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  1. Yea usually at those events you have to pee so badly that you just don’t care.
  2. They are more common as temporary set ups at events such as Oktoberfest around me (central US). They’re along the perimeter of a canvas tent. You could see a lot of dicks in there due to all the drinking making desperation supersede personal space. No women could really see in from the outside though.
  3. It really is. It’s usually when she’s held it too long too.
  4. I’m not sure how one would upload them on here, but my wife sends me them occasionally from work.
  5. I’d love to see the video, but I get the privacy concern.
  6. You might be able to edit the face out if you wanted.
  7. I think sink or on the floor off the toilet.
  8. Keep holding on until you can’t sit still and have no choice but to spray it all over.
  9. Not yet but I do wish I did so I could add to that impressive puddle youre about to make.
  10. When you can’t take it anymore, just pull it out and pee all over the floor.
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