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  1. Just an aside, My Wife has referred to her as Wee By Any Car dot com, thought you might like it
  2. She was wearing dark leggings, and stayed low, as it sunk in as to what was happening I mumbled something like "I'll wait just a minute" and my Wife thought it was hilarious as would her late Mum who would have laughed too as she was just the sort to get caught in such a predicament. There was not much evidence left on the rain soaked gravel just a bit of foam and She didn't wipe.
  3. Today at about midday My wife and I went to the natural burial ground to place flowers on her Mum's grave for Mothers day tomorrow. After tending the grave we returned to the car park where our car was the last in a row of 6 cars with apparently only us there. We approached our car and as I walked from the back of our car to my drivers door I bumped nearly face to face into an attractive well dressed young woman who seemed to be bent over as if She was picking something up by my door but there was a loud hissing noise as if a hosepipe was running. "Ooh sorry, I'm peeing" She said as I
  4. Lovely photos of such an intimate moment, please thank K for sharing.
  5. We used it on the road mainly in lay-bys where it was too busy or obvious to go outside the car or between vehicles. Many times when you pull up in a layby in the UK you can't have a beside the car pee as there is a lorry or two there as well. She could slip the potty underneath herself in the passenger seat then adjust her clothing, sometimes covering her lap with a coat if it was very busy, soon the only give away was the load drumming noise of the bottom of the plastic potty filling. Sometimes I topped it up myself. She would open the door a small amount and pour it through the gap when nob
  6. I'm glad you both had a great time, such wonderful shared moments.
  7. Wonderful experience for both of you, She's a darling for sharing.
  8. Another little memory from that holiday was stopping at Kylesku bridge for a picnic and a photo. We were parked next to a hire car with a flat tyre. The couple in it were wandering about on the phone but I imagined it would be ages before help arrived. The lady, in her 40's and quite trim and wearing black leggings was showing classic signs of desperation and after a quiet word with her other half they walked to the other end of the parking. She walked behind a gorse bush while He still had the phone pressed to his ear. She then sank down behind the bush and disappeared from sight. After a whi
  9. I had a similar experience a good few years ago when out trail riding with a group of mates. One had brought along his Mrs who had been getting more experienced on her Suzuki TS185 at off roading. We had been riding for a few hours and pulled up for a navigation break on a green lane near Belvoir Castle. As we studied the maps our Lady trail rider dismounted, stood to the far side of her bike and seemed to be studying her engine. Not paying much attention out of the corner of my eye, there was suddenly a noisy gush of fluid as if a radiator pipe had burst or a fuel line had become detached. Lo
  10. Earlier this spring, we had a circular tour of Scotland, including most of the wild and wonderful countryside of the north and west coasts. We were blessed with mostly fine and sunny weather and it was an absolutely wonderful opportunity for us both to never use a toilet for 2 weeks for peeing, which averaged about 3 outdoor pees a day and 2 indoor ones. The quietness of the roads and countryside allowed us to pee almost anywhere She wanted. Often stopping in pods etc with no internal toilet my wife and I filled a bottle when indoors and emptied it the next day when in the countryside. Althoug
  11. Sorry for my miss conception, often when my Mrs obliges She has had an enjoyable drink
  12. That's brilliant, I'm in awe of her bravery, Dutch courage no doubt, best of luck with future escapades.
  13. That's a really great experience, I am very happy for you both. Thank her so much for sharing. We have just got back from 2 weeks in Scotland, not toilets for 2 weeks except No 2s so I'll write a bit when I get time.
  14. Absolutely brilliant you two are enjoying yourselves and thanks for sharing.
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