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    anything to do with pee....ANYTHING !!!!!!!

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    anything.....love the taste
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    with older ladies....golden showers...drinking pee.

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  1. I have always loved older women from a very young age,...........it all started for me with my grandma, at her age of 60. Over the years,( I'm 77 now ), I've enjoyed women of 54, 75, 84, and 93, all open to wet fun of various types, including golden showers, knicker wetting, wet oral, and some more "things "!!!!!
  2. This happened most of the time ....she never wiped after a pee,and sometimes not just dripping......I remember on occasions, she was still doing little spurts when she pulled her long ,thick cotton knickers up..
  3. Grandma never hid herself when she was on the toilet, and often smiled when I watched her, often legs apart.......back in those days, toilet paper was quite hard, so she never wiped herself, and just pulled up her long legged bloomers, leaving a wet patch in the gusset.
  4. I watched my grandma pissing from a very early age, and she never minded me seeing her on the toilet.
  5. For me it has to be any lady over 60 years, no upper age limit........I've been fortunate over the years to have had 4 or 5 female friends, 54,75,84,93, one being a relative !!! All into peeing fun, sometimes extremely so.
  6. Sex hasn't been to good for the last year between myself , and my wife , due to illness on both our sides......well, we're both 77, and I guess problems do arise. Prior to that period, sex was good, and besides intercourse, I performed oral on her a lot, which I enjoyed doing, and she enjoyed receiving......she insisted on washing herself beforehand........occassionally she leaked a trickle of urine, which I swallowed, but it was just a small leak......I don't think she knew she'd done it. But recently, we were in bed, and suddenly she said " Are you going to lick my cunt? " I
  7. My grandma was into peeing fun.......I used to watch her on the toilet a lot.
  8. I peed many times in front of my grandma, and watched her too, .....love older ladies.
  9. It depends on how much you pee.......if you do a full load, a couple of hours, maybe more.......if its dribbles, not long, a few minutes or so, but a nice feeling never the less. It also depends on the weather, warm, sooner, than if its cold.
  10. In addition to my recent comment.......During the summer, I had a week on my own, and spent a couple of days working in the garden, without visiting the toilet all day....after drinking a lot of squash, when I needed to pee, I just let it go, whether I was squatting weeding the borders,or standing digging......After a while my clothes dried, and remained damp, a lovely feeling !!..... At one point, I was chatting to my 84 year old neighbour over the hedge, while I was peeing. She was a widow, and I eventually had a short affair with her, but thats another wet story........love damp u
  11. Yes, as many others have said, WELCOME to you, as for me ,I love older ladies, no upper age limit, but anything to do with peeing......enjoy your fetish, it hasn't done any of us any harm., go for it ,and once again ,welcome.
  12. I'm a strong believer in don't know anything until you've tried it.........I agree with everything you said. I have ' gone down ' on several women over the years, most of them older, more mature ladies ( one of my many fetishes ), and agree the taste is terrific, the pee ,and the vaginal juices especially, and doing it, and swallowing it has never done me any harm.......I would drink the mixture anytime !!!!
  13. Yes I have.......in my case it was with my grandma, many years ago.
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