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  1. I love sucking lips, I can be down there sucking for hours, and never get tired.
  2. I was in the same boat. She was not into peeing at all and I didn’t know how to start.I started a year ago after being together for 10 years, during foreplay I was trying to make her to squirt, she never squirted before. It took me few times till I was able to make her squirt , and I took it from there. I hope that help.
  3. Love it, looks delicious too...
  4. I would love to lick , taste , drink....etc.
  5. I have Been into this for years, but I never spoke about it. Recently after being married for for 10 years, I spoke to my wife about it, first she was hesitant, and we did it couple times in the bathtub were she squatted and peed on my face and in my mouth ,it was amazing experience and actually it didn’t taste bad. I guess it’s not her thing but she is getting more comfortable doing it. I’m looking forward for the weekend.

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