to a club if you wanted to otherwise i would let you shoose and depending on how it went i would ask for your number and snap:) and why would anyone ignore you?
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