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  1. Has your desperation gotten a lot worse?
  2. Well luckily you have good aim haha
  3. It does work in a bind in traffic sometimes. My wife has had to do it before.
  4. Good plan. Has you cup peeing alwsys been for fun or have you had to do it in an actual emergency. Like stuck in traffic or whatever?
  5. Did it work out well? How badly do you have to go now?
  6. A cup sounds fun. Have you ever done that before?
  7. Nice. I’m sure it will be an absolute flood.
  8. Where are you planning on releasing it?
  9. Nice options. How badly do you have to go now?
  10. Where are you thinking about pissing?
  11. It looks like you are holding an ocean of pee in there.
  12. I’m sure. What did they say to you?
  13. Was anyone else in there when it happened?
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