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  1. What a wonderful time, thank you both for sharing your experience. No need for photos when you paint such a vivid mental picture. I have many happy memories of my Wife doing similar, mainly in holiday bathrooms. Love the 'unruly' stream, X
  2. Thanks especially to K for sharing such wonderful pictures, here's to more wet times for both of you.
  3. Thanks for sharing such a great experience, I love the idea of a loud spattering pee, autumn leaves are good too.
  4. I had a CD (cherry lips) of hers years ago with a tiny bonus video of her dressed in a full green suit so with fancy video effects she looked invisible. In the video she was 'simulating' peeing in a toilet but invisible but I always thought because it was her it was probably for real, straight through her suit. She talked years ago of peeing in her boyfriends navel and in his cornflakes and many references to golden showers in her songs. I'll see if I can find it but not seen it for years.
  5. Article from more magazine's embarrassing moments I think. She writes, As a student I had a plumber working at my flat to cure a blocked drain. The plumber removed the outside drain pipe to the toilet to unblock it and asked me not to flush the toilet as it was disconnected. I thought no problem, I needed my morning pee I'll just have a pee in the toilet and flush when He's finished. After a big strong pee I heard a shout from the man outside as I had filled and overflowed the u bend and soaked him while he was on a ladder under the outlet. Until then I didn't know how toilets worked bu
  6. You two always put a smile on my face, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a story in a woman's magazine from years ago when the contributor accidentally peed on the plumber while he was working, I'll see if I can find it sometime.
  7. Hi Mods, could you re post this in Real Experiences and sightings as I think I have posted it in the wrong thread, Thanks.
  8. Further round the headland, where some small sailing boats had moored up and a few girls were getting changed between the rocks and took some photos, I waited until they were done to give them some privacy then climbed onto the rocks to where one girl had been changing to get the best view of the bay and took a few more photos of the cliff top towns and the cruise liners. I stood where she had been changing and there was a large wet patch on a rock beside me but no tissue. RH bottom of second pic. I assume she emptied her bladder as she swapped her shorts to bikini bottoms. Its amazing what i
  9. We have just returned from a nice holiday in Greece and I will share 2 sightings. Here is the first. We visited a little port where tourists docked in water taxis with some nice waterside tavernas. As they were not open until mid day (the toilets are contained within them) I went for a walk around a rocky headland while my Wife sat in the sun waiting for opening time. I walked around the deserted headland into another bay and took some photos. After a while I walked back around the path, tacking photos on the way and stopped to take a nice view of the small fishing village in the bea
  10. Just realised we will be passing through Kupar, best have a pee there!
  11. How wonderful for you both, this is one of my favourites. We have not done it for a while but are off on holiday in a week or so and will suggest it while we are away.
  12. On the way back from Chatsworth show on Sunday I approached a Ford Focus in a layby on the opposite side of the road to me with the passenger door open and a pretty bare bum showing below the door. As I passed, Her female companion was blocking/keeping guard to the rear of her on their side but didn't even realise how clear a view I would have. As a nice coincidence, Her pee would have been draining into the river Amber. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.0958502,-1.432374,3a,75y,99.32h,76.51t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sIgqBABgmF8m9kO-fsrI4KQ!2e0!6shttps:%2F%2Fstreetviewpixels-pa.googleapis.com%2Fv1%2
  13. Yesterday we had our usual drive through the countryside to a Pub for lunchtime. We normally pick up a takeaway coffee in the morning and She always treats me to a lovely outdoor pee on the way there and back instead of waiting to use the pub loo. We had pulled into a gateway in a stone wall on a quiet lane which had pretty good cover from one side and a long view down the hill so you could see approaching traffic well away. We thought we were safe but suddenly a cyclist came flying down the hill shocking her into stopping her flow and standing up, losing the cover She had behind the car and c
  14. What a great experience, She is a treasure, thanks to you both for sharing this with us all.
  15. What a lovely straight neat stream, thank you both for sharing.
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