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  1. Thisvid.com has been blocked you go on it and it says can not connect website might steal your identity
  2. so this website girlspee.video, will you bring back peeingoutdoors, the galician, and jav connections
  3. Ok I was able to log in and paid for 1 month for 15.00 no problems, got in right away
  4. update, I just signed up and it was automatic also they have suddenly excepting paypal credit cards again and for low prices a month but I will not pay for anything unless they bring back peeingoutdoors ,the galician and jav collections, how long has this website been up,, also videos are 30 seconds but if you sign up and it is free than you can watch the whole video
  5. Thats it!it is pissrip site, it is missing peeingoutdoors and the galician but it is thare and suddenly free to use thank you!
  6. I want to write AI pee senierios, are there any free ones out there and what is the best and cheapest to find
  7. There is a Japanese series on Jav porn called girls pissing anywhere,anytime,anyplace that shows a single camera man filming japanese girls peeing in stairs, floors, roofs and alleyways, they take off their panties and squat down and pee he talks to them as they are doing it it's quite erotic. I would like to know if there are any other ethnic websites that do this, I all ready know about Girls Gotta pee and Project Pee and Sneakypee but are there any other websites that have this.
  8. I would pay to see some good voyeur pee a girls peeing on camera unawares of the camera , girls caught on cctv or ip camera or at fairs and carnavels new stuff since pissrip or girls pee are gone there is just no other options. I would even pay to see some updated mard-grass peeing.
  9. just went to twitter does not have access to videos
  10. But not stuff like The galician or Peeing outdoors or any voyeur footage just amature girls peeing and that gets boring after a while. I know Voyeurex runs The Galician But I have never found The Galician website to access videos. and Peeingoutdoors.com has updates but you have to pay for them. I'm talking about sites like what Pisshunters used to be there has to be new content out there somewhere.
  11. Pissrip is gone, Girlspee.net is gone there is only about 5or6 websites left that have pee content and right now there is no way to get brand new content, we need to discuss this. If anyone knows how to get brand new pee content please post it otherwise pee porn will go obsolete and we will be stuck watching the same thing over and over again
  12. Girlspee.net is gone , I clicked on it and it wants you to sign in but there is no way to sign up.
  13. Every time I try to watch a voyeur video or a pee video from some websites it has already been deleted by Xhampster.
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